Evil Jeff, Randy Blue’s Creative Director, Talks Straight Guy Freakouts and His YouTube Alter Ego, Jiz

Back in the 70s and 80s, the director used to be a highly exalted figure in gay porn. Auteurs like Joe Gage, William Higgins, and Kristen Bjorn created styles distinctive enough to become brands for a certain type of porn. Read more »


They Let Paddy O’Brian Speak Again; Then He Fucks Damien Crosse on a Ping-Pong Table

The guys over at Men of UK just won’t accept the fact that their main attraction Paddy O’Brian‘s voice and accent are a huge boner-killer. But anyway, he ends up fucking Damien Crosse in this new scene called Voyeur, and it’s kind of hot.
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Can Everyone Please Stop With The Crazy Math With The Grabby Nominations?

The gay porn industry is nothing if not proud. And self-promoting. And thus it’s no surprise that just about every studio that touted its number of nominees for this year’s Grabby Awards this week did so using its own math.
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Dario Beck’s English Is So Adorable

Please observe recent former TitanMen exclusive Dario Beck in a new scene for Lucas Kazan in which he talks about how he doesn’t go out that much in Barcelona.
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Porn Boyfriends Logan Stevens and Leon Fox Discuss Their Open Relationship, and Crazy Chemistry

“Wow. I do really dirty shit with you,” Leon Fox said one of the first times he met, and fucked, boyfriend Logan Stevens. The two free-love enthusiasts met at a Faerie gathering in Tennessee and these days they keep things constantly fluid with one of those ultra-open arrangements you find in San Francisco.
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Nick Capra Making Return to Porn Via Trenton Ducati’s New Modeling Agency

Okay, so, in addition to getting married last week, Trenton Ducati has apparently opened his own porn modeling agency. And his first client is none other than Nick Capra, whom we haven’t seen or heard from in about four years.
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So Many Questions: Vance Crawford Edition

Hot, fashion-model-faced porn stud Vance Crawford appears in two new scenes for Men.com this week. In one, he’s a top in an orgy in which the adorable Duncan Black gets fucked every which way and cummed on by four guys. In another, he’s the bottom getting fucked by Tom Faulk on a bathroom sink.
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High Schooler Noel, Who Got Suspended For Doing Porn, Returns to Sean Cody to Get Fucked By Stu

18-year-old Noel, whose real name we’ll stop repeating for obvious reasons, is back shooting at Sean Cody just a couple months after his last shoots got him in a little bit of trouble at home.
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Solo of the Week: Angel Rock, Portrait on Yellow Towel

If you feel like it’s the kind of day when you’d just like to watch big-dicked Cuban stud Angel Rock jerk himself off in the sun, with a little sunblock as lube, on a bright yellow towel, then you’re in luck.
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NakedSword and Raging Stallion Lead Grabby Award Nominations

The Grabby Awards, which a few years back replaced the defunct GayVN awards as “the Oscars of gay porn,” are once again approaching this Memorial Day weekend. And today we bring you the official list of nominees, with NakedSword and Raging Stallion leading the pack with 18 nominations each.
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Who Would You Guess Is The ‘Safest’ Bareback Porn Studio?

This current era of bareback porn, which remains simultaneously highly controversial and wildly popular, is not likely ever going to be the proudest moment for gay culture. But nevertheless people have their tastes and prejudices, and just on the surface not all bareback porn is created equal.  Read more »


Director Travis Mathews Talks About James Franco, ‘I Want Your Love,’ and His New Projects

March is shaping up to be a busy month for my friend, director Travis Mathews. First he’s flying to New York this week where his controversial hybrid documentary Interior: Leather Bar is premiering along with co-director James Franco’s gay-teen-gang-bang short The Feast of Stephen and Mathews’ beautiful 10-minute version of I Want Your Love. Read more »


Dmitry Dickov Still Refuses to Bottom

Over at GayHoopla there’s a somewhat hot threesome that just premiered today featuring three big fat cocks and three arguably straight dudes who enjoy fucking dudes. But, sadly, despite a tease that it might be happening, Dmitry Dickov still does not take a dick up his ass.
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This Appears To Be a Photo of Michael Sam’s Huge Cock

And I repeat, he’s still not even in the NFL yet, but newly out NFL prospect Michael Sam’s penis remains some major link bait.
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Sunday Cumday #4: IT’S RAINING seMEN! (#Rainpocalypse Edition)

