Talking With Legendary ‘Night at the Adonis’ Editor Bob Alvarez

At 2109 Broadway, on New York’s Upper West Side, stands the Ansonia Hotel, a building which was once the major destination for horny gay New Yorkers, thanks to the famous den of sin that existed in the building’s basement: the legendary Continental Baths. Read more »


Leo Domenico Gives Shout-Out To The Sword In New Lucas Kazan Scene ‘The English Tutor’

Sexy Leo Domenico is talking about us in this new video out of Italian-based studio Lucas Kazan!
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Exclusive: Did Taylor Lautner Just Come Out of the Closet?!

The beautiful Taylor Lautner has been a Sword obsession since before he was even legal. We’ve even published poorly photoshopped fake nudes of him in porn scenes. And his sexuality has been something of a mystery all along. But what was he doing in a gay club in West Hollywood hugging up on Andrew Christian model Murray Swanby last night?!? Read more »


Bruno Knight Sentenced To Two Years For Attempting To Smuggle Meth Up His Ass

British porn stud Bruno Knight, who was nabbed back in June trying to board a Virgin Atlantic flight from LAX to London with two pounds of crystal meth up his arse, has been sentenced to two years in prison. Read more »


And Here’s Your First Peek at ‘Men of Anarchy,’ Jake Bass’s Debut

It’s happening. just tweeted out the first glimpse we have of Jake Bass as a model, pretending to be a bad motorcycle gang member in their upcoming Sons of Anarchy porn spoof.
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Lucas Entertainment Hires Hung Argentinian Model Who Apparently Killed His Father And Brother

Lucas Entertainment has apparently just signed this hot model, Tomas Lopez, who according to a tipster on Queer Me Now is actually an Argentinian guy who was accused of shooting his whole family back in 2003 and killing his father and brother.
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Randy Blue Boys Mock Every Gay Porn Cliché, Including Hot House’s Sports Shit

From the pizza boy who arrives to fuck you, to gay porn with random sports equipment, to art-y CockyBoys-esque poetry porn, the Randy Blue team covers it all in this new hilarious parody starring the adorable Diego Sans and Scotty Marx. Read more »


The Latest From Steve Pena and Brent Everett’s Throuple

They’re all three in love, everyone!
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Sean Cody’s Jack Gets Gayer With Every Scene

You know how back in September I was noticing that seemingly straight bodybuilder Sean Cody model Jack had gone from reluctantly gay-for-pay top to rather passionate-sounding man-lover in the course of just a few scenes? Read more »


Regarding the Hotness of Theo Ford, His New Scene With Jessy Ares, and His Upcoming Falcon Shoot

One of the hottest models to come out of UK Naked Men in years, Theo Ford is making more of a splash on American porn shores this winter with a new scene, debuting Thursday, on, and a scene he’s currently shooting in Las Vegas for Falcon Studios.
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Who Did Sean Zevran Fuck Better?

Sean Zevran is all over the airwaves this week in four different scenes for the Raging Hot Falcon. You can see him fucking Luke Adams in Falcon’s Naughty Pines, and Shawn Wolfe in Falcon’s Crave, and Boomer Banks in Auto Erotic, and Abraham Al Malek in Filthy Fucks. His dick must be super tired.
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That Awful Broke Straight Boys Reality Show Is Airing On HereTV Starting Dec. 19

Remember that depressing looking reality show featuring the models of Broke Straight Boys where they all live in a house together, torment each other, and ultimately admit that they’re, uh, broke and desperate for cash? Yeah. It’s airing in two weeks.
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British Censors Ban Water Sports, Spanking In VOD Porn, Call Fisting ‘Life-Endangering’

Today in the UK, the British Board of Film Censors (BBFC) voted in a new set of bans for British pornographers, listing out a set of sex acts that they consider “not nice sex” and potentially “life-endangering.” Among the things they say could kill you: fisting, and face-sitting.
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Exclusive: A Rare Talk With the Man, the Legend, Who Calls Himself Randy Blue

Randy Blue is working from home today after an arduous journey back to Los Angeles from New Orleans, where he and a friend spent Thanksgiving weekend. “I spend a lot of time working from home because the staff is shooting,” Randy (his real first name) says, “Sometimes as much as you hate to admit it, you can be a distraction. It’s easier for me to get stuff done from home.” Read more »


