Gay Porn’s Reigning Silver Daddy Allen Silver Talks Sexual Healing, and Getting Started In Porn

Though he admits part of his entry into porn was to fuel his ego, daddy porn star Allen Silver doesn’t care whether you think he’s hot. “If you are into hairless slim guys, more power to you,” he says. “But don’t dislike older hairy guys just because they’re not your cup of tea.” Read more »


Ryan Rose Believes All Of America Should Be Armed

I know that I should not try to engage porn stars in political debates, but maybe some of you have got my back here: Do you think the solution to America’s gun-violence problem is that everyone should carry a gun? Ryan Rose does.
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Solo of the Week: Insane GayHoopla Bodybuilder Daniel Carter

Sweet Jesus. He may have weirdly clippered body hair and just an okay dick, but Daniel Carter wins the Swordie for Solo of the Week.
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Hot or Not?: Sex With Aerial Silks

You may think it’s hot, or you may just think it’s weird and circus-y, but no matter what you think, Hot House’s latest fuck scene is really fucking gay.
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Wakefield Poole Interview Part 2: On His Masterpiece, ‘Bijou,’ And His 30 Years of Celibacy

In celebration of the new documentary, I Always Said Yes: The Many Lives of Wakefield Poole, premiering at Outfest this week, and Vinegar Syndrome’s new DVD restorations of Poole’s groundbreaking classics Boys in the Sand, Bijou, Bible! and Take One, our interview with the the 78-year-old porn pioneer continues. Read more »


New Twink Couple Alert: Andy Taylor and Kody Knight

Twink porn power top (ahem) Andy Taylor is becoming one of the noted serial monogamists of the gay porn world as he’s now romantically connected to fellow twink performer and Helix Studios star Kody Knight. Read more »


In New ‘Broke Straight Boys’ Reality TV Series, Gay-For-Pay Models Talk About How Broke, Sad They Are

“Stay broke,” is the advice from one of the broke, straight models featured in the trailer for this new reality TV series about the models of Broke Straight Boys. “It’s better. Because it does. It follows you forever.” What channel is this airing on? I have no idea.
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Happy Birthday, America! Check Out Treasure Island’s Bred, White & Blue Sale!

In honor of the 238th birthday of our great nation, Treasure Island Media has just launched a big two-for-one sale on all their cum-whoriest titles.
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New Next Door Model Markie More Promises He’s Bisexual, Explains Previously Misspelled Tattoo

Markie More, whom we recently saw bottoming for two of his best men in Wedding Jitters Parts 1 and 2 from Next Door Buddies, is actually not the power bottom he appears to be. He prefers to top, as he reveals in a new interview.
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Bruno Boni Returns To Porn After Six Years To Flip-Fuck With Dario Beck In Sicily

Lucas Kazan just released a new Dario Beck scene, this time with Italian porn stud Bruno Boni who hasn’t done porn in six years!
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Guess Which Studio Made The Most-Watched Porn Right Now!

Hint: It features three jockish, straight dudes, and it rhymes with Shorbin Trisher.
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Amazing Polaroids From Inside a San Francisco Bathhouse In the Summer of 1978

The Fairoaks Project was launched a couple of years ago to preserve and display a trove of images from inside a San Francisco bathhouse near the Lower Haight neighborhood that operated from 1977 to 1979 called the Fairoaks Baths. The photographer, Frank Melleno, was a manager at the baths and took photos of friends and patrons that were hung on the walls there. Read more »


Jimmy Fanz Can Fit Entire Foot In His Mouth, And Does Gross Things With His Ass

In some new behind-the-scenes footage from Randy Blue, Jimmy Fanz fucks around with Kurtis Wolfe, discusses shaving his entire body, and puts Kurtis’s entire foot in his mouth. Read more »


Who Jerked It Better?: Next Door’s Brock Hammer, or Sean Cody’s Bill

Rather than ask who would you rather, I’m mixing it up.
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Twink Cumshot Flashback: Eurocreme’s ‘Party Boy’

Maybe they could have gotten more in his nostril? I guess that would be unsafe sex.
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Still Hot or Not?: Jimmy Clay Makes Comeback at Randy Blue With Extra Tattoos

Porn star Jimmy Clay has resurfaced at Randy Blue, now sporting some new tattoos, and looking kind of different.
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The Updated Top 50 Most Popular Gay Porn Stars On Twitter

