The 11 Hottest Sean Cody Models With The Stupidest Tattoos Of All Time


Sean Cody has arguably the hottest models in gay porn, and some of them have the stupidest tattoos of all time.

To be fair, most Sean Cody models don’t have tattoos, but the ones who do have gone out of their way to look stupid. Good thing they are also hot.

Here are the 11 hottest Sean Cody models with the stupidest tattoos of all time:

11. BRYANT: Christy. The only thing stupider than getting your high school (ex)girlfriend’s name on your stomach was picking that gay ass font.

10. PAUL: Three crosses and hands praying. I pray your pastor never finds out you did gay porn. (But if he’s a pastor, he probably already has a recurring Sean Cody membership).

9. DANIEL: A heart, with the words “My heart with you.” Duh. Not the worst tattoo of all time, but anything that distracts from your insanely huge uncut cock is STUPID.

8. KIRK: ???

7. NELSON: Religion again. Whatever happened to stupid tribal tattoos or stupid ancient Chinese phrases (which are usually misspelled or mistranslated)?

6. KARL: Paw prints. Nothing sexier than looking as if a dog who stepped in shit walked all over you.

5. JESS: Giant marijuana leaf. Nothing wrong with smoking pot and this one is actually sort of subtle and cool and maybe I’m just posting about JESS because he’s the best Sean Cody model of all time (other than Jarek and Ethan) and he needs to come back?

4. NOLAN: Two guns. Wow, he must be really hardcore.

3. DALTON: Jesus making a stupid face. Derp.

2. OSCAR: No Means Yes. Uhhhh: “When somebody tells me not to do it, it might be for a good reason but you should find out for yourself because it’s going to take you places. Good or bad, you have to find out.”

1. BRICE: Born This Way. Even if this didn’t connote the stupidest celebrity of our time who NO ONE wants to be thinking about when they’re having sex, there are so many other stupid things going on here. The font, the size(!), the placement (so that when he’s getting butt fucked, it’s the one HUGE thing that the top is forced to see)…just…NO. Stupid stupid stupid. Laser removal is your friend, Brice.

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23 Responses to “The 11 Hottest Sean Cody Models With The Stupidest Tattoos Of All Time”

  1. ceem says:

    I agree, Brice should spend his porn money on removing that stupid tattoo. How can a gay guy be more dumb than all these “straight” guys?

  2. Say What? says:

    Bryant looks gaunt and unhealthy, not hot.

  3. Marty says:

    The only one I would say is jaw droppingly hot is Jess, and what is the hang up on tats? I really don’t care,
    What is interesting all the religious people in porn…

  4. Skip Intro says:

    At least 90% of all tattoos are regrettable. Neck and leg tattoos are usually pretty ghastly. It’s a good thing nobody ever cast their eyes above Chad Hunt’s waistline, because you’d see a big ol’ funky portrait of a baby drooling over his right shoulder.

  5. JJ says:

    None of them are really that good looking…

  6. Ray says:

    The only one who’s good looking is Kirk, but boy, what a ridiculous series of tattoos.

  7. brian says:

    Daniel is hot in motion, not so much in still photos, and his tat says “My Heart Died With You”

  8. jimmy says:

    JAKE, JAKE, JAKE, JAKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Starrfucker says:

    I have a fascination with bad tattoos because in this industry when you are hiring from all over the country they are endless and amazing….

  10. Sheik says:

    I LOVE THIS POST!!! Mostly cuz I agree with all 11 choices.. …. However I would have swapped out #5 with #1… I agree nothing wrong with a little toking now and then, but if you love pot so much you want to get a tattoo about it?? Puh-leease… Real winner there…Derp

  11. Eddie says:

    I agree that Jess is the hottest Sean Cody model of all time. Or he’s tied with Patrick.

  12. sxg says:

    “Nothing sexier than looking as if a dog who stepped in shit walked all over you.”

    lmao! I nearly fell off my chair on that one! Seriously Zach ppl give you shit because of some of your posts but when you are on, you are ON! Love this post!

  13. Max says:

    HOT? your definition of hot is WAY WARPED man!

  14. Carry On People says:

    Now that every jock who thinks he’s badass has a tattoo, the pendulum will swing the other way. Where are the pure boys with no nasty piercings, tattoos or silly stretched African earlobes (like Jake Bass)? Why do you think Bel Ami is so popular? When I’m fucking your ass, I don’t want to be reading about your girlfriend on your back!!!

  15. BlueMountain says:

    Would love to see Nelson bottoms for Kirk! I think I could do that too… ;)

  16. Joey says:

    This is a pretty golden post, I will admit.

    And those are some seriously stupid tattoos. Ugh. I mean, I like a beautifully rendered design as much as the next guy but what were some of these boys thinking?

    Incidentally, Nolan’s pistols bother me the least out of all these because they’re symmetrical and the only two tats on his body. Plus, I think he’s fuckin adorable.

    I never liked Jess all that much and could never understand why people went gaga over him, especially with that ridic tat of his being SO distracting. He’s a SoCal pothead beachbum with a girlfriend he wouldn’t shut up about. *eyeroll*

  17. MJ says:

    1) None of these guys are the least bit cute in my honest opinion. like where in the hell do find these people? I guess the only thing worth looking at is the salamis dangling between their legs because that ALL I see.

    2)this is a prime example of stupid tattoos. this is something that is a problem. not just simply any and everyone who gets a tattoo is stupid, and the tattoo is hands down stupid. these make no fucking sense right here though.

  18. Sean says:

    Any sentence that includes the words “stupidest celebrity” but not the word “Kardashian” is inaccurate.

  19. MaV says:

    I don’t really like tats on dudes, but those tats in the photos are stupid looking.

  20. un/do says:

    daniel is wierdly hot. i’ve had so many fantasies with that cock…

  21. C says:

    I agree with all the choices and the reasons.

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