Raw Video From The San Francisco Public Nudity Vote

Shot by mr. Pam. Thank you, Pam!

1. NSFW action begins at around :07, right after the votes are tallied and the protest starts. You’ve been warned. Also, what’s with the moaning?

2. Would the protesters still have stripped down if the vote had gone their way?

3. Pay attention at :39 to the supervisor uncomfortably rocking back and forth in his chair. That’s Scott Wiener, the supervisor who introduced the ban and who is credited with bringing the other supervisors on board. Is he proud of what he’s done? He looks nervous! What does he think all those old nudists (one has a cane!) might do?

4. 1:56. “Anorexia, bulimia, cutting…sexual intimacy issues…”  The hell? Presumably, that protester is making the case that being ashamed of one’s body could lead to those types of problems, and that banning public nudity is a way of making people feel ashamed. And yet, he’s the only protester wearing clothes. What is he ashamed of?

5. 2:21. The anti-circumcision nuts, who are happy to glom on to someone else’s cause. I hope they’re supporting all of the nudists, even the ones with circumcised penises.

6. Of course, no protest would be complete without someone screaming “fascism.” Watch out! It’s coming.

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14 Responses to “Raw Video From The San Francisco Public Nudity Vote”

  1. aslogan says:

    I remember when the best thing about San Francisco is that the LGBT community was celebrated and safe there and that gay people could get married there.

    Now no one there seems to give a damn about that, and would rather use their time and energy shrieking about being able to swing their uncircumcised junk around everywhere. How low this town has fallen.

  2. mister reality says:

    When we had a home-invasion at our home in the Castro from a psycho nut a few years back, it was *not* a nude person.
    When our car was broken into it was very certainly *not* a nude person.
    When a woman was assaulted on our street it was *not* by a nude person.
    When my transexual friend was mugged, it was *not* by a nude person.
    When I was very nearly fag-bashed ( I ran fast) it was definitely *not* by 5 nude men.

    When I next call the police, it will certainly not be because I saw a nude person. It will be because crime matters, not skin. I wish these supervisors would get on WAY more important issues besides policing something as universally common as an unclothed dude or gal.

    • Dean says:

      thank you! The naked guys aren’t harming everyone. I personally am offended by people who come to the castro and are offended by the freedom of sexuality. Stay away if you don’t like it! Give us 2 blocks to be sexually adventurous and/or NUDE adults!!

    • Richard Johnson says:

      Since you commented here as well, so will I:

      Obviously all of those bad things happened because those people were wearing clothes. San Francisco should ban all clothing!

      Unless your argument is that SF shouldn’t ban nudity because it doesn’t prevent bad things from happening. Using that same argument, if a bank is robbed by someone who isn’t a murderer, murder shouldn’t be illegal. Brilliant!

      Granted the SF BoS doesn’t regulate murder, but nevertheless your argument against the ban is laughable and pointless.

  3. Pornie says:

    This is the sexiest footage Mr Pam has shot this year! :) HOT!

  4. Karl Rove's Mama's Dead Vag says:

    I was so hoping for the Bleu-n-Pubes Burger Plate at any Lori’s location citywide. Hell, I’m hoping for a drink refill at any Lori’s location—or someone working a name tag with a pulse.

  5. DPS says:

    God I hate that fuckin city. Stupid hippies, go back to the commune.

  6. robirob says:

    Being considerate would make things so much more pleasant where adults know when and where it’s appropiate to be nude and when and where it’s appropiate for those who have issues with nudity to look the other way. The whole ‘In Your Face!’ confrontational approach from both sides just creates such stubborn conflicts.

  7. brian says:

    I want to be with them so much. I love nudity, but they complain about right being taken away and yet they want to limit rights of others. How about the right not to see them naked, the rights of parents to decide if they want to circumcise their children, the right to walk down a sidewalk and not have to step over other people. This is a San Francisco mentality that people want to be free at the expense of others. Bike riders think that they don’t have to obey laws and then get pissed at drivers for almost running them over. Drivers don’t think they have to signal(that is all over) to let others know where they are going. Pot smokers want to be free to walk down the streets and blow smoke in peoples faces who don’t want to get high. This city need a dose of Respect not Freedom!

  8. Eddie says:

    Nudity isn’t ‘ pedagogical ‘ in the sense that it is libertarian. Public nudity works against itself being ofensive and libertine. It hurts the majority’s will who choose to be clothed. There are proper places to be nude ( nude camps and beaches ) and the streets aren’t among them.

  9. Johnny says:

    hahaha what a bunch of insane assholes. why am I not surprised they’re foreskin restoration nuts too? thank goodness somebody’s making them put their clothes back on.

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