The Sword’s Top 10 Most Masturbated-To Scenes Of 2012, Part I


What were the ten gay porn scenes that I watched over and over and over again in 2012 as “part of my job”?

If you didn’t see any of these scenes, click the links and go watch for yourself. But don’t try to watch them all in one night, because you will probably explode.

Here’s the first half of the most masturbated-to gay porn scenes of 2012. Come back next week for the rest.

10. ChaosMen: Bentley and Brooks
They could have not even fucked (don’t worry, they do) and just spent 30 minutes rubbing their dicks together to have made the list. Bentley and Brooks have more natural chemistry than most real life gay porn couples we’ve seen on-screen this year.


9. Tommy Defendi and Andrew Stark’s two best performers finally together. Tommy moaned, Andrew slammed, I died.


8. Cody Allen and Rod Daily
As I said before, it’s the dick that made Rod Daily cry. It’s one of the best blowjobs Rod’s ever given, and it marked the beginning of my obsession with Swordie award-winner Cody Allen.


7. Men In The Sand: Kyle King and Dale Cooper
One of the best gay porn stars of the past decade paired with the one of the best newcomers of the year in the best traditional gay porn feature of the year, Men In The Sand. Jake Deckard’s re-imagining of a gay porn classic is a must-own for anyone who considers himself a gay porn fan.


6. Sean Cody: Jarek and Christian
The Sean Cody Model of the Year could have ranked higher on the list, but they never really paired him with a hot enough scene partner all year long. Sorry, but it’s the truth. Still, the look on Jarek’s face when he (accidentally?) delivered his first cream pie signaled what was the best cum shot of the year, and we didn’t even really get to see it (until it leaked out of Christian’s asshole).


Coming next week: 5 – 1


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3 Responses to “The Sword’s Top 10 Most Masturbated-To Scenes Of 2012, Part I”

  1. sxg says:

    Well I was planning on going to bed without shooting a load for the day, but thanks to you that won’t be happening lol

    I’m curious Zach, just how many loads do you blow a day? Working around so much porn I could never stop touching myself :)

  2. Ian says:

    I beg to differ – Jarek and Curtis were in 2012. Jarek didn’t have that ridiculous hair and Curtis was Curtis – he shot his load straight up into his mouth. That was hotter than this one.

    • Eddie M. says:

      Curtis hasn’t been “Curtis” since he was buff. He is so soft now and that is not cool. I liked him buff with that big ole’ dick voraciously getting fucked or fucking. Now, he’s a waste of a hole. Not unattractive, but average.

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