Zeb Atlas: “I Don’t Care For Labels”


After working in gay porn for over a decade, Zeb Atlas has finally come out as a “sexual person.”

To promote his new movie, Built Tough (watch the trailer), Zeb Atlas did the below Q&A, and in it he reveals some startling information, such as: “For those of you who don’t like my tattoo, get over it! LOL!” Also: “My popularity is at an all-time high.”

But perhaps most shocking of all is the revelation that Zeb Atlas is a “very sexual person.” By coming out as sexual, Zeb sends a strong message to critics of sexual people that it is in fact OK to be sexual. Also, his rebuke of the porn industry for misapplying labels and blacklisting actors from straight porn if they have already done gay porn is equally courageous. I like this label-free, evolved Zeb Atlas. Everyone should be allowed to have their pussy and eat cock, too.

Built Tough is out tomorrow. Interview via Raging Stallion:

Raging Stallion: Zeb, you have one of the biggest careers in adult entertainment. Tell us about your career–how it began, some of the highlights, etc. I remember first seeing you on the cover of Men Magazine many years ago.
Zeb Atlas: Well, thanks for recognizing that. My journey into my career started long before I ever posed nude actually. Having a B.S. degree from Oregon State University, I started in what most would consider a career job in pharmaceutical sales. However, it was unfulfilling to me, and I knew there was something else out there for me if I kept working on my body.

My body was the most important thing to me. I was a competitive bodybuilder, and that’s how I got recognized by photographer Ron Lloyd. He wanted to shoot me, and I was a bit hesitant at first, but after I got in front of the camera, I rather liked it and liked showing off. His shoots led to me becoming Men Magazine’s Man of the Year in both 2003 and 2006, and I believe I am the only man to get that honor twice. Everything kind of snowballed after that, and I was in great demand from sites like MuscleHunks and MuscleWorship. Thus, Zeb Atlas was born, and it’s been a great decade-plus run now. I feel the best years are still ahead of me!

You worked for Falcon once and had a pairing with Adam Killian. He is a great performer. What was it like filming that scene?
It was my first hardcore performance so I was a bit nervous, but Adam and I had such great chemistry. It was a pleasure working with him, and one of the reasons I asked him to be a part of my movie The Boyfriend.

One thing that I have seen change in the industry over the years is the fine line between gay and straight in terms of self-identification of actors and their sexuality. Back in the 1990′s there was a pretty sharp line between gay and straight, with only a few gay for pay actors. Now most of the guys we film identify themselves either as bi or as simply “sexual.” Where do you fit into this range?
I have just been a very sexual person for as long as I can remember and don’t care for labels. People in this society are too hung up on “is he this or that?” And the whole porn industry is very messed up about this too, in my opinion. The straight side is so homophobic that if you have done any gay scenes no one with will work with you. That’s funny, because a girl can eat another pussy all day long, and it’s cool, but if a guy fucks another guy they are blacklisted. And then the transsexual porn is considered “straight” porn.

You have two amazing scenes in Built Tough–one with Landon Conrad and the other with Micah Brandt. What was it like working with these guys? Are you happy with how the scenes turned out?
Both scenes are sizzling. I was there in the action and it was hot! (LOL) I haven’t seen them yet, but I’m excited to see the final edits and how they turned out! I know it’s some of my hottest stuff yet…hardcore, rough, and intense sums up both scenes! Both Landon and Micah were great to work with, and they’re both very hot in their own ways. I know Landon is a pretty major deal at Falcon and Micah is an upcoming star for sure!

You have worked with huge names all of your career–what was it like working under the direction of Chris Ward for the first time?
He is simply the best I have ever worked with — bar none. He is a pro and knows what he is doing, and he certainly got the best out of me. It would be a pleasure to work with him again, that’s for sure. His demeanor really suits me, and his confidence and expertise shine though, which puts me at ease, and makes it easy for me to deliver my best.

What happens next for Zeb Atlas?
It’s 2012 and this has literally been my best year to date. My popularity is at an all-time high. I hope to keep this momentum going, and I don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. It would be a pleasure to do some more work with Chris and Raging Stallion and show them and the world my best is yet to come. I have also been shooting and updating my site regularly so come see me there. You can see me on live cam twice a month and say hi and chat with me! Sincerely though, I am a hard-working and laid back guy who is grateful for his success. I am very appreciative of all my fans and I’d like to continue to show them the best of me and make them happy. Oh, and for those of you who don’t like my tattoo, get over it! (LOL) I am still the same person and I am very content in my skin!

