Adam Baran Talks Incest Porn With Legendary Director Joe Gage

It’s impossible to overstate the impact Joe Gage has had on the world we fags live in. His iconic Working Man porn trilogy (Kansas City Trucking Company, El Paso Wrecking Corp, and L.A. Tool & Die) depicted blue collar men Read more »


Exclusive: Go Behind the Scenes at Bray Love’s First Shoot For NakedSword, On the Set of ‘On the Lookout’

As new NakedSword exclusive model Bray Love told The Sword a few weeks ago, he was kind of scared when he first met six-foot-six-inch scene partner Austin Keyes. “He walked in the room and I was like OH MY GOD he’s going to destroy me.” And, as you can see in the behind-the-scenes footage below, he kinda did. Read more »


Sister Roma Recaps The First Ever DragCon, Wonders If Sharon Needles Is Just a Bitch

If a bomb went off in the L.A. Convention Center last weekend the entire DRAG COMMUNITY would have been decimated! Over 13,000 people attended DragCon, the world’s first ever drag convention and it was spectacular. Read more »


There Are Two Naked Cocks In New Andrew Christian Boy Scout Video But Neither Of Them Is Murray Swanby’s

Andrew Christian and co. refuse to stop making videos that are almost porn, but not quite. Maybe these are hot to some of you and encourage you to buy Andrew Christian underwear.
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Jessie Montgomery Needs New Furniture, Seth Santoro Needs Lasik, And More In This Week’s Porn Star GoFundMe Campaigns

We live in an age when porn stars have unprecedented direct access to fans but they make a fraction of the money that big stars used to make shooting scenes. Part of that is because of piracy, and part of that is because the existing studios pump out so many scenes a month that nobody makes big money per scene anymore. Read more »


Tom Faulk Gets Tag-Teamed by Will Braun and Mike DeMarko in ‘Stag Hag’

Tom Faulk found his weed, ditched the shampoo and joined Will Braun in not eating Mike De Marko’s hairy hole in Stag Hag, dropping today on’s Str8ToGay. Read more »


The Oral Report: Does Blowjob Only Porn Still Get You Off?

We noted last week that in their scene for Hot House, Colton Grey’s co-star had an odd sounding name, Marko Carbo. But the oddest thing of all was all they did was swap blow and rim jobs. Two more hummer-centric scenes have since popped up, one at Corbin Fisher and one at Falcon. After nine man bareback orgies and triple penetrations … does oral-only porn still do the trick? Read more »


Adam Russo Gets Fucked By His ‘Former Stepson’ Sam Truitt In Latest Family-Style Fuckfest From Icon Male

They’re trying to mix up the title formula over at Icon Male, where their bread-and-butter has been daddy-son fantasies ever since the studio began producing content a year ago. So instead of His Son’s Boyfriend or His Daughter’s Boyfriend or His Son’s Best Friend, we have His Son’s Best Friend co-stars Sam Truitt and Adam Russo returning for a new scene together, only this time Daddy is taking a plowing from his “former stepson.”
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Who Would You Rather?: 2002 Nick Capra or 2015 Nick Capra

We’re now over a year into Nick Capra’s comeback to gay porn, and having starred as a daddy figure in multiple titles for Icon Male and come full circle back to the Raging Hot Falcon, he shows no signs of slowing down. Read more »


Bel Ami’s Marcel Gassion Does a Reverse-Cowboy Dance On Hoyt Kogan’s Cock

Over at Bel Ami they’ve been debuting a few smoking, steaming hot newcomers in recent weeks, including the adorable Tony Miller, and the ridiculous Raphael Nyon.
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What’s Fueling the Twitter Porn Purge?

Twitter first debuted back on March 21, 2006 and it has remained, up until a couple of weeks ago, the “wild west of the internet,” until we learned of a potential new sheriff in town: themselves. But why now? Read more »


Ryan Winter’s Big Dick Turns Derek Jones Into a Bottom at GayHoopla

It’s an inconvenient truth: While GayHoopla manages to recruit some of the hottest straight men around, the resulting sex scenes can sometimes, well often times, be awkward, banal, and forced. Today, Derek Jones is playing ho to Ryan Winter’s ‘bro,’ and for Jones, I’ve got to say, he sure seemed to like it this time. Read more »


Sean Cody, Back to Form, Puts Randy and Lane Together and It’s Hot

We know from earlier this week that Sean Cody is going to be bringing back as many old favorites as they can and doing a bit less new-model recruitment, trying to focus on high-quality scenes. And the latest fits the bill.
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Brenner Bolton Is Actually Kind of a Good Actor, You Guys

