Evil Jeff, Randy Blue’s Creative Director, Talks Straight Guy Freakouts and His YouTube Alter Ego, Jiz

Back in the 70s and 80s, the director used to be a highly exalted figure in gay porn. Auteurs like Joe Gage, William Higgins, and Kristen Bjorn created styles distinctive enough to become brands for a certain type of porn. Read more »


Ryan Rose Still Answering Boring Questions Boringly, Wishes More Of You Would Pay For Your Porn

Ryan Rose is back taking fan question on Ask.fm this week, and much like the last time we looked, he’s still trying hard to be as boring as humanly possible.
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Fraternity X Crew ‘Roofies’ and ‘Rapes’ Same Twink For Second Time

Ah, Fraternity X. I’d say I missed looking at you except that I don’t miss the sinking existential dread that comes with watching every one of your scenes, even if they are faked/staged.
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Justin Owen Gets Fucked Hard By Long-Haired Southern Newcomer Nick Speedman

Sword crush Justin Owen returns to Randy Blue this week to get a hard pounding by newbie Nick Speedman.
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Leo Forte Gets Bloody For Valentine’s Day

Some of you may recall the small shitstorm of a couple weeks back after young porn studlet Max Ryder posted some incendiary comments about some BDSM whipping he saw at HustlaBall in Vegas.
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Is ‘Big Dick Bitch’ TS Madison The Next Big Thing?

There is a hater chasing TS Madison but he’s easily identifiable: A piece of paper with the word “HATER” on it is pinned to his hat, and he wields a pair of purple-handled child’s scissors. Madison runs away from him, but this all just part of the silly, Russ Meyer-esque comedy of her hit videos. Read more »


Newly Out Football Player Michael Sam Has a Huge Package [Updated]

Just look.
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James Franco and Seth Rogen Continue to Get All the Attention by Trivializing Gay Love

When is someone going to tell James Franco and Seth Rogen that their fake gay romance is not funny, was never funny, and doesn’t serve any purpose other than making gay love look goofy? How has this not been decried as a gay version of blackface or minstrelsy?

Wait… is this the new #gayface?
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Sunday Cumday #2: Your Weekly Cumshot Cumpilation

You knew this was cumming. Take a big gulp of that mimosa. It’s Sunday Cumday.
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Yet Another Sochi Disappointment: None of the Male Figure Skaters Are Hot

Gone are the halcyon days that glittery power bottoms like Johnny Weir and Evan Lysacek ruled the ice at the Winter Olympics. The Sochi mayor stated that gays don’t exist in his town, and by God I’m starting to believe him. Because none — and I mean NONE — of the male figure skating lineup is hot.
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Sean Cody’s Latest Boy Friday Has the Weirdest Accent Ever

Ever wonder what a drunk Southerner would sound like with a mouth full of cum? Today is your lucky day.
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Matt Stevens Shaves Dirk Caber’s Head, Then Gets Plowed

Titan satisfies all your shaving porn fantasies with this scene featuring hot daddy Matt Stevens, this time as a bottom.
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Mike Dozer Arrested On Statutory Rape Charges Involving 14-Year-Old Boy

Gay porn star Mike Dozer, whom we recently saw getting his ass raped with a wrench in Raging Stallion’s Open Road, was arrested in December for the statutory rape and reckless endangerment of a 14-year-old boy in Pennsylvania.
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Please Enjoy These GIFs of Justin Timberlake’s Perfect Ass

Thank you, GIF gods.
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OK, OK, Ashton Webber’s Balls Are Totally Huge

When we did this list of the 10 biggest, lowest hanging (pairs of) balls last week, power bottom Ashton Webber ended up as an honorable mention at Mr. Pam’s suggestion. But consider this an official correction: He totally belongs in the top 10, as you can see in Episode 3 of Cheaters, titled “Lies and Alibis.” Read more »


Crazy Cheyenne Jackson Is Engaged Again Already

Six months after divorcing his husband of 13 years, and five months after that jerkoff video of his leaked to the internet via The Sword, eminently fuckable Broadway and TV star Cheyenne Jackson is engaged again to the guy he made the jerkoff video for.
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Welcome to Russia, Homosexuals…

“So you’ve chosen to attend our Olympics, just like you’ve chosen to be attracted to members of the same sex. Nasty. Seriously, we are horrified by it…”
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Fresh Out of Prison, Sebastian Young Is Back Getting Fucked Where We Can See Him

Fresh out of the Florida state pen for beating his wife and several felony drug charges, porn star Sebastian Young is out to prove that, post-prison, he would like to bottom for money again.
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Austin Wilde Fucks JJ Swift and Threatens To Break the Internet With the Scene’s Hotness

As has been hyped for weeks now, Austin Wilde recently got to shoot a scene for his site GuysInSweatpants, in addition to this earlier live sex show, with his Twitter crush, GayHoopla’s JJ Swift.
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Who Is Flula and Why Has He Not Gotten Naked Sooner?

Avid German YouTuber Flula Borg (pronounced floo-la) has popped on the gaydar this week all because he took his clothes off to do a “Nude Tunes” cover. He appears to be wearing a G-string, and things are still blurred, but fuck… nice torso, there, Herr Borg.
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New Big-Dicked Ginger Adam Makes His Bareback Debut at Sean Cody

This kid Adam‘s cock is so fat and beautiful I’m basically reduced to grunts and moans like Jordan is when he’s getting reamed by it.
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Porn Couple Brent Everett and Steve Pena Talk About Brent’s Deportation, But Not About Steve’s D.C. Boyfriend

In a new, sycophantic interview on Queer Me Now, married porn couple Brent Everett and Steve Pena (recent Cybersocket Award winner for Best Personality!!!) talk about Brent’s ongoing deportation situation, eating pineapple to make your cum taste sweeter, and how Brent barely ever goes to the gym. Read more »


Treasure Island Uses OSHA Case To Sell More Copies Of ‘The 1000 Load Fuck’

Treasure Island Media founder Paul Morris has just put up a blog post further railing against the “condom nazis” who have gotten fines levied against his company for workplace safety violations. He’s also using the opportunity to sell some copies of the movie in question, The 1000 Load Fuck, for the discounted price of $10.
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In L.A., They’re Just ‘Not Looking’

It’s a parody of HBO’s Looking, you see.
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Porn Legend Peter Berlin Talks Johns, Boyfriends, and Sexting

Filmmaker and former BUTT Magazine editor Adam Baran will be writing a weekly column for The Sword dubbed Fisting for Compliments. This is his first column, an interview with the great Peter Berlin. Read more »


Somebody Wasn’t Quite Hard Enough For This DP Scene

Was it Ryan Rose? No, his cock looks nice and Viagra-ready. Was it Lance Luciano? No, he’s the one who gets the short end of the stick (just oral) in this orgy.
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GayHoopla Keeps Finding Hot College Guys

Phoenix-based site GayHoopla, which was started last year by Sword fave Dmitry Dickov and partner Landon, a.k.a. Fratmen’s Leo, continues to discover some hot young talent with the debuts of sexy 19-year-old boy next door, Chris Kohler, and a preview of things to come with the very hot Zach Rode.
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Who Are the Hottest Footballers in the Super Bowl?

If you’re like me, you are right now chillin’ on the balcony of a hetero Super Bowl party, hogging the guac and smoking a doobie in honor of both marijuana-friendly states on the field.
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