Levi Karter Says He’s a Grindr Tease, Admits He Farted In Pierre Fitch’s Face

It’s fitting that I’m at a restaurant on Bond Street called The Smile, because sitting across from me is a boy who almost never stops smiling: Levi Karter, the wildly popular porn twink from Cockyboys. Levi’s smile seems to stem from a place of contentment — with himself, with his identity, with his chosen profession, Read more »


Austin Wilde Tries Bareback ‘Reverse Cowgirl’ on Camera

Austin Wilde continues to up his bareback game, and now he’s bareback bottoming again for his own site, GuysInSweatpants. This time, though, it’s not a flip-flop, and he lets skinny model Jordan fuck him the whole time for this live cam shoot. Read more »


Jarec Wentworth Leaves Randy Blue, Signs With Men.com, Gives Awkward Interview

Sean Cody’s Jarek, who became Randy Blue’s Jarec Wentworth in December, has already jumped ship and signed an exclusive deal with Men.com. Then Men.com decided to shoot this interview with their handsome new star in which they ask him how it is working with Men.com. The best he can say is that they have “some interesting new ways.”
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Why Do Porn Stars Always Air Their Shit On Twitter and Think They Won’t Be Fired?

Gay-for-pay NextDoorBuddies model Brandon Bronco is taking a break from Twitter after insinuating that he was being made to perform “sexual favors” in exchange for getting work.
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New Randy Blue Guy Dustin Holloway Is Super Horny, Cums Twice

I’m all about this new model at Randy Blue, Dustin Holloway, who’s got a great smile, tight but not insanely ripped body, nice dick, and a great attitude for porn.
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New Porn Couple Alert: Landon Conrad and Non-Porn Underwear Model Colby Melvin

Genuine porn star Landon Conrad just made his Men Over 30 debut this week, even though he’s 35. He’ll be 36 in October. He’s a Scorpio. And it appears he has a new little bottom to call his own in West Hollywood: Sword crush and eventual porn star Colby Melvin.
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Who Gave Better Orgy: Lucas’s 9-Man Orgy or Gay Hoopla’s 5-Man Orgy

How many is too many at an orgy? It’s an age-old question that dissertations are regularly written on. But shooting an orgy can be challenging, and shouldn’t be undertaken by beginners. GayHoopla is kind of new to this, and they’ve just put out a five-man number with stars Dmitry Dickov and JJ Swift. Lucas Entertainment, where they’re definitely no strangers to orgies, just released a nine-man scene in which Adam Killian and his boyfriend suck a lot of dick, and somebody gets DP’d. Read more »


9 Things That Are More Bent Than This New Sean Cody Guy’s Penis

Meet Luis. His cock is really curved. It points distinctly to the right, or due east.
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See ‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Michiel Huisman’s Cock In This 11-Year-Old Dutch Movie

Dutch-born actor Michiel Huisman‘s star is on the rise, and it’s thanks in no small part to him being smoking hot and more than willing to get naked on HBO. He’s been a sexy addition to the new season of Game of Thrones, stripping down for Queen Daenerys, and he’s also been naked on Treme and on Orphan Black. Read more »


Leo Forte Discusses S&M Through the Ages, Directing, and His Infamous Folsom Party

Though his name wasn’t called during the Grabby Awards last weekend, porn star Leo Forte isn’t bummed out about his recent trip to Chicago during IML. With a little luck, Forte, one of the industry’s leading fetish performers and BDSM practitioners, may be on the stage next year accepting an award for his work directing NakedSword’s upcoming series Hotel Hookup. Read more »


Justin Owen Breaks In New 18-Year-Old Top at Randy Blue

Most of you said you preferred 18-year-old Randy Blue newcomer Zan Porter when we pitted him against Sean Cody’s Vic the other week in a Who Would You Rather?. And now here he is in his first fuck scene, with RB’s go-to bottom star and Sword crush Justin Owen. Read more »


Who Would You Rather?: Sean Cody’s Anders or Bel Ami’s New Ginger Ronny Lamaar

Sean Cody just found a new, hung model they’ve dubbed Anders who is a lot hairier than the typical Sean Cody model. And Bel Ami has just cast a tall, pretty skinny ginger with a Bel Ami-standard huge penis. Let’s hear what you think.
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The Seven Emotions I Felt While Watching Rocco Reed’s Last and Final Gay Porn Scene

A full year after Rocco Reed’s official retirement, Men.com has finally run out of Rocco Reed scenes that they had stowed away. Being one of the more boring and bored-looking gay-for-pay stars ever to grace my laptop screen, I will recount for you the seven waves of emotion I experienced while watching this scene. Read more »


It’s Colby Keller’s Turn to Fuck a New Roommate In ‘Roommate Wanted’ Scene 4

For the final episode of NakedSword’s Roommate Wanted, Colby Keller is the horny master tenant looking for a roommate, and he answers the door in his underwear, only to meet Joseph Rough, who is obviously down to fuck for a place a live. Read more »


Whose Penis Is Prettiest?: Dario Beck, Hunter Marx, or Justin King in Titan’s ‘Night Heat’

