Rugby Stud Colby Jansen Bottoms For Tommy Defendi, Pretends to Enjoy It


Miley’s done it again! Another porn star has learned to twerk — this one being sexy Colby Jansen. A week ago, the rugged exclusive tweeted a comedic .gif from his Tumblr account, showing him shaking his oh-so-beefy ass. Now you have to wonder if Colby wasn’t prepping us for the next step in his porn career: bottoming. Colby sacrifices his virgin pucker for our viewing pleasure in Top to Bottom 4, in which he gets fucked by Tommy Defendi.

During his time with, the blond haired, blue-eyed stud has become known of topping costars like Paul Walker and Daniel Johnson in The Gaytrix trilogy. He put his thick seven-inch tool to use the Football Fuckdown series with Johnny Rapid, Duncan Black and Rod Daily.

Now he’s set to star in Top to Bottom 4. Colby’s no stranger to the popular series, though. He popped Tony Paradise’s on-camera mango in Top to Bottom 1. And now, like so many “bottom virgins” before him, it’s his turn. (He recently said it “hurt like a son-of-a-bitch” so we doubt, actually, that he’ll be doing a lot more of it, unless the top’s cock is a lot tinier than Tommy’s.)

[ Top to Bottom 4]

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12 Responses to “Rugby Stud Colby Jansen Bottoms For Tommy Defendi, Pretends to Enjoy It”

  1. litper says:

    I like his fat hairy ass, it’s great it’s getting plowed!

  2. Lukes says:

    How ugly is Tony Paradise!

  3. sxg says:

    Rugby stud? Did he play rugby in college or somewhere? I think I like him a little more now :)

  4. DD says:

    This was Colby’s hottest scene as a top but his hottest scene EVER is his bottoming debut.

  5. spencer87 says:

    Average top with no rhythm and will make a shitty bottom.YAWN.

    • spencer87 says:

      I take it back.Colby actually did a decent job.I would love more 4play and better positions for the bottom.Tommy was barely hard….

  6. What the hell has that dump cunt Miley Cyrus to do with it?

  7. Nathan G. says:

    I love Colby Jansen, he’s adorable, and i LOVE that big beefy dumper of his! Would love to see him turn into a power bottom.

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