Sister Roma Recaps The First Ever DragCon, Wonders If Sharon Needles Is Just a Bitch

If a bomb went off in the L.A. Convention Center last weekend the entire DRAG COMMUNITY would have been decimated! Over 13,000 people attended DragCon, the world’s first ever drag convention and it was spectacular. Read more »



The gay porn gods started smiling on me Monday of this week with hairy butts at Chaosmen and Corbin Fisher. As the week went on, the follicles kept coming and so we end with week with a #FurryAssFriday: but who takes the prize? Read more »


R.I.P. Rylan Knox: Relative Porn Newcomer Hangs Himself

Rylan Knox, the attractive blond bottom who was recently featured in Falcon’s Poolside 2 and NakedSword’s Bulge, has apparently committed suicide.
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Of Course Cody Cummings Wore Swim Goggles For His First Facial

Even though Cody Cummings has apparently quit the gay porn business for the second time in two years, Next Door Studios still has a couple of gems left to show us that were already shot, including this useless scene today called First Time Facial. Read more »


Web Cam Model Tristian Hawk Tries to Set San Francisco Bar Hi Tops On Fire

It’s a stretch to call this guy a porn model, let alone a porn star, but as the Bay Area Reporter tells us, “ex-porn actor” Tristian Hawk, a.k.a. Troy Collin McCormick may have been having some kind of mental break last week when he allegedly attempted to set popular Castro sports bar Hi Tops on fire.
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New Guy Drew at Sean Cody Has His Own Cross to Bear

As someone who lights a menorah rather than a Christmas tree, the Sign of the Cross is not foremost in my lexicon. But even a Hebrew School grad like me can’t miss one when it’s inked to someone’s neck. That someone is named Drew and you can find him… and his rosary tattoo at Sean Cody today. Read more »


Dato Foland Announces His Retirement, Five Months Late; Did Husband Abraham Al Malek Retire Too?

Stupidly sexy and ridiculously hot Dato Foland will not be fucking or getting fucked for your viewing pleasure ever again, or so he says.
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Watch Sebastian Kross Plow a Newly Jacked Casey More in ‘Cruising for Ass’

What Sebastian Kross lacks in height, he makes up for with more of everything else. That can be taken literally today as he takes Casey More’s ass for a ride. For his part, Casey is packing on a lot more muscle these days and it all comes together in the latest from Hot House, Scene 3 of Cruising For Ass.
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Professional YouTube Homo Davey Wavey Wants To Bottom For Steve Grand So Bad, Covers Him In Lube

Remember Steve Grand? Remember how the former underwear model turned singer had that song “All American Boy” and made that video with Fratmen Taylor/DocTayTay that went viral two years ago? And then The Sword showed you his cock? Well, for some reason it took two years for his full album to come out, and it’s just out now, with that two-year-old single on it, and he just went on Davey Wavey’s vlog to take off his shirt and promote it. Read more »


In Honor Of Gay Marriage Being Almost Legal, ‘Vegas Hustle’ Ends With An Accidental Drunken Vegas Wedding

Seth Santoro is gay-married in real life, but in the final episode of NakedSword’s Vegas Hustle, he plays a single dude just trying to hook up on Hustlaball Weekend in Las Vegas. And hook up he does with hungry bottom Brandon Moore after a wild night of partying, and… getting married Britney Spears-style completely blackout drunk.
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North Dakota Rep. Randy Boehning Is Just the Latest Closeted GOP Dick Lover That Got Caught

“The lady doth protest too much, methinks” is a line from Hamlet often used when someone is trying too hard to convince folks of something. It’s sort of the iambic pentameter version of the crazy-big ‘roider with a little dick. I’m not sure if anti-gay Fargo Rep Randy Boehning has a small penis, but there are visuals available — yes, another political bigot can’t keep it zipped. And he has plenty of company.
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Snoozeflash: Porn Stars Do Drugs

This video just surfaced of Ryan Rose, Tom Faulk, Colt Rivers and some other guy in a hotel room in Vegas rifling through all their stuff because they lost some weed.
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Bare Is Back at Helix Studios Today But Maybe Not to Stay …

Condoms have been playing hide and seek at Helix Studios lately, and for the fourth time this year you won’t see them today with one-time boyfriends (maybe current?) Andy Taylor and Kody Knight in POV: Bareback Beach.
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Todrick Hall Covers All Five Beyoncé Albums In Four-Minute Medley

This was too impressive not to post.
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Who Did Kayden Gray Fuck Better?: Dirk Caber or Johny Cruz

There’s a pair of new scenes this week featuring the very hot, horse-hung Brit lad Kayden Gray, and it’s time to compare.
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Bray Love Signed As New NakedSword Exclusive