I would just like to take a moment to point out that cum slut and all around whore for the dick Brenner Bolton is a legitimately convincing, natural actor. And I have a few recent and upcoming scene examples to prove my case.
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Exclusive: Sean Duran Taking Unexplained Break From Porn, Adopts Pet Fox

Just when we were all in agreement that he’s never been hotter, Sean Duran is taking
“a break” from porn, as he posted on his Twitter account this week. Read more »


Mike De Marko and Jaxton Wheeler Make The Fur and Cum Fly in ‘Auto Erotic, Part 2′

You could call it “A Horny Caveman and a Sexy Otter in a Furry Fuckfest.” But today at Raging Stallion, they are calling it Jaxton Wheeler and Mike De Marko in Auto Erotic, Part 2 – Scene 3. As for me, I am definitely a fan of the fur and I’m just calling it fucking hot. Read more »


[Updated] Michael “Tiger Mandingo” Johnson Met Victims Via Social Media, Gave Them HIV, And Now He’ll Be Doing 30 – 60 Years In Prison

23-year-old Michael “Tiger Mandingo” Johnson had six social media accounts he used to meet partners. Yesterday, a Missouri jury found him guilty of, among other things, recklessly infecting at least one of them with HIV. From the 32 recently discovered video tapes of his encounters, there could be many more. Read more »


Separated at Birth: Logan Moore and New Randy Blue Model Atticus Fox

This new guy at Randy Blue named Atticus Fox isn’t exactly new to gay porn, but I’ll get to that in a second. He is, however, a dead ringer for Logan Moore from certain angles, and could definitely be related.
Read more »


Adam Champ is Dutifully Worshiped by Donnie Dean in TitanMen’s ‘Catch 22′

It’s not often I forget I work in porn and just become a fan. That happened last week with Adam Herst and Eric Nero in the opener for TitanMen’s Catch 22. Adam Champ and Donnie Dean are in the second scene — and lightning has struck twice. Read more »


Randy Blue’s Evil Jeff Has Made a ‘JIZ’ Parody of the New ‘Jem & The Holograms’ Trailer and It’s Awesome

Jiz & The Mammograms may have taken a hiatus from YouTube, but now they’re in a live action movie!
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If Homosexuality Caused the Amtrak Crash, What Caused Two More GOP Lawmakers To Cheat on Their Wives?

A Senator Stalks A Stripper, Another Sexts with an Intern – but we “Evil Gays” Caused the Philadelphia Amtrak Crash – Shame on Us!
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D.O. Resurfaces In the Latest Issue of ‘Playgirl’?

Yes! Playgirl still exists!
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[Updated] Hot or Not?: Abel Archer

Relative newcomer Abel Archer has been in the business about nine eleven months now. He’s bearded, fairly handsome, from Colorado, and he’s shot scenes now for Men POV, Kink Men, and now a new “Buddies Casting” scene with Markie More for Next Door Buddies.
Read more »


Weird Twitter Account Turns Porn Photos Into Movie Posters, Or Something

This guy on Twitter calling himself The Dirty Doggy is obsessively taking pictures of porn stars and adding big, sans serif, graphic titles to them as if they’re on the cover of a graphic novel, or on a movie poster, and I don’t really get it.
Read more »


Who Has The Hottest Hair in Gay Porn?

Timing really is everything. Just as Iran announces a ban on “homosexual hair styles,” HairStylesOnPoint publishes their six top ‘dos for fashionable men this spring. No surprise the ever stylish and trendy are already sporting these looks. But it does beg the question, who currently has the best, or the gayest hair in gay porn? Read more »


Behind The Scenes At Hot House: Austin Wolf Plows Hunter Page, Sebastian Kross Gets Wrapped In Police Tape

Last week, Austin Wolf showed up on set with director Tony DiMarco to shoot for Hot House in Las Vegas. First, he shot a scene with Alexander Gustavo in a yet to be named release. And then he shot this week with happy scene partner Hunter Page.
Read more »


This Will Drive the Haters Crazy: The New Dan Savage Show Looks Great!

