SHOCK: Paddy O’Brian Eats Another Man’s Ass For The Very First Time


For the first time in his entire gay porn career, Paddy O’Brian is sticking his tongue into another man’s ass. Oh, Paddy!

After already proving himself to be literally the best thing to ever happen to gay porn by knowing his personal limits and never letting another male asshole near his mouth, why is Paddy O’Brian eating ass now? It’s almost as if he thinks he needs to perform a gay sex act in order to be in gay porn? Why in the world would he feel the need to do anything new when he’s already so perfect? Only Paddy knows for sure.

But regardless of his motivations, I am not complaining. God bless Paddy O’Brian for finally taking the plunge and eating ass in Falcon’s new feature, Rock Star.

I’ve always said that the only thing that could possibly make Paddy O’Brian’s face look better is if it were completely submerged inside of another man’s asshole, and it looks like my dream has finally cum true ;)))

[Falcon Studios: Rock Star]


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40 Responses to “SHOCK: Paddy O’Brian Eats Another Man’s Ass For The Very First Time”

  1. half porco says:

    It’s a twink’s ass though, it doesn’t count as “man”‘s ass to me.

    Pretty disgusting actually, I would have rather seen him sucking on a coochie, and I’m gay …

  2. gnormie says:

    So where to rank him in the gay4pay continuum…

    Level 1: just jacks off. Doesn’t do anything with guys…example: Mark Dalton
    Level 2: Gets head from a guy but doesn’t do anything else: example: Cody Cummings
    Level 3: Will fuck a guy and get head from him but won’t give head or bottom: examples: James Huntsman, Tyler Torro
    Level 4: Will fuck a guy and suck his cock but still won’t go that extra step and bottom: example: Christian Wilde, James Jameson, Jeremy Bilding, Kevin Crows, Cliff Jensen
    Level 5: Will actually fuck, suck, get fucked and get sucked by a guy but still identifies as straight. A real team player. Examples: Kurt Wild, Marcus Mojo, Brandon Lewis, Tommy Defendi, Conner Maguire

  3. Nick says:

    These so-called crop of porn workers do absolutely nada for me… Falcon use to be the studio back in the day…roughly 10 yrs or so ago!

    • jonny uk says:

      Thank you, I thought I was just getting old and jaded with gay porn. I am sure some guys will love it and good luck to them, but this does absolutly nothing for me. Time to dig out some Leo Ford, Jason Branch and some Tim Vinzent films.

  4. Guyfromua says:

    I believe this is actually his second attempt at rimming. There is a scene from “Mates 3″ with his bro from another mom Paul Walker, it’s a threesome. Towards the end of scene after he has fuck the bottom he says does it taste like a pussy and goes in for a couple of licks. Thought I would point it out.

  5. Marty says:

    This is a step in the right direction but he is several months too late. Just when he was starting to lose his spark that would have been the time, now I think most people don’t care anymore, I know I don’t

  6. Hugh says:

    This isn’t really anything new. This was pretty standard among the Kristen Bjorn/William Higgins G4P set. They fucked like metronomes and gave terrible head, but the most convincing performances they gave were always the ass eating. Which for whatever reason they were more willing to do than their American counterparts.

  7. Matt says:

    Yawn. Yet another G4P star making gay porn duller by the second.

  8. Julien says:

    Is it Johnny Torque that has yet to bottom too?

  9. D says:

    The only thing I find gross about this is Alex Graham. Something about him seems so sleazy and unnatural.

  10. chris says:

    This is his third time eating ass on camera.

  11. fred says:

    sorry guys but this looks like A VERY HOT movie to me !!!

  12. robirob says:

    Unfortunately most porn models are stuck in a rut where they perform this ‘sing and dance’ where they tease and take little steps in order to keep fans and porn viewers insterested so they extend their porn career and keep high fees for certain sex practices (like bottoming) high for their clients if they escort.