This one is dedicated to my extra-wet LA gay boys this Sunday Cumday, who are being served some Noah’s Ark realness by the monsoon currently dousing our sunny paradise. May the sun shine again upon your face, and may the only thing that rains upon you be torrents of thick, creamy, warm, life-giving CUM, much like those at the Oscars after-orgy bukkake. Read more »


Looking Back on the Prolific, Allegedly Finished Porn Career of Connor Kline

Versatile bottom Connor Kline just announced his retirement from gay porn last week, and though I could dismiss this with a “I’ve heard that one before” and assume he’ll be back getting plowed on Men.com by November, I will take him at his word and say, right now, Mr. Kline, you and your magnificent ass will be missed.
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Regarding Aleks Buldocek, Tony Orion and Their (Former) Daddy-Son Throuple

As we discussed earlier this week, Aleks Buldocek and boyfriend/daddy Paul Steele are once again just a couple without a third, but when this segment from NakedSword’s Boyfriends 2 was shot a few months ago, porn pup Tony Orion was still their mutual Boy.
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Falcon’s Classic ‘The Other Side of Aspen’ Gets a Gorgeous Hi-Def Restoration

Falcon Studios’ legendary 1979 ski-themed classic, The Other Side of Aspen, has just gotten a stunning new digital restoration at the hands of porn preservers Vinegar Syndrome and Gay Porn Blog’s Michael Stabile.
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Nice Cheetah-Trimmed High-Tops, Landon. Real Butch.

It’s time, everyone, for the premiere of the fourth season of Dominic Ford’s arguably wildly popular, ultra-butch web series, So You Think You Can Fuck.
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Trenton Ducati Marries Boyfriend Of Several Months

Porn star Trenton Ducati, as we noted just the other day in this update of porn star romances, has been gushing publicly for a while now about his new love David (last name unknown), a go-go dancer from L.A. And as of yesterday, they’re officially hitched.
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Gay NFL Prospect Michael Sam’s Cock Already the Subject of Sports Stories

Some of the gay press (i.e. me) has already admired recently out gay football player Michael Sam’s ample bulge, which is nicely outlined in all that Spandex football gear he wears. Now the mainstream sports press has also caught on and decided Sam’s cock is indeed newsworthy.
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Model Quentin Elias, a.k.a. Q on Randy Blue, Dead of Massive Heart Attack

Model, one-time porn performer, and long-ago French boy-bander Quentin Elias has died at the age of 39. According to several sources, the cause was a massive heart attack.
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Behold: A Bevy of Bouncing Cocks, Vol. 1

… Just to cleanse your palates after a long and tedious workday.
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Everyone Stop What You’re Doing And Look At This Sneak Peek Of Colby Keller and Jarec Wentworth Fucking For Randy Blue

The great Jarec Wentworth (the porn artist formerly known as Jarek at Sean Cody), finally has a scene partner at Randy Blue who’s worth his stature, and his fine dick. And it’s none other than Colby Keller.
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New NextDoor Ginge Stryker (a.k.a. Blaine from Sean Cody) Would Like to Bottom and… Bottom

They’ve got a sexy Texan appearing on Next Door Male this week who’s named himself Stryker, like in Top Gun?
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Gay Porn Power Couple Updates: Who’s Still Together, and Who’s Not

Ah the gay porn romance. It’s a rare and skittish little bird that tends to fly away as quickly as it arrived. But every so often you find an enduring love between two men who fuck other men for a living. Or at least as a side job. Read more »


Taking Bets Now That This Was Not Joey’s First Time Bottoming

Whatever. It’s always Sean Cody‘s schtick. They’re all straight, or vaguely straight, and arriving at Chez Cody they’ve never seen another guy’s dick let alone sucked one, let alone get fucked by one. But as soon as they’re bent over Ye Olde Sectional it’s all “Ohhh yeah, that feels so good. Yeah, right there dude.” Read more »


Broke Straight Boy Cage Kafig Quits Site, Alleges He Is Not Getting Star Treatment He Deserves

Gay-for-pay performer Cage Kafig, known only for his web appearances on the site Broke Straight Boys, recently had a fit on Facebook and announced to his fans that he’d quit working for the site in a huff. Why, you ask? Because he’s not feeling respected, and he’s not being given enough work.
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