For Cyber Monday: A Roundup of $1 Porn Membership Deals

Looking to save a little cash while also finding some new jerkoff material? Look no further.
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As Of Today You Can Download All Of ‘Dirty Rascals’ Onto Your Very Own Computer

If you’re a NakedSword member you’ve probably been streaming the scenes from this fall’s big feature Dirty Rascals, which was a co-production with Bel Ami. But now you can download the whole shebang, starring Tommy Defendi, Connor Maguire, Gino Mosca, Darius Ferdynand, and Dato Foland, to your laptop for endless, wifi-free rewatching.
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Science May Have Finally Explained Why Gay-For-Pay, and Semi-Gay Straight Guys, Exist

How can Paddy O’Brian, Johnny Rapid, 80 percent of Sean Cody models, and the entire Next Door Male crew all make such convincing bottoms even though they’re “totally straight”? Many of you have argued about this over the years, unconvinced that anyone who would eagerly take a cock in their mouth or ass, even for money, must not fully hetero. But scientists might now have a good explanation for you. Read more »


Here Are the Top 10 Nude Male Celebrity Shots From TV and Movies In 2014

Mr. Man, the extremely comprehensive site devoted to perving out on every merest glimpse of celebrity peen ever to grace a movie screen, has compiled a list of the best gay and straight male ass from television and movies this year, including Charlie Hunnam’s umpteenth ass shot on Sons of Anarchy, and the gay sex scene from Game of Thrones.
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Johnny Rapid Says ‘I’ll Try Anything Once’ Re: Getting Fucked, Entire Internet Laughs

As he approaches his 9000th bottoming scene* for, after only starting his porn career three years ago, professional fuck puppet Johnny Rapid appears this week in a new scene with Luke Adams on Straight to Gay, pretending to be straight — which he allegedly sort of still is in his personal life.
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Johnny V Brings Boyfriend Joey D Into Porn, First Scene Debuts

We were warned this was happening. And now it’s here. Chicago-based boyfriends with initials for last names Johnny V and Joey D have released their first fuck scene together.
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Is This Like a Parody of ‘Everyone Poops’?

Chi Chi Larue has a new movie out, everybody! And it’s got Johnny Hazzard in it! And it’s called Everybody Fucks.
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Watch the Big, Glorious Outdoor Orgy Finale of ‘Dirty Rascals’ and Go Behind the Scenes With the Bel Ami Boys

Here it is, boys: The big group-sex final scene of Dirty Rascals where Connor Maguire gets to have sex with not one, not two, not three, but four beautiful Bel Ami models, on a bed, outdoors.
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Sean Cody Finally Has a Twitter Account, And It’s Already Filled With Hashtags, Misspellings

Someone over at Sean Cody convinced the company that it needed to get with the 21st century and get on social media. And, so, there’s now a Twitterer on staff and an official Sean Cody account teasing us with news of an upcoming return from a “fan favorite.” Read more »


Sword Favorite Ryan Raz Returns To Porn In Bareback Scene With Cam Christou

Longtime Sword pet Ryan Raz has been popping back into the porn scene this year. First he appeared this scene with Tyler Saint for (which turns out to have been shot a long time ago), then he was getting fucked on stage at Hustlaball in Berlin, and now he says he back for real with his first ever bareback scene, getting topped by Cam Christou for Dudes Raw. Read more »


Connor Maguire Plows a Very Smiley Mike Gaite in Falcon’s ‘Naughty Pines’

Let’s get back to the campsite with the Falcon boys, shall we? In the second scene from Naughty Pines, we get Hardest Working Ginger In Porn Connor Maguire fucking cute scruffy bottom newcomer Mike Gaite in a tent.
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‘Go-Go Boy Interrupted’: The Blooper Reel

You saw it. Some of you loved it. Maybe most of you didn’t care. But you know what?! I thought it was fucking funny. So it’s time to watch the outtake reel.
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Boomer Banks Sort Of Answers The Sword’s Questions About His First On-Screen Bottoming

