Logan Stevens Discusses the Pleasures and Politics of Bareback, and His Downtown L.A. Party Called EWW

The first time I walk into Logan Stevens’ loft in downtown LA, a giant fake Read more »


Colby Keller, a Fashion Designer, and CockyBoys Have Just Made Possibly The Most Batshit Insane Piece of Art-Porn Ever

So, you know how Colby Keller is doing that nationwide road trip of fucking and filmmaking dubbed Colby Does America? Well, the New York chapter has arrived, and it’s a collaboration with CockyBoys and a fashion designer named BCALLA.
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Guess Which Former Gay Porn Director’s Movie Is Up For An Oscar This Weekend

I’ll give you a hint: the category is Best Actress.
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Reader Poll: Thoughts On Brent Everett’s New Partnership With Men.com?

I showed you the trailer last week, but now Brent Everett’s first scene with Men.com is out and available for viewing, so let’s discuss.
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There’s Another Kris Evans Threeway So Just Watch It Already

You know you’re just going to fucking watch it. And you’re going to get hard.
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Separated At Birth?: Porn Star Tommy Defendi and Jamie Dornan

With his pre-Fifty Shades of Grey beard, British actor Jamie Dornan really does bear a striking resemblance to porn star Tommy Defendi. At least when Tommy trims his beard.
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Armond Rizzo Talks About Taking His First 12-Inch Dick, and His Dark Days In the Military

When Peter Parker was a teenager, a radioactive spider bit him and imbued him with superpowers: the ability to climb buildings, shoot webs from his wrists, and sense when danger was approaching. He became Spider-Man. When Armond Rizzo was a teenager, he got fucked by a 12-inch cock and was given the rather incredible ability to take the monster dicks of performers like Rocco Steele and Cutler X. He became one of the most-talked about porn stars in recent memory. Read more »


Watch Last Friday’s Tim & Roma Live Valentine’s Special Now, With Mr. San Francisco Max Cameron

As promised, The Tim & Roma Show aired live on NakedSword and on The Sword on Friday, and it was a really fun show! Now we’ve got the tape.

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Exclusive: New Photos Of Ethan Elliott, Naked and Clothed

Last week The Sword talked to much-lusted-after former Sean Cody model Ethan Elliott, who’s lately been stripping and dancing on some boxes and stages up in Portland, only for the benefit of gay Portlanders — a fact that I cry into my pillow about every night. But now Ethan sent me a few new photos of himself, shot by Studio Jenkins, and I’m just going to go masturbate now.
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Bubble Butt-ed Fuck Machine Brandon Is Back At Sean Cody, This Time Plowing Jayden

Yes, Brandon is still incredibly beautiful. Yes, he is still straight.
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Colt Rivers Has Never Been On a Date, You Guys!

Men.com just put up this Valentine’s Day video of several models talking about the worst dates they’ve ever been on.
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Who Did Ryan Rose Fuck Better This Week?

Assuming you saw Ryan Rose power-drilling Duncan Black on that yacht in A Wicked Game earlier in the week, it’s time to compare that incredible fuck show with this new scene, featuring Ryan Black, Luke Adams, and a kitchen counter.
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Arad Is Back At Next Door Buddies Playing a Cosmo-Making Hotel Bartender

Sexy Iranian stud Arad, who made the Sword’s Top 25 Hottest Bodies list, is back in a new scene called Cocktail Seduction with Pierce Hartman.
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Levi Karter Talks About His Favorite Breakfast Sandwich; Also CockyBoys Finally Released The Finale Of ‘Answered Prayers’

CockyBoys recently posted this new, non-naked interview with Levi Karter, and while it’s not as in-depth about his background as the interview Adam Baran did with him a few months back on The Sword, it does get pretty deep into his food likes and dislikes.
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Ethan reading.

