X-Tube Performer Bravo Delta Shows His Face For CockyBoys


So, umm, holy fucking shit.

Bravo Delta was already insanely hot in his X-Tube videos where we always wore sunglasses or had everything from the neck up blurred, but it turns out he actually has a cute face. (And what a relief that he does—imagine if someone with this hot of a body and this great of a cock had an ugly face! What a waste that would be!)

I don’t know how much CockyBoys had to pay Bravo Delta to get him to show it all in his first ever “professional” solo scene, but however much it was, it was worth it. (And keep in mind–there were multiple well-known gay porn studios courting Bravo Delta to do a video, so congratulations to CockyBoys on being the ones to seal the deal.)

A reminder of his X-Tube work:

I interviewed Bravo Delta last October and asked about his future in porn:

Would you want to make a gay porn or straight porn, and why one genre over the other?
Making it into straight porn would be nice, but obviously there isn’t as much of a demand for guys in that. I’ll most likely do gay, but if I could get with a studio that does bi scenes too, I’d definitely be up for that!

Have you ever done anything sexual with a guy? Ever thought about it?
Nope, never have. I have thought about what it would be like though, since if I got into porn I’d probably end up doing something sexual with another guy.


Here’s hopefully the first step towards “something sexual with another guy” (watch the full solo).

 [CockyBoys: Bravo Delta]


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28 Responses to “X-Tube Performer Bravo Delta Shows His Face For CockyBoys”

  1. EdWoody says:

    The little blond twink Max Ryder just said in another interview that he did a scene with “one of X-Tube’s biggest straight performers,” so I assume that refers to ol’ BD here.

  2. Singularity says:

    I’m glad he didn’t go with Next Door, but if he wanted to do bi scenes he should’ve signed up with Corbin Fisher, he’d be perfect for them.

  3. Loki says:

    So, umm, meh.

    1. There’s plenty of demand for guys (or rather faceless disembodied penises) in straight porn. Just no money.
    2. He’s got that vaguely French look that most of the CockyBoys stable has (mostly because they’re culled from the Quebecois Videoboys and Squirtz sites).
    3. I think the aviators helped balance out that schnoz.
    4. Twenty year old college student? Not buyin’ that for a second.
    5. Ooh, a vacuum pump. This doesn’t bode well…
    6. So either Sean Cody passed on this guy or he flaked out on them. Sean Cody. The guys who employed gay-for-pay slime-buckets like murderer Jason Andrews/”Addison”, stillborn Ultimate Fighter Dakota Cochrane/”Danny”, and tranny-chaser/G4P escort Simon Dexter/”Harley”… something’s fishy here.
    7. Why do I get the feeling his “something sexual with another guy” extends only to the repertoire of someone like James Huntsman? Meaning he lays back (preferably with the now-iconic aviators on) while some fag “slobs on his knob” for five minutes.
    8. So I take he’s now fine with having his identity exposed. In the interview, he seemed concerned that doing gay porn would hurt his job prospects. Uh, yeah, Bravo, that hasn’t changed. Just ask the guys at Corbin Fisher (who’ve now all been made VP’s of porn relations and work as cameramen and porn set decorators because they can’t get a normal 9-to-5). You’ll never live this down… unless you happen to be gay-for-real, write a book about your porn experiences, and get your real estate license.

    • Butter says:

      Yikes, someone needs a hug or to get laid… He’s a great looking young guy with a big beautiful dick. I’m happy to look at him and hope he makes a buttload (sorry..) of cash.

      • Loki says:

        1. I get some pretty regularly… not as much as I’d like, but who does?
        2. I live in California; I see “great looking young guys” all the time. They don’t all do porn, but I’m fine with that.
        3. I’ve seen bigger, better-looking dicks. (I prefer mine with foreskin.)
        4. Oh, I’ll gladly look at him, too – but I won’t pay for the privilege. Thanks, Zach!
        5. I hope he was paid handsomely as well. I mean, a straight guy so desperate/down-on-his-luck that he’ll fuck around with other guys for money? I hope he earns more than enough to get out of the dire straits he’s in.

      • Tony says:

        One thing you can count on from a comment by Loki is relentless negativity. Sounds like a bitter old queen. He’s getting sex regularly? Who ARE these self-loathing dates who want to be subject to his criticism? Bleh

        • Loki says:

          1. At least, I can be counted on for something.
          2. Sounds like a bitter old queen? How kind of you to sneak in a mention of your mother on this her special day. (Should I have gone there? Hmm…)
          3. Self-loathing? Well, I don’t usually date vertically-challenged “straight” men that have to jerk their dicks off on the internet for the viewing pleasure of gay men to order to earn a living *whew* – so I think my dates are pretty safe. And, besides, they don’t call me “Silvertongue” for nothing. I can flatter just as well as I spew venom.

