Adam Ramzi Talks Judgey Ex-Boyfriends, ‘Love Boners,’ and Pushing His Own Boundaries

More than any other part of a man’s body, I’m obsessed with noses. Specifically the big, strong angular ones. It’s why I always used to melt when the man who would become porn star Adam Ramzi would walk into Akbar or Faultline back when I lived in L.A. Read more »


Deviant Otter and Boyfriend Take Molly, DP Their Friend On Camera

They could have just been playing it up to sound like they’re bad boys who do lots of drugs, because molly/ecstasy sometimes have the side effect of making it really hard to cum, but from the sound of it, the Deviant Otter and his pup were on molly when they fucked their friend Dakota.
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Joe Manganiello Made a Male Stripper Documentary and We’re Still Supposed to Believe He’s Straight

True Blood star Joe Managniello has long been rumored to be gay, and this might prove it. He’s just directed his first documentary, and to do so he spent countless hours in a male strip club called La Bare, upon which Magic Mike was obviously based.
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The Swordies: Best Nipples of 2014, Heat #3

And now it’s time for the third and final heat in the reader’s choice Best Nipples Swordie Award for 2014.

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Welcome to Butt Stuffers, Where ‘Athletes’ Stick Objects In Each Others’ Butts

Combining Hot House’s recent series fetishizing sneakers and various athleticwear, with their fetish line Club Inferno Dungeon, which is heavy on the fisting, we bring you this new feature, Butt Stuffers.
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My Five Current Gay Porn Crushes, In Order

I’ll just turn fanboy for a minute here, and go back to mocking people’s acne and pissing off Cody Cummings very soon.
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The Swordies: Best Nipples of 2014, Heat #2

The second heat of competitors in this year’s Best Nipple competition is here.
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How Big of a Cum Whore Is Leo Sweetwood?

Little Leo Sweetwood, who first started doing porn as a twink top a couple years back, has resurfaced in recent months a scruffy bottom in releases like Falcon’s Alpine Wood, Guys In Sweatpants, and the upcoming Gym Dudes from Hot House. Read more »


Battle of the Bodybuilding Amateurs: Who Would You Rather?

Today I bring you three clips, one of which is from GayHoopla, which isn’t an amateur site per se, but they continue to find new, semi-amateur talent willing to take Dmitry Dickov’s massive dick up their asses.
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Talking ‘Straight vs. Gay’ With New York’s Gay Curator of Straight Porn

Casey Scott and I are dishing about porn over burgers at Astoria’s famous Neptune Diner. The diner, which boasts a giant sign proclaiming “Number 1 Diner in New York City according to the NY Daily News,” is the perfect place for our gab session because despite the polished, clean fixtures, it’s a charming throwback to an old-school New York that both Casey and I long to return to. Casey especially. Read more »


And the Top Ten Most Watched Porn Stars This Week Are…

It’s time once again to look at ever-changing popularity of today’s top stars, according to The Sword’s Department of Statistical Clicking.
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The Swordies: Best Nipples of 2014, Heat #1

Next weekend at the Grabby Awards in Chicago — actually, on the Sunday after the Grabbys, at the Tim & Roma Post-Grabbys Hangover Brunch — I’ll be handing out the 2014 Swordie Awards. And this year you, lovely readers, will get to vote on one very important honor. Best Nipples of 2014.
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Jamie Stroud Doesn’t Believe in Toilet Paper

Poop-obsessed former porn model Jamie Stroud, a.k.a. Chip Tanner, has given the world another YouTube video, and it’s about how he gave up toilet paper for 69 days, and liked it. And no, I don’t know why I’m writing about this either.
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For His First Ever Porn Scene, Tayte Hanson Fucks Levi Karter On That Sunlit Sofa

The floral patterned sofa and that big window in the countryside are becoming signature set pieces for CockyBoys and director Jake Jaxson, kind of like Ye Olde Sectional at Sean Cody, but I digress. Read more »


Gag Order Lifted: A Glance Back at All That We’ve Missed From Michael Lucas Since We Were Forbidden From Writing About Him

In case you hadn’t noticed, we haven’t said much about Michael Lucas or Lucas Entertainment in the last year. There was bad blood. Well, the ever generous Mr. Lucas has come around, there’s been some hugging and crying and really serious processing about our relationship, and now I’m allowed to write about him again. And it’s just in time for Adam Killian’s first-ever bareback scene! Read more »


I Have Something to Say. . . About AB1576

The Sword is launching a new column this week, published every Thursday, bringing together voices and opinions from across the gay porn world and outside of it, on topics ranging from gay sex, celebrities, politics, and industry business. We’re kicking off with a word from NakedSword CEO Tim Valenti. Read more »


Ugh: Cody Cummings Un-Retires, Jerks Off for Next Door

Everyone’s favorite butthole-averse, cereal-loving blowjob receiver Cody Cummings apparently needs some cash again, or maybe Next Door Studios just made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. Because he’s back. I’m so fucking thrilled, I’m going to create a GIF photo essay to express all the many emotions this announcement is bringing up inside me.
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Cam Christou Gets Spit-Roasted By Leo Forte and Luke Harding In ‘Roommate Wanted’

