Ashley with Matt Hughes' cock.

Ashley Ryder Talks Cock Fatigue, Fists, and How Cute His Rosebud Is

When he was 16 years old, Ashley Ryder got bored with taking cocks. There had to be something else, he told his friend, something more extreme and exciting, and soon, in a book of erotic drawings, he found an image of an asshole being stretched open, fisted, and a lizard being dangled near the gaping hole. Read more »


Levi Karter Says He’s a Grindr Tease, Admits He Farted In Pierre Fitch’s Face

It’s fitting that I’m at a restaurant on Bond Street called The Smile, because sitting across from me is a boy who almost never stops smiling: Levi Karter, the wildly popular porn twink from Cockyboys. Levi’s smile seems to stem from a place of contentment — with himself, with his identity, with his chosen profession, Read more »


Zeb Atlas Owns a Protein-Focused Restaurant in Las Vegas, Appears on Food Network

Gay-for-pay porn star Zab Atlas, who is still showing off his Herculean, totally natural muscles in the gay porn to this day, recently appeared on the Food Network when his Las Vegas protein-shake emporium was featured on the show Mystery Diners. Read more »


The Top 11 Things Straight Guys Say To Each Other Before Having Gay Sex For Money

I don’t claim to be an expert on this topic because a) I’m gay, and b) I’ve never fucked or been fucked by a straight guy, on camera or otherwise. But everyone’s fascinated, obviously, with the idea that there are tons of hot straight dudes out there these days who are happily fucking other dudes, and getting fucked by them. Read more »


In the Final Installment of Gay of Thrones, Colby Keller Plows Toby Dutch To a Dramatic String Soundtrack

“There are two things that I excel at: war, and men,” says King Colby Keller in episode four of this high costume porn drama at (He for got beard-growing and hitting up fans for money, but I digress.) “I’ve given you the first. Now I’ve come to claim the second.” Read more »


Sebastian Young Insists He’s Bi Now, Says No One Recognized Him In Jail, ‘Thank God’

Did prison make Sebastian Young more hungry for man ass? Maybe.
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Who Would You Rather?: Ex-Military Guy Matthew at Sean Cody, or Randy Blue Newbs Elijah Alexander and Scotty Marx

Brand new Sean Cody jerkoff artist Matthew is so tiny they couldn’t even find a swimsuit in the house that fit him. He’s got a real Southern drawl, which some of you should enjoy, and he used to be in the military.
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Those Warwick Rowers Would Like to Not Show You Their Cocks Again, For Homophobia

Those long, lean Englishmen on the Warwick rowing team who’ve put out a naked calendar of themselves for six years running, are going to do it again. And this time they’re getting hosed down by fire hoses.
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Twitter Account for Sean Cody’s Brandon Now Asking Fans For Money, Fighting With Ryan Rose [Updated]

The alleged joker/psychopath who racked up over 8,000 followers on Twitter by pretending to be popular Sean Cody model Brandon has come back after a bit of a tweet hiatus, and he would now like you to PayPal him some cash so he can move to L.A.
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Boomer Banks Goes Deep Into Seven Dixon’s Back Door In ‘The Pack’ Episode 2, ‘Backdoor Fitting’

It’s time for the second episode of NakedSword’s latest feature The Pack, and it’s a hot pairing: Boomer Banks and Seven Dixon.
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Chi Chi LaRue Gets Leather-y Again With ‘#Leather’

You all know Chi Chi LaRue is obsessed with Twitter, right? Like #ForReals #Obsessed. Her new movie title is just the latest symptom of that.
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When Blond Boys Bareback: The Forza ‘Twins’

My crush on Dalton Pierce may be dead, but Dallas Reeves still has a pair of hot smooth twunks I don’t mind staring at, and that’s the Forza “twins.” Read more »


Pre-Fuck Interviews: A Turn-On, Or Just Stupid?

We live in an age of internet porn in which 80 percent of what’s getting put out there is being done in the style of Sean Cody in which the models sit on a couch and chat about straight they are yet how hot they are for each other for five minutes before they get naked. Read more »


Watch Andrew Stark Fuck Chris Bines and Ludo Sander in ‘Intensity’

Last month we found out that Falcon had signed Andrew Stark as an exclusive, and now we have his first scenes, which are from the DVD release Intensity Parts 1 and 2.
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Popular Bear Model (and Tony Orion’s Boyfriend) Chris Miklos Dies at Age 40

A recognizable figure on the bear party circuit and a popular bear model, Chris Miklos — who has been dating porn star Tony Orion both as a couple and in a throuple — died suddenly in his Dallas home over the weekend. He was 40 years old.
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Paddy O’Brian Got Gangbanged and the Only Person Who Had Any Fun Was Damien Crosse

If I invited Damien Crosse to a gangbang, I would assume that a) he would make sure to get every dick in his mouth at least once, and b) totally cum the loudest. One of those two things happens in this new gangbang, in which Paddy O’Brian again plays the semi-relcutant bottom.
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Adam Ramzi Talks Judgey Ex-Boyfriends, ‘Love Boners,’ and Pushing His Own Boundaries