Like I told you a couple weeks ago, Boomer Banks is getting fucked this season. Yes indeedy, Raging Stallion’s elephant-cocked Latin top is bottoming for the camera in the upcoming car-themed Auto Erotic Part 2.
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paddy-main-aitor Forces Spanish Newcomer To Get Fucked In a Wheelbarrow by Paddy O’Brian

For his first scene for, Spanish newcomer Aitor Bravo doesn’t say a word. Paddy O’Brian, who barely speaks English as it is, tells him there won’t be any problem about the language barrier as the two start shoveling dirt together, and then making out. Read more »


Paul Morris Extremely Proud Of ‘Breeding Season 3′ and All the Sadistic Blood Play

Once again in an effort to court controversy and/or disgust, Treasure Island Media has put out a movie that takes their bareback ethos to the next level — this time, an anonymous model gets the name Paul Morris carved into his chest with a knife by Dayton O’Connor, and then they use the blood as lube.
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Mike De Marko Talks Real Estate, Being A Closeted Frat Bro, and Explaining His Sean Cody Account To a Girlfriend

Mike De Marko isn’t interested in becoming a big porn star, despite being one of the industry’s hardest working young performers for the past two years. Read more »


Former Channel One Model Jonathan West Is Now A New York City Firefighter

XBiz, busy as they are covering the world of straight porn, sometimes messes up with the terminology surrounding gay stuff, like in this article about former “pay for gay” star Jonathan West, a.k.a. fitness model Jonathan Jesensky, who’s now been discovered to be a firefighter in New York.
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SF Gays Make A Taylor Swift Thanksgiving Parody: ‘Shake & Bake’

The same duo who made this Sam Smith parody last month with the help of the SF Gay Men’s Chorus are back with a Thanksgiving-themed parody, this time using Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.”
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Micah Brandt Sounds Like He Really Loved Getting Fucked By Jimmy Durano On That Tractor

The last scene from Hot House’s Saddle Up is out, and in it Jimmy Durano gets to fuck Micah Brandt in the sun.
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Watch Christian Wilde Fuck Ryan Rose, and See Brian Bonds DP’d, In Raging Stallion’s ‘Guard Patrol’

One of Raging Stallion‘s last big releases of the year is now out on DVD — sadly it won’t be online for a bit, if you’re impatient — and it’s called Guard Patrol.
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Can You Spot The Porn Star In This Kirk Cameron Christian Video About Homosexuality?

Kirk Cameron came to San Francisco to make a video about being a good Christian and helping homosexuals get saved. And he managed to get a retired porn star on camera talking about getting laid. Can you guess who it is?!?!
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Ivan Gregory Says Ex-Boyfriend Jed Athens Tried To Destroy His Porn Career

Porn daddy Matt Stevens has done another shirtless interview from his Florida home, and this time he’s talking with sexy South African model Ivan Gregory.
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Fitness Model With Amazing Ass Makes Taylor Swift Lip Sync Video About Gay Marriage

Fitness model and SF-based go-go boy Bryan Hawn, who previously made this “Wrecking Ball” video in his underwear, has made a more political statement with his latest YouTube work.
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Max Ryder, Now Officially Retired, Is Writing a Porn Memoir, and He Started a Blog

CockyBoys model Max Ryder, who just last year was one of the studio’s prime stars, has made his retirement official and launched a blog under his real name, George Alvin. And he says he’s working on a porn memoir “about my 2 years in a ruthless industry and moving into adulthood.” He is 21 years old.
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Next Door Studios Pretends There Was Never A Fight With Cody Cummings, And New Scene Gets Released

That new scene marking the relaunch of called Private Lusts is now live, and it’s just as boring as anticipated.
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Gino Mosca Fucks, and Fucks Over Darius Ferdynand In Ep. 3 of ‘Dirty Rascals’

Darius Ferdynand plays the “headmaster” in the chateau of the rich, and recently deceased Countess Fellini in this new sex romp from NakedSword. And in this third installment of Dirty Rascals, he gets seduced by sexy Bel Ami model Gino Mosca, who has more than a quick fuck on his mind when he tied Darius up.
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Two Seriously Good Fucks: A Case Study

When it comes to these two new scenes, I don’t think anyone in the pornoverse is going to argue that this is some solid fucking.
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