Porn newcomer Cam Christou, whom 71% of you say is hot, makes his NakedSword debut this week in Scene 2 of Roommate Wanted. Read more »


Who Would You Rather?: New Randy Blue Stud Zane Porter or New Sean Cody Stud Vic

This should be an easy one for all you who have specific types. Like those of you who are into blond guys are definitely going to like Zane Porter, the new 18-year-old they found at Randy Blue. Read more »


Jesse Jackman’s Mom Accidentally Sees Him In Torture Porn

Titan star Jesse Jackman, who’s married to fellow TitanMan Dirk Caber, was forced to come out to his mom as a porn star last year after she happened upon his blog. And happened upon seeing him and Dirk in an S&M leather scene, torturing each other’s cocks and nipples with an electric shock toy.
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Teyon Goffney, a.k.a. One of the Gay Porn Bandit Twins, Gets Out of Jail, Blames Life of Crime on Porn

Remember the Goffney Twins? They made national headlines back in 2009, including on The Sword, and landed on Weekend Update after they did some twincest porn together and then went on a crime spree. Well, one of them, Keyon, didn’t do much jail time, but the other one, Taleon a.k.a. Teyon, was in the clink for 6 years until his release in April. Read more »


Bid to Own a Camera Full of Unseen Selfies From Jake Shears, Colby Keller, Other Celebs, at Charity Event MIX NYC

MIX NYC, which has programs to promote, preserve, and produce queer experimental film, is hosting a benefit, online auction this week on eBay, auctioning disposable cameras that contain undeveloped negatives shot by various celebrities, including the boys of CockyBoys, porn stars James Deen and Colby Keller, and Warhol Superstar Holly Woodlawn.
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Paul Morris: ‘The number of men who have written to me asking to be the recipient of gallons of semen is virtually uncountable.’

In a new interview with Vice, Treasure Island Media founder Paul Morris lets loose at all gay men, especially of the older generation, who continue to treat HIV as a scourge and a menace, and he says he’s especially interested in young men who refuse HIV meds because they’re “proud of their viral load.”
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Chris Harder Takes a Hard, Long Plowing From Rafael Alencar

We got to know Chris Harder, the model formerly known as GoGo Harder, a little better last week. Now you can watch him take Rafael Alencar’s big, Brazilian dick, over, and over, and over.
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Who Pounded Out Shawn Wolfe’s Hole Better: Billy Santoro, Landon Conrad, or Adam Ramzi?

Shawn Wolfe is becoming the resident, go-to cub bottom over at Raging Stallion, and just in the last ten days we’ve had the release of three different scenes with him getting pounded. Hard.
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New Gay NFL Draft Pick Michael Sam’s Twink BF Previously Dated Porn Star Austin Wilde

Certain eligible, ambitious young power bottoms waste no time in rising to the top of the food chain, so to speak, when it comes to finding famous boyfriends. Such is the case with lithe, lucky little shit Vito Cammisano, who not only won the genetic lottery with those abs of his, but who has landed both Austin Wilde and now gay football hero Michael Sam as boyfriends. Read more »


Austin Wolf Talks Relationships, Tattoos, and Making Clients Cum Without Touching Them

Austin Wolf has an exit plan, but he won’t give me many details. “I’m superstitious like that. I like what I’m doing at the moment. I think I’ll give it at least a three-year try and I’m about a year and a half in.” Read more »


Jarec Wentworth Finally Gets a Piece of Justin Owen’s Magical Ass

What can I say? The porn gods have been good today, and between this scene, and this new one from Randy Blue pairing up stars Jarec Wentworth and Justin Owen, I have nothing to complain about.
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You Will Watch Adam Ramzi and Sean Zevran Flip-Fucking, and You Will Like It

We already had those behind-the-scenes shots of Sean Zevran looking incredibly hot on the set of Falcon Edge’s Stunners, and now we have the scene, featuring the also amazingly hot Adam Ramzi.
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A Timeline of Connor Maguire’s Twink-Plowing

There’s a new scene out today from Helix Studios featuring ginger stud Connor Maguire and tiny blond twink Sasha Peterson. Connor’s done quite a bit of work on the twink circuit over the last year as top-for-hire at Helix, including in their features The Storm and Bumfuck Nowhere (in which he fucked a total of three twinks), and last fall we also got to see him pound the hole of big-dicked twink Hunter Page in NakedSword’s Frathouse Cream. Read more »


Rey Luis Sucks Boomer Banks’ Huge Cock In Exchange For a Room In ‘Roommate Wanted’

You may have heard that real estate in San Francisco is, like, crazy expensive right now. It’s harder to find a place to park your ass here these days than it is in Manhattan, and so it stands to reason someone should make a porn about it.
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