Logan Stevens Discusses the Pleasures and Politics of Bareback, and His Downtown L.A. Party Called EWW

The first time I walk into Logan Stevens’ loft in downtown LA, a giant fake Read more »


Legendary ‘Pink Narcissus’ Filmmaker James Bidgood Needs Your Help To Make A New Batch of Dirty, Dirty Pictures

The great James Bidgood has five days left to turn his life around. At midnight, on Friday, Bidgood’s first Indiegogo campaign ends, and his attempt to raise $35,000 dollars to fund a new era of erotic artwork will either succeed or it won’t. Read more »


UH OH: Nevada Might Consider a Condom Law For Porn Shoots

After the mass exodus of the porn industry from California to Nevada in the last two years, some recent rumbling that Nevada health officials might try to enact a mandatory condom law for porn shoots following two recent on-set infections is likely to freak out a lot of porn companies that have moved there.
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Luke Adams Topping Bolton Brenner Is Actually Pretty Hot

Even though you might look at these two and say “two bottoms don’t make a top,” you’d be wrong in assuming that Luke Adams isn’t hot as a dom top.
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Trenton Ducati Fucked By Jason Phoenix, and a Fuck Machine, In Chi Chi LaRue’s ‘Daddy Chasers’

Over at Channel One Releasing, Chi Chi’s got something new for us this week: the release of Daddy Chasers, starring Trenton Ducati, Jason Phoenix, and the beautiful, big-dicked Sam Truitt.
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Michael Sam Now Engaged To Boyfriend Vito Cammisano, a.k.a. Austin Wilde’s Ex

Remember how I told you that out gay football player Michael Sam was dating a guy who also used to date porn star Austin Wilde? Well, now Sam is marrying that guy.
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[Updated] Justin Bieber Now Being Publicly Humiliated For Having Skinny Arms, Asking To Have His Bulge Photoshopped

That Justin Bieber Calvin Klein shoot that everyone’s been crowing about just got a little juicier as a non-Photoshopped image of the Biebs has leaked showing just how much the CK ad team did to, um, enhance his appearance.
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Now Here’s Leo Forte Fucking Isaac Hardy In ‘Bulge’

We had some behind-the-scenes teases the other day, and now the full scene is live.
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Seven Months Later, Sketchy Sex Blesses Us With ‘Neighborhood Cums Part 2′

Remember the scene that Sketchy Sex released last May where they had a twink duct-taped to a pole in a shitty apartment and a line of guys who supposedly responded to a Craigslist ad to come creampie his hole?
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Here’s a Sneak Peek At Sebastian Kross’s First Feature As a Falcon Exclusive, ‘Krossfire’

Yep. As The Sword was just saying the other day, Sebastian Kross is set to make his debut as a Falcon/Raging Stallion/Hot House exclusive, and we’ve now got the first promo shots from his first feature for Falcon Edge, which they’ve titled just for him: Krossfire.
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Grindr, the Place Where an Asshole Becomes a ‘Sexy Shit Pussy’

Gay YouTuberists Trent and Luke have done the internet one better. Instead of having women read disgusting/dumb Grindr exchanges the way Second City did last year, they just had some gays read them, forcing us all to reflect on our collective disgustingness.
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Underwear Model Murray Swanby Getting More Votes Than Porn Stars Sean Zevran, Ryan Rose, and Topher DiMaggio In This Poll

Andrew Christian model Murray Swanby currently holds a comfortable lead ahead of well known porn stars Topher DiMaggio, Landon Conrad, and Ryan Rose (and also Sean Zevran) in this Trophy Boy poll thing on Facebook.
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Exclusive: Sean Cody Acquired By Mindgeek/Manwin, A.k.a. the Same Company That Owns Men.com

The deal is done, gentlemen. The Sword brings you the exclusive news, which was whisper-rumored in the industry for a couple of months, that Sean Cody has officially become part of the MindGeek (formerly Manwin) porn empire. What will this mean for one of the most successful and respected gay porn operations in the business? Only time will tell.
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Go Behind the Scenes With Leo Forte and Isaac Hardy In ‘Bulge’

