Boomer Banks Talks Fashion Design, His Big Cock, and Why He’s a Good Escort

It’s late at night on Easter Sunday and I’m on speakerphone with the gentle, giant-cocked Boomer Banks as he drives westward through the streets of L.A. on his way home from dinner with friends. Read more »


Kill Me Now: Seth Fornea’s First COLT Scene Released

Holy fuck. I’ve only been waiting since August, but the glorified underwear hawkers at COLT have finally released the full, non-jerkoff solo with Seth Fornea. And even if there’s no cumming yet, I don’t care.
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Porn Stars, Gays React to the Death of Fred Phelps

The old bastard croaked. Fred Phelps. The religious zealot-turned-hatemonger who took American homophobia to new heights finally, finally kicked the bucket last night, and the internet has been filled with glee all day. Read more »


Regarding the Glory Of Sean Cody’s Jess’s Cock

Today marks the 21st topping scene for Sean Cody’s Jess, whose monster cock has plowed the holes of every top-billed bottom (and a few tops) on the site’s roster at this point. But he hadn’t yet had a crack at Tanner’s until now.
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Watch Travis Mathews’ Latest Erotic Doc ‘In Their Room: Berlin,’ For Free

As NakedSword celebrates the one-year anniversary of the release of the pioneering, hardcore gay indie I Want Your Love this week, they’ve given director Travis Mathews a free platform from which to present his latest edition in the In Their Room series, this one shot in Berlin. Read more »


Hot or Not?: Dalton Pierce

Over at Dallas Reeves (and soon on, I’m getting to love this new bareback slut Dalton Pierce. Please, tell me what you think, Sword readers.
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Former Porn Star and Noted Wife-Beater Robert Van Damme Sentenced to 9 Years for Armed Robbery in Czech Republic

For those who were keeping tabs on the whereabouts of ex-porn star Robert Van Damme, there is an update today. And he will be remaining in a Czech prison for a good long while.
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Duncan Black: ‘I’m Not a Hooker’

The adorable and eminently fuckable Duncan Black just got a lengthy profile written about him on The Daily Beast, mostly covering his career as a rentboy but getting a bit into his porn work as well. First things first though: He is an escort, not a hooker.
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afunwithabeardedboy (9)

New Site Deviant Otter Launches With ABeardedBoy Scene, Lots of Fucking, Sounding

Attention all pervs: There’s a new site to check out starring Devin Totter, a.k.a. Deviant Otter. And for his first trick, he flies to Montreal and shoots “an all-night fuck session” in his hotel room with ABeardedBoy himself, Dominic Fournier. Read more »


Treasure Island Now Suing Its Own Former Employee

In the saga of continually embattled Treasure Island Media, we have a new chapter which may harken back to that anonymous source who tried to call them out for not using real cum in The 1000 Load Fuck. Read more »


Watch Liam Magnuson Fuck One More Time in Titan’s ‘Wet’

You know how it goes with porn star retirements: They say they’re retired, but they’ve shot a couple of scenes that are left to come out, and then some studios just have stuff in the can that they’re trickling out anyway. So, even though he’s technically been out of the game since October, here’s another scene featuring buzzed blond power top Liam Magnuson, and it may not be his last. Read more »


Which Is Funnier: ‘Day Drunk Gays’ or ‘Not Looking’?

Episode 2 of ‘Not Looking’ arrived yesterday — and in case you missed Episode 1, you should watch it here. But there’s this other gay web series, also following a group of drunk gays in L.A., that also recently showed up, called ‘Day Drunk Gays,’ and they’re on Episode 4.
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Diego Sans is Done With His Justin Bieber Phase

Over the past few weeks, I’ve mostly spoken with porn outsiders like TS Madison or A Bearded Boy whose work exists outside the established, mainstream porn studio structure. This week, I wanted to change things up and talk to someone in that world Read more »


The 21 Prettiest Sets of Eyes In All Of Gay Porn

Sure, lots of gay porn stars have fantastic bodies, beautiful cocks, and museum-quality asses. But some of us really get taken in by faces, and pretty eyes are the quickest ticket to sex for me. Read more »


Vance Crawford and Bryce Evans Have a Fuck-Off, And Who Do You Think Wins?

