Levi Karter Says He’s a Grindr Tease, Admits He Farted In Pierre Fitch’s Face

It’s fitting that I’m at a restaurant on Bond Street called The Smile, because sitting across from me is a boy who almost never stops smiling: Levi Karter, the wildly popular porn twink from Cockyboys. Levi’s smile seems to stem from a place of contentment — with himself, with his identity, with his chosen profession, Read more »


Jarec Wentworth Finally Gets a Piece of Justin Owen’s Magical Ass

What can I say? The porn gods have been good today, and between this scene, and this new one from Randy Blue pairing up stars Jarec Wentworth and Justin Owen, I have nothing to complain about.
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You Will Watch Adam Ramzi and Sean Zevran Flip-Fucking, and You Will Like It

We already had those behind-the-scenes shots of Sean Zevran looking incredibly hot on the set of Falcon Edge’s Stunners, and now we have the scene, featuring the also amazingly hot Adam Ramzi.
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A Timeline of Connor Maguire’s Twink-Plowing

There’s a new scene out today from Helix Studios featuring ginger stud Connor Maguire and tiny blond twink Sasha Peterson. Connor’s done quite a bit of work on the twink circuit over the last year as top-for-hire at Helix, including in their features The Storm and Bumfuck Nowhere (in which he fucked a total of three twinks), and last fall we also got to see him pound the hole of big-dicked twink Hunter Page in NakedSword’s Frathouse Cream. Read more »


Rey Luis Sucks Boomer Banks’ Huge Cock In Exchange For a Room In ‘Roommate Wanted’

You may have heard that real estate in San Francisco is, like, crazy expensive right now. It’s harder to find a place to park your ass here these days than it is in Manhattan, and so it stands to reason someone should make a porn about it.
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Topher DiMaggio Fucks Dato Foland on Men.com’s Weird Gray Bedroom Set

They’re continuing this pseudo romantic Suite 33 series over at Men.com, and Part 3 features Topher DiMaggio talking about how much he loves Dato Foland, and then fucking him.
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Jack Harrer’s Penis Is the Greatest Penis In All the World

This is a story about a cock. Not just any cock, but seriously the most beautiful, enormous, uncut cock ever to be attached to a male human. Yes, I’m talking about Jack Harrer’s cock.
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SketchySex.com Continues To Carry the Treasure Island Torch

Once again, SketchySex brings us some bareback action that we are meant to believe is as raunchy and raw as your average Treasure Island Media scene except with younger, hotter models. And maybe it is?
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Mr. Pam Is Recovering From Serious Surgery, You Guys

NakedSword’s resident porn director mr. Pam, who’s already had a long and respected career as the only female director and videographer in the gay porn world, is recovering in a San Francisco hospital today from some serious and potentially life-threatening lady surgery.
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Who Would You Rather?: Jon Galt 2000 or Jon Galt 2014

Hot on the heels of the resurfacing of tattooed stud Manuel DeBoxer, we have the return of porn vet Jon Galt in a new scene with his husband/life partner.
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Battle of the New Guys: McKensie Cross, Max Summerfield, Dalton Pierce, Tayte Hanson, David Benjamin, and More

Spring has brought us an abundant, fresh crop of newcomers to the porn world, and it’s time to take a look at these new faces gracing our laptop screens, sucking dick, fucking, and getting fucked for fun and profit. A couple of these guys haven’t even had their first scenes released yet, but I know you all will be quick to judge them anyway.
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Vintage Porn Break: COLT’s ‘Handspray’ and ‘Sweathogs’

COLT Studio Group just re-released a couple of real oldies online, Handspray and Sweathogs, from their archives. And some of these images are so fucking hot I just needed to share.
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Drama Over ‘MitchMason.com’ Continues at Treasure Island; Does Anyone Care?

Treasure Island Media is in the midst of a legal battle with former employee Mitch Mason, whose real name is Jeffrey Smith, which I talked about the other month. It’s not exactly riveting drama, and basically it’s about the studio suing for huge damages all because Smith is trying to co-opt the ‘Mitch Mason’ persona for his own profit, for whatever that’s worth, and because he hijacked TIM’s Twitter account, which has been dead since February. Read more »


New British Porn Model Shay Cruz Responds to The Sword

After noticing some fancy PhotoShopping of a certain British newcomer at UK Naked Men last week, The Sword just received an official response.
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Colby Keller Hasn’t Had Sex In His Personal Life for Six Months, Takes It Out on Pierre Fitch’s Ass

