They Call Me Chucky: Jeff Stryker’s Personal YouTube Page

While there’s no mention of his self-funded and ill-fated “anatomically correct” doll action figure, nor the
angry and utterly unintelligible rants (and the occasional Barbra Streisand bio) on
his “personal” website,
his me-against-the-world attitude is still there, complete with
non-sharable clips. While you’ll have to visit his page to actually see
the clips, we offer up our guide to “They Call Me Chucky,” the official
video upload page for Jeff Stryker.


Jeff Stryker and
Paris Hilton inducted into Hollywood Museum

Blunt’s rage-inducing ballad “You’re Beautiful” (what else?) plays over
footage of Paris Hilton while a lonely looking La Stryker wanders
aroundthe Hollywood Museum , ignored by Hilton-hungry paparazzi.
Eventually the music changes to a cover of  Bob Dylan’s “It Ain’t Me,
Babe” (“I’m not the one you want, babe, I’ll only let you down.”) which
plays as Hilton leaves and Stryker is left to look at his own exhibit,
and talk to a sad-looking man in a feathered cap.

While we think “Powertool” is one
of the greatest gay porn films of all time and by no means doubt its
contribution to cinematic history, to be honored for anything alongside Paris?
Talk about your back-handed compliments.

Non-linear montage of various and
sundry clips of him “living the high life” including several cutaways to a
mediocre looking blonde women with terrible, fried hair. Despite several
warnings that the clip was “banned by YouTube due to complaints” of nudity,
several flashes of full-frontal remain. Highlights: an obscenely large platter
of seafood (1:51),  unidentified baby (4:07).

bitter love-letter of sorts to his cars and perhaps his father-in an
odd confluence,  the custom interior of a hearse is embroidered with
Joe Peyton’s name. We can gleam quite a bit about his life from the
Eamon-scored clip (“Fuck you, you ho, I don’t want you back”): he only
buys American, likes to wear track suits with no underwear, has a tiny
little gay dog and may or may not hate his dead father. There’s a
baffling sequence of him getting a BJ in the back of his limo
interspersed with that shot of his teen-aged son seen in a few other
clips. Reading the comments, we learn, from Stryker himself, that
his “dawg’s name is ‘The Shark’.”  Word.

B-Roll: Jeff Stryker Performs ‘Bigger Than Life’
B-Roll: Vintage Jeff Stryker in Tighty-Whities

Jeff Stryker in Bigger Than Life (NakedSword)

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