Adam Baran Talks Incest Porn With Legendary Director Joe Gage

It’s impossible to overstate the impact Joe Gage has had on the world we fags live in. His iconic Working Man porn trilogy (Kansas City Trucking Company, El Paso Wrecking Corp, and L.A. Tool & Die) depicted blue collar men Read more »


Sean Duran Demonstrates the Double-Ass Pile-Drive on Armond Rizzo and Rafael Lord

In the latest release from Lucas Entertainment, which looks to be possibly the last we’ll see of Sean Duran for a while now that he’s taking a break from porn to raise a scary looking pet fox, Sean Duran pulls off a kind of marvelous feat, double-dipping as it were into the asses of Armond Rizzo and Rafael Lord in the kind of threeway arrangement that’s the dream of all power tops.
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Zack Randall Releases Four-Year-Old Scene With With the Stupidly Named Jizzy McBone

I knew I saw this guy before, and yes, actually, I probably saw this scene before.
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Watch Logan Moore Stick It To Sean Zevran in the Opener of ‘Foreskin Mafia’

Steve Cruz assembled an all-star line up for Foreskin Mafia including Boomer Banks, Armando De Armas and FX Rijos. The first scene of Raging Stallion’ latest movie premiere today with Sean Zevran and Logan Moore and there’s plenty to chew on – and this time anyway, it’s not the scenery. Read more »


Corbin Fisher Promises ‘Daily Episodes,’ But Will They Actually Be New Scenes?

Corbin Fisher Pete just tweeted, “Starting this week #CorbinFisher members get 7 updates. Yep. Daily episodes!” Is this another one of their timetable shell games or are they literally going head to head with’s daily schedule? Read more »


Tom Faulk Drops In On Fraternity X, Pretends to Be a Frat Bro

Gay-for-pay star Tom Faulk definitely looks the part of a semi-bisexual frat bro who likes to get drunk with his bros and fuck some bro ass. So if you’re into that fantasy, you’ll love the new scene from Fraternity X.
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Talking With Mickey Taylor, the Newest NakedSword Exclusive Model

Sexy British porn stud Mickey Taylor has just signed on as NakedSword‘s latest exclusive model — the third in the last few months following Killian James and Bray Love. He also just shot his first scene for the studio with Bray Love, in Hooker Stories 3, as of yesterday. Read more »


Hot House Unveils Redesign, Hot Scene With Dylan Knight and Chris Bines

With a slick new redesign, a big price break and a new scene with Dylan Knight and Chris Bines called “Hard Medicine” Hot House offers plenty to get worked up over today. Read more »


Michael Lucas, Dominic Ford, Other Industry Vets Vent Outrage At Str8UpGayPorn Blogger

Within the gay porn industry, a dustup began overnight after Str8UpGayPorn posted an article outing the full name and some more personal details of QueerMeNow‘s blogger, who last weekend took home the Grabby Award for Best Porn Blog for the second year running. Now, the entire porn industry is built on fake names, and there’s a code of ethics around protecting each others’ identities, so many including me quickly took this act as a step too far for an industry gossip site. Read more »


Stewart Taylor’s ‘Liberation’: The Pride Anthem of Summer 2015?

Ireland’s overwhelming embrace of marriage equality was the ultimate launch of the summer Pride season. Now Stewart Taylor’s “Liberation” gives Pride an anthem and every kid ever bullied, a voice! Read more »


Go Behind The Scenes With Mike DeMarko and Jason Maddox in the Hot Final Episode of ‘On the Lookout’

We’re down to the cum-filled finale of NakedSword’s On the Lookout, and Episode Four stars the adorable Mike DeMarko, who takes the dick of one of his longtime crushes, Jason Maddox.
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Logan McCree Returns To Raging Stallion, Shoots New Scene With Boomer Banks

We’ve been talking about the return of tattooed wunderkind Logan McCree for months now, but now that he’s flown stateside to attend IML, he’s officially signed on to make a big comeback to the studio where he made his name in the late 2000s, Raging Stallion. And his scene partner will be none other than Boomer Banks. Read more »


Not a Joke: Proposed New California Law Would Require Porn Actors to Wear Safety Goggles

Cody Cummings wore goggles to His First Facial and that was hilarious. But if proposed new regulations for adult films in California are enacted, all porn actors would be required to wear safety goggles — and no one in Porn Land is laughing at that. Read more »


Hot 19-y-o UK Footballer Aaron Moody Has Enormous, Possibly 11-Inch Uncut Cock

Size queens, get ready to add this to your spank bank.
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Did the Condom Kill This Jordan Levine and Scotty Marx Scene?

