Randy Blue Pays Moving Tribute To 10 Years Of Cum Eating


In honor of Randy Blue’s 10th anniversary, the studio has just sent me a clip featuring their best cum swallowing, cum facials, and cum eating scenes from the past 10 years.

From self-facials to creamy geysers shot straight down the throat, it’s been an amazing decade for cum on RandyBlue.com. I’m proud to pass along this cummy compilation (as well as an insane offer that gives new members a chance to join Randy Blue for only $10 per month, for LIFE) that will hopefully give you a chance to stop and reflect on all of the loads that have been blown since 2003. I’m truly touched/touching myself. 

Here’s their latest update, starring my boyfriend Nicco Sky and newcomer Levi Michaels.

[Randy Blue: Nicco Sky Fucks Levi Michaels]

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18 Responses to “Randy Blue Pays Moving Tribute To 10 Years Of Cum Eating”

  1. j kelly says:

    Nobody looks better than Colby with a beard full of jizz.

  2. Joe says:

    That’s not cum eating. More like bad facials.

    • sxg says:

      The majority of the clips are from explosive cumshots, so that’s one of the main reasons why they are not all that great. There is far better cum eating in many of their other scenes.

  3. Luke says:

    Funny cause facials are very rare on Randy Blue. But the lame cum eating is not as hot as the visual of a big gooey facial. Gosh do I miss REAL porn directors !

    • Martin says:

      I agree, unless there is something I’m missing its the usual jerk off on stomach ending,

      but no way is a facial better than cum eating, when it goes in the mouth it is way hotter, even if they don’t swallow it. That is just my opinion, I like it when they take it and suck the dick after, but I have to see the cum with no cuts/edits or I don’t believe it

      • Steve says:

        Totally agree that when a guy takes a load of cum in the mouth that is so much hotter than just taking a facial. Unfortunately, when a guy does take a load in the mouth, in most cases, the load is not all that great. Like to see nice thick creamy loads – not weak watery loads.

    • sxg says:

      The past 2 years they’re not all that rare really. I’ve noticed that facials and cum eating have increased more and more on the site, and I don’t think it’s something they’re necessarily pressured to do either but rather suggested. I don’t believe Nicco has ever done a facial or cum eating, and it wouldn’t surprise me either because he has mentioned he doesn’t do it for just anybody.

  4. lolz says:

    They should have a “where are they now?” segment.

  5. tossa says:

    what’s the name of the guy in the screenshot with his finger in his mouth?

    • sxg says:

      That is Ian Parker, one very hungry voracious bottom! He hasn’t been around in awhile which is a shame because I love the scenes he is in. He makes a great bottom.

  6. Nathan G. says:

    If you want real, bonafide unabashed cum eating, then look to Treasure Island Media—Otherwise, it’s not cum eating when 90% of it drips onto the floor..Oh and i am SICK and tired of watching porn and seeing ‘stomach shots’..How unimaginative…Of all the places a man can deposit his cum, letting it plop onto your stomach has got to be the most uncreative..

  7. jeroen says:

    Jake Andrews loves to eat cum, he is basically begging for it in all his videos with RB

  8. Logan says:

    I agree. Lately there’s been few cum eating videos on RandyBlue. Like Brett Swanson has NEVER eaten or taken a load in his mouth on ANY Randy Blue video.

  9. jason says:

    what a bunch of low-life faggot cocksucker losers

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