Boomer Banks Talks Fashion Design, His Big Cock, and Why He’s a Good Escort

It’s late at night on Easter Sunday and I’m on speakerphone with the gentle, giant-cocked Boomer Banks as he drives westward through the streets of L.A. on his way home from dinner with friends. Read more »


Gay NFL Prospect Michael Sam’s Cock Already the Subject of Sports Stories

Some of the gay press (i.e. me) has already admired recently out gay football player Michael Sam’s ample bulge, which is nicely outlined in all that Spandex football gear he wears. Now the mainstream sports press has also caught on and decided Sam’s cock is indeed newsworthy.
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Model Quentin Elias, a.k.a. Q on Randy Blue, Dead of Massive Heart Attack

Model, one-time porn performer, and long-ago French boy-bander Quentin Elias has died at the age of 39. According to several sources, the cause was a massive heart attack.
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Behold: A Bevy of Bouncing Cocks, Vol. 1

… Just to cleanse your palates after a long and tedious workday.
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Everyone Stop What You’re Doing And Look At This Sneak Peek Of Colby Keller and Jarec Wentworth Fucking For Randy Blue

The great Jarec Wentworth (the porn artist formerly known as Jarek at Sean Cody), finally has a scene partner at Randy Blue who’s worth his stature, and his fine dick. And it’s none other than Colby Keller.
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New NextDoor Ginge Stryker (a.k.a. Blaine from Sean Cody) Would Like to Bottom and… Bottom

They’ve got a sexy Texan appearing on Next Door Male this week who’s named himself Stryker, like in Top Gun?
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Gay Porn Power Couple Updates: Who’s Still Together, and Who’s Not

Ah the gay porn romance. It’s a rare and skittish little bird that tends to fly away as quickly as it arrived. But every so often you find an enduring love between two men who fuck other men for a living. Or at least as a side job. Read more »


Taking Bets Now That This Was Not Joey’s First Time Bottoming

Whatever. It’s always Sean Cody‘s schtick. They’re all straight, or vaguely straight, and arriving at Chez Cody they’ve never seen another guy’s dick let alone sucked one, let alone get fucked by one. But as soon as they’re bent over Ye Olde Sectional it’s all “Ohhh yeah, that feels so good. Yeah, right there dude.” Read more »


Broke Straight Boy Cage Kafig Quits Site, Alleges He Is Not Getting Star Treatment He Deserves

Gay-for-pay performer Cage Kafig, known only for his web appearances on the site Broke Straight Boys, recently had a fit on Facebook and announced to his fans that he’d quit working for the site in a huff. Why, you ask? Because he’s not feeling respected, and he’s not being given enough work.
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Scenes From My Weekend Getaway With Jimmy Durano in Palm Springs

Jimmy just seemed so lonely and restless, and I tried to do what I could to make him comfortable, you know?
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Should All Porn Scenes Have To Include Two Guys With Chemistry?

Here’s a good question: Should all gay porn directors be required to cast two performers who are, legitimately, into each other? Is the failure of a lot of contemporary porn a factor of the sheer volume of it that’s being produced, particularly as just 20-minute web scenes? Read more »


Lessons From the Masters: Shooting Bukkake With Joe Gage

The shoot’s going to go down like clockwork, I’m told. In and out. A world-class bukkake scene in less than three hours. Joe Gage does not fuck around. He knows what he wants, and once you’re on set, you’re paired up, do your thing, and you’re out the door, his actors tell me. Read more »


Dr. Santoro Is a Cock-Hungry Whore In Hot House’s “My Doctor Rocks”

Hot House has put away all the athletic gear and taken off the high-top sneakers and gone back to the tried-and-true gay porn genre of The Slutty Doctor who Fucks All His Patients.
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AJ Monroe Gets Another DUI; Florida Keeps Giving His License Back

Professional mugshot model AJ Monroe is back in trouble again in Orange County, Florida, where a tipster just sent us this mug shot from an arrest two weeks ago for yet another DUI. Seriously, after seven previous arrests, at least four of which related to reckless or drunk driving, Florida might consider just clamping an alarm on his ankle that goes off as soon as his foot nears a gas pedal.
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Hear Real Life Boyfriends Sean Duran and Nick Cross Talk About Their Crazy Love For Each Other. Then They Fuck.

