Mike De Marko Talks Real Estate, Being A Closeted Frat Bro, and Explaining His Sean Cody Account To a Girlfriend

Mike De Marko isn’t interested in becoming a big porn star, despite being one of the industry’s hardest working young performers for the past two years. Read more »


And The Top Ten Porn Stars Of September Were…

The numbers have been crunched by The Sword’s Department of Statistical Clicking, and and there’s a new sheriff in porn town.
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Get $10 Off Your Hustlaball Tickets From The Sword

Next weekend, which is a holiday weekend for some people like bank employees, Hustlaball hits New York again. Read more »


Michael Lucas Takes Dato Foland’s Bareback Virginity, Creampies His Ass

Dato Foland, now a Lucas Entertainment exclusive, has just made his bareback bottoming debut on the site getting fucked by the Russian porntrepreneur himself.
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Colby Keller Went To Paris, Ate Carbs, Is Still Doing This Cross-Country Art-Porn Thing

Colby Keller just got back from Paris, where as this slightly insufferable interview from The Kernal reveals, he was visiting a “Marxist-Leninist friend,” because obviously.
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Behind the Scenes With Duncan Black, Ryan Rose, and Jarec Wentworth On the Set of NakedSword’s ‘Wicked Game’

As we speak, director mr. Pam, Leo Forte, Element Eclipse and the NakedSword team are in Florida shooting Wicked Game — a NakedSword-Men.com coproduction that features Ryan Rose, James Hamilton, Valentin Petrov, Ty Royal and Rikk York as well as CockyBoy Duncan Black, and Jarec Wentworth.
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Onetime Twink Performer Luka Magnotta Goes To Trial For Brutal 2012 Murder (and Dismemberment)

And in more porn-performers-on-trial news this Friday, we get word that smalltime Canadian twink model Luka Magnotta — who got nabbed in Germany in 2012 after a worldwide manhunt after allegedly mailing around the dismembered limbs of a Concordia University student he accused of murdering — is finally at trial.
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Mike Dozer Never Coming Back To Porn, Gets Convicted In Federal Court On Child Sex Charges

Welp, things are not looking good for former gay porn star Mike Dozer, who as you’ll recall was arrested on child sex and child porn charges back in December as part of a federal sting all linking back to a single 14-year-old boy who was doing a lot of hooking up and flirting on Jack’d.
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Randy Blue Gets Rape-y With Skylar West-Ryan Knightly Massage Scene

Randy Blue is whipping out the massage table for the second time in a month, only this time the premise is more rape-y.
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Hotel Hook-Up, Leo Forte’s Directorial Debut, Premieres With Aleks Buldocek and Seamus O’Reilly Daddy-Boy Scene

An ailing mr. Pam had to hand the directorial reins over to Leo Forte back in May when NakedSword shot Hotel Hookup in Chicago, right before Grabbys/IML weekend. And Leo did a fantastic job.
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Donkey-Dicked Newcomer Riley Tanner Fucks For The First Time On Camera

Beautiful, horse-cocked twink Riley Tanner, who became a Dominic Ford exclusive in August, now has a poolside porn scene to show for himself.
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Jarec Wentworth Fucking Landon Conrad May Be the Hottest Thing Men.com Has Done In Years

Not always known for producing consistently hot scenes — or many with chemistry — Men.com did something pretty great by pairing Jarec Wentworth with Landon Conrad.
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Johnny V Would Like You to Give Him $100,000

Newly minted Raging Hot Falcon exclusive Johnny V has put up a GoFundMe campaign for “family debt and future schooling” to the tune of $100,000.
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Finally. Here’s Kris Evans Taking Two Dicks, And Lapping Up a Bunch of Cum

We got faked out last week, but here’s the actual double-bareback-bottoming scene from Kris Evans and Bel Ami.
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Famed 70s Porn Star Peter Berlin Gives Interview, Refuses To Be Shown On Camera

Tonight marks the opening of an art show in SF’s Castro of the artwork of Peter Berlin. And he just gave an interview to Mike Enders to talk about his photography work in particular, taking selfies back when they weren’t called selfies and selling them for cash via mail order.
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And Now, Ellen’s Hot Gardener’s Online Dick Pics

Ellen Degeneres introduced her hot on-set “gardener” “Nick” the other week, the guy she says “waters all the plants on set for us,” but the internet quickly figured out that he’s model/bodybuilder/comedian Billy Reilich, and he’d been on her show before with his comedy group that’s unironically called The Cream Pies.
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Middle Aged Drag, In HD, In San Francisco’s Tenderloin

San Francisco’s Tenderloin trannies, and in particular the busted queens who do the weekend shows at Aunt Charlie’s Lounge, are near and dear to a lot of SF gays.
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Sean Cody’s Tanner Just Won Bottom Of the Year

I know we just took this poll for Sean Cody’s Best Bottom of 2014, and to be fair, Tanner had just done so much topping this year that he was becoming more of a versatile guy than a Best Bottom contestant. He was more like the Best Bottom of 2013, so I didn’t include him.
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Now Brian Bonds Is Getting Reamed By a Huge Black Dildo, And Tommy Defendi

It’s really still feeling like Fisting Week around here, a full week after Folsom, what with this and the new interview with fist connoisseur Ashley Ryder.
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Brent Corrigan Would Love to “Magic Wand-Away” All Gay-For-Pay Porn Stars

Brent Corrigan is back, everyone, in case you missed it. And he has some opinions.
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Ashley with Matt Hughes' cock.

