VOTE For the Swordies Best Ass of 2013


After weeks of waiting, you can now cast your vote for the Best Ass of 2013.

Based on your votes, the winner of the 2013 Swordie Award for Best Ass of 2013 will be presented live on Sunday, May 26th at The Sword’s Hangover Brunch following the Grabbys in Chicago.

In case you somehow missed any of the nominee announcements, they are (from left to right below):

Logan Vaughn, Connor Kline, JD Phoenix, and Trenton Ducati.

Which one of them has the Best Ass of 2013? Vote!!

Voting concludes next Friday, so vote now!


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39 Responses to “VOTE For the Swordies Best Ass of 2013”

  1. nhuixnhuix says:

    I am passing because all of these asses are destroyed by the stupid tattoos surrounding them. I mean, seriously … not one tattoo-less body with a nice ass you could find?

  2. LOLwhut says:

    Holy fuck, the ass on JD Phoenix.

  3. DD says:

    I had to vote for Connor Kline because he has the kind of bubble butt that you can actually grab and shake! Trenton’s ass is incredible too but honestly I just haven’t seen him in action enough as a bottom to totally see what his ass can do, bet it’s impressive.

  4. connorklinexxx says:

    There are so many better pics of me then that one :(

  5. Beyonce's Turd Piles Might Block Out The Sun says:

    NOW Y’ALL!(as Britney would say)

    If we have learned anything about Duh Schward, it is tons o’ tatts, skinny beards, geek glasses and lobe-destroying urrangs iz hawt! Y’all gots ta feel it! Get into it.


    It’s a Wilde/Defendi/Bass/Wilde/Genesis/Soundgarden/311/Third Eye Blind/Ryder/Ryder/Ryder/Ducati/Suzuki/Kia/Phoenix/Kline/Mumford & Sons World now.

    Steele or Steel is O-V-E-R

    Look mo skreet. Like Vans & Hot Topic threw up on your skateboard after a Serenity Now/Zombie overdose.

    You AND your shit—should REALLY stink!

    SOOOO, go out and get you a tramp-stamp emblazoned with Paula’s complete ‘Cold Hearted’ rap on it(rep-tile!) ME, I’m more a Sophie B. Hawkins, “DAMN……” kinda gal(full lyrics) down the crack of my ass and up to the belly button.

  6. Arne says:

    definitely all my votes are for you, Connor Kline, you have the most beautiful and appetizing ass among all

  7. Jemoen says:

    Logan Vaughn >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  8. Dave says:

    JR Bronson please

  9. Chase Gay says:

    Trenton Ducati!!!!! YUMMY!!! I want to bury my face in that ass

  10. Darin says:

    These asses aren’t even that great. There are much better asses in porn. Pass.

  11. stretchff says:

    Voted JD (almost) by default, as the best ass right now belongs to…. Lucas Ent’ MATHEW MASON! I could dive

  12. Arun says:

    They are all hot . sorry but just one winner.

  13. spencer87 says:

    Conner Kline gets my vote.I love a juicy ass.One that is slightly firm,but jiggles a bit.It was hard because Trenton…OMG.

  14. Olaf says:

    I love Trenton but he has had his accolades. When it comes down to Connor and JD, take a look at their twitter comments. Connor is very happy go lucky Im loving my job this is fun. JD is more like nobody has a better ass than mine, if you bitches don’t like my cockiness fuck you. I think the choice is clear; Connor

  15. derp says:

    There has got to a link between the personality/psychology types of porn actors and the tendency to get the absolute worst tattoos known to mankind. Someone needs to fund a study on it. Like they all have mild ADHD or can’t distinguish shapes and these conditions lead to hasty, unplanned full back “BORN THIS WAY”s or those fucking stars or whatever the hell that is on JD Phoenix… who should win, but… Jesus, JD, you’re killing me here. Find a daddy and get thee to the laser clinic.

  16. stranded says:

    and Sophie thought she had a difficult choice…

  17. Olaf says:

    I find the commenters who rail about tattoos exhausting. Where do you guys live? How old are you? Do you go out in public? Have you been to a gym, club, or any social gathering in the last 10 years?

    • sxg says:

      Haha I agree. Behind their computers they can bitch and whine and cry about all of these tattoos in the industry but when meeting real life people I wonder if they are as vocal about them. More than likely they’re not as they need their shitty kitties plowed and all that wasted negativity would get them nowhere. They’re more than likely some of the most socially awkward gays out there.

    • derp says:

      I’m 28, I live in Toronto, I go out in public daily, and I’ve been to several gyms, clubs and social gatherings in the past 10 years. I’m hot, I get fucked on the regular, if you saw me in public you’d be intimidated to talk to me, and these tattoos are still fucking ugly.

    • Marshall says:

      You think because its a fad it must be good? 95% of the tattoos I see are gross and totally non-sexual. I have no idea why. I question the judgement of most guys who have tattoos.

  18. JoeyOh says:

    Tats are in meaning they will eventually be out. They do nothing for me… it’s interesting , there are no tats on park avenue :)

    • sxg says:

      Really? Is it a clothing optional area or something? Because most tats on people you wouldn’t even see unless they were naked. Unless that’s your cute way of saying you are the Fifth Avenue hoe and can verify from personal experiences.

  19. Raaid says:

    Am I the only one that finds it odd that for the best ass awards there are no black or Latino guys? Two racial groups known for their derrière’s.

    Ps. Race coopers ass blows all of these guys out of the water.

    • sxg says:

      I was thinking that too but to be honest there hasn’t been an active performer as much as these 4 guys have been this past year, except maybe Race Cooper and Marcus Ruhl. The only thing with Race is he works with studios that take forever to release scenes and it doesn’t look like he’s been doing much. And Marcus while his ass is a beauty, his performances are not.

      But if this was a contest of great asses from all current performers, then yes Race would definitely be in the top 10. That as is a beauty, and he’s not afraid to go to the extremes with it :)

  20. davidsask says:

    Logan all the way great ass and not overly large like the others!!!

  21. Duncan black says:

    Ill have to go with Connor Kline for sure closely followed by Trenton although I should be in the next vote ;-) j/k

  22. JoelKojote says:

    Logan all the way! What an ass!

  23. DD says:

    What the hell? Connor Kline lost? How is that even possible when he was up so far? No offense to JD but his ass appears to be all lighting and angles. Connor, you can rest assured that you have the kind of ass that makes ass-lovers like myself weep.

  24. Duhhhhh says:

    JD Phoenix deserved that award, while Connors ass is nice, JD’s body and curves set that ass of right and that giggly booty video I saw of Connor was kinda lady giggly (abitgrossalso) and no, I like it when my guys have an actually solid bubble butt without that thunder giggle , keep that ass and those bed room eyes right Jd I’m a big fan

  25. Paul says:

    Yuck! How did I get here? This is the nastiest thing I ever seen. I was looking for girls asses. Excuse me now while I go throw up!

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