Mike De Marko Talks Real Estate, Being A Closeted Frat Bro, and Explaining His Sean Cody Account To a Girlfriend

Mike De Marko isn’t interested in becoming a big porn star, despite being one of the industry’s hardest working young performers for the past two years. Read more »


Let’s All Mock Straight Porn Star Evan Stone In This ‘Sister Wives’ Parody

In case you’ve missed it, there’s a kind of funny web series called “Good Clean Porn” in which all the sex gets edited out of straight porn, and funny guy Steven Sims does some running commentary on all the terrible B-roll. This week’s target: Sister Wives XXX, a porn parody of the polygamist reality show.
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It’s Time For The Explosive Tommy Defendi-Joseph Rough Finale to ‘Hotel Hook-Up’

I’ve been telling you Scene 4 was the hottest, and here it is.
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Which Connor Maguire Bottoming Scene Is the Hottest?

Hot ginger top Connor Maguire, who took home this year’s Grabby Award for Manly Man, has shown his versatility once again in a new scene for Next Door World.
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Amazing Porn Acting + Landon Conrad In a Police Uniform = Good Times

Christian Wilde is back as the psychopath (?) “Men Collector” in Men.com’s latest series. And in this one, Landon Conrad plays a cop!
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Two Sean Cody Bottoms Have Some Classic, Vanilla, Sean Cody Sex

Porter and Dean have both done their share of bottoming this year — though Dean did top with Dusty that time — and now they’ve been paired up for a sweetly sexy bareback scene in classic Sean Cody style.
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Danny Lands On a Blog In ‘Go-Go Boy Interrupted’ Ep. 3

I’m just going to keep running these until someone tells me to stop.
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Why Does Max Summerfield Have To Make This Face When He Fucks?

The gay-for-pay specialists over at GayHoopla are now on Part 3 of this Edge of Desire feature, their most ambitious to date, even if it’s still kind of confusing.
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The 10 Hottest Cocks Sporting Ladies’ Footwear On the Internet

I bet you didn’t know this was a thing!
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Dato Foland Pops His Bareback Orgy Cherry at Lucas

Newly minted Lucas Entertainment exclusive Dato Foland is now in his first orgy scene for the company. And like in all Lucas orgies now, there’s a DP.
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And Now, Zeb Atlas Plays Boy Scout Troop Leader Who Fucks His Scouts

Remember how Johnny Rapid just did the first scene from Men.com’s Scouts but we told you there’d be one coming with troop leader Zeb Atlas? Well, here it is.
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Jimmy Fanz Talks About Foot-Sucking, Being Homoflexible, And the Doggie Daycare He Works At

Jimmy Fanz gives me a big high-five and a smile when we meet, accidentally, on the corner of 6th Ave and 14th Street. Fanz and his best porn friends, Boomer Banks, Ryan Rose and Rentboy.com’s Sean Van Sant, have been shopping for the past few hours and are about to head into Urban Outfitters to check out men’s pants. Read more »


Watch Brian Bonds Choke, Gag, and Slobber On Ryan Rose’s Dick

The newest Hot House scene, from the Western/farm-hand-themed Saddle Up, is an all-oral masterpiece.
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Did 19-Year-Old Randy Blue Model Zane Porter Just Turn Gay?

According to director Evil Jeff, he might have.
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Sean Duran Is Looking Incredibly Ripped In New Fuck Scene With Colt Rivers

Remember how Sean Duran and Nick Cross broke up shortly after making this scene for NakedSword’s Boyfriends 2? Well, it looks like he’s got his single-person’s body back.
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Marcus Mojo Returns To Gay Porn With Jerkoff/Smoking Fetish Scene, and a Wrestling Scene

Maybe I shouldn’t be screaming YES! at the top of my lungs just yet, but it looks like Marcus Mojo may be trying to make a small comeback into gay porn — albeit for two low-rent fetish sites.
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Behind-the-Scenes Shenanigans (and Episode 3) From NakedSword’s ‘Hotel Hook-Up’

You’ve seen Episode One and Two, and now it’s time for the romantic one.
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Go-Go Boy Interrupted: Black-Out Birthday Surprise

It’s time for Episode 2 of the new web series that at least has me chuckling, and still has me wanting to fuck star/Groundlings performer Jimmy Fowlie.
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BREAKING: Dirk Caber Is Getting Triple-Penetrated By His Stepsons In ‘Stepfather’s Secret Part 8′

In a porn move that is definitely physically awkward if not physically impossible for most, Dirk Caber will be getting three dicks up his ass at once in what I guess will be the new final installment of Men.com’s Stepfather’s Secret series, due out next week.
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The 17 Most Mesmerizing Gay Porn GIFs Of Bouncing Balls

We’ve ranked the 10 biggest pairs of balls in gay porn, and catalogued bunches of big bouncing cocks. Now it’s time for some swinging, bouncing, and sometimes low-hanging balls. Read more »


Jay Landford Will Teach You How To Fuck Like Him

Or not.
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It’s a Cock-Gobbling Contest In Chi Chi LaRue’s Latest ‘Sucked Off In Weird Places’

It’s time to check back in on Rascal Video and director Chi Chi LaRue — they’re still at it, you guys! — and the grande dame’s latest release, the all-oral Sucked Off In Weird Places.
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Sean Cody Makes New Bottom Graham’s Dream Come True

