Blue Bailey Talks About (Probably) Quitting Porn, Law School, and Being a Gold-Star Gay

Blue Bailey is basically done with porn. “I would still explore photography and other media stuff. But actually filming porn I’m kind of over with,” he tells me while getting ready for a Sunday fundraiser to benefit a group at the law school which has become, as expected, his main focus. Read more »


What In Holy Hell….

Talk about phallophobia…
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A Few Words About Newcomer Scott Cage’s Beautiful Big Dick

Scotty Cage, who also goes by Scott Cage, has got a really nice dick. Say what you will about his face.
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Exclusive: Sean Cody’s Karl Appears On Food Network’s Chopped

It turns out that Karl from Sean Cody, he of the infamous paw-print tattoos who only did three scenes and a solo back in 2011-2012, is a chef in Los Angeles, and was recently a contestant on Chopped, that food competition show hosted by former Queer Eye queer Ted Allen. Read more »


California’s Condoms-In-Porn Bill, AB 1576, Is Dead

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It’s Finally Time For a Hot ‘Summer of Fuckin’

The biggest release of NakedSword’s summer schedule is upon us, all shot in the green backyards of the Castro in San Francisco, and it’s called: Summer of Fuckin’. And as we know too well in S.F., it’s never too late for summer to get hot.
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Breaking: Killian James Is Capable of Topping, Does Flip-Fuck Scene With Justin Owen

Hookie-Award-winning bottom Killian James, who, if I had to guess a week ago, I would have said would never be anything but a hungry muscle bottom on camera, has already blown my mind with a kind of hot flip-flop scene with Justin Owen.
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Chris Bines Can’t Stop Bottoming

First it was Christopher Daniels and that rash of creampies, now it’s Chris Bines — who’s allegedly straight but who claimed to have some sort of fuck-friendship with Hunter Page in Boyfriends 2 — who’s winning the prize for most bottoming scenes lately. Read more »


Gay Porn Power Couples: Who’s Now Together? Who’s Broken Up?

It’s time once again to check in on the gay porn stars who we know are coupled, or at least have publicly acknowledged something resembling a romantic relationship that may or may not be monogamous, or a relationship, or romantic.
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Flashback: Raging Stallion/Falcon President Chris Ward When He Was A Fisting Porn Star

Raging Stallion/Falcon studio head Chris Ward, who recently acquired the Hot House brand, just gave an interview to Hot House’s blog and talked about how he first got into the porn business.
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Fake Cum Now Commercially Available For Porn Shoots

A product that’s going by the name Magic Money Shot, which comes complete with baster-bulb and tubing for under-cock installation, has come to the rescue of all porn stars who can’t cum.
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The Seven Gayest Things Robin Williams Ever Did

I know, he wasn’t gay. But Robin Williams, the actor and comedian who tragically took his own life in his Northern California home Monday, was extremely liberal and gay-friendly, and a welcome face for decades on the streets and in the restaurants of San Francisco — the hometown he famously referred to as “a very large asylum.” Read more »


Who Jerked It Better?: New Sean Cody Stud Hugo, Or New Randy Blue Stud Brandon Foster

Over at Sean Cody this week there’s a new Latin model named Hugo who apparently came out to California to do the gay porn thing along with a buddy of his who’s doing the same thing. And they’ve got a new straight guy at Randy Blue who’s kind of amazingly hot too. Read more »


Shay Cruz Is Back!

Shay Cruz, the UK Naked Men model that The Sword had an angry little run-in with a few months back, returns in a new scene with Dan Broughton and Riley Tess.
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Legendary Director Jerry Douglas On His Many Awards, Drug-Addicted Porn Stars, and Why He’s Done With Making Porn

When softcore porn pioneer Radley Metzger spoke at an event in NY after a raucous screening of his 1974 bisexual sex comedy Score this past weekend, the director made a point of singling out the writer who gave his gleeful masterpiece its subversive wit and charge: Jerry Douglas Read more »


Levi Michaels Is Sick Of People Telling Him That Doing Porn Is a Mistake, and That Porn Isn’t a Career

Young porn stud Levi Michaels, who most recently can be seen having a flip-fuck in the woods with Chris Harder at CockyBoys, has lately been one of the most active vloggers in the porn community. And this week he’s discussing his biggest peeves when getting asked about his porn career. Read more »


Exclusive: Interview With Boomer Banks and Bonus ‘Monkey Sex’ Scene From ‘The Pack’

