Jett Blakk’s 7 Tips For Seducing Straight Men

Jett Blakk’s Tips for Seducing A Straight Man

HN-21stAmendmentTHUMB.jpg Tip #1: Get Them Drunk
This is the most obvious one, but finally, even science has proven what we’ve always known:  namely, that when alcohol strips away a guy’s inhibitions, he’s more likely to give in to his repressed urges and afraid-to-act-on curiosities, and the boys love their beer.  But it’s a fine line.  Too much alcohol, and they might not be able to get a boner.  WAY too much, and they might pass out before you can get your mouth on their dicks.  And remember, fucking an unconscious drunk is technically rape.  Of course, you can always blame his painful, swollen asshole on some bad yeast in the brewsky. 

Important Note:  Alcohol will usually add to the success of the following plans.

Tip #2: Make It A Game
Straight men are generally competitive.  They like to win games and hate losing.  After a few beers, initiate a game of Truth or Dare.  It’s the unwitting straight man who chooses a Dare from a gay man.  And if they balk, usually a bit of chiding will get them to follow through.  Just remember:  baby steps.  If your target chooses “Dare” and you dare him to blow you, he will probably be out the door within five minutes.  Start slow.  Dare him to show you his dick.  Next time, dare him to kiss you for 10 seconds.  Build up from there.  And keep the booze flowing.



Tip #3: Make It A Bet
This plays as an extension of #2.  Next to believing they know how to satisfy women, straight men believe keeping a bet is a badge of manhood.  Is he a football fan?  Get him heated talking about his favorite team and whether they will win their next game.  Bet him something sexual on the outcome.  I have a straight friend that loved playing pinball.  In a (straight) bar one night, he invited me to play.  Now, I was a pretty good p-ball player myself, but he didn’t know that.  After a couple of games where the score was evenly matched, I bet him a blow job (loser blew the winner) on the outcome of the next game.  I figured either way, I couldn’t really lose.  And I didn’t.  He joked around afterward that he’d been joking when he accepted, and I told him that I hadn’t, and that if he had won, I would have paid off.  If he didn’t, he’d be a welcher (they hate that), and three beers later, in the back seat of my car parked on a dark Chicago street, he paid off on the bet.

Tip #4: Make Them Prove It

Take advantage of their naivete/stupidity.  I know it’s hard to believe, but the following scenario actually happened!  When I was in film school, I was in the closet and had an attractive dorm mate with a big dick.  The guy was an obnoxious homophobe and honestly, not very bright, and soon picked up on my gay etat d’etre.  By the middle of the semester, he was constantly accusing me of being gay.  I refused to say that I wasn’t, which only fuelled this obsession of his.  One weekend night, after splitting a bottle of wine, he began again, telling me he knew I was gay, and I should just admit it.  Finally, I had had enough and decided to settle this once and for all.

I told him that there was only one way to prove whether or not I was gay.  He had to suck my cock for five minutes.  If I got a hard-on, I was gay.  If not, I wasn’t.  To my amazement, three minutes later, he was wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, shouting, “You ARE!”

One minute later, he was back on it.  And he was on it several more times over the next three weeks.


Tip #5: Tell Them Guys Do It Better
Tell them gay guys do it better.  Straight guys are naturally curious about gay sex.  As much as they may say it repulses them, at some point, they WILL try to suck their own cocks, lick their own nipples or play with their own buttholes.  Now, a lot of women think cocksucking is nasty and refuse to do it.  This drives straight men crazy, as getting a blowjob jostles for position with fucking as being their favorite thing.  If a straight man tells you about his frustration with his girlfriend not giving head or putting out, this is your opportunity.  Tell him about how gay men are better in bed because:

–Our mouths are bigger and we can take more dick inside when we suck.
–Being guys, we know what feels good better than women.  Our tongues hit all the right places.
–Our assholes are tighter than a woman’s pussy (Tory Mason cannot use this line).
–We won’t look at you funny if you want us to suck your nipples or finger your ass.
–We have cocks that, if pushed into your butts, will stimulate your prostate gland.  Women can’t do this without dildos, and you know they aren’t going into the sex shop to buy one.  Will YOU?  All right, then.  Bend over.