Exclusive: Ethan Elliott Talks To The Sword About Stripping In Portland, Possibly Returning To Porn

Longtime readers of The Sword will remember that 2011 was The Year of Ethan. The model who began his career as Sean Cody’s Ethan, and who now goes by Ethan Elliott, was easily one of the hottest finds Sean Cody made in the last five years, with his ripped body, 10-inch uncut dick, and kill-me-now beautiful smile.
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What the Fuck Is Going On Here?

Is it supposed to be hot that Alexy Tyler is splayed on a box in this day-glow room fucking himself with an alien dildo thing and sucking this other yellow dildo? Also, does Hot House know who Sean Zevran is?
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Unfathomably, Ridiculously Hot Jake Andrews Is Back Doing A Bareback Scene With Boyfriend Rafael Lords

Jake Andrews, who is stupidly hot and has a big thick cock, was off the porn radar for a bit, but he popped back up as a Lucas Entertainment model over the last year. Now they’ve got him in a bareback flip-flop scene with real-life boyfriend Rafael Lords, and it’s pretty fucking hot, even if he’s way hotter as a top.
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Now It’s Time To Watch Ryan Rose Fuck The Shit Out Of Duncan Black On a Boat In ‘A Wicked Game’

Did you like last week’s premiere? Cause there’s more.
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Sean Cody’s Pete Returns After Two Years To Get DP’d, Again, By Tanner And Forrest

It’s a special week when we have a threeway at Sean Cody, so crack those knuckles and click on through, gentlemen.
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Watch Tim & Roma Live This Friday Featuring Hookies Nominees Brian Bonds, Max Cameron, and More!

The Tim & Roma Show is coming back once again with their second live episode in six months, this time with a Valentine’s theme and a group of hot hookers!
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Update: Brent Corrigan-Theo Ford Affair Was Not Really An Affair?

Sorry, everybody. Brent is sorry too. But that seemingly intense new romance that blossomed between Brent Corrigan and Theo Ford turns out to have been something “platonic,” says Brent.
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Superstar Brent Everett About To Fuck Luke Adams In His First Men.com Scene

Brent Everett, who besides having his own website, having over 130,000 Twitter followers, and being in a well publicized throuple, has been laying low in the porn world recently, has just shot his first scene with Men.com! And it comes out this Saturday, February 14.
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Want To See Ridiculously Hot WWE Wrestler Seth Rollins’ Hard Cock?

It’s good that we live in a world where both men and women get their nude photos leaked on the web, and where hot men, both gay and straight, are constantly photographing their cocks. The latest: Pro wrestler Seth Rollins, whose fiancée Leighla Schultz leaked a couple of cock shots of Rollins the other night.
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If You’re Alone This Valentine’s Day, You Can Watch This Asinine Andrew Christian POV Video Of Topher DiMaggio And Pretend He’s Your Boyfriend

Once again pimping about nine different brands at once, Andrew Christian, in partnership with this gay mag called Winq, Gaytube, and the Chinese Grindr which is called Blued, has put out a Valentine’s video, which is “a date” with Topher DiMaggio.
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Logan McCree Responds to The Sword, Systematically Replies To Each and Every Hater

After noting Logan McCree’s recent Twitter activity — discussing how even though he still likes sex with men he “lost his gay membership” for various reasons including a love for eating pussy — a good number of Sword commenters jumped all over him. Well, he has a few words for each of you. And a whole lot of words for some of you.
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Billy Miller, Editor of Iconic True Sex Story Zine ‘Straight-To-Hell,’ Talks About the Early Days of Gay Erotica

In 1973, a 48-year-old New Yorker named Boyd McDonald published the first issue of a small underground zine called Straight-To-Hell. Thanks to its groundbreaking mix of true gay sex stories submitted by readers and news commentary which skewered straight men in positions of power, STH amassed subscribers and fans among horny queers around the world, Read more »


Attention, Please: Max Carter Has Gotten Hotter

It might just be the fresh high-and-tight haircut.
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Cliff Jensen, Looking Especially Busted, Plows Luke Adams In ‘The Apartment’

