25 Pictures Of Nick Sterling’s Ass

Nick Sterling’s ass is the reason why you are gay. Nick Sterling’s ass is an ass that makes straight men question their own sexuality. Nick Sterling’s ass could rescue gay porn, the global economy, and a sinking ship. (The ship he is on above and below is not sinking.)

Nick Sterling’s ass is not photoshopped, unless every photographer is embellishing to the same exact extent and unless you can photoshop a video (see video below). Nick Sterling’s ass is both real and unfucking real at the same time.

Nick Sterling’s ass, via Joseph Smileuske, College Dudes, Justin Monroe, and Randy Blue:

[Randy Blue: Nick Sterling & Sean Zevran Flip-Fuck]


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24 Responses to “25 Pictures Of Nick Sterling’s Ass”

  1. uh huh shurre says:

    This guy is a creep. Don’t waste a wad on him.

  2. Loki says:

    Sign on Nick Sterling’s ass: “You must be at least 8 inches to ride.”

  3. mitch says:

    oh, c’mon, that ass is not that remarkable, it has a very ‘unnatural’ look to it, anyway I’m an ass freak and i’m not that much impressed. REAL HOT asses are Tyler johnson’s , eddie daiz, tommy blade, jonathan vargas, naor tal, lil’papi, snowbuni, qpid, roman heart, now THOSE ARE ASSES

    • Loki says:

      Okay, I had to look up over half those people you listed (I mean, there’s actually someone called “Snowbunni”?!) and came away unimpressed by most. Certainly not to the point of making a photo montage dedicated to them.

    • Lein says:

      Naor Tal is one of my all time favorites. I don’t understand why LE isnt using him anymore? Or why no one else is?

    • Christopher says:

      I know I am biased but you could spend the weekend in Anthony Romero’s ass; i’m just saying

  4. Max says:

    Eh..have seen better!

  5. Spongey says:

    Um, I think there was some Photoshopping involved. But send him to my house and I’ll let you know for sure. LOL!

  6. Half porco says:

    ZAch can you plz make the same entry for Arpad Miklos’ ass ? Or maybe Chelsea could take care of it ??
    thanks xoxo

  7. dan says:

    OH MY GOD!! This is like the MOST perfect ass I’ve seen in a while!!! How can we get this man to be nominated for some type of award for his perfect posterior? Anyway I liked the pictures very much Zach..thanks!

  8. sxg says:

    Yea Nick has an amazing ass! His personality tho, he is really not built for social media, much less webcamming. He comes off as unfriendly and bored with the whole thing. He would’ve been more likeable back in the 90s when there wasn’t much connecting the porn stars to the rest of the world and his fans.

    I’m sure in real life he is a genuinely nice guy, but if he can’t even try to be pleasant on webcam or even some behind the scenes videos, then he doesn’t deserve the amount of attention he gets.

  9. MIke says:

    GREAT pictorial. Just the type of porn I like. In 20 years of purchasing and viewing, I never have focused on who the top is in any porn, period. The bottoms are my stars.
    While everyone was focused on Jeff Stryker, I was fixated on Jon King.

  10. oboymikee says:

    it’s a great ass for sure..damn, Id pound it silly! Just cant figure out why some folks continue to pay to see fine ass..when some of the best ass can be found on the net…for free…just saying!

  11. suti says:

    it is not a bad ass but there is indeed something artificial about it, as Mitch said is does NOT look natural, and by the way i do think as well that tyler johnson’s ass was out of this world and naor tal has the best twink ass ever, if u don’t think so, get your ass education right, period

  12. Joey says:

    With a beauty of an ass like that, it should be a rule that he gets fucked at least a couple times daily. I say, goddamn!

  13. Lein says:

    A great ass for sure, and a nice stocky build to match, but sometimes his face throws me off… sometimes its real cute and other times its like he got smacked with an anvil.

  14. peter says:


  15. Absurdist says:

    God, I love ass…

  16. John says:

    WTF, unnatural?? This is just a beefy puppy ass, as a lot of young guys have. The pics from Justin Monroe and the ones on the boat are the best, AMAZING. So he has not the cutest face or didn’t follow a media training, who cares? I’d EAT, and FUCK and SLAP that butt day and night! :-P

  17. bruce rick says:

    I’ve been watching porn since the 70s and the hottest ass of all time is Kyle McKenna – he passed away in the 90s but I’ve yet to see anyone hold a candle to not only his ass but to his performances

  18. erazmo says:

    I never know I could love someone’s fat ass this much! <3

  19. taylor says:

    i would eat that ass for breakfast lunch and dinner

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