Popular Gay Teen Jock Blogger Exposed As A Fraud

Mikey’s now-defunct blog (his formspring is still up) recounted the daily life of a closeted all-star jock in a Minnesota High School. Thousands of vulnerable teens struggling with their sexual identities rallied around Hockey Kid Mikey. Some readers even said that they were contemplating suicide before finding his blog. And one reader fell in love.

That was the reader who ultimately exposed caused Mikey’s story to unravel.

In an article titled Hockey Kid Mikey: Anatomy of a Deception, Outsports reports that a 23-year-old Canadian named Jimmy went public with his heartbreak after discovering through months of lengthy chats that Mikey "ain’t no kid," but rather a "48 year old fuckwad." Jimmy writes:

Mikey’s not real. It just about makes me vomit typin those words. Mikey’s not real. Man that sucks. I miss him sooo much I can’t even describe it. I’ve suffered loss before. Heart-wrenching loss n this is exactly what it was like. So here goes it for me, the sequal. An experience I wouldn’t wish on anyone has now happened to me twice. The first time I could put my boy in the ground n say goodbye even to his face. This time, there’s no body, cause there’s nobody.

Outsports also spoke with the hosts behind the prominent podcast Ben & Dave’s Six Pack. A month before they interviewed me, Ben & Dave interviewed Mikey. Here’s Dave reacting to the news that Mikey’s a fake:

I actually fully bought it after we spoke.  I told Ben that you could hear the nervousness and although his voice was very deep sometimes that’s just a puberty thing. Ben was a little more skeptical, as were some of our listeners.

I’m disappointed that Mikey isn’t real. I enjoyed reading his experiences about life in the closet, and mostly I’ll miss waiting for him to get gang-fucked in the locker room and write about it. That post never came.

Now that Mikey’s blog is dead, a community of thousands of readers and commenters are looking for a new place to congregate. In the meantime, a woman named Madeleine responded to Jimmy’s heart-broken blog post with some words of reassurance:

There’s a message I want to send to everybody out there who followed this blog, a message to all the kids reading this and getting hope and courage from it. "Mikey’s" story may be a lit, but it contains truth…YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I promise you with all my hear. There are real Mikeys out there…It’s sad that this was all a life, but we have found each other through this, and never forget that.

In other words, even though Mikey never existed, his readers are real. Also, fuck you "Mikey," you sick fuck.



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  1. Bill says:

    do you have any idea what happened to ‘thegayeststr8guy’ ??
    i started reading it through this site and one day it was just gone.

  2. Ron says:

    @Bill: thegayeststr8guy was on Blogger, a service renowned for deleting sexually oriented blogs with no warning.

    @Article: Never heard of this guy, but the very fact of consistent writing over a prolonged period should have sounded some alarms.
    Most typical teen bloggers write in spurts, going silent for weeks and months at a time.

  3. Anthony says:

    @Bill: The gayeststr8guy is back on blogger, as str8jocktalking.

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