If Tony ‘Family Research Council’ Perkins, Brent ‘The Media Research Council’ Bozell, and One Million ‘Ellen is the Devil’ Moms are vociferously against it, chances are I’m for it. When it comes to The Real O’Neals, the new ABC comedy based on the life of Dan Savage, the fact our foes are against it is just a bonus: judging by the newly released trailer, this is a winner on its own merits alone. Read more »


Now Watch Adam Ramzi and Logan Moore Fall In Love (For a Day) on the Set of NakedSword’s ‘On the Lookout’

“They were just so fucking into each other,” says director mr. Pam of shooting this second scene from NakedSword’s On the Lookout with Adam Ramzi and Logan Moore. “From the minute they got in the same room, it was just on.”
Read more »


Colton Grey Is In Two New Scenes, But Why Does He Only Get Fucked In One of Them?

Colton Grey, along with the rest of us, is happiest when he’s dropping his pants, and few do so with such joyous regularity as Young Blue Eyes. That does explain why he is in two scenes that just dropped: one for Hot House, one for Str8 to Gay – but not why he only gets fucked in one of them.
Read more »


Mindgeek/ Launching Separate Bareback Site This Summer Called JuicyBoys

With the acquisition of Sean Cody this past January, Mindgeek, the company that owns as well as a ton of straight porn properties, officially got into the bareback game, on the gay side of things.
Read more »


Sean Cody to Produce More Action Scenes Per Year, More Location Shoots, Fewer Solos

I noted the other day the seemingly alarming news that Sean Cody had taken a break from recruiting new models. But it looks like it’s part of an overall strategy to produce fewer solos, and that might be good news for some fans — although it’s not great news for the cause of finding new hot faces.
Read more »


Anti-Gay Protesters Totally Unware They Were Promoting at North Carolina Music Festival

How did anti-gay protesters outsiders the “Carolina Rebellion” Musical Festival end up promoting hardcore, bareback site It was the work of the devil… the devil in the details that is.
Read more »


Who Took Rocco Steele’s Cock Best?

Rocco Steele is very likely to walk away with the Grabby Award this year for Best Newcomer, and he’s up for five other prizes too. With his gruff, handsome daddy look, deep voice, and monster cock, he’s risen to the top pretty fast in his first year, with dick-hungry porn stars clamoring to take a crack at his dick.
Read more »


Euro Twink Joey Cruz Gets Bareback Triple-Penetrated For Second Time And It Still Doesn’t Look Like Fun

Once again I’ll ask the question: Does anyone involved in a triple penetration scene actually enjoy themselves, besides the director/cameraman? Actually, the cameraman has to hate it too.
Read more »


Three New Monday Men: Who Would You Rather?

If last week’s news of the reduced number of updates at Sean Cody has you down, don’t throw away the lube bottle just yet. Corbin Fisher, ChaosMen and Colt all have new solos for your masturbatory pleasure. Should they stay or do they blow? Let’s meet the players …
Read more »

grindr for sale

Grindr Puts Itself Up For Sale – What It Means For The Rest Of Us

In an interview with Bloomberg Television last month, Joel Simkhai revealed he started Grindr in 2009 because “We don’t always know who else is gay.” Six years, 192 countries, 12 million downloads, and two million daily users later, on late Friday afternoon, Bloomberg also revealed something else about Grindr: it’s up for sale and that could have real implications for us all.
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[Update] Sean Cody Takes Hiatus From Recruiting New Models

Maybe because the talent pool has been a little bleak lately, or maybe because they’re deep in the throes of transitioning into the Mindgeek empire, it looks like Sean Cody‘s recruiting department is taking a bit of a vacation.
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Bel Ami Has Surprise Weekend Sale, 30% Off Memberships

There’s a Bel Ami membership sale on right now, ending sometime today (Sunday), with six-month memberships now at a 30 percent discount.
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Is Twitter Going to Have to Ban Porn?

You hear that? It’s the sound of 500 porn stars screaming and crying because they might not be able tweet out dick pics any more.
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kink-suit-main Now Being Sued By Guy Who Claims He Got HIV, Orally, On a Bound In Public Shoot

A model who served as a pass-around bottom at a Kink Men Bound in Public shoot in 2013 is now suing the company claiming that he contracted HIV on the set. The thing is, Kink does use condoms for its gay shoots, but in this case the guy says he got it from giving blowjobs without protection.
Read more »


Will Braun Once Again Forced To Eat An Ass He Doesn’t Want to Eat: Dirk Caber’s

I’ve noted before that gay-for-pay model Will Braun, while cute, has still not really bought in to the whole ass-eating thing. It’s pretty apparently how grossed out he is, but he’s getting paid, and he does what he’s told, and he does his best. Once again today, in the new scene called Big Bro, he’s forced to rim a butthole that he looks kind of scared of, and it’s Dirk Caber’s. Read more »

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