Adam Baran Talks Incest Porn With Legendary Director Joe Gage

It’s impossible to overstate the impact Joe Gage has had on the world we fags live in. His iconic Working Man porn trilogy (Kansas City Trucking Company, El Paso Wrecking Corp, and L.A. Tool & Die) depicted blue collar men Read more »


Will Braun Once Again Forced To Eat An Ass He Doesn’t Want to Eat: Dirk Caber’s

I’ve noted before that gay-for-pay model Will Braun, while cute, has still not really bought in to the whole ass-eating thing. It’s pretty apparently how grossed out he is, but he’s getting paid, and he does what he’s told, and he does his best. Once again today, in the new scene called Big Bro, he’s forced to rim a butthole that he looks kind of scared of, and it’s Dirk Caber’s. Read more »


Sean Duran Slays Tyson Tyler’s ‘Fuck Hole’ for Raging Stallion

One Hookie Award everyone agreed on this year was Tyson Tyler winning “Best Ass.” His prize-winning booty is powerfully plundered today by the jacked Sean Duran in the aptly named “Fuck Hole,” and “Argh,” it’s fucking hot.
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Insurance Company Axes PrEP Coverage, Then Reverses Decision

When we said yesterday “when the money stops, everything stops,” we were referring to banks’ and credit card processors’ rules for porn purchases. Today, it’s not the banks but insurance company Assurant Health putting on the financial brakes, and not on porn, but on PrEP.
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Sean Cody Still Has Stars: Brandon Comes Back to Fuck Porter

Despite the fallow period Sean Cody seems to be in as they transition into the Mindgeek empire, they’ve still got a couple of resident stars they’d like you to see fuck this week. That would be gay-for-pay beauty Brandon and sexy southern boy Porter, who just marked his first year on the site.
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Todrick Hall Remakes His ‘Beauty & the Beast’ Parody, This Time With Belle Touring WeHo (feat. Rupaul, Topher DiMaggio, and Lance Bass)

Two years ago, American Idol alum Todrick Hall made some viral YouTube magic with “Beauty & the Beat” — a rewrite of “Belle (Little Town)” recast in South Central L.A. — which was a follow-up to 2012′s CinderFella, another viral hit. Now he’s back, rewriting the song once again for West Hollywood and shooting a hilarious video with a bevy of way-gay-ness everywhere — and a ton of cameos by semi-famous and famous gays. Read more »


Cliff Jensen to Remain Behind Bars for Another Year, Friend Now Tweeting For Him

Cliff Jensen has enough mug shots to make a coffee-table book. But according to his freshly updated Twitter, he will be locked up for another year before he can get out and have new one taken.
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Could New Credit Card Processing Rules Stop Fraternity X From ‘Raping’ and ‘Roofie’-ing Twinks?

Porn purchases in 2013 added up to $97 billion dollars with $10-12 billion of that from here in the US. While on the surface it seems like anything goes in this industry, it all comes down to cashflow — and when the money stops, everything stops. The banks that process credit cards for porn sites have just issued their new list of verboten lingo, and some of the sites we cover here at The Sword may be running for cover soon.
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Levi Karter, Boomer Banks, Tayte Hanson, and a Lot of Weed Featured In Cazwell’s New Video, ‘Downtown’

It’s time for a new video from New York gay hip-hop king Cazwell, and once again he’s roped in a couple of CockyBoys, as well as Boomer Banks. Plus there’s a pizza, some sexy go-go boys, and a lot of pot smoke.
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Killian James Says Sebastian Kross Was ‘An Amazing Fuck’ In Ep. 1 of NakedSword’s ‘On the Lookout’

Today we get the debut scene from the latest NakedSword Original, On the Lookout, which also marks Killian James’ screen debut as a NakedSword Exclusive. With the scene preview I’ve also got some exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, and I talked to Killian and director mr. Pam about how incredibly hot this shoot was.
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Hot or Not?: New Tattooed Randy Blue Bottom Brett Beckham

New Randy Blue bareback model Brett Beckham has just filmed his first duo scene, and it’s a tattoo fuck fest with the sexy Jordan Levine.
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If Seth Fornea Is Having Sex With Strangers In Bathrooms on PrEP Why Exactly Can’t He Do A Porn Scene?

