Tag Adams: Undercover Agent?

While still awaiting trial, Adams seems to have adapted well to prison life. He’s cleaned up his act (both physically and mentally) and, apparently, is looking to have his charges reduced by helping out the same people who locked him up in the first place.

Here’s an excerpt from his last letter, and in case you missed it, his previous dispatches are here. And stay tuned for more.

I am doing very well now that I am moved back to general population, on the education block. I am studying advertising, graphic arts, and attending religious services. I had my teeth cleaned and whitened, have a great mental health doctor to monitor my bi-polar meds, take supplements for vitamin intake, had my eyes examined and getting new glasses, and looking to take on a teacher’s aid job. So, I have to sort of laugh at what the prosecutor thinks he is doing to me.

Next is my cooperation with the FBI to work undercover while in prison on cases I have links to. I will be wearing a wire and have the entire workings scripted out and followed through on. The name is Bond, Tag Bond. Or, I have been thinking about using the code name ‘Prada’!

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14 Responses to “Tag Adams: Undercover Agent?”

  1. ... says:

    I think the concept of ‘working undercover’ for the FBI means not telling anyone about your ‘job’–posting on the internet about it will pretty much blow your cover. Didn’t the FBI tell you this? I think someone is fibbing.

  2. Samuel Colt says:

    Teeth whitened? Are you fucking serious??? What fancy prison will whiten your teeth for you?

  3. Tony says:

    Well….he did say he was bi-polar. That could explain this letter.

  4. Mike says:

    It’s always sounded to me like he’s there for drug related charges and “my cooperation with the FBI to work undercover while in prison on cases I have links to” probably means he’s singing like a bird. Albeit, a bird with clean white teeth.

    • Jacko says:

      I don’t think the doctor monitoring his bipolar meds is doing a very good job…Tag sounds a little manic to me!!!

  5. MDJ says:

    Delusions of grandeur? I wish the Sword would post the entire contents of his fantasy-based letters. I feel that it’s blindingly obvious that he’s exaggerated as well as omitted the truth. He’s simply behind bars because he tried to have sex with a supposed child off the internet and had the been using and carrying illegal drugs at the time of his arrest. In spite of his porn career, trying to party and play with people who belong more on a playground simply means you’re a drug-addicted pedophile.

  6. Chris J says:

    Go Tag go! I’m sure even the general population even knows that he truly doesn’t belong there. It’s really so great that he’s so scholarly and spiritual under these false circumstances. Everyone in jail should have vitamin supplements along with medication for mental health. The guy’s literally viewing the world from a clearer and more coherent set of eyes. Despite the ultimately false pedophile and drug charges, what school wouldn’t want his experience helping kids in the classroom as an aide? The prosecutor is probably regretting and very worried for trying his case.

    Fortunately, the FBI truly knows how quite valuable he is. With his extensive career in porn, following a script and using a wired microphone should come naturally. Tag Adams could probably teach James Bond a thing or two. I love how even in adversity he has the grace and dignity to maintain the glamor of stylish fashion labels and branding. We shall overcome Tag!

  7. Michael S. says:

    So after teeth whitening, the FBI is now training him while in jail to catch (drugged-up) online child predators like what he’s accused of.

  8. Kevin says:

    As much as we love Tag, there is something very fishy about this story. I am not so sure there is a grain of truth in any of this.

  9. seaguy says:

    The meds must be real strong cause he is off in la la land now.

  10. TJ Johnson says:

    I think Chris J & Tag are drinking from the same water cooler. These letters, sent while he is incarcerated, are begining to sound like one gigantic fantasy. The way the prison systems across the coutnry are run today – not a single one of them is going to offer teethh bleaching. . And exactly what purpose would teeth bleaching in prisons serve???

    • Taggart Wilde says:

      I think Chris J’s post was meant to be read ironically and not literally. Stating pedophile/drug charges followed by teacher’s aide was a sarcastic, rhetorical question. The “grace an dignity to maintain the glamor of fashion labels and branding” was directly pointed. There’s overall a false enthusiasm. The real zinger was the 1960s/MLK closing of “we shall overcome”.

      I’d love to see what those you supported Tag’s earlier letters think of him now. Was it really entrapment? Are we part of this crime simply because we view porn? Do we doubt Tag because he gets to sleep hot guys and we’re supposedly envious? Those were some of the uber-lame arguments set for on his defense. It would be best to wipe the egg on those faces and leave the talking to the adults.

  11. chumscrubber says:

    I think “teeth whitened” may be code for downing a load.

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