Mike De Marko Talks Real Estate, Being A Closeted Frat Bro, and Explaining His Sean Cody Account To a Girlfriend

Mike De Marko isn’t interested in becoming a big porn star, despite being one of the industry’s hardest working young performers for the past two years. Read more »


Boomer Banks Leaves Facebook Over ‘Real Name’ Policy; Samuel Colt Predicts Mass Exodus

While Sister Roma is holding strong and vowing to keep fighting Facebook over their “real name” policy, some porn stars are now getting targeted by the Fbook algorithm, or whatever it is that spawned the recent crackdown on people using stage names or drag names on their accounts.
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The 12 Hottest Looks Of Folsom Street Fairs Past

It’s Folsom Street Fair weekend in S.F. and that means a shit ton of porn stars are getting on planes or have already landed and begun douching in preparation.
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Holy Shit Just Look At His Body: Sean Cody’s Caden

Meet Sean Cody’s latest, Caden, whose body is ridiculous.
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San Francisco Politician Admits He’s a Bareback Bottom Taking Truvada

S.F. Supervisor (it’s like the city council) Scott Wiener has come out publicly to admit that he is on PrEP in an effort to drive more awareness in the local gay community about the anti-HIV drug.
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Sneak Peek at Kris Evans’ Bottoming Threeway, Debuting on Bel Ami Next Week

It’s time. Bel Ami promised us months ago that Kris Evans was going to bottoming all through the fall, multiple times. Many dicks. Kris Evans’ ass.
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Sister Roma, Other Queens, Tell Facebook To Cut It the Fuck Out With Their Real-Name Policy [Updated]

Sister Roma and a gaggle of San Francisco gays and drag queens — including city supervisor David Campos, Heklina, and Lil Miss Hot Mess — all went to Menlo Park today to sit down with reps from Facebook and hash out their problems with getting locked out of their accounts for not using their “real names.”
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Boy George Now A Bearded Drag Queen, Talks About His Love For Hall & Oates

Rolling Stone just got Boy George to do an interview with them. And while George doesn’t look quite as bad as he did back in June when Culture Club performed at Edinburgh, he refuses to take off the red hat all these months later, and his eyebrows are plucked to all hell.
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Bobby Clark and Travis James Make Chubby Chaser Porn On Fire Island

Men.com just released Retribution Part 2, and much like Part 1 it features a slightly zaftig Bobby Clark getting plowed.
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The Tim & Roma Show Returns Folsom Weekend With Tim & Roma Live, Airing On The Sword

They’re baaaack!

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Sean Cody Features Actual Grown Men Having Man-Sex

It happened before with the Eddie-Chad scene, and it’s happening again. Basically, every time hairy bottom Eddie appears on screen at Sean Cody, it feels like it’s become a completely new porn company.
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Meet Andy Pandy, CockyBoys Editor and Panda-Obsessed Nightlife Personality

Since the company’s inception, CockyBoys models have become a ubiquitous presence in New York nightlife, with stars like Chris Harder, Tayte Hanson, and Levi Karter making regular appearances at clubs all over the city, and even hosting their own weekly bash in Hell’s Kitchen. Read more »


The Return of Zack Randall and All The First Shots From Falcon’s ‘Naughty Pines’

Since coming onto the porn scene in the mid-2000s, hung and handsome Zack Randall has disappeared and reappeared a couple of times, most recently working as a cam model. Read more »


Check Out This Hot Cam Model, Andrrew Great

Yes, his name has two R’s in it, and he’s a gay and muscular college guy from Europe with an uncut dick.
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Jake Bass Throws All Kinds of Shade About Duncan Black’s New Dick Tattoo

Jake Bass has been getting bitchier than ever on Twitter lately, shortly after announcing that he’s leaving CockyBoys and is possibly done with porn altogether.
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‘Welcome to L.A.’ Still Not Over, And Zane Porter and Angel Santiago Just Got Whacked

Randy Blue’s ongoing series Welcome to L.A. started out innocently enough. You had Justin Owen playing an aspiring actor just arrived in Hollywood. You had some go-go boys fucking in Silverlake. And you had Diego Sans and Lance Alexander being sluts in Venice Beach. Read more »


Topher DiMaggio Helps Davey Wavey Read From Teleprompter

Davey Wavey is back with another of his vlogs that half of you will find completely disgusting and annoying and half of you will watch anyway because of his tits, even though they’re partly covered in this one.
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Remembering the Time Bravo Delta Peed In a Random Perv’s Mouth at Hustlaball

The 16th annual Hustlaball New York is coming up on Sunday, October 12 (Columbus Day Weekend), and as always it will be a slutty shitshow of pornographic proportions.
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First Look at Brent Corrigan’s First Falcon Scene, a Sweaty Fuck With Sean Zevran

Next Friday, September 19, marks the debut of Brent Corrigan as a Falcon Studios exclusive, and it’s in a very sweaty locker room fuck scene with Sean Zevran in the movie Jacked.
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Looking Back at Former Randy Blue Model Derek Atlas’s Finest Work as He Joins the Falcon Studios Group

Falcon Studios head Chris Ward has now amassed an army of exclusives, including recently announced ones like Brent Corrigan, Johnny V, Dario Beck, and Andrew Stark. Add to that Derek Atlas, whose last scene with Randy Blue went up in January.
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What’s With the Lamp?

