Why Everyone Loved Corbin Fisher’s Sean


In addition to the shock over Sean’s sudden passing (the cause of death has still not been released), I’m seeing the same sort of comments not just here, but on all the sites covering the Corbin Fisher model’s death: Everyone loved him, and everyone considered Sean their “favorite.” It’s easy to see why. Here are a couple of clips I found.

Putting aside what his job predominantly consisted of (having sex), I think it was in these “b-roll” clips where fans really got to know him. He was a total natural. There was this laid back ease and understated charm he had when acting with scene partners, and it was probably why so many of us fell for him.

Here he is in what I think is some scripted kitchen banter with Reece, and then with Travis and a banana.

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25 Responses to “Why Everyone Loved Corbin Fisher’s Sean”

  1. Erynn Vaehne says:

    thought he was gorgeous, but b-roll like him and Travis flirting with a banana sells him. love it.

  2. KeLo says:

    charisma + uniqueness + nerve + talent= sean

    goodnight sweet prince. you will be dearly missed. *release the doves*

  3. MaV says:

    This man was so beautiful, hard to believe that he’s gone so quickly. It’s sad to read about porn stars passing on, but this news is especially sad to me.

  4. wingfield says:

    I remember seeing his debut shots and thinking… this guy will NEVER be back for man on man. Not only did he come back but he generally seemed like a nice guy. Whether it turns out to be drugs, a freak accident, or anything else… it’s a shame.

  5. TWEWY says:

    Sean seemed like a natural even in scripted shit.
    Travis just hugely adorkable who oozes sex appeal as well.
    Reece…eh. Did they say he was straight? If so how could they tell us such a blatant lie?! His voice…

    Was anyone else reminded of gerbils with the coffee and cereal area?

  6. Tony says:

    I’m so glad you put this together. I read a few hateful remarks & needed to see this post

  7. Asenath says:

    Around this time last year, CF released some non-sex videos of the guys playing around their new set in Las Vegas. Sean always stuck out as someone who would be genuinely fun to be around – pretty tolerant of the “lookit me” guys and their shenanigans, chilling out and being quietly funny.

  8. WriterBear says:

    This was a refreshing change from the comments I read on the original Sword page. I guess internet trolls gotta hate; whoever raised them clearly skipped the lesson that starts with, “if you don’t have anything nice to say…”

    Sean/Matt was adorable, personable, and much too young to die. I don’t care how it happened — the method of his passing makes it no less a tragedy. He was beautiful and I will miss him. My thoughts are with both his families, the one he was born into and the one he chose for himself. Rest in peace, young man.

  9. Adam says:

    I was starting to appreciate him more now that he had finally gotten some decent teeth. Too bad.

    The sad thing is, these faux sincere threads won’t prevent anyone from jacking off for more than 12 hours, tops. Life goes on.

    • Zach says:

      who’s being insincere? people are pretending to feel bad about someone dying? i think you’re projecting.

      as far as people jacking off? who cares. as if you can’t have a sex drive and feel bad that someone died at the same time. as if masturbating to someone cancels out your sincerity. grow up.

  10. 1209philip says:

    If you are CF subscriber, go to Pete’s attic and listen to Sean’s interview on 1/27. It lasts about 30 minutes, and he sounds so sweet. I can’t watch any porn today after hearing this news, but it was touching to hear him chat with Pete. I actually found myself crying…….and I never cry. RIP Sean.

  11. greentail says:

    ah… man I can’t believe I actually kinda cried over this now.
    He’s really gone, is he.. oh..I don’t want to watch porn anymore. Poor thing..

  12. paul says:

    I can’t believe you ridiculous queens don’t see your own culpability in the destruction of young men who perform sex acts for your pleasure. You demand degrading acts, barebacking and all sorts of other unspeakable things to satisfy your insatiable sex addictions. Then you moan and wail when these guys self destruct. Grow up!!

    • Brant says:

      Though this is a bit harsh, there’s a lot of truth to it. I have stripped for years, did a porn for a private collector and currently work in the live cam industry. I’ve had several opportunities to do mainstream porn and ever time, after careful consideration, decided not to.

      What stopped me is I’m afraid I’d “lose myself” to the industry – getting into drugs or too much alcohol, or at some point just having that “I’m a porn star” be the main point of my identity. Then, after I’ve run my time in the industry, what?

      The public wants to see guys at Matt’s age because they are hot and seemingly innocent and fun. Unfortunately guys at that age, though they seem so the surface, haven’t really figured out who they are yet. At some point it hits them their worth is based on a staged fuck scene, and as Paul put it, they “self destruct”.

      RIP Matt. I was afraid to walk in your shoes.

    • Tony says:

      Congratulations. You made yourself look like the Queen of ridiculous queens.

    • nikko says:

      What do you mean by “degrading acts and unspeakable things”? What exactly?

  13. Vince says:

    I’ve never felt compelled to comment on any post of this site, but this in particular hit close to home. Most of you reading this would laugh at that statement; however, I knew Matt as a real person. Not as a sex object. Not as somebody that you looked at on a website as a beautiful person. Not even as just another pretty face on a website dominated by pretty people.

    I went to school with Matt. I grew up with Matt. It wasn’t until about six months ago that I even discovered him in his new career, and had that “ah ha” moment where I realized that I knew that face from somewhere. Secondary to that, and to any speculation as far as a cause of death, people seem to forget that Matt was human being that was loved by many, many people. I cannot even begin to understand some of the unbelievably negative comments in the previous post on this, but as reigns true in the world of the internet, everyone is entitled to an opinion. I just can’t help but wonder how they would feel if they read their own comments about somebody that had a personal impact in their own life. He was an amazing person – more than words in a comment on a blog post can even convey.

  14. ronin says:

    over at menofporn.typepad.com they have an update from corbin fisher who gives a very nice recount of “sean. “Sure, he wasn’t perfect. He had some wild and crazy times, as most all guys his age will. He and I would have our run-ins and disagreements; Matt had a penchant for mischief making, and I’d regularly have to get after him for little things…..” It’s a couple paragraphs long and someone even linked an obituary which clears up any “how long ago did he die” type of argument. So sad : (

  15. Robert Scott says:

    Thank you for sharing these videos. They’re very nice and I love getting to see this side of him. I wish Corbin would do more videos like this. The fans love them.

    On a totally unimportant sidenote:

    The sound of Sean / Matthew eating is like nails on a chalkboard to me. I hate when I can hear people eat. Whether its smacking (like he’s doing) or crunching, I can’t stand it. Not that I ever would have had a shot with someone as gorgeous as him, but that would have been hard to deal with.

  16. Tarvo Raun says:

    Why it is that the first thing we(humans)do is to blame/shame/name&expect the worst things from that person while forgetting the humanity??????
    It is a pain & suffering for anyone to live & cope if someone they know & love dies suddenly especially that young, as it is a Life stolen for whatever the reason’s where.
    With hearing about Matthew has brought me a lot of pain from past and present, as i have known few people who have passed away around same age and even worst is that my partner is the same age with just 17days older.
    In those difficult dimes for friends & even more to family no one should post mean & hurtful comments. Instead we should stand strong and support those who are wounded & left to live their lives without Matthew.

    For us all here there now is left memories / very bright star in the sky to whom we all can look up to and as well one real angel to look over us.

    May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.

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