Bearish ginger dreamboat Seth Fornea, for whom I might sacrifice a testicle if I could watch him have sex on screen, is hardly trying to preserve a monogamous relationship by avoiding doing a porn scene. So I repeat, WHY HAS HE NOT DONE A FUCK SCENE YET?!
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Luke Hamill and Dario Dolce: Two Bel Ami Legends In a Legendary, Bareback Fuck

What happens to when two BelAmi legends come together for a bareback, poolside fuck? Fireworks and a whole lot of cum. Read more »


Eric Nero and Adam Herst Tear Up and Into Each Other in TitanMen’s ‘Catch 22′

Even after a decade plus in the porn business and seeing thousands of models on screen, seeing Eric Nero ride Ricky Decker’s cock in Pacific Coast had me contemplating starting the Eric Nero Fan Club. The newly minted TitanMen exclusive is back today with Adam Herst in the first scene from Catch 22. Despite the title, there’s no paradox here… it’s a bite-your-lip flip-flop of drilling and filling.
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Dylan Knight Looks Like He Could Get Down With Some Serious Muscle-Bear Love In ‘The Imposter,’ With Colby Jansen

As one of two ‘bears’ in the finale of’s decidedly non-bearish Bear Weekend, Colby Jansen almost got lost in that six-man orgy. Not so today. He’s back today to inaugurate Str8toGay’s new series, The Imposter. And with Dylan Knight, this time it’s a party of two. Read more »


‘So You Think You Can Fuck’ Week Three Features Awkward ‘Runway Show’ Hosted by Terrible Palm Springs Drag Queen

What’s both charming and hilarious about the ongoing porn-reality-competition franchise that is So You Think You Can Fuck — now in its fifth season — is that it reminds me of the early, super-low-budget days of Rupaul’s Drag Race. Remember how the grand prize the first season was like a $100 Target gift card and a fruit basket? Read more »


Sword Columnist Adam Baran Working on Documentary About a Gay Teen Obsessed With ‘Twin Peaks’

In case you’ve been curious what’s become of Adam Baran and his Sword column Fisting for Compliments, it hasn’t gone away! It’s been on a bit of a hiatus and will be back as a monthly feature, and Adam, meanwhile has been working on raising money for a personal project dear to his cinematic heart. Read more »


Beardless Bennett Anthony Cums While Reading Shakespeare launched this SFW YouTube series last week in which they have stars reading Shakespeare while getting their dicks “sucked” by this machine called the AutoBlow2.
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Sean Cody Introduces Tristan, Tweaks Their Release Schedule

If I was a chef, I would expect to get cooking questions. But I work in porn. I received a text yesterday wondering where the Sean Cody update was. Then another. Then an email. After years of every-other-day updates, was yesterday was a rare miss? Longtime members are hoping this is a one-time glitch despite reports permanent changes may be afoot.
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Is Men.Com Trying To Imitate Icon Male Now With All The Romance and Piano Music and Stuff?

Icon Male, despite having what some might say is a cheesy aesthetic and a repetitive habit of trotting out tired daddy-son tropes, has been one of the big success stories in gay porn of the last year, outselling a number of competitors and establishing themselves in the niche of vanilla, romantic, narrative porn. Read more »


Sister Roma and Others Want to Ban Facebook From Pride Over Ongoing ‘Real Name’ Policy

Though Facebook appeared, last fall, to want to appease the drag queen community and others who were pissed off about getting their accounts suspended over the fact that they used their stage/drag names instead of their real names, it seems like the fight rages on.
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Could This Really Be Brenner Bolton’s First Time In a Bathhouse? Doubt It!

Last August, the bottom formerly known as Dalton Pierce reappeared as ‘Brenner’ at ChaosMen — and they claimed he was “mostly” straight. Brenner became Brenner Bolton and did a half dozen scenes for where he very obviously was a hungry gay bottom.
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Hate to Burst Your Bubble Andrew Christian, But This Is Not Porn

Hate to burst your bubble Andrew Christian, but just because mix in Topher DiMaggio, Peter Le and Sean Zevran, this still doesn’t make it porn. Read more »


Barely A Year Into The Porn Business, Rocco Steele Launches His Own Porn Studio

You’ve got to use your moment in the spotlight to the best of your advantage, but did Grabby nominee for Best Newcomer Rocco Steele really already need to launch his own porn site?
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In Falcon’s ‘Tahoe – Cozy Up,’ Ricky Decker Gets a Midnight Snack of Andrew Stark’s Cock

Remember Tahoe – Snow Packed? Then there was the Tahoe-shot Alpine Wood. Well, now Falcon is doing the online release of another in this Tahoe series, Tahoe – Cozy Up, which we saw evidence of them shooting back in February. Read more »


Straight, Big-Dicked West Hollywood Go-Go Boy Tells Depressing Stories to VICE

Los Angeles go-go stud Jeff Tetreault is intent on getting himself some publicity for his screenwriting career by giving interviews to magazines about his moonlighting career as a popular go-go dancer. Tetreault is one of the highlights of the popular Big Fat Dick party at Fubar in West Hollywood, where his swinging, enormous cock is there weekly for the groping. But, because Tetreault is straight, he doesn’t always enjoy being manhandled, and this is what he talks about in a new Q&A with Vice. Read more »



