Randy Blue’s Nicco Sky Gets Drenched In Cum!


Hot Latin gay porn star Nicco Sky gets fucked in multiple positions by fellow Randy Blue exclusive Romeo Alfonso, and it all ends in a major cum bath!

I’ve always thought that Nicco Sky was something of a dirty slut, and this just proves my suspicions were right all along! The only thing that would’ve made this hot duo even hotter would be if Nicco would have had the chance to top Romeo. Maybe next time!

Until then, be sure to watch this scene now on Randy Blue, where memberships are only $9.95/month for life! There’s no better gay porn deal on the web right now, so check it out by clicking here.

[Randy Blue: Romeo Alfonso Fucks Nicco Sky]


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18 Responses to “Randy Blue’s Nicco Sky Gets Drenched In Cum!”

  1. Jason says:

    Holy effballs, yes, please.

  2. lolz says:

    I bet Nicco was freakin’ happy that day!

    I’m sure that those two would have done a flip-flop sex video, but I guess Blue has rigid codes about topping and bottoming. Only one position per person. Oh well. :(

    Maybe they could ask?

    I feel like eating a burrito after watching this. :)

  3. Jasher Scott says:

    Nicco was on live chat yesterday raving about the scene…he loved it.

  4. Sheesh says:

    Zach is really gone people. Check his Twitter. These blog posts are serious. Zachary Sire was, in a word, CONTROVERSIAL (and we all loved it and fed off of it, even you Zach haters who would still come to the sword ad nauseum times a day). Michael Lucas had EVERYTHING to do with Zach’s departure so basically the will of one man trumped the will of thousands. We need to do two things and they are: hit Michael where his heart is – in his wallet – and stop supporting Lucas Entertainment in every possible way (which everyone who found out that Lucas supported the Republican Party financially probably has already done) and then follow that jab with a right hook and don’t spend your energy supporting an organization that buckled under pressure.

    BTW, and I feel this needs to be said, neither Black nor Dylan nor Knight realized the power of the press. Without the controversy that Zach brought, the awareness of even their existence would be greatly diminished. Personally, all three are very unappealing to me. Dylan is at least attractive but seems to have a profound disconnection with his ass and a profound connection to his hole. Thats just weird.

    If this post actually makes it up I’ll be in shock. Be well Swordies and see you ’round the hood (weho in my case).

  5. Michael says:

    What a waste of a load. He should have eaten it. It’s not like Nicco hasn’t swallowed before.

  6. James says:

    Skye is such a beauty!

  7. ahmed haikan says:

    Zach is like the male version of Joan Rivers, i mean with criticism and opinion. This blog will never be the same again. FLAT & BORING. YUCK !! BYE !!

  8. Pavel's Puss says:

    Well I’m sure of one thing about Zach’s departure… Brent Corrigan will be thrilled! BTW…. I’m clueless about Michael Lucas’ influence and the other issues. What the hell happened?

    Perhaps there are lessons for Zach in all this as well as for others. As for Lucas, I don’t think he’s that powerful (except his shitty smelling vodka breath) because Zach & he have tangled many times over the years. Maybe they saw each other in person recently, had uncontrollable mad, passionate sex without a condom & now Zach is pregnant and at his Aunt Nelly’s for 9 months?

    • sxg says:

      That’s doubtful that Zach and ML ever hooked up bareback. Zach’s body would’ve imploded on itself after catching all of duckface’s VDs he received from barebacking with the trashiest boys of NY for his Auditions series that will never see the light of day.

  9. Robert in London says:

    I want Zach back!
    Brilliant writer.

  10. fred says:

    nicco is quite improving as a bottom slut and his ass is one to die for as well, BUT the top is such a bore sexually: can NOT kiss, can not suck dick and his rimming was sooooo amateuristic, it put me off immediately, a gayforpayer obviously who hates gay seks…nicco deserves better….totally UNSEXY swim-wear

  11. stranded says:

    I guess RB is Nicco’s bread an butter and doesn’t want to risk it, but I think he should expand his work and think about working with other studios. Or maybe he likes the stability of working with just one site. Who knows? Either way, as long as he makes vids.

  12. DJ says:

    Michael “Duckface” Lucas is absolutely revolting. How anyone ever found him remotely appealing is a mystery.

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