Are Tommy Defendi And Mason Star A Real Life Couple, In Real Life?!


I just got an email full of cute and fun and sexy pixxx of ur boyfriend Tommy Defendi and ur other boyfriend Mason Star canoodling in Canada, acting like they are boyfriends! What is even going on you guys? Is this for realz or just a “showmance” to generate interest in Cocky Boys? DOES IT EVEN MATTER because look at how totes cute they are??!!

Here is the evidence!!

What do you guys think?? Real life boyfriends or just best bros hanging out or fuk buddies or…something else?? !!!

Are Tommy Defendi and Mason Star a real life couple IRL?
They don’t even live in the same cities–can gay porn star long distance relationships work?
Who do you think is the top and who do you think is the bottom in this relationship?
Does being able to watch them have sex cheapen their relationship for you?
Do you think Tommy and Mason are moving too fast?
What other gay porn star boyfriends would you like to see cute pixxx of?


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29 Responses to “Are Tommy Defendi And Mason Star A Real Life Couple, In Real Life?!”

  1. nhuixnhuix says:

    I think they are doing this just so that your head and prostate can explode.
    Breathe, Zach, breathe.

  2. James says:

    I will only care about whom Mason Star is dating when he becomes my man. Until then……..

  3. Relevay says:

    I could be for real or I could play for sometimes to be Tommy bf.

  4. Alex says:

    I thought Tommy Defendi identified as straight. I gave him a break because he doesn’t make it an issue. If they are a real life couple then Samuel/Chris and Austin/Anthony have some competition.

    • Spongey says:

      I smell Cockyboys PR, especially since Shamama at “” confirmed Tommy has a girlfriend. All the “bi-guys” are either married or have girlfriends. Still, I love me some Tommy Defendi!

  5. T-Bird says:

    I am sure they are attracted to each other but I bet they are publicity photos at best. Cute tho for sure..

  6. proso71 says:

    I don’t know what is really going on between these two hot guys but I will love to be between them and have a real good time!!! LOL

  7. Kelo says:

    the justin and selena of gay porn tbh.

  8. sirfucksalot says:

    I Hope its REAL. These two look so cute toghther!! To answer you question Zach: I think being able to watch them have sex together…knowing they may really be into each other…makes me enjoy watching the more!

  9. Asenath says:

    Since I don’t know any of them in reality, I’m just going to imagine Tommy living in a charming little menage a trois arrangement with his very pretty girlfriend (if she’s the same one from Diesel’s pics of Hustlaball last year) and his very pretty Mason. Because, really, that would be awesome.

  10. Stu says:

    I don’t care if it is PR, they look adorable together and I’m totally jealous/turned on.

  11. Ace says:

    Seriously, candid pics are not Tommy Defendi’s friend. He needs lots of makeup and perfect lighting in order to look halfway decent.

    PS, this story reeks of being PR.

  12. Kevin says:

    It is PR. As someone above stated, Tommy has a girlfriend in his private life.

  13. Lukes says:

    Well, do you really think that guys that fuck other guys as a job do have any problem to kiss a friend on the mouth with no other specific meaning??

    Cute pics, btw

  14. suti says:

    yeah kisses on the mouth but not IN the mouth, defendi is one of the worst kissers ever, clearly a sign of his hetereo ‘side’

  15. MMDD says:

    Total porn star PR bullshit. Tommy is known to have a girlfriend in his private life, and chances are Mason does too. (Mason has made no secret of his love for pussy.) Just two more faux gay guys having faux gay sex in a faux gay industry.

    • Asenath says:

      I don’t know how you’re getting faux gay from Mason Star. That child is gayer than a gay barbarian glitter bombing. Gay as a goose. (And that’s how we like him.)

  16. Rocco says:

    Did anyone notice the coordinated Cockyboys Devil/Angel t-shirts that they’re wearing?!
    Looks like promo pics for cockyboys – actually quite clever – were talking about them.

    BTW, am I the only one that thinks Defendi and Trent Locke could be long lost brothers?

  17. Lukes says:

    something that I would like here in The Sword is an update on the porn star couples in circulation, it’s so difficult to keep up with the news! A nice recap? :P

  18. Dev says:

    I find the entire thing to be weird.

  19. rockstarstatus says:

    i think they really are..if you watch their videos together they say baby to each other quite often but neither of them say it to anyone else in any of their other videos.

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