The Swordies “Luckiest Bitch Of 2012″ Winner: Troy Daniels


In the past year, Troy Daniels has been fucked by the hottest men in gay porn, and as much as I really want to hate him for it, I have come to terms with my jealousy and will instead award him a Swordie for being the Luckiest Bitch Of 2012. Here’s who Troy Daniels has fucked:

Josh West (twice), Tate Ryder, Vito Gallo, Fabio Stallone, Jimmy Clay, Cole Streets, David Anthony, Jimmy Durano (twice), Ty Roderick, Bryce Star (in a rare topping scene), and Trenton Ducati (who is also a Swordie winner). Those are just the ones off the top of my head from the past few months (some of which are still unreleased). And, I’m not even including Colby Keller (his best fuck to date, IMHO), Barrington Brooks, and Parker Perry, all of whom he fucked last year.

Troy Daniels kinkiest fuck of 2012 was with Christian Wilde for Bound Gods. God damn you, Troy Daniels.

[Bound Gods]

But it’s today’s release of Troy Daniels’ Pack Attack 7 that solidifies his place as the Swordie winner for Luckiest Bitch Of 2012. And here he is in all his shit-eating grin glory, surrounded by some of the world’s best dicks. Fuck you, Troy Daniels! And, congratulations.

Pack Attack 7
trailer (via Hot House):

[Pack Attack 7: Trenton Ducati, Fabio Stallone, Ty Roderick, Josh West, and Jimmy Durano Fuck Troy Daniels]



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6 Responses to “The Swordies “Luckiest Bitch Of 2012″ Winner: Troy Daniels”

  1. Max says:

    Wouldn’t take that as a compliment..*be the one everyone wants..not the one everyone’s had*..but these are SEX workers so :-)

  2. SausageSmoker says:

    Fabio is much better being a cum pig in bareback porn.

  3. mr. Pam says:

    Dats my boy! wow – yeah, you are one lucky Bitch! Winner!
    You are such a pleasure to film humping, I’d shoot you everyday if I could. woohoo!

    Congrats on the pack attack – that’s one handsome group of hotties! woohoo!

    big hugs… your fan…
    mr. Pam

    (p.s. – love the HH photos, I gotta try greasing you up next photoshoot!)

  4. fayt says:

    <3 troy.

    and why didn't you say anything about tim kruger? troy's fucking with him was the best. evet.

  5. Mike says:

    I like Jimmy Durano!

  6. Luke says:

    Any cum facials in this video? Hot House is so afraid of cum facials. It is not a gang bang without a bukkake.

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