Ashley with Matt Hughes' cock.

Ashley Ryder Talks Cock Fatigue, Fists, and How Cute His Rosebud Is

When he was 16 years old, Ashley Ryder got bored with taking cocks. There had to be something else, he told his friend, something more extreme and exciting, and soon, in a book of erotic drawings, he found an image of an asshole being stretched open, fisted, and a lizard being dangled near the gaping hole. Read more »


Justin Owen Just Wants to Star In Your Fantasy, and Always Gets Hard On His Own

I’m passing through Los Angeles this week and I was finally able to speak to someone who’s been on my list for a long time: Randy Blue’s premiere bottom Justin Owen. Read more »


And Now, a Video of Kris Evans and Vadim Farrell In a Car

As mentioned earlier, NakedSword has been in the Czech Republic shooting their first ever co-production with Bel Ami, Dirty Rascals. Read more »


British Porn Stud Bruno Knight Nabbed Trying Smuggle Meth Back to England Up His Arse

Bruno Knight has been bad. On a recent tweaker bender in L.A., the weekend after L.A. Pride, he decided on the way home to the U.K. it would be wise to shove three objects up his ass containing a total of a half pound of crystal meth. Somehow he also caught the attention of the DEA who stopped him before he boarded his flight. Read more »


Attention Foot Fetishists: Hunter Page Has Made Some Foot Porn

This is very important news for all you gays out there who jerk off to the feet of twinks: Hunter Page has responded to his many fans’ requests and shot a foot-fetish scene, and it is live.
Read more »


Is That Quinn Jaxon With a Mouth Full of Cum In a New Gay Sex Tape?

Quinn Jaxon (a.k.a. former Randy Blue model Kurt Madison) has spent a fair amount of time telling the internet how heterosexual he is, but this might just be a still from a gay sex tape of him lapping up a mouth full of cum. Read more »


Here’s Your First Sneak Peek of ‘The Pack,’ Premiering Next Week, In Which Cam Christou Gets a Black Party-Style Initiation

What is The Pack? Wait ’til you find out.
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Landon Conrad Fucks Matt Hart In Two Different Filthy Garages. Which Is Hotter?

It’s not quite as filthy as that dirty jail cell mattress where Tommy Defendi plowed Jimmy Fanz in Raging Stallion’s Hole, but High Performance Men is doing their best Raging imitation this week with a warehouse mattress fuck between Landon Conrad and newcomer Matt Hart. And this is the second time the two have fucked in the last month in a dirty garage/warehouse. Can someone please find them a bed? Read more »


BREAKING: Falcon/Raging Stallion Acquires Hot House; Founder Steven Scarborough Retiring After 27 Years

Today one more of the major gay studio brands is becoming an AEBN property as Hot House announces it’s being merged into the Falcon/Raging Stallion family. Hot House will remain a separate brand name along with their ass-play-obsessed fetish line, Club Inferno Dungeon, but studio head Chris Ward will take over from Hot House founder Steven Scarborough, who’s announcing his retirement today as well. Read more »


Updates From the Set of ‘Dirty Rascals,’ NakedSword’s Collaboration With Bel Ami In Prague

I was not invited to tag along to Prague for the shoot of the first ever NakedSword-Bel Ami co-production, Dirty Rascals [sniff] [cough], but I’m keeping on top of it all via Twitter!
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Jake Cruise Makes *Hilarious* Pizza Boy Cameo In Dominic Ford’s ‘Fire Island Staff House’ Episode 2

The pizza delivery guy is a porn trope as old as time, and this week Dominic Ford gives us a little wink-wink hilarity as forever creepy porntrepreneur and professional twerker Jake Cruise drops by the house with a pizza.
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Fleshjack’s LaunchPad iPad Mount Thing: Necessary, Or Not?

I’m pretty sure a lot of you take your iPads to bed for jerkoff purposes, so riddle me this: Would you buy Fleshjack’s new iPad mount thing, which enables you to fuck your iPad, sort of, with one hand. Read more »


And Now, A Shirtless, Gay Former Menudo Member Sings a Madonna Song

Meet Angelo Garcia. If you haven’t seen before, or you don’t recognize him, that might because he used to look like this. And now he looks like this. Yes, he might not be unfamiliar with performance-enhancing substances. Read more »


Hookie Award-Winning Bottom Killian James Makes His Randy Blue Debut

I talked about Killian James back in May, when he announced he’d be making his porn debut soon. And now here it is.
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Michael Lucas Talks About Brainwashed Russians, His Divorce, and the New Boyfriend He Met on Tinder

