The Hard-Gore Trailer: Raging Stallion’s ‘Focus/Refocus’

After sweeping the GayVNs with last year’s equally violent To the Last Man, Raging Stallion has spent $175,000 on this year’s follow-up. Focus/Refocus is the most expensive movie to come out of the 2009 cock mill, and it stars all your favorite friends. Along with all the major Raging Stallion exclusives (think David Taylor and Cole Streets), there’s Steve Cruz, Mr. and Mr. D’Macho, Wilfried Knight and Ricky Sinz and a bloody knife.

Contoversy surrounding gay porn violence begs several questions. Is violence in porn movies comparable to violence in Hollywood movies? Will watching murderous fuck flicks inspire porn fans to murder their Craigslist hook-ups? Is it hotter when porn stars die outdoors or indoors? The movie is released on November 1. View the leaked snuff film and commenter controversy at Gay Porn Blog.


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