desp-teens-main Takes a Turn for Gonzo/POV Porn With ‘Desperate Teens’

Maybe trying to be more like Fraternity X, has just put out this series called Desperate Teens in which Jay Rising goes around, Bait Bus-style, picking up broke twinks and making them suck his dick.
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Ryan Rose Has Gotten Bigger, Thicker

Some new behind-the-scenes shot from a new graffiti-themed Hot House feature have just come out showing Ryan Rose looking a fair bit more muscley than even a few months ago. Read more »


Is Day-Glo Neoprene Really a Thing?

Hot House has been really pushing the envelope, gay-fashion-wise, with the sneakers and all that. Now, shooting on the same neon-colored set they used for this fisting feature called Arm Candy, there’s a new scene with Jimmy Durano and Alexy Tyler featuring some Day-Glo neoprene harnesses.
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Jake Bass Returns to CockyBoys, Unleashes Champion Cumshot All Over Lukas Grande

Despite the implication that some drama went down between Jake Bass and CockyBoys (namely with photographer RJ Sebastian) which led to Jake doing some scenes with, he’s now back at CockyBoys in a new scene, and the site still lists him as an exclusive model.
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Who Fucked Brent Corrigan Better?: Rob Yaeger, or Adam Russo

Brent Corrigan, who’s well into his porn comeback now and just made a couple of Raging Hot Falcon appearances this month, is also now in a pair of new scenes from Icon Male.
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What’s Hotter?: Dmitry Dickov Fucking Sebastian Hook, or Ryan Winter Fucking Jason Keys

GayHoopla keeps on trying to get more professional, and they keep getting hot new straight models to fuck dudes. Case in point: They’ve got newcomer Ryan Winter (who made his porn debut doing just a solo vid for Sean Cody under the name Dominic last year) fucking Jason Keys.
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A Roundup Of Things Shoved In Porn Stars’ Asses This Week

What IS that? Yeah, I don’t know either!!
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Is Killian James’ Porn Career Already Over?

2014 Hookie winner for Best Bottom, Killian James, looks like he deleted his Twitter account today after having a Twitter fight with Dakota Wolfe yesterday. [Update: His Twitter is back.]
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I Could Listen to Sean Cody’s Forrest Talk For Hours

Forrest, the sexy, beefy Southern boy who debuted on Sean Cody in November, is back for his fourth shoot already, and third fuck scene, this time with the also sexy Perry.
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Talking With Legendary ‘Night at the Adonis’ Editor Bob Alvarez

At 2109 Broadway, on New York’s Upper West Side, stands the Ansonia Hotel, a building which was once the major destination for horny gay New Yorkers, thanks to the famous den of sin that existed in the building’s basement: the legendary Continental Baths. Read more »


Here Is Sebastian Kross’s First Scene For Falcon, With Colton Grey

For someone who allegedly had only ever fucked one guy before, Sebastian Kross does a championship job of rimming Colton Grey’s ass and then fucking it in the first-released scene from Krossfire.
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Makers Of ‘The Green Lantern Is Gay’ Are Back With ‘I Dream Of Twinky’

Behold: Manville Entertainment, which made 2013′s most ridiculous gay porn parody, The Green Lantern Is Gay, are back shooting a new movie parodying I Dream of Jeanie.
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Bisexual Porn Star Logan McCree Now Baiting Twitter Followers With ‘Why I Lost My Gay Membership’

Thoroughly inked German porn stud Logan McCree, who mostly disappeared from American porn in the last few years and shacked up with a woman in Scotland, is legitimately bisexual — as he detailed in this interview from 2011.
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Who’s Gay, Who’s Straight, And Who’s In Between In Gay Porn: The 2015 Definitive List

It’s time to revisit everybody’s favorite hate-click of a topic, cataloguing who among gay porn models is actually gay, who’s bi, who’s straight-identified (gay-for-pay), who’s just omni-sexual, and who dislikes labels and refuses to commit to any of the above (cough, Bravo Delta).
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Boomer Banks Is Just Bottoming For Everyone Now!

We learned the other day that elephant-dicked top man Boomer Banks has a scene in the can bottoming for his even bigger-dicked buddy Rocco Steele, something that he also did in public at Hustlaball last weekend. Now Raging Stallion released the new scene from America’s Finest which has Boomer bottoming for usual pass-around party bottom Brian Bonds.
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Amateur Hour: I Need To Find This Sexy Cam Model With Amazing Legs

This hot, lean-muscled stud, who might be some kind of gymnast as Fleshbot wagers, has got some amazing fucking quads.
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Dawson Returns to Corbin Fisher! With Beard! Fucks Ryder!

