Who Barebacked It Better: Bel Ami or Sean Cody?


Two new bareback scenes out this week from Bel Ami and Sean Cody. Both had big dicks, even bigger holes (yikes!), and sloppy creampies. But, who barebacked it better? Watch and vote below.

First up, it’s Bel Ami. Jack Harrer fuck Chris Hoyt bareback:

[Bel Ami: Jack Harrer Fucks Chris Hoyt Bareback]

Next, it’s Sean Cody. Jess fucks Troy bareback:

[Sean Cody: Jess Fucks Troy Bareback]



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15 Responses to “Who Barebacked It Better: Bel Ami or Sean Cody?”

  1. Eddie says:

    In times of AIDS this shit is insulting. But answering your question: There is no way to compare because in the Bel Ami scene the botton did the work and in Sean Cody’s the top did the fuck. Anyway, I’ll choose Sean Cody’s because they exchange glances, the botton had to maintain himself equilibrated on the couch and the close ( of the fuck ) shows all. But I may say if porn shows people in a degraded manner ( they’re soulless/ brainless/ inhuman ) bareback porn is a way to much sordid. And think that it all happens for money …

    • QUICK! Sniff Her Chair While It's Warm says:

      “shows people in a degraded manner ( they’re soulless/ brainless/ inhuman )”

      Maybe I missed something…does Simon Cowell own either of these sites?

      • Eddie says:

        L.O.L. I couldn’t sleep last night. It was 3:02 am in California ( here was late ) when I wrote this. They are human beings with soul and brain but shameless.

  2. franck says:

    I’ll say SC, because it looks better aesthetically ! And Jess has a bigger dick ^_^,

  3. Marty says:

    Sean Cody will always trump Bel Ami

    I am not a fan of the Euro look or the noises they make during sex

    • V.O Reason says:

      I’m glad you pointed out the Euro-noises. I never understood the uniform Kristen Bjorn “Ooohwa..Oooohwa” that everyone says. Maybe it’s for the International market…like a Mono-language and everyone is supposed to speak??? I’ve always found it distracting.

      • Wilbur Sneed says:

        According to Dan Komar in an old Q&A session, Eastern-European guys tend be be relatively quiet in the sack (remember that Czech is a rather softly-spoken, monotonous language), so they have to be coached to make some noise. Hence the phony panting they tend to do, which to my ears often sounds a lot like “Eeyore, Eeyore”.

        Colombian boys make the most natural and passionate noises in twink porn, IMHO. And they tend to be quite verbal, which I think is HAWT.

  4. unpopular says:

    Bel Ami fishmouth AGAIN. They lose.

  5. Robert says:

    Interesting is Bel Ami is know for it’s original slew of models..but as of late these last few scenes has featured sex workers that has been in countless bareback scenes for other European companies…are they starting to loose there mojo?..:-)
    Oh and to answer the question SC hands down dik up!

  6. Drew says:

    Neither because only an idiot would bareback :-)

  7. E & J & D says:

    We are sorry to not be able to vote because we barebacked.
    Eric RH., Josh Wes, (an coming soon Dean Mo)

  8. icepick says:

    bareback is the best, I’m sure the studio takes the best precautions to avoid getting the models sick, so lay off. if not for porn where else fantasies will be seen. sheesh.

  9. fxparis says:

    Bel Ami is better of course i cant stand ugly cut small Us dicks stop barbarian medieval mutilation
    Lové natural dicks

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