The Swordies Best Newcomer Of 2012: Bryan Cole


In less than six months, my favorite gay porn newcomer Bryan Cole took a load to the face and got peed on in a bathtub for a sex toy commercial, was naked and tied up in front of thousands of people, was naked and tied up and not allowed to cum, and got fucked by four guys in the middle of a crowded bar. He deserves an award for all of that, so today The Sword names Bryan Cole the Swordies winner for Best Newcomer of 2012! Here’s the latest video of a bunch of guys fucking Bryan Cole and pissing on him.

Note: There were a lot of worthy contenders, but Bryan Cole has won the Swordie because no one in gay porn this year has been more hot, more humble, and more of a whore. Most of all, he wins because I can’t think of anyone who has genuinely appeared to be having more fun doing some of the most insane shit.

Congratulations, Bryan Cole!

Bryan Cole gets fucked in a bar on Bound In Public (with Tristan Jaxx, Tyler Alexander, and more):


[Bound In Public: Bryan Cole]


There’s no audio, but here’s a video of Bryan Cole jerking off and eating his own cum, which is a nice change of pace since he’s usually eating everybody else’s.


[via BryanColeXXX]


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8 Responses to “The Swordies Best Newcomer Of 2012: Bryan Cole”

  1. Say What? says:

    He is fucking hot.

  2. April says:

    Zach, every single time you do a story on Bryan I’ll be right here to say Amen! You’re right. He is humble. I just watched his boundinpublic. I commented on how much I loved and appreciated the fact that he was genuinely enjoying what he was doing instead of just being paid to do it like so many other people seem to do.

    You just made my day with this. Thank you. Finally someone who wins an award that actually deserves it.

    PS I got such a kick out of you calling him a whore. You have no idea how hard I just laughed.

  3. S.B says:

    He totally deserves the award! Love him!

  4. DD says:

    Never heard of him before but he’s most certainly hot.

  5. ErikFaust says:

    Ohio boys do it better! :)

  6. Ilyman says:

    Oh Bryan you’re everything I want ina kingly boyfriend if I didn’t know you’re already hitched I’d be fighting Zach for the privilege of stalking you!

  7. ceem says:

    He’s perfect! Just wish he did less kinkier porn too… He has a beautiful ass, it needs proper long pounding, not brutal rape lol

  8. M C says:

    YUM. That is all.

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