More than any other part of a man’s body, I’m obsessed with noses. Specifically the big, strong angular ones. It’s why I always used to melt when the man who would become porn star Adam Ramzi would walk into Akbar or Faultline back when I lived in L.A. Read more »


Jarec Wentworth Fucks Richard Pierce In His Last Ever Randy Blue Scene

In what appears to be Jarec Wentworth’s final scene to be released by Randy Blue, he was paired with longtime star Richard Pierce in a bare white room with no furniture. And they fuck.
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And Now, Zac Efron and Bear Grylls Get Half-Naked Together and Rappel Down a Cliff

For the season premiere of the soft-core pornography outdoor-adventure series that will be NBC’s Running Wild With Bear Grylls, producers made sure to get Zac Efron as the guest star, and to get him and Bear shirtless together, tandem rappelling down a cliff like adventurous lovers.
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COLT Remains In Porn Business, Puts Out New Blowjob Scene With Jimmy Durano and Connor Maguire

Though you might have thought that Buckshot/COLT Studio Group were done making porn and were mostly only interested in selling underwear these days, you’re wrong! They have a new Buckshot title out for loyal fans, on DVD and online, called Embrace.
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Which Is Hotter?: GayHoopla’s Jason Keys and Christian Borski Fucking In the Bath, or Doc Tay Tay Fucking Around With His Friend In the Bath

I’ve talked about my love for Doc Tay Tay, a.k.a. the exhibitionist/cam model formerly known as Fratmen’s Taylor, a.k.a. the guy Steve Grand was in love with in his “American Boy” video. Read more »


Damien Crosse and Christopher Daniels Share a Hilarious, Boots-On Hate Fuck in ‘Gay of Thrones’ Part 3‘s third installment in their Gay of Thrones parody series is out, and it features the always hot, but especially aggressive-this-time Damien Crosse choking Christopher Daniels with his cock and then hate-fucking him on top of some cheap Oriental rugs and a faux cheetah throw. Read more »


‘Forgive Me Father,’ a New Bit of Priest/Confessional Porn, Debuts From New Studio Icon Male, Starring Nick Capra and Ty Roderick

There’s a new “romantic porn” studio in the gay porn world, Icon Male, and it springs from the loins of gay porn’s other female videographer/director, Nica Noelle (who also makes “feminist porn” geared toward female audiences). Read more »


Canadian Artist Brent Ray Fraser Is Stupidly Hot, Paints With His Penis, Makes Jerkoff Vids, Sells Ass Fur In Jars

I hadn’t heard of Brent Ray Fraser before, and I’m assuming neither have you. The Vancouver-based performance artist and all around provacateur has made what amounts to a bunch of jerkoff porn featuring himself, because he is ridiculously hot. And he also does live “penis paintings” in which he uses his cock as a paintbrush.
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Dario Beck Signs On as Falcon/Raging Stallion Exclusive [Updated With Video]

I took note a couple months back that Dario Beck, he of the beautiful lips and perfect uncut cock, was not a TitanMen exclusive anymore, after he’d been arguably the studio’s biggest star for the past four years. Now the gorgeous Spanish stud has inked a deal to become an exclusive with Raging Stallion Studios and Falcon Studios, and his first scene drops tomorrow, as I can exclusively report on The Sword. Read more »


It’s Time For Episode One of The Pack, Starring Leo Forte and Blue Bailey

You’ve been teased long enough. It’s release day for The Pack, the latest NakedSword Original, which was shot in New York this past winter around Black Party week.
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Introducing Horus Sweet,’s New Shaggy-Headed Bottom Who Can’t Stop Getting Fucked In Showers just signed a new model with an amazing body and some kinda long hair. His name is odd. It’s Horus Sweet.
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Who Would You Rather: Sean Cody Newb Colin, or Sean Cody Newb Jimmy

Where the fuck does he find them all? Sean Cody has introduced yet another pair of hot models this week, and I’m really sorry to have to make you choose.
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Caption These Photos and Win a One-Year Membership to NakedSword! [Winner Announced]

It’s been a while since we’ve done a contest. And it’s about time.
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Next Door Studios Steals Ajay Laws From GayHoopla, Renames Him Jordan Roberts, Somehow Makes Him Less Hot

Remember how ridiculously fucking hot I and everyone else thought GayHoopla model Ajay Laws was when he first appeared? Well, Next Door Studios has kind of managed to ruin him already. SOMEHOW. Read more »


Watch Topher DiMaggio and the CockyBoys Make Asses Of Themselves In New Andrew Christian ‘Frat Boy’ Video

Andrew Christian, perhaps scared of being labeled a faggoty underwear brand after years of ridiculous promo videos involving twerk-offs and the like, has tried to make all their stuff really bro-y lately, starting with that Bromosexuals atrocity a couple months ago. Read more »

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