Ashley Ryder Talks Cock Fatigue, Fists, and How Cute His Rosebud Is

When he was 16 years old, Ashley Ryder got bored with taking cocks. There had to be something else, he told his friend, something more extreme and exciting, and soon, in a book of erotic drawings, he found an image of an asshole being stretched open, fisted, and a lizard being dangled near the gaping hole. Read more »


Hey Everyone, Tom Faulk Is Looking Pretty OK Again

Tom Faulk has been one of the workhorse models over at Men.com over the last year, getting his dick sucked, plowing Johnny Rapid a few hundred times like everyone else, and bottoming plenty too. And there was a point this summer where I was getting a little worried about him.
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Who’s Actually More Versatile?: Billy Santoro or Paul Wagner?

Let’s just start with the assumption that most gay guys are versatile. If they’re a big bottom and you show them a perfectly adorable twink who turns them on, they’ll probably figure out how to top. And vice versa.
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Solo of the Week: Andy Sheckler at GayHoopla

It’s only Monday, but I think we have a winner.
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Wolfe Fucks Wolf

But wait. Why is Tyler Wolf lying?
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Apologies In Advance…

Look, I’m just going to post this. Because it’s insane.
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Ha! Men.com Calls Jimmy Johnson ‘Superstar,’ Makes Him Bottom

Jimmy Johnson is the latest top-only model to take it up the ass for Men.com’s Top to Bottom series, and boy howdy is it exciting. Read more »


Andrew Stark’s Arm Disappeared Inside Brian Bonds, You Guys

It’s Fisting Thursday over here at The Sword, and from Club Inferno Dungeon we have this new scene called Breaking the Bond in which fisting bottom Brian Bond takes a fist, and a good part of an arm, from Andrew Stark, who is kind of new to this stuff.
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And Now It’s Time To Watch Kris Evans Bareback Bottoming!!!! … Not

The great and almighty Kris Evans is, as promised and teased for weeks and months by Bel Ami, bareback bottoming for not one but TWO hung Czech studs today!
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Sneak a Peek at ‘Dirty Rascals,’ the NakedSword-Bel Ami Co-Production Shot In Prague

Here’s the first teaser clip from Dirty Rascals, the porn parody of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels starring Tommy Defendi, Connor Maguire, and a bunch of Bel Ami models which premieres on NakedSword on November 3.
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Awww. Hot New Men.com Ginger Bennett Anthony Has His First Orgy

Smoking hot new redhead model Bennett Anthony, who just made his debut in an “audition” with Johnny Rapid a couple weeks back, is back in two new golf-themed scenes for Men.com, including his first four-way.
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What Will Happen With Steve Pena and Brent Everett’s Throuple When Brent Is Allowed Back In the Country?

One of the more famous pairs of boyfriends in gay porn is Brent Everett and his director/muscle-daddy husband Steve Pena who’ve been together for over six years, and who have recently acknowledged more publicly that they’ve taken on a third.
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The Tim & Roma Live Show Broadcast Tape Is In

If you missed Tim & Roma Live on Friday night, then you’d better have a goddamn good excuse — although if you were on the East Coast then I should hope you weren’t sitting at home with your laptop at 10 p.m. on a Friday night.
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Who Had Hotter Sex On Top Of A Box?

We all know porn budgets aren’t what they used to be. And several of the big SF studios which are actually all one studio now (Raging Hot Falcon) have done a lot of shoots the past few years that feature two dudes, often in high-top sneakers, fucking on top of a box, perhaps in front of some chainlink fencing.
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Just Angelo Is a Huge Ripped Stud and In Case You Missed That His Name Is Just Angelo

There’s a fresh scene over at Dominic Ford (the first in a while after some super old recycled porn from defunct studios got rolled out over there the last month or so), and it features muscle god Angelo. Sorry, Just Angelo.
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Artist and Gay-Burlesque Historian Scott Ewalt Talks Hustlers, Hustlaball, and the Early Days of The Cock

In the heart of New York’s Bowery, a few blocks from sinful early-20th century hotspots like The Slide and Minksy’s Burlesque theater, lives Scott Ewalt, a man who has been a witness, historian, archivist, collector and preservationist of the city’s famously sexual culture. Read more »


GayHoopla Gets Weird and Cult-y With Their First Full-Length Narrative Porn

The first part of GayHoopla’s previously announced The Edge of Desire has been released. And it’s pretty fucking creepy!
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Hot Little Versatile Newcomer Allen King Is a Scorpio, and a Star

We first saw Allen King in Men.com’s POW series where he got to fuck and get fucked by Paddy O’Brian. Now he’s back with a pair of new scenes where he also gets to top and bottom. Read more »


Porn Stars and Other Pervs At Folsom Street Fair 2014

Yesterday was Folsom and holy Christ I’m tired. The weekend is always a marathon of drinking and other toxins, and this year’s was no exception.
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Has Bel Ami Finally Run Out of Condom Scenes?

The “condom archive” at Bel Ami, which is actually a backlog of shoots that no one really knows the number or dates of, may be coming to an end.
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Which Fuck Is Hotter?: Abraham Al Malek and Bruno Boni, or Donato Reyes and Lucas Fox

There’s a pair of new things out today from Raging Stallion, both shot in Spain by porn power couple Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond, respectively.
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