Since the last time The Sword looked into the gay porn star Twitter-verse a year ago, a lot has changed! Some models have retired and killed off their Twitter accounts, and a lot of the people who made our Top 50 last year have better than doubled their followers in these last 13 months. Read more »


Hot House Releases Nine Millionth Porn Scene Shot By a Pool In Palm Springs

Yes, everyone, it’s time to watch Trunks 8, the 8th (and final??) edition of Hot House’s decade-old Trunks franchise.
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Wakefield Poole Talks About Fucking Rock Hudson and the Heyday Of Art Porn

With formulaic gay porn flooding every corner of the web, there could be no better time for the re-emergence of the great Wakefield Poole, the pioneering porn director whose films caused the sexual awakenings of millions of gay men all over the world. Read more »


There Was Some Hot-As-Fuck Gay Sex On ‘True Blood’ Last Night [Updated with Clip]

Eric and Jason, two of the hottest characters on HBO’s True Blood who are not werewolves, finally had some man-on-man action last night. Spoilers ahead, for those of you who care…
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Watch Tom Faulk Give Dirk Caber a Lazy Blowjob, Then DP Him With Jarec Wentworth

I asked last week if Tom Faulk was ok, because he didn’t look so great — or excited — to be in’s sex-trafficking feature Men for Sale. Well, we have the third episode now, and still no one’s found him any concealer for that zit on his face.
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Lunchtime Poll: Shaved Armpits: Hot, Or Never Hot?

I’ve already said that I think the shaved pubes thing is gross, and now I’m here to ask you, fine readers, how you feel about armpits.
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Beardy Hans Berlin Fucks Beardy Brandon Moore For Dominic Ford

It’s summer, so it’s time for Dominic Ford to swing back and relaunch his Fire Island series. And this week we have Hans Berlin giving a deep dicking to Brandon Moore, after sharing a little time in the outdoor shower.
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Unfazed By Being Called Copycats, Releases ‘Gay of Thrones’ Trailer

I would argue that someone in the gay media space, if not the gay porn space, had already claimed the parody name “Gay of Thrones,” and that would be these guys and their Funny or Die series. But, as we learned last week, shot a porn tribute to Gay of Thrones, and they’re going with that title anyway. Read more »


Sean Cody Model Hates It When Gay Guys Hit On Him

Giving more fodder for anger from all those who hate gay-for-pay models (here’s winking at you, Jordi Lim!), Sean Cody model Mac took to Twitter the other day to complain about how a guy making his burrito at Chipotle decided to hit on him.
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Who Had More Chemistry: Jimmy Durano and Dale Cooper, or Ryan Rose and Billy Santoro

In two new scenes this week we have four big stars, each paired with people they haven’t fucked before, one from and one from Falcon.
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‘Condom Bill’ AB 1576 Passes California Senate Committee, Porn Stars Lament

Well, the so-called ‘condom bill’ passed by a single vote today in the California Senate’s Labor & Industrial Committee, which means it moves on to a full Senate vote and could be very difficult to kill at this point — despite the many, very well reasoned arguments against it. Read more »


8 Ridiculously Hot Photos of Sean Zevran on the Set of Falcon’s ‘Naughty Pines’

Director Tony DiMarco along with stars Ryan Rose, Chris Bines, Topher DiMaggio, the gorgeous Johnny V, and hunky former Randy Blue star Jeremy Walker have all been on set up in Guerneville, California this past week shooting Falcon Studios’ latest, Naughty Pines. But as far as behind-the-scenes peeks go, it’s all about these drool-worthy shots of Sean Zevran. Read more »


Francesco D’Macho Likes To Do This Thing With Cum-Filled Condoms

Stag Homme Studios has just put out a new installment in their four-year-old series in which Francesco D’Macho blows, and then gets fucked by an allegedly straight guy, who is either blindfolded, or remains completely headless and anonymous in the video.
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Who Would You Rather?: GayHoopla’s Latest Pillow-Humping Hunk Ajay Laws, or Next Door’s New Jackoff Artist Jacque Johnson

Over at GayHoopla this week they bring us (you guessed it!) another amazingly hot and ripped young white guy willing to jerk off on camera for a couple hundred bucks. And at Next Door, there’s a hot blond who reminds me a lot of one of my gay-for-pay flash-in-the-pan favorites, Falcon’s Ty Colt.
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Randy Blue Lets Diego Sans Queen Out Again In New Beyoncé Lip Sync

Remember when this happened before?
Read more »

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