Tomorrow, the second scene of NakedSword’s Florida-shot, poolside feature Bulge premieres, and now I’ve got an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip for you featuring Scene 2 fuck studs Leo Forte and Isaac Hardy.
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Watch Derek Atlas Pound Out Billy Santoro’s Hole In ‘Auto Erotic Part 1′

It’s time for the second released scene of Raging Stallion’s mechanic-themed Auto Erotic, which is actually the first scene of Auto Erotic Part 1, because they rushed to release the Boomer Banks bottoming scene from Auto Erotic Part 2 last fall.
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Sean Cody Cameraman Can’t Even Remember Who They’ve Paired Together Already

With that endless stream of hairless chests and one-name models coming through the door, I’d get forgetful too.
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Regarding the Death-Inducing Hotness of Sebastian Kross, Who’ll Be Making His Falcon Debut Any Second

The hottest gay porn newcomer of 2015 (who actually was in a couple of scenes starting in November but didn’t make it onto The Sword’s best newcomers list only because the shoots were for sites like Thick and Big and Man Royale so I sort of wrote him off) is, so far, hands down, Sebastian Kross. Read more »


New CockyBoy Liam Riley Talks About Leaving Twink Porn, Taking His Mom to Porn Award Shows, and Aspiring to Be Paris Hilton

Though fans of twink porn like their boys young, innocent, and smooth, Liam Riley’s been growing out his facial hair, rocking more stylish looks, and trying to embody the persona of an older, more mature New Yorker who knows exactly what he wants and how to get it. Read more »


Guy With Two Dicks Writes Book

The story of the anonymous dude with diphallia — the rare condition of being born with two functioning penises — came out exactly a year ago via a Reddit AMA. Now he’s given an interview to Rolling Stone and come out with a memoir.
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Watch the Hot House Crew Lip Sync and Fag Out To Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’

Taking a page from Randy Blue’s recent playbook and the ever dance-off-happy boys at Andrew Christian, Hot House director Christian Owen just put out this New Year’s treat featuring the models of Hot House (/Raging Stallion/Falcon).
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The 28 Best, Hottest, and Sexiest Gay Porn Scenes Of 2014

It’s been a year, gentlemen. A year of lots and lots of porn, not all of it great. With so many scenes to sift through week after week, and so many pay-sites, and so many awards and honors and whatever, it’s nice to look back and put some order to it all. I did my best.
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Reader Poll: Vote For the Best Of the Most-Viewed Porn Flicks Of 2014

I separated it into four different heats, and the results are in. Now, because of a virtual tie, it’s time to choose between the top five.
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See Theo Ford Get Fucked By Just Angelo In New Scene From Dominic Ford

I feel bad that Theo Ford is only a runner-up after doing the 25 Hottest Newcomers list, but he is still very hot. So let’s take a look at his latest scene, getting fucked by Just Angelo (remember him?) over at Dominic Ford. Read more »


From Kirk Cameron to Ebola: Mrs. Betty Bowers’ Year In Review

America’s Best Christian Mrs. Betty Bowers, a.k.a. comedienne Deven Green, has done a thorough year in review for 2014, and it’s pretty funny.
Read more »


The 25 Hottest Gay Porn Newcomers Of 2014

Because the porn industry is what it is, lists of newcomers just keep getting longer and longer. Maybe we should all be thankful that there are so many hot young guys who want to get naked and fuck on camera these days (for relatively little money). But it does make sorting the wheat from the chaff, so to speak, a little tougher. Read more »


WHAT!?: Sean Cody Saves the Hottest Newcomer For Last, and His Name Is Davis

Even though we already took a vote on who the hottest Sean Cody find of the year is, the folks at Sean Cody decided to save the wildly hot Davis for a December 31st debut. Happy New Year, everybody!
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NakedSword’s Golden Gate 5 Shoot Cited In Federal Court Case Over SF’s Nudity Ban

This is funny: A gaggle of die-hard nudists have been fighting the City of San Francisco for the past two years over a ban on public nudity that took effect in 2012, and NakedSword’s location shoot in the Castro two years ago for Golden Gate 5 figures into their case.
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Here’s the Lovely New Year’s Resolution That Treasure Island Media Just Retweeted

Submitted without comment.
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Bel Ami Closes Out Year With Big Sale, Kris Evans Getting Fucked, Hot Gino Mosca Scene