Say what you will about TitanMen, they’ve always managed to find models who are gorgeous, manly dudes with big, perfect cocks. Read more »


Falcon’s Alpine Wood Already on FalconTV, Just Like Real OnDemand

It may be too warm out to want to think back to winter right now, but Falcon’s ski-themed DVD release of a month ago, Alpine Wood, has already rolled out on FalconTV, Falcon’s new on-demand porn cable channel, only a month after its release. Read more »


This Shoot Definitely Required Extra Animal-Fur Accent Pillows

Men of Montreal just released a solo with a new model whose name is Mark Fallus, and that’s not actually the funniest part about this scene.
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Solo Of the Week: GayHoopla’s Latest Ridiculously Hot Newcomer, Brad Spear

I talked to GayHoopla‘s Dmitry Dickov over the weekend in Chicago asking him, “Where are you finding all these guys?” He said that it was business partner Landon who does all the casting (maybe via Landon’s former connections as Fratmen’s Leo), but he refused to reveal the all-important trade secret.
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‘Go-Go Boy Interrupted,’ a Show About an Aging Go-Go Boy That Looks Kind of Funny

Adorable actor and Groundlings member Jimmy Fowlie, who was in this hilarious PSA that I posted a couple months ago, is doing a new show at the Groundlings in L.A. and made this web video as a teaser. Read more »


Dan Savage Responds to Sword Commenters: “My Husband Is Not Taking Steroids”

Dan Savage chimed in today to respond to The Sword’s earlier post, and pearl-clutching Sword commenters who were characteristically quick to judge his husband Terry, his love of leather, their eschewing of monogamy, and Terry’s fitness as a parent while also being a leather queen. “This is a porn site, right?” he asks.
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The 2014 Swordie Awards and the Best Body Parts of Grabbys Weekend

And now it’s time to talk about The Swordie Awards, which were all handed out on Sunday at the Tim & Roma brunch in Chicago. This year I gave out prizes for Best Dressed (at the Grabby Awards), Least Dressed, Angriest Top, and more.
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Connor Kline Turns Fashion Model, Models Man Skirts

His last scenes are still probably going to be trickling out from Men.com, and the very last scene he shot just came out last month from Hot House. But retired porn stud Connor Kline has already resurfaced doing a fully clothed, legit fashion shoot for a young designer.
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Jürgen Brüning Talks About the Early Days of Gay Porn in Germany, and Working With Bruce LaBruce

The work of Jürgen Brüning has always been a lightning rod for controversy from the very beginning. In the early days, when he produced and curated films by transgressive cinema icons like Richard Kern and Lydia Lunch, mobs of leftist-feminist-anarchists ransacked his underground theater and spray painted, YOU ARE ALL PIGS on the walls. Read more »


And Now Watch Shawn Wolfe and Hunter Page Re-Enact Their Frat House Cream Scene On a Live Stage

At the Tim & Roma Post-Grabbys Hangover Brunch on Sunday, Best Duo scene winners Shawn Wolfe and Hunter Page were called on stage at one point. And as is now commonplace at these Tim & Roma shows, dicks came out. Read more »


Levi Karter and Dmitry Dickov’s Love Connection and More Grabbys Aftermath Photos

As with all big gay holiday weekends, there were multiple after-parties and after-after-parties following the Grabby Awards ceremony on Saturday, and the party continued into Sunday with the Tim & Roma Grabbys Hangover Brunch at the North End in Boystown, and the annual House of Blues party Sunday night. Read more »


Grabby Awards 2014: The Red Carpet Looks

I really love when porn stars put on their porn-formal finery for the ball, and then some of them just put on a t-shirt and say fuck it. It’s really a mixed bag, fashion-wise, at these awards shows because there is no dress code, and no one ever knows quite how seriously to take it.
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Dan Savage’s Hot Husband Terry Miller Documents His IML Weekend Looks

You know they have an open thing, right? Read more »


Shawn Wolfe, Boomer Banks, and NakedSword All Win Big at the 2014 Grabbys

Chi Chi LaRue and Honey West hosted a brisk and sort of surprising Grabby Awards ceremony last night, and somewhere in between Wendy Ho showed up and sang “I’ll Suck Your Dick In a Public Place” to the tune of “We Found Love (In a Hopeless Place)”. Read more »


Who Votes on the Grabbys, Anyway?

With the big ceremony just a few hours away, I thought I’d start my coverage by answering a question that comes up each year during Grabby Awards Seaason: Who chooses who gets these trophies anyway?
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Somebody Paid $200 for Jimmy Durano’s Underwear and More Pre-Grabbys Insanity

So, I’m in Chicago. The Grabbys are in a few hours. And it’s time for me to dutifully upload the documentation I have of last night, which included a Grabbys pre-party underwear auction thing hosted by Christian Owen and Sister Roma of Hot House, benefiting Chicago House.
Read more »


If I Picked the Grabbys: Who Should Win, If Anyone Had Asked

It’s pretty much impossible to predict who’s going to win at the Grabby Awards tonight, or in any year for that matter. The decision-making process among the judges remains shrouded in mystery, and it’s always a little like the Special Olympics with everyone getting a nomination, and every studio going home with at least one prize.
Read more »

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