Between the afterglow of guest star Austin Wilde fucking of Dominic Santos last week and the Grabbys Weekend hysteria, it almost slipped through the cracks that in the follow-up, Jordan Levine slipped on a condom before fucking Scotty Marx for Randy Blue. But did the condom make any difference? Read more »


And Here Are the Winners Of the 2015 Swordie Awards

Sister Roma and mr. Pam represented NakedSword and The Sword at this year’s Grabby Awards in Chicago, and they played co-hosts at the now annual Post-Grabbys Recovery Brunch at the North End bar on Sunday afternoon.
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Who Would You Rather?: Corbin Fisher’s Dillon or Sean Cody’s Brendan

A couple of new faces and dicks for you to choose between today: Dillon, who’s got an amazing body and beautiful dick, jerking off at Corbin Fisher; and Brendan (not to be confused with Brandon!!), who also has a hot body and nice dick, jerking off at Sean Cody.
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Sebastian Kross Heats Up Brenner Bolton’s Hole in ‘Tahoe – Cozy Up’

The legend of Falcon Studios’ “Tahoe” franchise was cemented with the crazy hot opener of Andrew Stark pounding lucky Ricky Decker in Tahoe – Cozy Up. The second scene, with Sebastian Kross and Brenner Bolton, drops today – and when you see it, so will your pants. Read more »


Paul Canon Reads Shakespeare, And Gets Fucked By Bennett Anthony

What a great Memorial Day Grabby Weekend that was! It has winners, sinners, breaks, break-ups… and even Shakespeare and auto-fapping. I was shocked too: Paul Canon can read! Read more »


[Updated] Billy and Seth Santoro Finish Grabbys/IML Weekend With a Fight, Talk About Separating

The excitement, and threeways, of Grabbys/IML weekend in Chicago may have been a bit much for the Santoros this year. Read more »


Videos and a Recap From the 2015 Grabby Awards Stage

I have been working in the gay porn industry for 15 years, but this was my first time attending The Grabby Awards. (See the full list of winners here.) It is part awards show, part entertainment, and over-all a great opportunity if you like partying with porn stars at multiple events going on all over Chicago during the IML Memorial Day weekend. Read more »


Grabbys 2015 Winners: Connor Maguire, Johnny V, Rocco Steele All Win Big

Reporting live from Chicago, we have Sword Awards Show Correspondent Danny Zee.

The 2015 Grabby Awards are just wrapping, and I will have a dispatch and videos for you later. [Update: See some videos from the stage and my recap here.] Suffice it to say CockyBoys took home several awards for the ambitious if obscure Answered Prayers, Ryan Rose and Trenton Ducati took home more awards, and Johnny V was recognized for his muscle-bottom prowess. Read more »


When the Santoros Met Logan McCree and More Dispatches From the Pre-Grabbys/IML Scene In Chicago

The Grabby Awards are happening in Chicago in just a couple of hours, and much of the gay porn world is in their hotel rooms right now applying concealer and pre-lubing.
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Ireland Says YES!!!

It wasn’t until 1993 that homosexuality was decriminalized in Ireland. Yet yesterday, this country that once was a virtual strong hold of Catholic rule became the first country in the world to have a national referendum on gay marriage – and it appears to have won by a l-a-n-d-s-l-i-d-e. Read more »


If I Picked The Grabbys: Who Should Win, 2015 Edition

Though I can’t say there’s a clear, runaway gem of a film that got overlooked this year like 2014′s Where The Wild Twinks Are, which I felt was robbed and should have won ALL THE GRABBYS last year, I do have some opinions on this year’s nominees.
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[Updated] Ryan Rose Splits With Boyfriend Ethan Slade: “It’s What’s Best”

Ryan Rose confirmed today that he’s no longer with boyfriend Ethan Slade. Read more »


Who Fucked Mike DeMarko Best This Week?

Mike DeMarko is one of the few men you want to fuck and take home for your folks’ Memorial Day Weekend barbecue. No wonder he is everyone’s fantasy boyfriend. For four lucky stiffs, Jaxton Wheeler, Tom Faulk, Will Braun and Adam Bryant, fantasy became into reality in three scenes in the past week. But who fucked him best? Read more »


Adam Killian Is Back At Lucas For a Majorly Hot Flip-Fuck With Dylan James

The great Mr. Killian returns to Lucas Entertainment this Memorial Day Weekend for a new flip-fuck scene that’s pretty fucking hot.
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Five Molested Kids and Counting: Josh Duggar Isn’t Just Anti-Gay, He’s Now an Admitted Pedophile.

