Max Cameron Hates Kim Kardashian Almost As Much As He Hates Dirty Bottoms

Max Cameron had only been dating his porn star boyfriend for about five months when he was brought to the set of Treasure Island Media. “One day he was like, ‘Hey, I have a shoot and I talked to the director and he said if you want to be in it, they’ll pay you and you can be in it.’ Read more »


Industry-Wide Moratorium Called Off After HIV Case Turns Out To Be False Positive [Updated]

Update: The HIV case that apparently occurred at a porn-industry testing center late last week turned out to be a false positive, and the Free Speech Coalition has in turn called off the moratorium on porn shoots that is its standard procedural response.
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Labor Day Flashback: Mason Wyler In the Sun

It’s hard, even years later, not to just keep looking up at the sky asking, “WHY, Mason? Why did you have to go away?”
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Sean Zevran: To Wax, Or Not To Wax? That Is the Question.

The serious, critically acclaimed sexiness of Sean Zevran has graced porn screens for two years now, first with Randy Blue, and more recently with the newly merged Raging Stallion, Falcon, and Hot House, soon to be known as the Raging Hot Falcon.
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Holy Shit Look At the Tits On This New Guy Arad

Next Door Buddies just unveiled a pretty hot, smooth torso’d, Greek god of a model named Arad who this week gets to fuck Colt Rivers in Stephen Sirard’s spacious Santa Rosa living room.
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It Only Took Four Months To Get Justin Matthews To Bottom

Back in April I said the countdown to Justin Matthews bottoming started then. And it only took until August, proving that most or all newly inducted tops in gay porn will eventually be coerced into bottoming, even if they never had in their personal lives.
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Max Cameron and Blake Daniels Have Hot Tub Sex in ‘Summer of Fuckin’

In the last episode of Summer of Fuckin’, we were treated to the glory of Connor Maguire and Paul Wagner having sex on camera for the first time. Now it’s Max Cameron and Blake Daniels’ turn, this time in a backyard with a hot tub.
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Who Would You Rather?: New Lucas Entertainment Model Brent Alex or New Randy Blue Guy Fabio Accone

It’s that time of the week when we debate the relative hotness of two newcomers, and we make one of them quietly cry at home with their Twitter because they are not the hottest newcomer in this week of porn.
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The 7 Hottest Twink Tops In Gay Porn

Good twink tops are not a dime a dozen in this industry. They’re actually one of the rarest of breeds — convincing and even borderline butch in their topping, and hot enough that you might even want to have them fuck you under the right circumstances, outside of their twink porn world.
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Gay Porn Stars Read Mean Tweets About Themselves, and the Paddy O’Brian Ones Are Hilarious just put together this video, inspired by Jimmy Kimmel, in which a bunch of their models read mean tweets about themselves. Dato Foland has some trouble understanding his. And the ones about Paddy O’Brian are fucking funny, as are his reactions.
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Former Randy Blue Star Kevin Falk Is Now Nicki Minaj’s Bodyguard

Some eagle-eyed porn fans spotted a familiar face moving down the red carpet with Nicki Minaj at the MTV Video Music Awards last night, and that was former gay porn star Kevin Falk. Apparently Kevin, or whatever his real name is, does security for Nicki now, or he was at that event anyway.
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Brenner Bolton Now Jerking Off For ChaosMen, And They’re Claiming He’s Straight

The model formerly known as Dalton Pierce has popped up yet again this week under the name Brenner over at ChaosMen. Barebacking for the site formerly known as ChaosInAustin seems highly likely to come next.
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Gay Porn’s Reigning Silver Daddy Allen Silver Talks Sexual Healing, and Getting Started In Porn

Though he admits part of his entry into porn was to fuel his ego, daddy porn star Allen Silver doesn’t care whether you think he’s hot. “If you are into hairless slim guys, more power to you,” he says. “But don’t dislike older hairy guys just because they’re not your cup of tea.” Read more »


Watch Adam Herst Fuck Colt Rivers Through a Cage

Here’s some kink to kick off your Monday: Over at Bound Gods, Adam Herst recently plowed Colt Rivers’ hole while he lay prone, his mouth duct-taped, lying on the floor inside a metal cage.
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Jarec Wentworth Fucked Johnny Rapid. Do You Care?

I guess this is supposed to be a big deal, but recently signed exclusive Jarec Wentworth just fucked the most-fucked hole on their roster, and that would be the hole belonging to Johnny Rapid.
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Donny Forza Does Another Career-Making Scene For Fraternity X

Just kidding.
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Appropriately, the West Hollywood Episode of ‘Welcome to L.A.’ Takes Place In a Bathroom Stall

Randy Blue has just released the 7th episode in their Welcome to L.A. series, which is one of the more plot-driven things they’ve done in a long time.
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Hot or Not?: Donkey-Dicked Newcomer Riley Tanner at Dominic Ford

So, Dominic Ford recently unveiled his newest exclusive model, who’s a big-dicked twink by the name of Riley Tanner.
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First Teaser for ‘Dirty Rascals’ Shows Connor Maguire and Tommy Defendi In Front of Czech Castle

We gave you a few teaser images from the set of NakedSword‘s Dirty Rascals in Prague back in July, the upcoming feature loosely based on Dirty Rotten Scoundrels that stars Connor Maguire and Tommy Defendi as, I guess, sexy American con men who go to Eastern Europe.
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Corbin Fisher’s Jamison Becomes ‘Alec,’ an Andrew Christian Model Who Doesn’t Get Naked

Maybe in an effort to go legit as a model, Corbin Fisher’s Jamison is now an Andrew Christian Trophy Boy who goes by Alec.
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How Is This The First Time Connor Maguire and Paul Wagner Have Fucked?!

