Which One Of The Bel Ami Boys Did The Pope Fuck?


Sad news for all of you Catholics: Former Nazi and child sex abuse apologist Pope Benedict announced his surprise retirement today. This is the first time a Pope has retired in over 600 years, and though he’s blaming his departure on “poor health,” everyone knows that’s a lie. Obviously, Pope Benedict is being forced to resign because he fucked one of the Bel Ami boys during their recent trip to the Vatican. But which Bel Ami boy did the Pope fuck?

Did the Pope fuck Kevin Warhol?
Did the Pope fuck Adam Archuleta?
Did the Pope fuck Andre Boleyn?
Did the Pope fuck Jaco Van Sant?
Did the Pope fuck Sean Davis?
Which Bel Ami boy did the Pope fuck?

Or, did the Pope’s fondness for older men lead him to fuck Trevor Yates?
Or, did the Pope fuck all of the Bel Ami boys and Trevor Yates at the same time when they were on location shooting Scandal in the Vatican?
Now that the Pope’s retired, is he allowed to fuck as many gay porn stars as he wants?
Now that the Pope’s retired, will he act like a gay porn star and eventually announce his “unretirement”?
Is the Pope a bottom?

[Bel Ami: Scandal in the Vatican]

Does the Pope swallow?

At the end of the day, my money’s on Warhol.
The Pope fucked Kevin Warhol.
He seems like the Pope’s kind of guy.

[Bel Ami: Kris Evans fucks Kevin Warhol]

Goodbye forever, Pope!


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11 Responses to “Which One Of The Bel Ami Boys Did The Pope Fuck?”

  1. sxg says:

    OMFG! This was too funny!

    I always found this video to be a bit disturbing. Not because of the hot shirtless guys, but the looks that the pope gave them.

  2. James says:

    I agree about Warhol. He makes is old heads crazy with lust.

  3. ceem says:

    Poor acrobats… I’m sure no hole was left virgin that night after the video!

  4. Juan says:

    What a stupid post. Didn’t you have another thing to write about?. Don’t forget that among your readers there are catholics who may be offended by this nonsense things you’re posting.

    • ceem says:

      of course they weren’t offened by Pope denouncing them as the creatures of devil

    • sxg says:

      You being gay/bi and catholic offends me more than anything Zach has posted on here. Ever.

      I’m actually “catholic” too, but I know well enough how much the religion considers me an abomination. And if you don’t believe that Catholicism considers you inferior, then you really aren’t a true catholic.

  5. gnormie says:

    Does the Pope remind anyone else of Emperor Palpatine. Granted Palpatine had better skin and a nicer smile.

  6. mac says:

    I find this post boring. So predictable and gratuitous. You have done it much better.

  7. Filip, Sweden says:

    I consider myself as a atheist. And Yes, the Pope can be heavily criticized for his opinion about abortion, contraceptives and homosexuality. And for not having done enough for those who have been sexually abused by his church. BUT this posting was really too much. I´m not 1% religious but anyway I think this is extremely respect-less and not funny.

  8. Adam Champ says:

    No, He didn’t.
    He doesn’t like young boys. :)

  9. Sam says:

    Mind i know kris evans (belami) religion is? Is he catholic?

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