For those of you interested in things like actual human emotions, we bring you this really, really intimate look at porn star boyfriends Sean Duran and Nick Cross’s relationship via the second installment of NakedSword’s successful Boyfriends series.
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Pierre Fitch and Jake Bass Flip-Flopped, You Guys!!!

Montreal boys Pierre Fitch and Jake Bass have known each other for years as friends, and maybe once upon a time they might have fucked or something but they’ve never done it on camera before. Until now.
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Watch Tommy Defendi Suck Some Accused Sex-Offender Cock in ‘Open Road Part 2′

We already saw some preview shots of Raging Stallion’s Open Road, which features accused statutory rapist Mike Dozer, and now we get the full scene with him him and Tommy Defendi fucking in a men’s room.
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Hottest New Porn Star Of the Week: Zach Rode

GayHoopla is on a serious roll with the new recruits. Get a load of this guy.
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Treasure Island’s Favorite Cumdump Honored With Anthology

Legendary Hole: The Best of Christian has just been released by those classy gals at Treasure Island Media. And as founder Paul Morris puts it, “If Christian’s bunghole were a brand, it would be Coca-Cola.”
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A Great Big Pile of Dick: 20 Perfect Portraits Of Circle Jerks

The circle jerk. It’s a dying art form in our ever-growing universe of hardcore fuckery, and I for one do not want to see it die out.
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What Ever Happened to Thomas Laine?

One-time Bel Ami model — literally he did like one solo scene, in 2004 — Thomas Laine is on my mind and in my spank bank again this week because the studio just decided to feature him as a pinup Model of the Week. Read more »


Andy Taylor Proves He’s Flexible; Johnny Rapid Proves He Can Top

Professional rape victim Johnny Rapid just did a scene with known gymnast Andy Taylor in which they pretend to do yoga for five seconds before fucking on a Bosu ball. Read more »


Watch Liam Magnuson Fuck Donnie Dean With Condoms Edited Out

As we talked about last month, Falcon’s latest release, California Dreamin’ Part 1, has the condoms all digitally erased in post-production creating a virtually bareback throwback to Falcon classics of the 70s and 80s. Here we’ve got Scene 2, possibly the last scene anyone has in the can featuring recently retired power top Liam Magnuson. Read more »


Bow Down Before Jonny Kingdom’s Glorious Uncut Cock

There’s this new scene from UK Hot Jocks featuring Darius Ferdynand and the equally smooth and lanky Jonny Kingdom. It involves some toys and a flip-fuck on a pile of tires, but obviously the only thing that matters here is…
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Watch Boomer Banks Get Blown By Leo Forte On Stage In San Francisco

On Saturday night in San Francisco, a new regional winner was crowned in‘s Hookie Awards, and by a nose (or by a pubic hair) that winner was Blue Bailey. But not before he gave a blowjob live on stage alongside runner-up Leo Forte. Read more »


Yet Again, Six Porn Stars Will Compete ‘Survivor’-Style on ‘So You Think You Can Fuck’ Season 4

The end of this month marks the debut of Season 4 of Dominic Ford’s So You Think You Can Fuck, the web reality show that proves that porn stars are at their best when fucking, and sometimes look silly while canoeing. Read more »


Will Marine-Turned-Underwear Model Alex Minsky Please Start Doing Amputee Porn Already?

Former U.S. Marine Alex Minsky, who’s lower right leg was blown off by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan, started underwear modeling last year for the simple reason that he has an amazing body and he’s an exhibitionist. Lately he’s been taking nude selfies, and we see that he has a hot cock as well. Read more »


New Study Finds That Your Porn ‘Addiction’ Is Healthy, Delays Ejaculation

“Porn use correlates with greater acceptance of more modern gender values and greater acceptance of varying levels of sexual orientation and expression. Porn use correlates with healthier relationships. A study that came out recently showed that couples that have talked about one or both partner’s levels of porn use have healthier relationships. There is significant evidence that porn use has positive effects far, far more frequently than negative effects.” Read more »

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