Sarah at Folsom! (NSFW)

Perhaps it was because she’s as appalled by the idea of Clay Aiken having sex as we are, or perhaps it was because we were the ones with all the booze. (Take that, Face the Nation!) Either way, Sarah-cuda was in top form in her bid to secure the crucial leather vote, and we were glad to help.


Portraits mostly by Brandon Norris, with some candids c/o Darwin Bell. Sarah Palin portrayed by Candi Gurl.

If you don’t see your pics here, or want larger versions of what you see, check The Sword Facebook page.










Sarah had a full day, and finally said farewell to San Francisco from a kegger high above the festivities.


And just as an added bonus: NakedSwordsMan 2008 Colby Taylor in the role of Palin running mate John McCain.

 Also, take a look at our non-partisan Folsom Street 2008 Gallery





Sandra Bernhard To Oversee Sarah Palin Gang Rape





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