Reality TV personality Josh Duggar has spent the past two years delivering the FRC’s message that the LGBT community is a threat to kids. Turns out, he should have been looking in the mirror. Read more »


Sean Cody’s Brodie Says the Studio Is a Great Place For Straight Guys To ‘Practice’ Their Gay Fantasies

In a revealing one-on-one interview after today’s new Sean Cody scene, in which longtime, recently returned model Brodie fucks bubble-butted Ollie, Brodie talks about what he likes about coming to the Sean Cody fuck pad.
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Now Watch John Magnum Drill the Fuck Out of Doug Acre’s Ass

In Part 3 of’s series Big Bro, we’ve got the same exact scenario as Parts 1 and 2, but with Doug Acre playing the wayward youth in this one, and John Magnum playing his horny, inappropriate Big Bro mentor.
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Brad Pitt Maybe Secretly Bisexual, Allegedly Once Ordered Porn Star Cameron Fox Off Rentboy

Well this is fun: Star magazine is trying to out Brad Pitt today as a secret bisexual, saying Angelina Jolie knows all about Brad’s proclivities, and that Brad has some especially picky taste when it comes to the dudes he wants to fuck.
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Eddy CeeTee and Hugh Hunter Ravage Each Other In the Blistering Finale of ‘Catch 22′

I have known TitanMen’s Jasun Mark for a quite a while now. The other day I asked him why their exclusive Eddy CeeTee has been so reclusive lately. “He’s in the finale of Catch 22 along with Hugh Hunter,” Mark said, adding, “and it will be worth the wait.” No wonder we have been friends for so long: he always speaks the truth. Read more »


[Updated] Tyra Banks Called Model Keith Carlos ‘Manaconda,’ and Now He Shows Us Why

Supermodel Tyson Beckford threw some shade on Keith Carlos, the first male winner of America’s Next Top Model (ANTM), and proclaimed him “short.” But judging by the latest pics Carlos has started posting, it’s obvious why Tyra Banks called him something else: Manaconda. Read more »


Outspoken Anti-Gay Pastor is Caught On Grindr … Dick Pics at 11

“We don’t tell a person born with tendencies to abuse alcohol to keep on giving in to his innate desires because he can’t help it” was a since-deleted comment Michigan Reverend Matthew Makela wrote in response to an anti-gay op-ed in a local paper. “I love making out Naked. And i top. Also love to cuddle” is what he wrote on Grindr. And just like in Jericho, those walls came a tumbling down. Read more »


Will Colt Callaghan in ‘Ginger Part 2′ Leave Red-Faced?

There is a red head renaissance in gay porn with the likes of Seth Fornea, Bennett Anthony and Jordan. Today in ‘Ginger Part 2,’ for, Colt Callaghan throws his freckles into the ring — and his dick into Colt Rivers. Is he hot enough to make the cut? Read more »


Austin Wilde Barebacks Dominic Santos In One of the Hottest Fucks of the Year

“I don’t know if it’s Dominic in general, or the fact he can suck his own dick while I fuck him…” said Austin Wilde on Twitter, bragging about limber scene partner and Randy Blue model Dominic Santos. Randy Blue described this bareback co-production with Guys In Sweatpants scene as “magic.” As for the rest of us, we may just be calling it the hottest scene of the year. Read more »


Exclusive: Go Behind the Scenes at Bray Love’s First Shoot For NakedSword, On the Set of ‘On the Lookout’

As new NakedSword exclusive model Bray Love told The Sword a few weeks ago, he was kind of scared when he first met six-foot-six-inch scene partner Austin Keyes. “He walked in the room and I was like OH MY GOD he’s going to destroy me.” And, as you can see in the behind-the-scenes footage below, he kinda did. Read more »


Sister Roma Recaps The First Ever DragCon, Wonders If Sharon Needles Is Just a Bitch

If a bomb went off in the L.A. Convention Center last weekend the entire DRAG COMMUNITY would have been decimated! Over 13,000 people attended DragCon, the world’s first ever drag convention and it was spectacular. Read more »


There Are Two Naked Cocks In New Andrew Christian Boy Scout Video But Neither Of Them Is Murray Swanby’s

Andrew Christian and co. refuse to stop making videos that are almost porn, but not quite. Maybe these are hot to some of you and encourage you to buy Andrew Christian underwear.
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Jessie Montgomery Needs New Furniture, Seth Santoro Needs Lasik, And More In This Week’s Porn Star GoFundMe Campaigns

We live in an age when porn stars have unprecedented direct access to fans but they make a fraction of the money that big stars used to make shooting scenes. Part of that is because of piracy, and part of that is because the existing studios pump out so many scenes a month that nobody makes big money per scene anymore. Read more »

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