It’s the grand finale of the big Fucking Kris series that Bel Ami has been doing, getting big beautiful hung top Kris Evans to do more bottoming than he’s usually been seen doing, even though he has done it before.
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Reader Poll: The Best Porn Flick of 2014, Heat #4

This is it: the top 7 most-watched movies of the year and the final heat of our poll.
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[Update] Two Bareback Gay Porn Models Infected With HIV On Set In Nevada

California’s Department of Public Health has issued an alert after what appears to be the first recorded on-set transmission of HIV since 2004. Directly after back-to-back gay porn shoots for an unnamed company in Nevada, two previously HIV-negative models tested positive for HIV. (The incident apparently happened in September. See the update below.)
Read more »


It’s Time To Watch Sean Duran and Marxel Rios Share a Hot Poolside Flip-Fuck in ‘Bulge’

Are you done with winter yet? Are you somehow lucky enough to be going somewhere warm and beachy for New Year’s instead of staying in the snow, or (in the case of San Francisco) the rain? Anyway here’s some summery porn for you to escape into and jerk off to.
Read more »


PrEP, Barebacking, Transmen, and Vintage Porn: The Sword’s Top 10 Interviews of 2014

During this holiday week, when most of the world’s gay porn stars and directors are on vacation with their two boyfriends, or home with their families who supposedly support everything they do and even watch their porn, I was forced to do what so many other bloggers and columnists before have done before me: make a top ten list of my favorite columns of the year. Read more »


The 10 Biggest Stories Of 2014

In the world of The Sword it’s all about cock. And in the world of internet searches related to gay porn, bizarrely, Cody Cummings is still stupidly popular. So, maybe it’s not that shocking that two of the most trafficked posts of the year are our most beautiful cocks ranking, and the last time that Cody Cummings fake-bottomed in 2012. But what about the biggest stories of 2014?
Read more »


Who Did Brian Bonds Blow Better?: Jeremy Walker in Naughty Pines, Or Those Three Guys In Guard Patrol?

Blowjob master (and eager double-penetration bottom/fisting bottom) Brian Bonds is a featured bottom in three new scenes out this week, including two oral scenes.
Read more »


Narrowing Down the Best Newcomers Of 2014: Sean Cody Edition

This is hard, right? I mean, it’s not hard for some of you who literally say “he’s ugly” every time anyone who isn’t Ryan Rose appears on your screen. But narrowing down the truly, extremely hot amidst a sea of relative hotness, especially when studios like Sean Cody debut a hot newcomer basically every week, is a tough task. But let’s do it anyway. Read more »


Jake Bass Makes His Men.com Debut as a Top, Shooting People and Fucking Gabriel Cross

Everybody’s favorite half-American, half-British motorcycle gang, Men of Anarchy, is back for a third episode, and even though we don’t get to see Paddy O’Brian fuck the cum out of Jake Bass, we do get to see Jake Bass fuck the cum out of Gabriel Cross, who also bottomed for Paddy in Part 1. Read more »


A Behind the Scenes Peek at NakedSword’s ‘Bulge,’ Premiering Next Week

To ring in the new year next week, NakedSword will be debuting their latest original feature, shot on location in Florida, and it’s called Bulge.
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Guy Edges Himself On United Flight To Houston, Sprays Huge Load Everywhere On Landing

Since a lot of you are probably doing some plane traveling this holiday season, here’s a little Boxing Day amateur porn treat.
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Colby Keller and Tayte Hanson Had a Flip-Fuck By the Tree, Harry Louis Wore a See-Through Shirt Home, And What the Porn Community’s Up To For Xmas

Some porn stars are home with family chowing down. Others are recovering from the K-hole they were in last night at the club. The rest are super hungover after a night dancing on a box and hating the world this Christmas Day. In the case of Colby Keller and Tayte Hanson, they got to fuck for the first time for a Christmas-themed porn scene. Read more »


Narrowing Down The Best Newcomers of 2014: Corbin Fisher and Helix Studios Edition

In the categories of clean-cut white jocks and hairless twinks, 2014 has brought us a handsome crew of new models. Today let’s whittle down the list of new faces from two studios that specialize in these genres: Corbin Fisher and Helix Studios.
Read more »

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