Evil Jeff, Randy Blue’s Creative Director, Talks Straight Guy Freakouts and His YouTube Alter Ego, Jiz

Back in the 70s and 80s, the director used to be a highly exalted figure in gay porn. Auteurs like Joe Gage, William Higgins, and Kristen Bjorn created styles distinctive enough to become brands for a certain type of porn. Read more »


Watch Tommy Defendi Suck Some Accused Sex-Offender Cock in ‘Open Road Part 2′

We already saw some preview shots of Raging Stallion’s Open Road, which features accused statutory rapist Mike Dozer, and now we get the full scene with him him and Tommy Defendi fucking in a men’s room.
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Hottest New Porn Star Of the Week: Zach Rode

GayHoopla is on a serious roll with the new recruits. Get a load of this guy.
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Treasure Island’s Favorite Cumdump Honored With Anthology

Legendary Hole: The Best of Christian has just been released by those classy gals at Treasure Island Media. And as founder Paul Morris puts it, “If Christian’s bunghole were a brand, it would be Coca-Cola.”
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A Great Big Pile of Dick: 20 Perfect Portraits Of Circle Jerks

The circle jerk. It’s a dying art form in our ever-growing universe of hardcore fuckery, and I for one do not want to see it die out.
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What Ever Happened to Thomas Laine?

One-time Bel Ami model — literally he did like one solo scene, in 2004 — Thomas Laine is on my mind and in my spank bank again this week because the studio just decided to feature him as a pinup Model of the Week. Read more »


Andy Taylor Proves He’s Flexible; Johnny Rapid Proves He Can Top

Professional rape victim Johnny Rapid just did a scene with known gymnast Andy Taylor in which they pretend to do yoga for five seconds before fucking on a Bosu ball. Read more »


Watch Liam Magnuson Fuck Donnie Dean With Condoms Edited Out

As we talked about last month, Falcon’s latest release, California Dreamin’ Part 1, has the condoms all digitally erased in post-production creating a virtually bareback throwback to Falcon classics of the 70s and 80s. Here we’ve got Scene 2, possibly the last scene anyone has in the can featuring recently retired power top Liam Magnuson. Read more »


Bow Down Before Jonny Kingdom’s Glorious Uncut Cock

There’s this new scene from UK Hot Jocks featuring Darius Ferdynand and the equally smooth and lanky Jonny Kingdom. It involves some toys and a flip-fuck on a pile of tires, but obviously the only thing that matters here is…
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Watch Boomer Banks Get Blown By Leo Forte On Stage In San Francisco

On Saturday night in San Francisco, a new regional winner was crowned in Rentboy.com‘s Hookie Awards, and by a nose (or by a pubic hair) that winner was Blue Bailey. But not before he gave a blowjob live on stage alongside runner-up Leo Forte. Read more »


Yet Again, Six Porn Stars Will Compete ‘Survivor’-Style on ‘So You Think You Can Fuck’ Season 4

The end of this month marks the debut of Season 4 of Dominic Ford’s So You Think You Can Fuck, the web reality show that proves that porn stars are at their best when fucking, and sometimes look silly while canoeing. Read more »


Will Marine-Turned-Underwear Model Alex Minsky Please Start Doing Amputee Porn Already?

Former U.S. Marine Alex Minsky, who’s lower right leg was blown off by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan, started underwear modeling last year for the simple reason that he has an amazing body and he’s an exhibitionist. Lately he’s been taking nude selfies, and we see that he has a hot cock as well. Read more »


New Study Finds That Your Porn ‘Addiction’ Is Healthy, Delays Ejaculation

“Porn use correlates with greater acceptance of more modern gender values and greater acceptance of varying levels of sexual orientation and expression. Porn use correlates with healthier relationships. A study that came out recently showed that couples that have talked about one or both partner’s levels of porn use have healthier relationships. There is significant evidence that porn use has positive effects far, far more frequently than negative effects.” Read more »


Going Deep Inside Anal Magazine

It’s Valentine’s Day in New York City, but instead of going out to a romantic dinner with someone special, I’m sitting with 20 other porn-obsessed men at New York’s Bureau of General Services Queer Division, the city’s only queer bookshop, listening to a presentation by Ricardo Velmor, the handsome creator and editor of Anal Magazine, the most well-known “underground queer zine” in Mexico. Velmor, 27, is warm and well-spoken as he describes the circumstances which led to the creation of the magazine. Read more »