It’s Corbin Fisher’s 101′s anniversary, everybody! And to celebrate, they’ve brought one of their longtime favorite models out of semi-retirement, old as he is, and that’s the great Dawson.
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Young Zane Porter Stretches His Limits With Brandon Foster’s Big Dick at Randy Blue

Zane Porter, who came into the business last year as straight but now is definitely bi (at least) is now taking his biggest ever dick, and that would be Brandon Foster’s.
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Hot College Gymnasts Make Video For Guy Sebastian’s ‘Like a Drum’

Remember this kid Benjamin Lins, the lean and sexy Purdue University gymnast who started making viral videos with his shirtless friends on campus about a year ago? He’s back.
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New Ad For Jack’d App Features Leo Forte, Adam Ramzi, Hot Guy With Bag On His Head

A new ad for the dating app Jack’d is treading some now familiar territory mocking the type of shit that gay guys say to each other online. Read more »


Watch Cameron Kincade Fuck Big-Dicked Bottom Alex Greene In the Final Scene of ‘Bulge’

Now it’s time for the final scene from NakedSword’s Florida-shot, poolside, all-sex feature, Bulge. Read more »


Boomer Banks Talks About How Amazing Rocco Steele’s Cock Feels, And What It’s Like Being a Super Hooker

Boomer Banks just did an appearance on Gay Pimp Johnny McGovern’s (annoyingly named) web talk show Hey Qween! Read more »


Wolf Hudson To Make Triumphant Return To Gay Porn In Icon Male’s ‘Forgive Me Father’

After a five-year hiatus from the gay side of the porn industry, straight porn model and Michael Jackson impersonator Wolf Hudson is making a gay (for-pay) comeback. Read more »

men-yoga-porn Made Some Yoga Porn

Sword crush object Bennett Anthony may not be having the Best Sex Of [His] Life as the title of his latest scene suggests, but he definitely had some extremely flexible, Cirque de Soleil-style sex with limber, big-dicked bottom Nicoli Cole. Read more »


Van Darkholme Talks Kink, Directing Scared Models, and Being Asian In Porn

When he first started at in 2008, Van Darkholme had to overcome a bit of a learning curve. “When I first started out here, I would sit up and draw pictures and write dialogue and plan all these bondage suspension ideas,” Read more »


Rocco Steele Fucked Boomer and Sebastian Kross Was the Belle of the Ball at HustlaBall Vegas ’15

The inglorious shitshow that is Hustlaball Vegas happened last night in Sin City, and lots of porn stars were there.
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Now See Brent Corrigan Get Some Jeans Ripped Off Him And Then Get Fucked On a Box By Andrew Stark

“Brent Corrigan is all man,” reads the promo copy for the new Raging Stallion scene featuring Brent (in his first scene for the brand) and Andrew Stark. Read more »


Who Would You Rather?: New Bel Ami Models Kyle Madox Or Jerome Exupery

Bel Ami has got a couple of adorable twinks to debut this season.
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Rites of Ass-age: Adam Ramzi Takes On Gay-For-Pay Haters

Hello, readers! I hope all of you have had wonderful holidays and that 2015 has been off to as bizarrely challenging a start as it has for me! But bizarrely challenging in a positive way, I mean.
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Max Cameron Gets DP’d By Bravo Delta and Deviant Otter

Deviant Otter, a.k.a. Devin Totter, who’s previously done E on camera before shooting one of his amateur-style scenes, has just done a pair of scenes with fellow Boston-based model Bravo Delta.
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Johnny Rapid Was Arrested Last Month For Domestic Abuse

Adding to the non-legend that is Johnny Rapid, the gay-for-pay star was arrested last month in his home state of Georgia after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend after they got into an argument over whether or not to have a threeway with a girl who turned out to be 14 years old.
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Even ABC News Is Trying to Out John Travolta Now

Apparently John Travolta likes to cruise the gym at 3 a.m., and an unwitting, very hot straight guy thought this was totally awesome and not creepy at all and decided to post a pic to Reddit to prove it.
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Exclusive Video: New Falcon Exclusive Sebastian Kross Jerks His Hard Cock In the Shower

I’ve made no secret of my love for new Falcon star-in-the-making Sebastian Kross, whose first Falcon scene isn’t even due out until January 26.
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Stupidly Gorgeous Gay Twins Come Out To Their Dad On YouTube And OHMYGOD GET NAKED ALREADY

These two phenomenally beautiful models who are also twins, Aaron and Austin Rhodes, who live in L.A. and have a YouTube channel (because: obviously), just decided they should come out to their dad over the phone live on YouTube.
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Burgeoning Porn Star Michael Hoffman Releases New Video, Fingers His Butthole

Last month I was wondering aloud what it was going to take to get Michael Hoffman to do some actual gay porn, and I feel like we may be getting closer to that glorious day, gentlemen.
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Sister Roma Wins Best Personality, Jimmy Durano Takes Best Porn Star, and CockyBoys Again Takes Home Multiple Prizes at 2015 Cybersocket Awards

The Cybersocket web awards happened last night in West Hollywood, and if you have space or energy in your life to pay attention to more than one gay porn awards ceremony, allow me to tell you who won.
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bieber-rapid-gay-sex-porn Offers Justin Bieber $2 Million If He’ll Fuck Johnny Rapid

In a pointless but nonetheless funny publicity stunt that I am nonetheless covering, has put out a video plea to Justin Bieber to come do a little gay porn.
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Go Behind the Scenes With Jimmie Slater and Rylan Knox in NakedSword’s ‘Bulge’

It’s Scene 3 of this NakedSword Original, and it premieres tomorrow (Wednesday), and once again we have some footage of the behind-the-scenes shenanigans.
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The 34 Greatest and Most Stunning Skull-Fucking GIFs On the Entire Web

Today I’ve been mesmerized by these.
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Sean Cody Teases Us With Brandon Getting His Butt Munched, But He Still Does Not Bottom

The latest scene at new MindGeek property Sean Cody brings back hunky straight boy Brandon, now with chin strap facial hair, to play footsie with Perry, and then fuck him.
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