          • Tony says:

            Ugh. A height bigot to boot! Awesome. I take it back, you’re not a bitter old queen. You’re a troll. I wonder how long it takes for your supposed dates to find that out before they change their phone numbers to avoid you.

          • Loki says:


            Height bigot?? LOL! I love me a POCKET GAY every once in a while (and I’m not terribly tall myself). And you quite conveniently ignored the rest of that statement – I don’t date gay-for-pay straight men, so there’s little danger of my dates being the target of my vitriol.

          • Belize says:

            “I get some pretty regularly… not as much as I’d like, but who does?”

            And I can fly. Pretty regularly too. Not as much as I’d like. But who does?

            “I live in California; I see “great looking young guys” all the time. They don’t all do porn, but I’m fine with that.”

            California? LOL. Enough said.

            “I’ve seen bigger, better-looking dicks. (I prefer mine with foreskin.)”

            Having them and experiencing them are completely different from seeing them.

            “At least, I can be counted on for something.”

            Everything can be counted on for something. Even a pile of dung has a purpose in the Universal order of things. You’re not that special. Sorry to disappoint you.

            “Twenty year old college student? Not buyin’ that for a second.”

            And now we can go back to how much I believe your “I get laid often” statement. LOL.

            “Sounds like a bitter old queen? How kind of you to sneak in a mention of your mother on this her special day.”

            Considering how delusional you are, I wouldn’t be surprised if you can imagine that given Tony’s statement.

          • Loki says:


            LMAO! Why if it isn’t my Third World tranny(?) stalker come to offer her unsolicited two cents way past the point of anyone caring…

  4. MIke says:

    If I hadn’t read the interview there I would have never thought him straight. “Cute face” is right. Gayface.

  5. ryan says:

    He looks too similar Tommy Defendi (and there’s only one Tommy Defendi). Plus, he’s only 5’4″ and in the 130s weight-wise…which is tiny.

    According to his XTube profile, he seems to indicate that having sex with guys isn’t an option, but I’m sure it’ll only be a matter of time (if he were truly straight, he wouldn’t make it a point of noting that he’s turned off by “too much body hair”).

    • Loki says:

      He looks like he’s got a rabbit pelt glued to his chest and a squirrel hiding in his shorts (OK, that’s over-exaggerating – the fur’s actually quite nice), but he’s turned off by “too much body hair”?

      And 5’4″? I guess I have my answer as to why SeanCody turned him away. With all the giant, fat-assed bottoms on SC’s roster, he’d’ve looked out of place. Ethan’s probably taller than him. Why didn’t he at least do a solo? Cold feet?

      • ryan says:

        Ah, I was wondering why SC decided not to use him, but it all makes sense now. He would’ve looked ridiculous alongside their stable of guys. Short men aren’t uncommon in porn (“Bailey” of SC fame was notoriously short), but since this guy isn’t buff he was probably given a quick dismissal. Cockyboys uses more twinky guys so he’ll probably be paired with someone who’s comparably sized, LMAO.

      • Estelle says:

        Much like the 10 inch dick in gay porn inches is more like 7-8 inches in real life inches, 5’4 in gay porn height is 5’2 in real life height.

  6. DPS says:

    I’m very surprised Cocky Boys hired him, considering that he is lacking disgusting bro tattoos.

  7. Mike says:

    My Gaydar is going off just looking at his pics.
    Very cute. But this guy is not straight.

  8. Mike says:

    He is beautiful!
    Please be gay!

  9. Clark says:

    I just can’t get into that Cocky Boys site..Sean Cody/ Bel Ami all the way!

  10. Rovex says:

    Wow 5’4″! I love me a short guy, i find them so cute, and when they are as handsome as him.. Melt..

  11. Tommy Wells says:


  12. SirFucksAlot says:

    I’m in love with him…saw the scene today and now I am a Fan!

  13. Daniel from Brazil says:


    Bravo Delta is back. Now with Max Ryder.

  14. Damian says:

    Bravo Delta reminds me so much of the man I love the most! He’s smart, nice and so beautiful to me! Hopefully Bravo Delta is a good guy as well!… Thanks.

  15. DirkVA says:

    I guess all you false prophets now know that he sucks a good cock? His video with Arnaud is pretty fucking hot. And he sure seems to like to kiss a lot.

  16. Anonymous says:

    He’s a stunning man I really get a kick out of intelligence and bisexuality. Being gay its hard to find a man who isnt completely obsessed with perfection or looks like he came out from under a bridge with a crown on. I honestly couldnt care if he is straight gay or whatever to be honest. He has a really genuine look not too much. The man’s is incredible at porn he’s so natural at it and he doesnt fake it at all. I just love looking at him. He’s got a raw sexual look that hasnt been spoiled by queeny porn producer’s obsessed with men staying youthfull and trendy as if there hiding there undealt with sexual misfortunes in there neurotic behavior.

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