“America’s Got Talent” Semi-Finalist Jerked Off On Camera Once


Timber Brown, an acrobat who made it to the semi-final round on this season of “America’s Got Talent”, jerked off for DirtyTony in 2006.


At this point, it’s almost impossible to remember how many reality TV “stars” have done gay porn. ActiveDuty.com’s David was on Bravo’s Below Deck, and of course Dustin Zito was on Fratmen.TV, Million Dollar Listing’s Fredrik Eklund used to be gay porn star Tag Eriksson … and if we go back really far, there was “Crazy James” from Big Brother 9 on Dirty Boy Video.


Here’s Timber, wearing a lot of eyeliner, spinning around in the semi-finals of America’s Got Talent at Radio City Music Hall:

Here’s a clip of Timber from DirtyTony.com where the talks about how he likes having sex with his girlfriend in public: 

Some more pics of Timber naked:


Watch Timber Brown on DirtyTony.com

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31 Responses to ““America’s Got Talent” Semi-Finalist Jerked Off On Camera Once”

  1. Josh says:

    No announcement or anything about Zach?

  2. Junior says:

    Sweet, now if only Howard Stern brings it up on the show…

  3. sxg says:

    Jack??? Where’s Zach??? And why haven’t there been any updates or comments approved in the last couple of days?

    As far as this model goes, he scared me a bit I thought it was Michael Brandon at first. He’s an OK looking guy, but I’m not liking his hair at all.

    • Half Porco says:

      Zach said on twitter he quit the sword, good riddance :)

      The person that has taken over doesn’t seem to have much better ethics if this is the first article she digs out though

      • Ghost Chelsea says:

        For someone who hated the monitor of this blog, you sure did post a lot of comments …. you should’ve found a new place to play if you hated Zach so much.

  4. James says:

    Loved Crazy James!

  5. Luke says:

    Dirty Tony usually cums in your mouth at the end of these jack off scenes too. Now THAT is talent!

  6. JamesM says:

    Ill pass… That hair is so 1999

  7. Boogywoogy says:

    Where the fuck is Zach?

  8. Taggart says:

    Goldilocks apparently had some wear and tear. With talent like that, there’s a reason some consider college and perhaps grad school.

  9. aslogan says:

    The most shocking thing about this is that he had (has?) a girlfriend.

  10. Joe says:

    still waiting for ‘zach’ to post about SC’s new video.

  11. ahmed haikan says:

    so it’s Jack as new editor ? Jack is the new Zach ? or this is the same person as Benjamin Bottom ?
    i saw in his personal twitter account, Zach is resign from editor of The Sword.
    The question is, WHY (AGAIN?)
    Miss U Zach … The Sword will never be the same without U !

    • @shamama says:

      Sorry ‘queen” bambi — I’m neither Benjamin Bottoms nor am I awful.

      Try as you might, but it’s *really* hard for me to get trolled by a Canadian. Feel free to keep trying — It makes me feel special.

  12. Josh says:

    is there a reason why everyone else has had their posts published yet mine is still under moderation?

    • @shamama says:

      There was a problem with the comments plug-in, but it’s fixed now. I am SO SORRY you had to wait 2 days for your comment to be approved.

  13. Ghost Chelsea says:

    I hope his talent is bigger than his ……

    The Sword needs to make Ann official announcement like they did when Zach joined …. This Benjamin/Zach/jack stuff is bullshit.

    Zach … I check out your personal twitter too … If you have moved on, good luck. Go rogue, start your own blog and let us all know where to join you next.

  14. Nathan G. says:

    He’s a lot cuter now, than he was in his DirtyTony days…

  15. RR says:

    He should do his act naked now.

  16. Mike says:

    Uh-oh “video not found” looks like AGT lawyers found out. I like his act -the former gymnast in me would love to try it

  17. Ru Paul says:

    I saw on twitter that Zach resigned as well, which totally sucks. He said it was his choice but made no goodbye post or anything, which doesn’t make one think that it was a voluntary leave of employment. Sad, sad day. This site is going to go downhill without Zach’s witty sarcasm and sardonic personality. This used to be the only fun porn blog to read!!

    • Half Porco says:

      You are not really Ru paul. Provide proof.

    • Mikey says:

      Yeah, because harassing porn stars in a Perez Hilton fashion and calling people definitively racist is “witty”. Yawn. A lot of people are entertained by bullying, but only because they’re not the targets. If Zach is really gone, maybe it’s because he (like Perez Hilton) started to hear his conscience and he felt bad about some of the things he’s posted.

  18. j kelly says:

    I got nothin bad to say about this guy. Good luck, Timber.

  19. Jordi Lim says:

    He seems like the scientist co-star of Michael J. Fox in BACK TO THE FUTURE movie.

  20. bambinoitaliano says:

    You gotta have apron past in your resume to be o reality show this days. It’s a prerequisite.

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