Levi Karter Says He’s a Grindr Tease, Admits He Farted In Pierre Fitch’s Face

It’s fitting that I’m at a restaurant on Bond Street called The Smile, because sitting across from me is a boy who almost never stops smiling: Levi Karter, the wildly popular porn twink from Cockyboys. Levi’s smile seems to stem from a place of contentment — with himself, with his identity, with his chosen profession, Read more »


Next Door Buddies Celebrates 1000th Scene By Making Gay-For-Pay Star Pretend to Be Gay, Get Fucked Twice

It’s like a magic trick! In Wedding Jitters Part 1, Markie More plays Markie More, except the fictional Markie More is about to marry a woman and is haunted by some hot man-sex he had in college. Except! He hasn’t ever taken a dick in his ass yet. So his buddies Cole Christiansen and Steven (one name) help him out.
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Famed Go-Go Boy Matthew Camp Appears Almost Naked In New, Insufferable Gay Indie Film

Matthew Camp, who has frustratingly never gotten fully naked for cameras and has now parlayed his fame as a New York City go-go boy into a leather and fragrance line, appears in a new gay indie flick called Getting Go that looks like it will be kind of insufferable. Read more »


Andrew Stark, Who Is Still Very Hot, Signs As Falcon Exclusive

All I know is he’s a Falcon Exclusive now, and his debut is in a new DVD called Intensity, and he is still fucking hot.
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Colby Keller Will Fuck His Way Across All 50 States In New Vagabond Porn Project

Colby Keller is going to buy himself a fuck truck and tour the country working on his art, and making porn, now that he got evicted from his Baltimore apartment. He would please like your help, and in exchange, he might fuck you. But more likely he will just send you a postcard.
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Now Men.com Is Ripping Off ‘Gay of Thrones,’ the Comedy Series on Funny Or Die

Men.com is doing a porn parody of Game of Thrones, and they’re calling it Gay of Thrones, which also happens to be the name of a popular web series that’s been airing on Funny or Die featuring hair stylist Jonathan Van Ness as well as comic folks Margaret Cho, Jeffery Self, and Lucy Davis. Is somebody going to sue Men.com??
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Ginger God Seth Fornea Has Maybe, Possibly Filmed His First Sex Scene With Boyfriend Jared LeBlanc

Colt Studio Group is making us wait, and wait, and wait, dicks in hand, for Seth Fornea to finally pop his porn cherry and fuck something on camera. Has it been shot? Will it just be more softcore bullshit? Something promising has arrived via the tweets, and director Kristofer Weston.
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R.I.P.: Former Falcon Star Cameron Fox Dead At Age 36

Cameron Fox, he of the square jaw and few words who appeared in a dozen of titles for Falcon Studios in the early 2000s before moving on to fuck for the cameras of other studios, has died of undisclosed causes in Fort Lauderdale. He was 36. Read more »


Max Carter Gets Double-Stuffed With Twink Cock at Helix

Sometime CockyBoy Max Carter swung back to the studio where he first worked, Helix, after a year-long absence, and this last week they unleashed this new bareback scene in which Max gets DP’d by Jacob Dixon and Kody Knight. And he makes it look almost easy! Read more »


What Happened To This Next Door Model’s Penis?

Something just… doesn’t look right.
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Talking With Davie, An Anonymous ‘Dirty Viner’

Walt Whitman begins his famous poem “Song of Myself” with the line, “I celebrate myself, I sing myself.” These words are on my mind as I sit across from Davie, a handsome, muscular, tan young man in his early 30s, who is lying in bed, naked and aroused, celebrating himself for thousands of horny fans all over the world. A small tattoo of Whitman’s bearded visage rests on his left ankle. Read more »


Seth Rose Wins GayHoopla’s Four-Man Jerkoff Race

Fratmen proved that you could create pretty hot gay content without any real hardcore sex, mostly just making drunk frat boys dance around naked together, wrestle, and shower together every once in a while. Fratmen is of course where GayHoopla director/founder Landon a.k.a. LaEl had his first brush with the adult industry, and where he learned to make gay porn. Read more »


Tommy Defendi Plowing Hans Berlin Is the Perfect Thing to End the Week

Tommy really knows how to kick off a weekend with that dick of his.
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Here’s Jarec Wenworth’s First Men.com Scene, and It’s About Sex Trafficking

As announced the other week, Jarec Wentworth is a Men.com exclusive now. He’s got at least one more scene yet to drop from Randy Blue, but his first scene for Men.com is out today, Men For Sale.
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Ultimate Narcissist Davey Wavey Has Found a New Boyfriend Who Looks Just Like Him

Raise your hands if you basically hate Davey Wavey but you still watch his videos sometimes and can’t take your eyes off his tits. Well, he probably can’t take his eyes off his own tits either, and now that he’s relocated to L.A. to become a TV star or something, he’s found himself a doppelganger. Read more »


