Paul Wagner Would Like to Cum In Your Mouth

The Sword: When’s the last time you had sex?

Paul Wagner: I had some birthday sex! Wish everyday was my birthday — got more than usual.

TS: Are there any drawbacks to being really hot?

PW: Ha. I don’t know. I guess it would really depend on the person, but I know if it were me [Ed. Um, it is you, duh], I would think that being taken advantage of would be a drawback. Can become more of an object then a person to people.

TS: What are your turn-ons?

PW: A great sense of humor, If you can make me laugh you’re automatically in.

TS: Turn-offs?

PW: Bitchy and arrogant would probably be the biggest turn-offs I have.

TS: Have you ever gotten rejected? If so, tell us about one of the times.

PW: I am very timid when it comes to meeting someone and putting myself out there. So usually I don’t make the first move for the very reason that I don’t wanna get rejected. But I would say that I have have been rejected in the past in terms of being in a relationship.

TS: Would you rather fuck a dude with a gorgeous big dick and a mediocre ass or a mediocre dick with a gorgeous tight ass?

PW: Not sure if I should destroy the whole fantasy of my being a huge power bottom on-screen! But outside of what I do on camera, I would just prefer someone average in all aspects, maybe leaning more toward the gorgeous tight ass. Im a versatile guy, but I’m not a big fan of HUGE dicks!

TS: Why did you decide to enter porn?

PW: I probably would have never have gotten into it if I hadn’t been contacted by a recruiter. Never thought I had the look. But I tried it and I like doing it — it was exciting and definitely not the norm — at least not where I am from — which is part of the appeal for me.

TS: Any scene partner horror stories?

PW: I have heard of some but I have never had any as of yet!

TS: What’s the secret to giving great head?

PW: It’s a lot about how you move your tongue. I don’t know if you can learn how to give good head. Some people just have the talent I think. Getting head is one of my biggest turn ons, especially the cumming in their mouth!

TS: Where do you usually meet men?

When I first came out, mostly at bars, but now that I am a bit established, I usually meet guys through friends or friends of friends.

TS: I’m a skinny dude, as you know. So. Have you ever fucked a skinny dude?

PW: Yes I have actually, but it’s not always my type. I usually prefer a more medium build, muscular but not too muscular.


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