Multiply arrested gay-for-pay model Cliff Jensen pops back up on Men.com this week, looking especially sweaty and bloodshot, in a new scene called The Apartment where he fucks Luke Adams.
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New Sean Cody Model Cory Has Tintin Hair, A Really Hairy Ass

Fresh from the Sean Cody sectional this morning we have new face Cory, who kinda has a case of Tintin hair.
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These Two Horny Randy Blue Models Refuse To Stop Fucking, Making Out

“Bisexual nympho” Max Michaels, as Randy Blue calls him, just can’t get enough dick, and in a somewhat new spin for the site, Max’s scene with German newcomer Casper Young begins before the shoot is supposed to begin.
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Which Fuck Is Hotter?: Josh Conners and Derek Atlas In ‘Poolside’ or Ryan Rose and Sean Zevran In ‘America’s Finest’

It’s a tale of two Friday releases: One on a dark and moody set from Raging Stallion, the other on a sunny day by a pool from sister brand Falcon Studios.
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Theo Ford Continues His Rise To Porn Fame With Fresh Love Affair With Brent Corrigan

Brent Corrigan sounds like he’s in love, you guys.
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This Is Why Fraternity X Works

I’m not really a fan of Fraternity X, I guess because I still like my porn to be a little bit about fantasy, and sex fantasies to me don’t involve red Solo cups full of cigarette butts and an unconscious bottom getting gangbanged.
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[Update] Retired Porn Star Jayden Grey and His Sugar Daddy Just Spent A Few Weeks In Jail

Does everybody remember Jayden Grey? After a loud exit from the porn industry back in 2011, he and his Southern California sugar daddy known as The Big C launched a porn site of their own, featuring themselves, which quickly folded. And then this past year the two of them got engaged, but apparently they’re not the most awesome neighbors to have in Manhattan Beach…
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This Is Just a GIF Of Joe Manganiello Cumming

Not really, obviously.
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Next Up: Tiny Sebastian Kross Will Fuck Big Johnny V

Determined for now to remain a top, gorgeous but rather short new Falcon stud Sebastian Kross has just shot a scene for the studio up in Tahoe, and he’s paired with big, ripped Johnny V. And Sebastian’s the top, even though Johnny’s a good six inches and 50 pounds on him.
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Kevin Warhol Breaks In New Model Jerome Exupery’s Hole, But First They Give a Cute Interview

New Bel Ami model Jerome Exupery, whom a lot of you guys liked in this poll a couple weeks ago, can now be seen bottoming in his first scene for Kinky Angels, with Kevin Warhol.
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Sean Cody’s Brandon Licks Hunter Page For His Birthday; Hunter Hooks Up With Twink Model Parker Nolan

First off, for anyone who’s still confused: @King_jeffdon is definitely the real Twitter account of Sean Cody’s Brandon, whose real name is Jeff and who lives and bartends in Nashville, where he’s friends with Hunter Page. Read more »


Exclusive: First Look At NakedSword’s ‘A Wicked Game’ Starring Duncan Black, Ryan Rose, and Jarec Wentworth

Tomorrow (Wednesday, February 4), NakedSword releases their latest, spooky, narrative full-length feature, shot on location in Florida, titled A Wicked Game.
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Let the Mud-Slinging Begin: Corbin Fisher Disses Sean Cody As No Longer ‘Gay-Owned’

True to form for the gay porn world, somebody at Corbin Fisher decided to write a completely shady, bitchy email to their entire customer base not-so-subtly calling out the fact that Sean Cody has been swallowed up by the Mindgeek empire.
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Puerto Rican Gay Porn Model Gustavo Arrango Becomes Ex-Gay Pastor, Now Trying To Keep His Job

A Puerto Rican priest by the name of Jose Santiago has been outed by someone in his flock, or in his extended circle, as one-time gay porn model Gustavo Arrango. Now Santiago is arguing that he’s not gay anymore, even though he was a few years ago, and he’s fighting to keep his job.
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