The big finale of The Pack came out this week, but that’s actually not the final-final scene. Today mr. Pam unveils the crazy “monkey sex” bonus scene she’s been promising.
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The 7 Wrongest Things About New Porn Site Male Reality

Under the Next Door umbrella comes this relatively new, Eastern European porn concern called Male Reality. And if this is more the reality of what gay sex in Eastern Europe looks like, Bel Ami has seriously been lying to us for a long time. Read more »


Christian Wilde Resurfaces, Fucks James Ryder On a Barber Chair

It’s been a couple months since I’ve seen Christian Wilde’s cock plowing any holes, and I was getting worried. Read more »


In the Big Black Party Finale of ‘The Pack,’ Cam Christou Gets Gang-Fucked

It’s time for the final scene of NakedSword’s The Pack, and Cam Christou is ready for his real initiation. Which is all about getting fucked.
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Jake Bass Helps Davey Wavey Measure His Cock, Can’t Stop Staring At Davey’s Tits

CockyBoys star Jake Bass makes an appearance this week on the vlog of perennially buff, waxed, and shirtless fitness trainer/professional narcissist Davey Wavey. Once again, we do not see Davey’s cock, and we’ve all seen Jake’s cock, but the two spend some time discussing the proper way to measure your penis.
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California’s Condom Bill May Be Getting Killed (Or It Might Not)

We’ll know more next week, but for now, the bill before the California State Senate that would require condoms to be used on all gay and straight porn shoots, by law, was put “in suspense” by the Senate’s Appropriations Committee on Monday, meaning they’re not sure they have room in the budget to pay for implementing it if it passed.
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Paddy O’Brian Takes a Summer Sex Vacation in Ibiza, Still Won’t Suck a Dick

Watch Paddy O’Brian get his dick sucked, and sucked, and sucked some more by Juan Lopez in the latest release from, Men In Ibiza Part 1.
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Brent Corrigan Cements His Porn Comeback, Signs On As Falcon Exclusive

I’ve been keeping this under wraps for a few weeks at the insistence of the Falcon team, but it’s official: Brent Corrigan, easily one of the biggest stars in gay porn, has become a Falcon Exclusive model.
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‘Man At Bath’ Starring Francois Sagat Now Out on DVD

Christopher Honoré’s 2010 film Man At Bath (Homme Au Bain), starring porn legend Francois Sagat as (guess what) a hooker, is finally back on DVD and being distributed by TLA Releasing’s new label Canteen Outlaws.
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Who Was the Better Bottom?: Shawn Wolfe or Chris Bines

Shawn Wolfe had his hole pounded out by Boomer Banks in the last scene to be released from Steve Cruz’s Into Darkness, and Chris Bines had his pounded out by Adam Ramzi in the first scene from Steve Cruz’s Want It Now. Which Raging Stallion bottom bottomed better??
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Regarding Addison Graham’s Perfect Alabaster Chest

This is just an ode to the silky smooth chest of professional bottom Addison Graham, whose third scene with Lucas Entertainment (his second bareback one) just came out this week, featuring him getting fucked by busy ‘bisexual’ top Sebastian Young.
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Christopher Daniels Talks About Tricking With Paraplegics, and a Guy With No Nose

Noted hooker-turned-porn-star-turned-memoirist-turned-creampie-lover Christopher Daniels was just on Johnny McGovern’s unfortunately named web talk show Hey Qween. Read more »

That'd be Aleks fucking Shawn Wolfe in Hung Americans 2.

These Are the Top 10 Most Popular Porn Stars of the Last Month

The Sword’s Department of Statistical Clicking is back with the latest figures on who has been most whacked-off to in the month of July, 2014. And the names might surprise you!
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Zane Porter Plays a Sexy Cat Burglar in Randy Blue’s Latest Installment of ‘Welcome to L.A.’

Remember 18-year-old Zane Porter, the tattooed blond that Randy Blue recently recruited to fuck Justin Owen? Well, he’s back for his third scene, and it’s the sixth episode in RB’s popular (?) Welcome to L.A. series. Read more »


Leo Sweetwood Talks Un-Drag Queen Pageants, and Being Openly Gay In the Marines

In a comfortably cozy apartment on New York’s Upper East Side lives a quadruple threat: up-and-coming twunk porn star, boy pageant aficionado, aspiring superstar and the U.S. Marine Corps’ first openly gay rifleman. He sings! He dances! He shoots! He cums! His name is Leo Sweetwood, Read more »

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