We’re all getting pretty accustomed to the lush green background of CockyBoys director Jake Jaxson’s upstate New York summer retreat, which gets used as his primary shooting location in the warmer months back east.
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Jimmy Durano Fucks Johnny V Wearing Insane Sneakers

The latest scene from Hot House is out, and it features hot new Raging Hot Falcon exclusive Johnny V bottoming again — and he is an exclusive now even though we haven’t seen him in a Raging Stallion or Falcon title yet, and this was probably shot before Hot House went through the merger.
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Who Would You Rather?: Newcomers Preston Cole, Brendon Scott, or Tyler Hill

I guess because fall is approaching, or because it’s Wednesday, we’re awash in newcomers in the gay porn world lately.
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Here Is Leo Forte’s Drag Persona ‘SHE’ Lip Synching to Cher at San Francisco’s Stud Nightclub

At a little party called SomeThing at The Stud in San Francisco, Leo Forte appeared on stage Friday in drag, corset and all, to do a rendition Cher’s “Dark Lady.”
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Jake Cruise the Latest to Get Hit With Fines Over Condom-Less Porn

Longtime porn producer/performer and professional boner-killer Jake Cruise is the latest victim in the AIDS Healthcare Foundations campaign to shut down porn production in California.
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Killian James Will Never Bareback Because His Dad Died of AIDS

Randy Blue exclusive and Hookie Award winner Killian James, who recently showed us that he knows how to top as well as bottom, appeared on porn star Matt Stevens’s web show this week and talked about something he hadn’t spoken of publicly before: the fact that his dad died of AIDS when Killian was 12.
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Jarec Wentworth Still Giving Bad Blowjobs

Men.com found another bottom for exclusive model Jarec Wentworth to fuck, and it’s the indefatigable, ageless-in-certain-lights Johnny Hazzard.
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The Extremely Hot Michael Evans Returns to GayHoopla

It’s been over nine months since Michael Evans showed up at the straight-guy-bottoming workshop called GayHoopla, and maybe it was the bottoming that scared him off. Read more »


Performance Artist Jake Dibeler Thinks It’s Rude If You Jerk Off To His Performances

Sunday, September 7th – In the early afternoon on day two of Brooklyn’s two-day Bushwig drag festival, Jake Dibeler and I are hidden away in a quiet studio at the shambolic Bushwick arts and performance venue Secret Project Robot, talking about his provocative performance work for what he says is the first time. Read more »


Faced With Boomer Banks’s Monster Cock, Nick Cross’s Penis Almost Disappears

Can you blame it?
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Ew: Watch Christian Wilde Do a Foot Fetish Scene With His Real-Life Pregnant Wife

I’m going to apologize in advance because this post is totally NSFGSG (Not Safe For Gold-Star Gays), and will upset all of you who can not stand the sight of pussy.
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Spencer Fox Continues To Harass Twitter Followers With Racist, Homophobic, Cock-Hungry Tweets [Updated]

Former gay porn star Spencer Fox, who has left porn at least twice and had Twitter meltdowns each time, remains very active on Twitter, in case anyone cares. Also, he recently did some pegging porn.
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Oh, God: Tayte Hanson Is Making Some Kind of Art Film

It has come to my attention that CockyBoy Tayte Hanson, whose loyal fan following has consistently voted him the hottest newcomer of the year (so far), is making some kind of art video starring himself.
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Another Straight Newcomer, Charlie Pattinson, Has Some Gay Sex With Justin Owen

This first week in September has been chock full of new models, and Randy Blue brings us the first duo scene from their new straight guy Charlie Pattinson.
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Men.com Found a New Muscle Ginge, Bennett Anthony, and Johnny Rapid Breaks Him In

Men.com has a brand new exclusive to share with us, and his name is Bennett Anthony. It’s like they didn’t want to be outdone by COLT with their prize ginger, Seth Fornea, who still may or may not ever have sex on camera, and so they had find a hunky muscle-ginge of their own.
Read more »


Luke Milan Is Still Incredibly Hot And Everyone Should Know This By Now

Luke Milan should be in more in porn. And he deserves to be a bigger star by now. We last saw him sucking some championship dick in Falcon’s Alpine Wood, and now he’s back in a hot new scene for Next Door Buddies called My Sister’s Husband, with Mike Gaite.
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Tyson Tyler Talks Champagne Enemas, Why He Won’t Bareback, and Racism in Porn

One of the perils of interviewing porn stars is that they can, on rare occasions, be unreliable in their appointment making. Read more »


In the Finale of Summer of Fuckin’, Cam Christou and Adam Ramzi Go At It In a Rope Sling

We’ve seen three pairs of guys fucking in various green backyards in San Francisco’s Castro neighborhood, and now we’ve got the last and final scene, featuring hot pair Adam Ramzi and Cam Christou.
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R.I.P. Joan Rivers, Dead at 81

Joan Rivers, one of the great comedians of the last century, has been taken off life support, and she officially died today after days of speculation about her possible recovery.
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I Now Fully Believe Sean Cody’s Jack Is Not Straight

Big, hulking, blond bodybuilder Jack, who in his debut solo for Sean Cody said he was mostly into chicks and had only ever had one (oral) homo experience in his life, may be having a sexual awakening of some kind while raking in some extra cash as a gay porn model.
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Justin Theroux’s Cock Is Just That Big, He Says, Trying to Explain ‘Leftovers’ Floppage

Leftovers star and Jennifer Aniston fuckpuppet Justin Theroux is ridiculously hot. And everyone who’s watched the HBO show knows he’s the only reason to watch it, specifically for scenes where he takes off his shirt, or jogs.
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