Will Someone Tell Starlets To Stop Calling Themselves Trannys?

Despite Christian Siriano — the Project Runway moppet who’s credited with the pop cultural phenomenon of straight people freely using the word “tranny” — issuing a public apology for his presumed insensitivity to the trans movement, and despite these Dallas trannies’ public plea for people to stop using the word at all, the popularity of calling onesself a “tranny” has gained popularity among young starlets. And The Sword, for one, is not gonna take it anymore!!

Besides Gaga, there was Megan Fox telling OK! that she was a tranny back in January, and Miss CA Carrie Prejean apparently feeling up Amanda Lepore at a club a few years back. Now today we have Gossip Girl‘s Blake Lively saying, “I feel like a tranny a lot of the time,” all because she’s tall, and her stylists put her in six-inch heels and pile on the make-up and parade her around like a faux queen (Fauxnique could teach her a lesson).

Until we hear about a starlet who has the balls to grow a penis, we don’t want to hear one more anorexic refer to herself as a tranny.


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Blake Lively: ‘I Feel Like a Tranny A Lot of the Time’ 
(Fox News)
Megan Fox: “I’m a Tranny!”  (OK! Magazine)

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