At Least One Folsom Picture That Isn’t Nauseating


One of the fun(?) things about going to Folsom Street Fair is being surrounded by hordes of naked people who have absolutely no business being naked. They might look gross naked, but it is their “right” to be gross and naked, so I don’t judge.

Here, however, is the one and only photo to come out of Folsom–out of literally thousands that I have seen today–that is actually aesthetically pleasing.

It’s of Tommy Defendi, of course.


The end.


OK, here are two more good ones. Men of the Year Angelo Marconi and Landon Conrad, and Erik Rhodes with Donny Wright (who is also the source of the photos):


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14 Responses to “At Least One Folsom Picture That Isn’t Nauseating”

  1. Spongey says:

    It should be a crime for a straight man to be that zexy! Damn I love that boy!

  2. nhuixnhuix says:

    Meh. Dont find the get up sexy. And what does it say about me that all I can see on this picture is the garlic fries sign?

  3. niles says:

    Could you please crop the flabby ass-less chaps and the leather mini-skirt out of the photo? Thanks. My eyes.

  4. James says:


    Who doesn’t love garlic fries? We will have to disagree about Defendi. I would commit a felony to spend three hours with him.

  5. Asenath says:

    Is my future babydaddy wearing a penis-cozy in lavender, or is that the lighting in the picture? (Please say lavender.)

  6. James 2 says:

    Yummy Defendi! So you could wander around in your ass-less chaps and eat garlic fries and corn dogs? Man! Wish I had been there!!!

    Man that’s a hot picture!

  7. Mr Man says:

    All I could see was Polish Sausage.

  8. xedls says:

    I’m sure if you critics were naked, other fascists would be disgusted with your body too.

    Grow the fuck up! This is the body in natural form. And for anyone to be ‘disgusted’ with its TRUE state–not be juiced up to the point of absurdity, exposes a poor self-image.

    This is why as a community gays are hypocrites, when we don’t accept others for who they are, even after we seek the same for us.

    Why don’t you all step out from comfort zones, and maybe drop the years of beauty indoctrination based off marketing or advertisements.

    It is strange to me the only men who aren’t grossed out by others who aren’t muscle fitness subscribers, are the ones who are built that way, and they treat others with dignity and respect they deserve.

  9. T-Bird says:

    Defendi is so yummy, Marconi deserved some recognition def a long time coming. Donnie Wright is so fucking beautiful its insane…and that has got to be one of the best pix I have seen of Erik Rhodes forever! He looks better here then in his latest porn.

  10. jjoni_nunes says:

    Hmm…I might get in “trouble” by saying this,but I don’t see anything sexy about Defendi at all. But Donny,Angelo and Landon YUM!

  11. kyle says:

    Donny’s Wright’s hair system=FAIL!

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