As you can see from just a quick scan of Sword headlines over the years, Michael Lucas has always been an outspoken and polarizing figure in the adult entertainment world. His 16-year-old company Lucas Entertainment remains a major player in the gay porn universe, lately releasing about three new scenes a week, and the Sword sat down with him recently to talk about his business, and about his recent forays into documentary film. Read more »


Titan Launches New Site Devoted to All Joe Gage Movies, All the Time

Connoisseurs of the gay pornography should recognize the name of director Joe Gage, who’s been plying his craft and creating some of gay porn’s finest films since the 1970s. Read more »


Ryan Rose Believes All Of America Should Be Armed

I know that I should not try to engage porn stars in political debates, but maybe some of you have got my back here: Do you think the solution to America’s gun-violence problem is that everyone should carry a gun? Ryan Rose does.
Read more »


Solo of the Week: Insane GayHoopla Bodybuilder Daniel Carter

Sweet Jesus. He may have weirdly clippered body hair and just an okay dick, but Daniel Carter wins the Swordie for Solo of the Week.
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Hot or Not?: Sex With Aerial Silks

You may think it’s hot, or you may just think it’s weird and circus-y, but no matter what you think, Hot House’s latest fuck scene is really fucking gay.
Read more »


Wakefield Poole Interview Part 2: On His Masterpiece, ‘Bijou,’ And His 30 Years of Celibacy

In celebration of the new documentary, I Always Said Yes: The Many Lives of Wakefield Poole, premiering at Outfest this week, and Vinegar Syndrome’s new DVD restorations of Poole’s groundbreaking classics Boys in the Sand, Bijou, Bible! and Take One, our interview with the the 78-year-old porn pioneer continues. Read more »


New Twink Couple Alert: Andy Taylor and Kody Knight

Twink porn power top (ahem) Andy Taylor is becoming one of the noted serial monogamists of the gay porn world as he’s now romantically connected to fellow twink performer and Helix Studios star Kody Knight. Read more »


In New ‘Broke Straight Boys’ Reality TV Series, Gay-For-Pay Models Talk About How Broke, Sad They Are

“Stay broke,” is the advice from one of the broke, straight models featured in the trailer for this new reality TV series about the models of Broke Straight Boys. “It’s better. Because it does. It follows you forever.” What channel is this airing on? I have no idea.
Read more »


Happy Birthday, America! Check Out Treasure Island’s Bred, White & Blue Sale!

In honor of the 238th birthday of our great nation, Treasure Island Media has just launched a big two-for-one sale on all their cum-whoriest titles.
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New Next Door Model Markie More Promises He’s Bisexual, Explains Previously Misspelled Tattoo

Markie More, whom we recently saw bottoming for two of his best men in Wedding Jitters Parts 1 and 2 from Next Door Buddies, is actually not the power bottom he appears to be. He prefers to top, as he reveals in a new interview.
Read more »


Bruno Boni Returns To Porn After Six Years To Flip-Fuck With Dario Beck In Sicily

Lucas Kazan just released a new Dario Beck scene, this time with Italian porn stud Bruno Boni who hasn’t done porn in six years!
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Guess Which Studio Made The Most-Watched Porn Right Now!

Hint: It features three jockish, straight dudes, and it rhymes with Shorbin Trisher.
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Amazing Polaroids From Inside a San Francisco Bathhouse In the Summer of 1978

The Fairoaks Project was launched a couple of years ago to preserve and display a trove of images from inside a San Francisco bathhouse near the Lower Haight neighborhood that operated from 1977 to 1979 called the Fairoaks Baths. The photographer, Frank Melleno, was a manager at the baths and took photos of friends and patrons that were hung on the walls there. Read more »


Jimmy Fanz Can Fit Entire Foot In His Mouth, And Does Gross Things With His Ass

In some new behind-the-scenes footage from Randy Blue, Jimmy Fanz fucks around with Kurtis Wolfe, discusses shaving his entire body, and puts Kurtis’s entire foot in his mouth. Read more »


Who Jerked It Better?: Next Door’s Brock Hammer, or Sean Cody’s Bill

Rather than ask who would you rather, I’m mixing it up.
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Twink Cumshot Flashback: Eurocreme’s ‘Party Boy’

Maybe they could have gotten more in his nostril? I guess that would be unsafe sex.
Read more »


Still Hot or Not?: Jimmy Clay Makes Comeback at Randy Blue With Extra Tattoos

Porn star Jimmy Clay has resurfaced at Randy Blue, now sporting some new tattoos, and looking kind of different.
Read more »

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