Those of you who think all porn stars are huge whores on- and off-screen may be shocked to learn that one of the biggest in the business, Colby Keller, hasn’t had any extracurricular sexual relations in six months. He says this in the preamble interview in his latest CockyBoys shoot with the increasingly annoying Pierre Fitch.
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Solo of the Week: This Is What Zac Efron Will Look Like In Ten Years

Men of Montreal has found this buff, straight, French Canadian boy who could be Zac Efron’s older brother, or just Zac Efron after 8 to 10 years of binge drinking and a couple steroid cycles.
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Chris Harder Talks Orgies, Weight Issues, and the Boylesque Backlash to His Porn Career

The progression from go-go dancer to gay porn star is a pretty natural one as far as industry narratives go. But for Chris Harder, the path to porn wasn’t quite a straight line. Read more »


The Top 10 Most Watched Porn Studs of the Last Month Were…

A few names have dropped off, but as we look at NakedSword viewership for April, The Sword’s Department of Statistical Clicking is seeing a couple new names on the rise.
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Johnny Rapid Looks Really Tired Of Getting DP’d In His 6000th Scene For Men.com

It’s actually just his 100th scene, or if you want to argue with Men.com’s count, it might be his 94th. But 100 scenes in three years! That’s a lot of ass-stretching. No wonder he’s not sure that he’s straight anymore.
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This Is the Face of Sexual Excitement In England

His name’s Theo Reid. He’s really pretty cute. But the folks at UK Naked Men didn’t bother trying to get many good stills of him.
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New Doc Explores the Dreaded Purse-Falling-Out-Of-Mouth Phenomenon of ‘Gay Voice’

“For many gay men, that’s the last vestige of internalized homophobia. This hatred of how they sound,” says Dan Savage in a new and smart-looking documentary that’s put out a Kickstarter call.
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Donnie Dean No Longer Raging Stallion/ Falcon Exclusive, Joins Cast of Hot House’s ‘Trunks 8′

Yep, Hot House is currently shooting an 8th installment of their 10-year-old Trunks franchise, because nobody ever gets tired of porn by a pool. In Palm Springs.
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Landon Conrad Reigns Supreme In Competitive Fucking

The ‘So You Think You Can Fuck’ Season 4 finale is out, and sorry to spoil it for you, but Landon Conrad won.
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Austin Wilde Bareback Bottoms For the First Time With Big-Dicked Twink Tyler King

I guess it’s a banner day?
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The Countdown to Justin Matthews Bottoming Begins Now

Even though I could do without his vocal stylings, I’m getting a little obsessed with CockyBoys’ latest recruit Justin Matthews (the model previously known as Sean Cody’s Taylor, like a year and some facial hair ago). Read more »


PornHub Will Plant a Tree For Every 100 Donkey Dicks You Jerk Off To

In a shoutout to all tree-hugging size queens out there, amateur porn purveyor PornHub decided to do an Arbor Day promotion? Read more »


Tattooed Daddy Manuel DeBoxer Returns From Retirement, Remains Hot

I haven’t talked about or thought of Manuel DeBoxer in, like, years. But he was in one of the hottest scenes in what The Sword once called “one of the hottest gay porn scenes ever made,” in Raging Stallion’s 2010 tattoo-worship classic Ink Stain. Now the hunky French-Canadian is back after what was basically a three-year hiatus, looking a little more daddyish but still fucking hot.
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Dalton Pierce Is Back In a New ‘Spring Fever’ Orgy With Donny and Johnny Forza

We last saw them all fucking for Dallas Reeves, but now hot newcomer Dalton Pierce and brothers/cousins Donny and Johnny Forza have just done their first scenes for Men.com, in their Spring Fever series.
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Two Years Later Can Twink Model Kyler Moss Still Pull Off the Bieber Thing?

I knew Boy Crush was due for a sequel to their hilarious Bustin Beeber porn parody, and it’s now live for the watching, kids! Read more »


Damien Crosse Looks Back on Eight Years of Porn, Cock Worship, and the Best Sex He’s Had Lately

The way that some kids who play with toy fire engines and hammers grow up to be firemen and construction workers, Damien Crosse was destined from an early age to become a world-famous cocksucker. Read more »


This Is the Real Last Bottoming Scene From Retired Bottom Connor Kline

It may not be the last one you’ll ever see — Men.com will probably dribble a few more out before all is said and done — but Hot House just released what was the final scene Connor Kline shot before officially calling it quits on his porn career two months ago. Read more »

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