When Was It Filmed?! Jayden Grey Fucks Travis Irons


Welcome to the first installment of a brand new feature on The Sword, When Was It Filmed?! In today’s update on Men.com, retired gay porn star Jayden Grey fucks retired gay porn star Travis Irons in a scene called “Jack Off Break,” but when was this scene actually filmed? 2012? 2009? 2003? 1997?

With all of the recycled, repackaged, and resuscitated gay porn hitting membership sites and being marketed as “new,” how can anyone tell what’s what? With so many gay porn studio heads being sent to prison, which studios are still producing content? With so many gay porn stars retiring, are the ones we’re watching in “new” scenes still working? With so many gay porn stars dying, are the ones we’re watching still alive?

[Men.com: Jayden Grey Fucks Travis Irons]

Given Jayden Grey’s retirement in May 2011, I’m guessing this scene was filmed sometime in late 2010, but who can really say? Was it even filmed for Men.com, or is it an old Suite 703 scene that’s been on the shelf for 703 years? Who knows!

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9 Responses to “When Was It Filmed?! Jayden Grey Fucks Travis Irons”

  1. doubledose says:

    Either way this has got to be better than his lame.. real beach boys shit.

  2. Marty says:

    I’m going with…..2003!

  3. doubledose says:


  4. Rich says:

    I’ll say 2008. Travis Irons has been in and out of the business since about that time.

  5. Spongey says:

    What does Big C have to say about this?

  6. JackNasty says:

    Aren’t porn companies supposed to include the date of production at the beginning/end of a videos after the Traci Lords incident.

    I’ve noticed recently I rarely see dates of productions on videos any more. Aren’t they breaking the law, if they don’t include them?

  7. JackNasty says:

    Oh, and I guess 1985. I think I saw Jeff Stryker hovering in the background!

  8. Crunch says:

    Jayden did his first porn with Citiboyz in 2009 when he was still living in Iowa, so this has to be at least late 2009.

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