So You Think You Can Fuck Season 4 is in week 3 now, and up this week are Vance Crawford and Mr. Nipples himself, Bryce Evans representing their respective teams, doing a flip-flop sex scene that’s mildly okay.
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Andrew Christian Once Again Pretending All Their Models Are Straight

Trying to appeal to the “straight-acting-only” biases in many of us, gay underwear maker Andrew Christian has just made a new promo video about “Bromosexuals.”
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In ‘Answered Prayers’ Part 3, the CockyBoys Have a Weird But Hot Fourgy

Going back to November, there’s been a lot of anticipation around Jake Jaxson’s ambitious, multi-part, metaphorical, sexualized psycho-drama Answered Prayers. And we’ve waited a while now for this third scene, from which we already saw those behind-the-scenes Vines. Read more »


Nick Capra Working on a ‘Cautionary Autobiography,’ Gives a Peek of His First Scene Partners In Four Years

Just to clarify about those photos that popped up last week with the announcement of Nick Capra’s return to the porn industry: They’re new.
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BREAKING: Hot Legit Male Model Igor Kolomiyets Reveals Huge Cock, Jerks It For Sean Cody

Hot off the presses this morning I have news that 19-year-old, ultra-sexy, straight male model Igor Kolomiyets, the same Igor who was featured in Davey Wavey’s video from 2 months ago called “Straight Boys Are Hot?,” has just done his first solo jerkoff vid (that I know of) for Sean Cody. His porn name: Allen. Read more »


For’s 1000th Scene, They’re Throwing Johnny Rapid Back In Prison; Also, Paddy O’Brian Bottomed Again, For Leo Domenico is coming up on the release of their 1000th scene, meaning that since the site debuted in mid-2011 they’ve pumped out upwards of 300 scenes a year, nearly one a day, on average. And to celebrate, they’re revisiting a combo that brought them huge traffic: Johnny Rapid and Rafael Alencar, fucking in a prison. Read more »


Jamie Stroud a.k.a. Chip Tanner Is Not On Drugs, He’s Just ‘Easily Excitable’

Continuing his efforts to fill the webiverse with pseudo-philosophical drivel that’s discussed without his shirt on, former porn star and generally weird hot person Chip Tanner brings us a new video in which he directly addresses viewer criticisms and questions.
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Porn Power Couple Breakup Alert: Boomer Banks and Angel Rock Not a Thing Anymore [Updated]

Well, I’ve got yet another update to our two-week-old power couple status roundup: Boomer Banks and Angel Rock are not together anymore. Read more »


Hunter Page and Chris Bines Talk About Their Fuck Buddy Arrangement in ‘Boyfriends 2′

Well, gentlemen, it’s time for the fourth and final installment of NakedSword’s Boyfriends 2, which features non-boyfriends but occasional fuck buddies Hunter Page and Chris Bines.
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There Are More People Jerking Off to Gay Porn in the Deep South Than Previously Imagined

PornHub has just put out some statistical data that proves that there’s no more hypocritical place in the country than the Deep South. The states that are most virulently anti-gay-marriage and bigoted in general are also the ones that watch the most gay porn.
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Andrew Stark Returns to Porn After Brief, Confounding Hiatus

Dude. Andrew. You had me worried. We’ve barely seen your handsome face and magnificent cock since, like, the middle of 2013. You shot that scene with Rocco Reed and Chris Bines to close out your contract, then did that other thing in New York, and disappeared! Where you been, man?
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The Many Faces of Phil Affleck’s Beautiful Cock

If you haven’t discovered him already or familiarized yourself with his work, please meet Phil Affleck. (No relation.) I have made it my personal mission to get his cock inside me before I die, which could be soon if I keep staring at it. Read more »


Levi Karter and Max Carter Have a Smoking Hot Flip-Fuck, And Levi’s Load Is Huge

Mr. Karter and Mr. Carter have finally been paired up over at CockyBoys, and it turns out the two mostly bottom-ish boys had been wanting to fuck for a while. And they’re both versatile, and men of few words. So, director Jake Jaxson titled the scene “#NOWORDS.”
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Is It Broken?

Randy Blue just debuted a brand new, beefcakey model named Brutus Butler. He’s a manly man with big ears, big muscles, and, what’s this? A slightly broken looking penis.
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