And there are the following added perks:

–Being men, we’re horny all the time and always ready for action.
–We welcome booty calls.
–You don’t have to take us to dinner or buy us flowers.
–We’re more adventurous and will do all the things that your wife/girlfriend won’t but you fantasize about: sucking your cock on the subway, in a public restroom, at the movies or while driving.


Tip #6: Look for the Opportunity
Be aware of signals.  Some straight men want to have sex with you, but don’t know how or are afraid to initiate it.  Therefore, they are apt to try some sly ways to make you aware of this.  Well, what they consider sly:  lots of yawning and stretching but making no attempt to leave; groping themselves, fidgeting and saying how horny they are and asking you questions about gay sex.  Any one of those is a possible sign, any two is a pretty clear shot and if all three occur, start stretching your throat muscles.  It’s showtime!

A straight friend of mine came over and we began talking about sex.  The subject of dick size came up, and he claimed he had never measured his dick before.  CLUE!  He also kept going to the bathroom, and upon returning would say, “It’s hard to take a piss with a hard-on.”  CLUE!  Opportunity does knock, so be sure you™re ready to answer.


Tip #7: Get Them Worked Up
Get them worked up.  Straight guys love to talk about sex.  Share your adventures with them (especially with any women you’ve had, but if you talk gay stuff, keep the details to a minimum unless they ask).  Invest in bi porn and leave it out with your gay stuff.  All men are easily stimulated.  Once a straight guy’s eyes fix on nudity, he develops tunnel vision.  I had a married buddy I was interested in seducing, so I bought a bi porno and left them out with a couple of my gay titles.  The next time he came over, he saw it and said he’d never seen a bi movie before, could we watch some of it?  I agreed, and after it was over, he asked me to put in another.  I professed that I all I had left was gay porn, to which he replied, “I don’t care!  Just put something in!” I put in the hottest vanilla gay porn I had, and within the hour, we were re-enacting what was on television.

Tip #8: Convince Them It Doesn’t Matter
Memorize this line:  “Having sex with another man doesn’t mean you’re gay, just that you’re curious.”  This may alleviate some of his fears and that’s just another wall pulled down.  Telling him you’ve had sex with women (whether you have or not) may go a long way, too.


Now, some things you need to know before you try the above techniques:

  1. Chances are the encounter will be strictly oral.  Straight men may fantasize about bottoming, but their assholes are very private territory, and you probably won’t get in there the first go-round.  But if he keeps coming back, he will become more comfortable with what you are doing to him, and he will become more open to all of his fantasies.  It took a year for me to get into the hole of the guy I mentioned in #7 above, but once I started fucking him, that’s all he wanted to do.  If this becomes a regular thing, the list of activities he will indulge in will generally run this course:  I.  You sucking him.  II.  Him sucking you.  III.  69ing/kissing.  IV.  You rimming him.  V.  Him fucking you.  VI.  You fucking him.  VII.  You fucking him.  VIII.  You fucking him.

I think that when straight men enjoy getting fucked, it’s because in their relationships, they are expected to be in charge and to be the dominant partner.  When they are bottoming for another man, they get a wanted break from this and can enjoy being the submissive person for a while.


If  VI. occurs, you will have to instruct him on sexual cleanliness.  Don’t be surprised if your first time topping him results in some mess, just have the foresight not to fuck him on your $300 Egyptian linen sheets.  Don’t make a big deal of it.  Just help him understand what preparations are necessary on his part.  This goes for the other end, as well, as a straight man may try to bite off more than he can chew and aggressively deep throat you, kicking in his gag reflex.


  1. Butch it up.  With very few exceptions, straight men will be more attracted to a like-acting buddy than “The Countess”.  After all, if they wanted to be fucking something feminine, they’d be screwing their girlfriends.  Learn a few things about sports or cars or Adam Sandler movies (not CHUCK AND LARRY) so you can hold a conversation.  Or ask them questions and listen earnestly to what they say.  This can take you a long way towards your goal.


  1. Don’t be offended if a straight guy nervously asks you about your health status.  To a lot of them, HIV/AIDS is primarily a “gay thing.”  Be honest and if he doesn’t like what he hears, fine.  I know a hard dick has no conscience, but another person’s health and peace of mind has to take priority over your stiffy.



  1. Finally, Lust vs. Loss.  Keep in mind that these techniques are not foolproof, and that no matter how much a straight man drinks, he will sober up.  No matter how horny he is, he will eventually go soft.  No matter how receptive he seems, he does have limits.  This leads us to the downside of seducing the unattainable straight guy:  The Morning After.