The gay porn gods started smiling on me Monday of this week with hairy butts at Chaosmen and Corbin Fisher. As the week went on, the follicles kept coming and so we end with week with a #FurryAssFriday: but who takes the prize? Read more »


R.I.P. Rylan Knox: Relative Porn Newcomer Hangs Himself

Rylan Knox, the attractive blond bottom who was recently featured in Falcon’s Poolside 2 and NakedSword’s Bulge, has apparently committed suicide.
Read more »


Of Course Cody Cummings Wore Swim Goggles For His First Facial

Even though Cody Cummings has apparently quit the gay porn business for the second time in two years, Next Door Studios still has a couple of gems left to show us that were already shot, including this useless scene today called First Time Facial. Read more »


Web Cam Model Tristian Hawk Tries to Set San Francisco Bar Hi Tops On Fire

It’s a stretch to call this guy a porn model, let alone a porn star, but as the Bay Area Reporter tells us, “ex-porn actor” Tristian Hawk, a.k.a. Troy Collin McCormick may have been having some kind of mental break last week when he allegedly attempted to set popular Castro sports bar Hi Tops on fire.
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New Guy Drew at Sean Cody Has His Own Cross to Bear

As someone who lights a menorah rather than a Christmas tree, the Sign of the Cross is not foremost in my lexicon. But even a Hebrew School grad like me can’t miss one when it’s inked to someone’s neck. That someone is named Drew and you can find him… and his rosary tattoo at Sean Cody today. Read more »


Dato Foland Announces His Retirement, Five Months Late; Did Husband Abraham Al Malek Retire Too?

Stupidly sexy and ridiculously hot Dato Foland will not be fucking or getting fucked for your viewing pleasure ever again, or so he says.
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Watch Sebastian Kross Plow a Newly Jacked Casey More in ‘Cruising for Ass’

What Sebastian Kross lacks in height, he makes up for with more of everything else. That can be taken literally today as he takes Casey More’s ass for a ride. For his part, Casey is packing on a lot more muscle these days and it all comes together in the latest from Hot House, Scene 3 of Cruising For Ass.
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Professional YouTube Homo Davey Wavey Wants To Bottom For Steve Grand So Bad, Covers Him In Lube

Remember Steve Grand? Remember how the former underwear model turned singer had that song “All American Boy” and made that video with Fratmen Taylor/DocTayTay that went viral two years ago? And then The Sword showed you his cock? Well, for some reason it took two years for his full album to come out, and it’s just out now, with that two-year-old single on it, and he just went on Davey Wavey’s vlog to take off his shirt and promote it. Read more »


In Honor Of Gay Marriage Being Almost Legal, ‘Vegas Hustle’ Ends With An Accidental Drunken Vegas Wedding

Seth Santoro is gay-married in real life, but in the final episode of NakedSword’s Vegas Hustle, he plays a single dude just trying to hook up on Hustlaball Weekend in Las Vegas. And hook up he does with hungry bottom Brandon Moore after a wild night of partying, and… getting married Britney Spears-style completely blackout drunk.
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North Dakota Rep. Randy Boehning Is Just the Latest Closeted GOP Dick Lover That Got Caught

“The lady doth protest too much, methinks” is a line from Hamlet often used when someone is trying too hard to convince folks of something. It’s sort of the iambic pentameter version of the crazy-big ‘roider with a little dick. I’m not sure if anti-gay Fargo Rep Randy Boehning has a small penis, but there are visuals available — yes, another political bigot can’t keep it zipped. And he has plenty of company.
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Snoozeflash: Porn Stars Do Drugs

This video just surfaced of Ryan Rose, Tom Faulk, Colt Rivers and some other guy in a hotel room in Vegas rifling through all their stuff because they lost some weed.
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Bare Is Back at Helix Studios Today But Maybe Not to Stay …

Condoms have been playing hide and seek at Helix Studios lately, and for the fourth time this year you won’t see them today with one-time boyfriends (maybe current?) Andy Taylor and Kody Knight in POV: Bareback Beach.
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Todrick Hall Covers All Five Beyoncé Albums In Four-Minute Medley

This was too impressive not to post.
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Who Did Kayden Gray Fuck Better?: Dirk Caber or Johny Cruz

There’s a pair of new scenes this week featuring the very hot, horse-hung Brit lad Kayden Gray, and it’s time to compare.
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Bray Love Signed As New NakedSword Exclusive

This week, NakedSword Originals signed their second new exclusive model of the season — after the recent signing of Killian James — and that is sexy, blue-eyed twink Bray Love. Read more »

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