Last week, Sean Cody introduced skinny, lightly tattooed twink Graham.
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Gay Hoopla’s Latest Bro, Austin, Is Probably Too Much of a Bro

“Sick, man. ‘Preciate it. ‘Preciate the opportunity.” This is how newcomer bro Austin introduces himself to the camera, and the hotel room where he’ll be jerking off, in GayHoopla’s latest solo scene.
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Johnny Rapid Got His Power-Top Badge In Men.com’s ‘Scouts’

So, Men.com has done the inevitable and made a boy scout-themed series. The troop leader? Zeb Atlas. Part 1 is now out, and it features scout Johnny Rapid fucking the hole of one CK Steele. And Johnny gets to be the aggressive power-top he’s always wanted to be, all with a scout uniform half on.
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Porn Daddy Couple Dirk Caber and Jesse Jackman On Men.com’s Gay-for-Pay Army, Coming Out to Mom, and On-Set Disasters

It’s 4PM on Hustlaball Sunday, and I’m at a crowded mid-town diner, sitting across from one of the evening’s big stars, Dirk Caber, and his partner Jesse Jackman. Read more »


Who Fucked Who Better at Falcon’s ‘Easy Inn’?

The first two scenes from Falcon’s Easy Inn are finally online, and it’s time to compare them.
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Cocks, Asses, and More Cocks: Behind-the-Scenes Footage at Hustlaball NY

Hustlaball 2014 just happened last night in New York, and The Sword has some EXCLUSIVE video from backstage, and on-stage, via our official Hustlaball correspondent Adam Baran.
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Sean Cody’s Brandon Apparently Back On Twitter, Casually Asking For Money, Using N-Word [Updated]

A fairly real-looking but still possibly fake Twitter account has popped up again for Sean Cody’s Brandon, who killed off a previous account that also may have been real but had been touted as fake.
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For Derek Atlas’s Hot House Debut, He Gets to Fuck Ricky Decker on a Hay Bale

This week marked both the debut of Derek Atlas as a Raging Hot Falcon exclusive, and the premiere of Saddle Up, the first Hot House title to bear the stamp of new CEO Chris Ward.
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Wait. How Many Stepsons Does Dirk Caber Have?

Men.com apparently got a lot of traffic for their Stepfather’s Secret series, so now they’ve made a Part 6. Basically, daddy Dirk Caber has a whole harem of stepsons.
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Cybersocket Nominations Are Out, Once Again 100 People Are Nominated for Best Porn Star

The great and glorious LA-based award show known as the Cybersocket Awards has just revealed who their 2014 nominees are, and like every honor in the porn world, it’s a clusterfuck of a list that ignores almost no one.
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Hot or Not: New Randy Blue Find Zach Ramos

We have a pretty hot newcomer stepping onto the scene, the allegedly straight Zach Ramos over at Randy Blue. What else do we know about Zach?
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Colt Rivers Works Up a Major Sweat Riding Christian Wilde’s Cock

Everybody’s favorite porn stud — even though he’s now #2 in our monthly ranking behind the almighty, XL-dicked Boomer Banks — Christian Wilde returns to doing gay porn this week after a brief foray into hetero kink with his pregnant wife and her disgusting feet.
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Brandon Jones and Nick Sterling Have an Incredibly Hot ‘Hotel Hook-Up’

In Episode 2 of this Leo Forte-directed NakedSword original, Brandon Jones goes out hunting for sex at the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago, and has a “Rock Hard Hook-Up” with beefy top Nick Sterling.
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What The World Needs Now Is A Shirtless Pic Of San Francisco Giants Rookie Joe Panik

Sorry, this is going to get a little San Francisco-centric for a second. But have you appreciated the beauty of Giants player Joe Panik, who got pulled up from the minor leagues this season? Because he is hot.
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In Part 2 Of ‘Edge of Desire,’ GayHoopla’s Jeff Niels Has Many Feelings

Just to recap: GayHoopla has launched into what’s basically their first, multi-part, narrative porn production, and it’s weird.
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Ryan Rose on Sean Zevran: ‘He’s a Huge Douchebag’

Hot porn daddy Matt Stevens has been doing a whole interview series on his website with other porn stars, and this week he got Falcon exclusive Ryan Rose.
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Exclusive: Watch the Full Trailer for ‘Dirty Rascals,’ the NakedSword-Bel Ami Co-Production Shot In Prague

We showed you a sneak peek of the new NakedSword-Bel Ami coproduction Dirty Rascals a couple weeks back, and now it’s time to premiere the full trailer.
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Brandon Returns To Sean Cody To Make Ginger Top David Bottom Again

Just accept that Brandon will never bottom. Because, if this Twitter account did in fact belong to him, or if you believe accounts from people who have met him, he’s real straight and from Nashville and probably homophobic enough (despite having tons of gay sex for money!) never to take a dick.
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New Web Series ‘Go-Go Boy Interrupted’ Finally Premieres and It’s Only Mildly Racist

Groundlings performer Jimmy Fowlie, who was part of this hilarious PSA about drinking in WeHo, has just released Episode 1 of his web series Go-Go Boy Interrupted, which we got the teaser for way back in May. Read more »

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