Sunday Cumday #3: Your Weekly Cumshot Cumpilation

Valentine’s Days may cum and go, but rest assured that on Sundays… THERE WILL BE CUM.
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GayHoopla’s Ken Ott Loves When People Stare, Is Not An Attention Whore

GayHoopla has found a clever way to save on cameramen: Hand the iPhone to the porn star. And big-dicked gaysian Ken Ott is more than happy to comply. With this magnitude of doting self-love, who needs a Valentine’s?
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Our first look at Feng as he cums, and the bag begins to suffocate him.

All About the Super Kinky Bisexual Asian Billionaire on ‘House of Cards’

In what might be the most arousing and startling introduction that Netflix’s binge-worthy melodrama House of Cards has ever bestowed on one of its players, we first meet Chinese billionaire Feng as he is completely bound with ropes whilst in the throes of a bisexual threeway, orgasming into a plastic bag in intense asphyxia. Hm, I wonder if he’s a bad guy? Read more »


Quinn Jaxon Is Posting A Lot More Shower Selfies, Go-Go Shots. Maybe He Should Get Back To Porn?

Just an update on the continuing non-porn career of model Quinn Jaxon (a.k.a. Randy Blue’s former Kurt Madison a.k.a. one of the 20 most searched-for porn stars of last year.
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Let’s Discuss How Ridiculously Sexy Levi Michaels Is

Relative newcomer Levi Michaels has just shot his first scene with CockyBoys, and all it took was his cute, blond scruff and listening to him during the opening interview to get me hard.
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Not Fully Satisfied With Legit Film Career, Brent Corrigan Returns to Porn

Remember how Brent Corrigan was seeming kind of lost and distressed via his vlog the other month, talking about being “at a crossroads” and sounding like he wasn’t that happy with how his indie movie career was going? Well, here’s where that was going.
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Landon Conrad Gets To Live Out Your Uber Driver Sex Fantasies With Angel Rock

In the fourth episode of Cheaters, a pissed off Landon Conrad stomps out of the house when he overhears boyfriend Tyson Tyler totally fucking someone else the minute he thought Landon was gone (as we saw in Episode 2).
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Is This Not The Most Crazily Edited Porn Trailer You’ve Seen All Year?

We all know how much Damien Crosse likes to suck dick!
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What Is This, Please?

Once again we find ourselves questioning whether the photo editors at Men.com even like gay porn.
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Twink Performer Matthew Keading Transitioning, Retired From Porn, Now Goes By Ava Keading

It’s come to my attention that, in my general ignorance of most of the twink-porn universe, I had not caught wind of the fact that Helix model Matthew Keading announced last fall that he was trans, has since changed her Twitter name to Ava and quit doing porn, and has already started taking hormones and growing boobs. Guess all that roofie-ing and raping at the Fraternity X house is enough to drive anyone as far from the gay porn industry as possible. Read more »


Kinky Twink Suctions Big Black Dildo to Urinal, Fucks It

Check out this crazy, black, appears-to-be-3D-printed-but-isn’t dildo called the Morph. Then watch this cute young guy stick it to a urinal and go to town on it.
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Sexy Southerner Porter Immediately Throws His Legs In the Air For Stu at Sean Cody

Brand new, pink-dicked Sean Cody model Porter, with that panty-dropping Southern accent, has skipped the whole topping game and shot his first scene as a bareback bottom with Stu on top.
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Spiraling Porn Star Jed Athens Thinks He Was Dating Erik Rhodes When He Died

I’ve been trying to ignore the case of angry, seemingly troubled Jed Athens, who’s taken to the internet recently to write fresh screeds against Falcon Studios and director Bruno Bond in particular — motivated by racial preferences in scene partners, or a general bitterness about the porn industry overall, or something. Now he’s lying about dating Erik Rhodes right before he died, and Rhodes’ brother has already come out denying it. Read more »


Colby Keller Has a Top Knot, Everyone

It looks like porn’s resident intellectual bad boy Colby Keller has spent the winter growing out his hair, and it’s even longer than it was in this scene he shot with Max Ryder a little while ago. In fact, it’s now full-on hippie/ninja length.
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