[Live appearances/performances: David Forest]
[Raging Stallion: Built Tough]


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22 Responses to “Zeb Atlas: “I Don’t Care For Labels””

  1. Spongey says:

    I hope he’s not eating cock, cannabalism porn ain’t sexy! It’s always the “straightish” dudes who like to use the sexual label. Normally a gay will just admit being gay excluding the lame write-ups on Sean Cody, Corbin Fisher et al.

    • yea, “sexual” is straddling the fence, and not in a “bi” way. Used to keep the ones who want g4p actors happy and to keep the ones who want really gay/bi actors, hoping.

      Saw a video interview he did once a while back, and he seems like a really nice guy who DOES appreciate his fans.

  2. Legend says:

    Will someone please stop photoshopping the cocks in these pictures? He is nowhere near that big..

  3. Say it says:

    I don’t know why I’m attracted to this guy. Generally, nothing about him would do it for me. Dumb tattoo, obvious steroids, blank stare, not traditionally handsome. But he hasn’t done all that many scenes, and the ones that he has done are really really great.

  4. fyi says:

    Quite frankly, I’m sick hearing the complaints from “sexual” G4P’er actors looking for work in the straight side.

    Women performers have the right to request the type of partners they want, and if they don’t want to work with these douchebags then it is their right.

    Homosexuals don’t choose to be their sexuality, just so they can be targets for discrimination!

    Quit having sex with men if you are not gay, Brainiac!

    • Winterhell says:

      It’s just fantasy. You shouldn’t care what the heck he is as long as what he does turns you on. And if he doesn’t turn you on, your point is moot. Just don’t watch his work.

      • fyi says:

        that is the problem, G4P is in almost all gay porn!

        And these men complain about getting jobs that pay decent for male talent. So what is the problem if you don’t get jobs in straight porn? you could work in straight porn, but the payout is lower regardless of any “gay discrimination” practice.

      • fyi says:

        you see, I’m not making his heterosexuality a problem… he is, by bringing it up and whining about how he doesn’t get to fuck girls on film!

        this guy is a juicehead. totally unattractive.

  5. fyi says:

    Oh, and they don’t blacklist Actors… google Peter North. He works. Of course, he left gay porn and worked in the Straight industry for years developing a brand and lied for awhile about it. But, no one blinked an eye when it got attention.

  6. Raul says:

    I love him… Im a big fan since he used to jerk off with mark dalton…

    he looks like a very sweet guy… thank god he said he plans more movies this year.. :D

  7. Aslogan says:

    I think it’s pretty safe to say that “sexual person” = “don’t really care what genitalia as long as $$ is involved.” Nevertheless, Zeb Atlas totally looks like if one of my childhood friends grew up into a reasonably hot porn star, so I’ll always have a hard spot for the big lug.

  8. deutschtop. says:

    does it look like he has no balls????…it is the same with adam killian and others too…is it because they are bodybuilders so they look smaller because their bodies are so big?

  9. Luke says:

    “I am sexual” is code language when they dont want to say “gay for pay”

    I guess some people are fascinated by the big muscles and they dont care for good fucking.

  10. Ken Kaniff says:

    That FUCKING tattoo.
    Really? I mean, really?
    Sure, it’s a slight distraction from his face, and his Chris Crocker-esque penis (1/10 for the photoshopping), but FUCK it’s ugly.

  11. T-Bird says:

    Zeb equals limp dicks.

  12. Dave says:

    Some Please Show Miss Zeb How to Smile Properly When He is Being Photoshopped, I Mean, Photographed. These Expressions On His Face Are Killing me. Are They Supposed to Be Sexy ?

  13. Tommy says:

    Raging Stallion needs to lay off the fucking photoshop.. It doesn’t make it look better.. Just worse

  14. Absurdist says:

    I haven’t bothered to watch; what’s Zeb like on that “Gigolos” thing on Showtime? Somehow I really couldn’t be bothered, between the murderous gays on the Borgias, the empathic gays on Big C, and Thor on Nurse Jackie to care much.

  15. StevenX says:

    “I’m very content in my skin”…they always say that just after they’ve altered it, don’t they? As for sexuality, he put the “raging” in Raging Stallion. If he were really comfortable with his body, he’d put down the steroids, quit making bad porn faces, step away from the tattoos and not let them enlarge his cock in pictures, eh? What a douche.

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