Haven’t you been waiting for this moment? I have.
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That Time Tommy Defendi Fucked a Strung-Out Twink For Men.Com and Everyone Looked Bored

The scene is called Fantasy Part 1, and it’s anything but!
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Male Reality Is Seriously the Poor Man’s Bel Ami, With Way Shittier Haircuts

Just let me says a few more things about this new membership site, Male Reality, which is like the low-rent Eastern European cousin of Bel Ami, except with occasional saggy-sphinctered old dudes.
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This Week’s Top Ten Models Includes Two Blasts From the Past… Guess Who

As I consult the Sword’s Department of Statistical Clicking for the last week’s data on NakedSword masturbation material, two surprising names from gay porn’s past knocked off a couple of today’s hottest models. Who could it be?!?!
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BREAKING: Two Hairy Dudes Fuck at Sean Cody

I argued the other month that Eddie might be one the hairiest, if not the hairiest model ever cast at Sean Cody. And now he’s back for his third fuck scene, this time bottoming for big, hairy, and handsome Chad. It’s basically Bear Week at Sean Cody, even though no one in the actual bear community would call these guys bears.
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New Big-Dicked Daddy Rocco Steele Makes Treasure Island Debut

Newcomer Rocco Steele, who’s currently in second place in The Sword’s poll for Best Porn Newcomer of 2014 despite not having done many scenes, has now made his Treasure Island Media debut, choking Adam Russo with his huge cock in a scene for TIMSuck.
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Which Bareback Orgy Is Hotter?: Tom Pollock Threeway at Bel Ami; or Toby Dutch, Tomas Brand and Three Others at Lucas Entertainment

Is five always better than three? Let’s take a vote.
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Cam Christou Discusses Barebacking, Returning to the Military, and Basically Announces His Retirement From Porn After Six Months

Since filming his first scene with Deviant Otter earlier this year, Cam Christou has become the hot new kid in town, quickly moving on to Tim Tales, NakedSword, and Lucas Entertainment. Read more »


Bearded Ryan Rose Drinks Chardonnay, Plows Chris Bines and Adam Wirthmore in ‘Easy Inn’

Hardcore Ryan Rose fans will be excited to know that they can oder his latest Falcon title, Easy Inn, for their jackoff pleasure. The rest of you will probably wait until these scenes arrive on the membership site. But let’s have a look, huh?
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All The Times Paddy O’Brian Has Bottomed, Ranked

British gay-for-pay star Paddy O’Brian is such a stubborn top that he won’t even give blowjobs. He will, however, take a dick up his arse any day, and bloody ‘ell if he hasn’t been taking a lot of dicks lately.
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Who Fucked Luke Adams Better: Dirk Caber or Markie More?

Another prolific bottom this week is Luke Adams, who’s in a new scene for Next Door Buddies with tattoo-challenged Markie More, and he’s one of the featured “sons” in’s Son Swap series, bottoming for “dad” Dirk Caber.
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What In Holy Hell….

Talk about phallophobia…
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A Few Words About Newcomer Scott Cage’s Beautiful Big Dick

Scotty Cage, who also goes by Scott Cage, has got a really nice dick. Say what you will about his face.
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Exclusive: Sean Cody’s Karl Appears On Food Network’s Chopped

It turns out that Karl from Sean Cody, he of the infamous paw-print tattoos who only did three scenes and a solo back in 2011-2012, is a chef in Los Angeles, and was recently a contestant on Chopped, that food competition show hosted by former Queer Eye queer Ted Allen. Read more »


California’s Condoms-In-Porn Bill, AB 1576, Is Dead

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It’s Finally Time For a Hot ‘Summer of Fuckin’

The biggest release of NakedSword’s summer schedule is upon us, all shot in the green backyards of the Castro in San Francisco, and it’s called: Summer of Fuckin’. And as we know too well in S.F., it’s never too late for summer to get hot.
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Breaking: Killian James Is Capable of Topping, Does Flip-Fuck Scene With Justin Owen

Hookie-Award-winning bottom Killian James, who, if I had to guess a week ago, I would have said would never be anything but a hungry muscle bottom on camera, has already blown my mind with a kind of hot flip-flop scene with Justin Owen.
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Chris Bines Can’t Stop Bottoming

First it was Christopher Daniels and that rash of creampies, now it’s Chris Bines — who’s allegedly straight but who claimed to have some sort of fuck-friendship with Hunter Page in Boyfriends 2 — who’s winning the prize for most bottoming scenes lately. Read more »


Gay Porn Power Couples: Who’s Now Together? Who’s Broken Up?

It’s time once again to check in on the gay porn stars who we know are coupled, or at least have publicly acknowledged something resembling a romantic relationship that may or may not be monogamous, or a relationship, or romantic.
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Flashback: Raging Stallion/Falcon President Chris Ward When He Was A Fisting Porn Star

Raging Stallion/Falcon studio head Chris Ward, who recently acquired the Hot House brand, just gave an interview to Hot House’s blog and talked about how he first got into the porn business.
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Fake Cum Now Commercially Available For Porn Shoots

A product that’s going by the name Magic Money Shot, which comes complete with baster-bulb and tubing for under-cock installation, has come to the rescue of all porn stars who can’t cum.
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