  13. kookie says:

    I just don’t understand the fascination with a porn actor’s personal life choices. I mean, you fuck their dick and their ass, not their home life. If they’re willing to put it on camera, more power to them. Straight for gay goes back to the biggest stars in the business: Stryker, Ryker, Idol. Living in LA and having friends in the business, I’ve met a lot of the current guys working, including Paddy O’Brien.. Without hesitation, I can say the nicest, are generally the guys who ID as being straight. NextDoor may have released most of their exclusives, but I’ve never seen one of their guys be rude or say no to a fan’s request for a picture, an autograph, a touch, a rub, a tickle, or a few minutes of conversation. In stark contrast, I can say that a lot of the openly gay actors come with the most pretention and expectation surrounding them. This list will never be absolute and doesn’t apply to everyone of course, but from my experiences it falls pretty close.

  14. Are there no pornsites with only gay men?

  15. On a different question would u (if ur gay) eat buck angel pussy…..just curious….alot of gay men actual would

  16. cityguy511 says:

    I welcome this but he should have sucked cock as well. I honestly don’t get why an ass eater isn’t into sucking cock.

  17. Pete says:

    Nothing is any hotter than a guy eating ass, then fucking it, pulling out and shooting a load all over the dude’s ass, then llcking it up and kissing the guy who he fucked and sharing the load.

  18. jackfeiry says:

    Tommy Defendi, Conner Maguire & Marcus Mojo ARE NOT S-T-R-A-I-G-H-T (at all) …

  19. JackNasty says:

    Lots of g4pers evolve over their “careers”. They start out strictly trade and end up doing everything except snapping their fingers and calling everyone GIRLFRIEND!

    Phenix Saint, for example, got a lot gayer over the course of his time doing gay porn.

    Maybe the right is right, just being around the gays can turn you? Watching them fuck and suck and kiss and rim and felch can make Johnny Quarterback say “I want a piece of that!”

    • gnormie says:

      I can usually make allowances that a G4P guy can do gay porn and accept that he still sees himself as straight.

      But if you’re a guy who is out there actually escorting for male clients…you’ve just got to be gay. I never understand how some of the G4P escort and still think of themselves as straight.

  20. stranded says:

    I was one of the viewers drooling at my screen when Paddy first appeared. I wished and wished he’d do hardcore. Now that he’s done it… meh. The reality is, IMO, he’s kind of standard. Nice to see him do more. I really do think there is some sort of bisexuality involved in gay-for-pay. It’s this fear that if they don’t ID as straight, they’re automatically put in the gay box, where they don’t want to be. Which is both offensive and sad.

    • Jay says:

      I agree with Stranded. When I first say Paddy in his solo I thought he was the ultimate and couldn’t wait to see him do more with other guys. But, on top of the fact that he’s rather boring to watch – I am completely put off when he speaks! My dick jumps whenever I hear a masculine Brit speak but when this guy started talking in his films I get this “smarmy” vibe off him and he comes off like a douche. yuk. He turned out to be a huge disappointment.

  21. Andrew says:

    This movie was written specially for Paddy O’Brian and uses and plays with the concept of him being straight and curious. I hope you will watch it and enjoy it.

  22. DJB says:

    Self-called “str8″ man makes gay porn (what stupid fucker buys that?)
    Then he does more “gay” sexual acts in “gay porn”. Next stop being fucked “in gay porn”.
    And he’ll claim he’s still “str8″ and you twats will buy it because you so want to believe in the Great Dark Man.
    But as Quentin Crisp so clearly pointed out, “There is no Great Dark Man. There never has been and there never will be!”

    Basically you’re wanking over a seriously disturbed closeted gay man. How sick is that?

  23. johnny says:

    I don’t understand gay men, discriminating against each other. Talking about a twink isn’t a man? Are slim, and short guys by nature not men either? No wonder the gay community hurts itself with these kind of self talk. Natural is self defining. What’s attractive for you and natural, isn’t going to be the same. For one, there’s always someone or something that’s going to be attractive to someone, and not you. Common guys?!?!

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