Hot or Not: New Bel Ami Model Gregg Meyjes, And His Extra-Hairy Ass

What do we think? Read more »


Straight ‘Company Owner’ Launches Into Anti-Gay Rant Over Treasure Island’s ‘Viral Loads’ [Update]

Straight porn blogger and shit-stirrer Mike South published a “guest editorial” today that is basically a vicious screed against homosexuality. And it’s inspired by Treasure Island’s recent poz-cum-fetishizing work Viral Loads. Read more »


Exclusive: Tyson Tyler Had ‘Not a Clue’ About ’12 Inches a Slave’

You know how last week I pointed out that tasteless porn title from Eurocreme, 12 Inches a Slave, starring Tyson Tyler? Well, Tyson thought the movie was just a myth some blogger made up until I showed him the DVD sale page, and he says he had no idea they were releasing that. Read more »


Dick Flapping, Cum Lapping, and More Behind the Scenes of ‘Roommate Wanted’

You’ve seen the scenes, now see what happened behind the scenes in a new behind-the-scenes compilation from NakedSword’s Roommate Wanted. Read more »


Another Former Fratman Turns Reality TV Star: Jesse Blum, a.k.a. Fratmen’s Damon, on E!’s Escape Club

It’s a pretty common career trajectory for today’s exhibitionist, narcissistic youth: Softcore homo porn to E! network reality star. Pretty soon he’ll be getting puked on by Lindsay Lohan and then he’ll be back working at an IHOP. Read more »


File Under Aww: Helix Twinks Jessie Montgomery and Jamie Sanders Break Off Engagement

Way back in September, Helix star and Grabby nominee Jessie Montgomery (age 19) announced his engagement to fellow twink model and aspiring dancer Jamie Sanders. Some of you commenters were mean about this, others of you offered kind words like, “Does the double-sided dildo have to sign the marriage certificate too?” Well, nine months later, they’ve broken up. Read more »


Regarding the Rare and Marvelous Hands-Free Cumshot

Nick Sterling just pulled off the double-cumshot feat in the latest released scene from Falcon Edge’s Ready to Fuck, and the first cumshot is that most special of all cumshots: the hands-free cumshot. Read more »


Jay Roberts and Rogan Richards Need to Keep Fucking For All Eternity

Chemistry! It’s pretty important for good porn. And these two fucking have it.
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I Think My Crush on Dalton Pierce Just Died

Remember how I thought Dalton Pierce was pretty hot, and 75% of Sword readers agreed? Yeah, forget it.
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Connor Maguire Has Bottomed Again, and It Was With Jake Bass?

Well here’s what you’d call a surprising development: Omnisexual ginger stud Connor Maguire is back to bottoming in not one, but two scenes this week, and one of them is with tiny Canadian CockyBoy Jakes Bass. Read more »


Andy Warhol Porn Shots Go Up For Auction

We all know that Andy Warhol was pretty pervy, right? He made movies with plenty of nudity in them, he clearly jacked off to (and maybe with) Joe Dallesandro, and he was probably a big bottom. But not a ton of his sexier artwork has been available to the public before now. Read more »


‘Roommate Wanted’ Now on DVD in New Falcon/ Raging Stallion/ NakedSword Online Store

Assuming you’re still collecting DVDs so you can watch gay sex on your big TV and not just your laptop, there’s a new online source for DVDs from Falcon Studios, Raging Stallion, and NakedSword Originals, and today NakedSword’s Roommate Wanted is now available there for purchase. Read more »


Antonio Da Silva Talks Tricking In Bathrooms, and the Secrets Behind His High-Art Porn

In the span of only a few years, Portugese filmmaker Antonio Da Silva has created a collection of innovative, thrillingly dirty queer short films that mix elements of experimental cinema, early gay porn, X-Tube, and surrealism to depict the unique ways gay men have sex today. Read more »


Who Did Colby Keller Fuck Harder?: Dillon Rossi or Luke Adams

It’s time for another poll, this time involving two Colby Keller scenes that were both released this week. We’ve learned that Colby is a) currently celibate in his private life, and b) becoming an ascetic nomad who has sworn off worldly possessions. But he is still a grade-A fuck stud when the cameras are rolling.
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Is This the Hairiest Dude Sean Cody Has Ever Cast?

Meet Eddie. He’s Sean Cody’s Friday surprise. And holy shit he has hairy armpits.
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Here’s Jarec Wentworth’s Last (?) Scene With Randy Blue, and It’s a DP

OK, this may not be the last thing they have in the can featuring Jarec, one of their biggest stars, but Randy Blue decided to release this double-penetration scene — in which Jarec and Diego Sans double-cornhole Skylar West — the same week that Jarec announced he’s defected to Men.com. Read more »

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