Some of these guys will be fine.  They’ll have no problem with what they did and may even look forward to hooking up again.  But then there will be those that wake up, sober up or after cumming, go “What the fuck did I just do?”  At this point, they may begin questioning their sexuality, which may lead to gay panic.  If that happens, they may consider their dilemma to be YOUR fault.You did this to me!”  “I’ve never done anything like that before.”  “I like women! You just took advantage of me while I was drunk!”

Be especially careful at this time.  The sexually-confused, guilt-ridden straight man may react violently here.  Just try to be reassuring that he hasn’t changed, that he is still the same person that he was, and that experimenting with one’s sexuality is normal and healthy.  Even if he leaves in an upset state, chances are good that the next time he gets horny and poon is unavailable, he will come back for more.  However, the reaction afterward will probably be the same.

But know this:  once you seduce a straight man, your relationship with him is changed forever.  Whether it brings you closer as friends or whether it drives him from your life, things will never be the same.  So, as a last piece of wisdom imparted to you from me, before you attempt to get a straight man into your bed, ask yourself if you’ll be okay if you lose him as a friend?  If not, perhaps it’s best to keep Trigger in the corral and your friend as a pal, not a lover.


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14 Responses to “Jett Blakk’s 7 Tips For Seducing Straight Men”

  1. Virginia Dentata says:

    Jeez…the attacks on Chi Chi LaRue have already started. I know she uses gay for pay guys, but she is the face of the gay porn industry, and not deserving of such disrespect. Do your hating somewhere else, “Becky”.

  2. Madam Bovine says:

    These tips are hilarious! I’m going to have to try some of them!

  3. Grand Marshall Brian says:

    These are really funny sexy and insightful. The best article on the Sword so far!


  4. Pee Diddy says:

    Oh, god. I snorted hot coffee through my nose when I read these. My cubicle buddy said it sprayed him over the wall and stained his shirt. Damn you, Jett Blakk!

  5. donthateparticipate says:


  6. Cock_Chrissy says:


  7. Newbie Hughbie says:

    weep weep weep

  8. Nick Capra says:

    If it’s a tip that’s coming from Jett Blakk…use it…he’s gotten me laid a bunch of times!!!

  9. Kirk says:

    tips number 1 and 5 have worked for me before. booze is the magic potion.

  10. MP says:

    Thanks for the tips, Jett! LOVE THEM (your movies, too)! Can’t wait to try them out this weekend. Hey… an idea. You should do follow ups to this awesome article, like – How To Seduce A Straight Man: AT THE GYM, or How To Seduce A Straight Man: AT BEST BUY.

    Uh-oh, all this straight talk has got me boned. Have to take care of it!


  11. MP says:

    Thanks for the tips, Jett! LOVE THEM (your movies, too)! Can’t wait to try them out this weekend. Hey… an idea. You should do follow ups to this awesome article, like – How To Seduce A Straight Man: AT THE GYM, or How To Seduce A Straight Man: AT BEST BUY.

    Uh-oh, all this straight talk has got me boned. Have to take care of it!


  12. Salami Joe says:

    OMG, I JUST found this. Damn funny. Mr. Blakk has it right on the money!!!! Love him!!

  13. Donask Donatella says:

    I love your names. I lol’d

  14. 747Heavy says:

    At first I thought this was a bunch of “wishful thinking”, however I had a Straight Guy (crazy about women, not real big on gay) over last week for dinner… he ended up crashing on the couch after everyone else left. Before he crashed (and after he was well into “TIP#1″) I told him (as we were joking) “you just think you’re more of a man because you think straight guys have bigger dicks”… he laughed, unzipped his pants and pulled it out!!! “How is this for big?” he asked. Within an hour we were restling around the floor watching Will & Grace and playing games where the looser had to put the other guys dick in his mouth for ten seconds. Long story short… he asked if he could use the shower, that he felt like he smelled like Bar B Q smoke, etc. When he came out, he grabbed another beer, came back in the room where I was, turned all but one light off and asked where we left off. Within 5 min his dick was in my mouth again and he was kissing me all over the neck… it went on until (I think you know where this is going!) Thank You Jett!!!

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