This week, NakedSword Originals signed their second new exclusive model of the season — after the recent signing of Killian James — and that is sexy, blue-eyed twink Bray Love. Read more »


Exclusive: Brent Corrigan Relocates to New Mexico To Be Closer To New/Old Boyfriend

In case you missed it on Twitter, Brent Corrigan recently decamped to New Mexico from his longtime home city of San Diego, and as he exclusively tells The Sword, part of the reason has to do with him getting back together with a certain unnamed Latino boyfriend from years past.
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Things Get Really Hairy Today at The Gay Office in ‘Find That Mole’

At‘s the Gay Office, they discover someone is spilling company secrets and Denis Vega and newcomer Dakota Vice are charged with finding out who. Determined to get to the bottom of things, the investigation leads Denis to Dakota’s bottom. While finding the hole is what Denis needed to do in the dense hairy jungle that is Dakota’s ass, the new series is called Find that Mole, and it dropped today.
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Gay Porn, Gay Marriage, and the Last Temptation of the Supremes

Brent Everett and Steve Peña, Dirk Caber and Jesse Jackman and of course, Billy and Seth Santoro, have all gone onto a set to make porn, and all gone before a judge to be married. Read more »


Johnny Rapid Back Taking Dick In Four Consecutive Scenes This Week, And Here Are The Trailers

Johnny Rapid, who disappeared off of in recent months likely because of a domestic violence arrest in December, is back this week with four new scenes that they’re releasing over four consecutive days, April 30 to May 3. Is that too much Johnny for one weekend?
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‘I Don’t Like Mens No More’ Homo Pelted In the Face With Frozen Yogurt By Lesbian FroYo Seller

Andrew Caldwell, the unfortunate man who gained instant fame last year when a video of him giving some testimony at a Pentacostal church convention screaming “I don’t like mens no more” went viral, hasn’t had the greatest year. The latest incident in the news involving him, which happened at a St. Louis area frozen yogurt shop, suggests that he may be kind of an asshole in addition to being a victim of repeated abuse.
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Shady Ladies: Is Having Drag Queens Read Mean Tweets Just Redundant?

RuPaul dropped the gauntlet: “Look at me — a big old black man under all of this makeup, and if I can look beautiful, so can you.” But beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and behold, not everyone agrees. Clutch your pearls, sharpen your claws and get out a saucer of milk: Bianca DelRio, Jujubee, Latrice Royale and others are doing the reading-mean-tweets-about-themselves schtick.
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The White Party Is Still Fucking Awful But Of Course There Were a Bunch of Porn Stars There

Looking at photos of the White Party has always made me want to hate-crime myself, and the whole Palm Springs weekend looks like a revolving horror show of insecure forty-somethings on drugs, malnourished and hyper thirty-somethings on drugs, and arrogant twenty-something go-go boys and aspiring kept boys on drugs, all dancing to a soundtrack of house music that sounds exactly like it has for the last 15 White Parties.
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Who Would You Rather?: Monday Solos Edition

When they are all too tan, too smooth and too Photoshopped, no matter how pretty, they start to look the same. Not so today for Sean Cody, Corbin Fisher and ChaosMen who augmented their usual whiter-than-the-Oscars roster with some foreign intrigue, hairy hotness, and sexy diversity. The question is: solo or so long?
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A New Jenneration: Sister Roma Recaps The Bruce Jenner Interview

Hours before the West Coast premiere, I was inundated with reports and comments about the Jenner interview via email and social media. Read more »


A Few Words About Fratmen Knox’s Beautiful, Amazing Cock

I gushed when Fratpad/Fratmen‘s Knox debuted in the frat house just a few weeks ago before I’d even gotten a look at his cock. But now that has changed, and he thoroughly makes me want to give up all my worldly possessions and follow him around like a messiah for the rest of my days.
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BOMBSHELL: Tommy Defendi Retiring After The Grabby Awards

Holy shit, you guys. After seven marvelous years in the gay porn industry, superstar Tommy Defendi is calling it quits, as his agent Howard Andrew announced today.
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Rocco Steele Snowballs With Boomer Banks After Fucking Him Stupid

It’s the really big opener to ‘Clusterfuck 2‘ and Raging Hot Falcon hauled out the big guns. Which big guns? What do they do? Let me put it like this: Boomer and Rocco, fucking for all to see, s-n-o-w-b-a-l-l-i-n-g. Read more »


Behold: Bel Ami Teases Out Photos Of Upcoming Mick Lovell/Kevin Warhol Bareback Scene

Bel Ami is seriously milking whatever they have left in the archive from retired porn god Mick Lovell.

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Male Reality’s ‘Gaykakke’ is a Plain, Fucking Mess and We’ve Got the Cumshots to Prove it

MaleReality offers a fairy’s tale where six blokes find a “mystical treasure.” As a reward, they get to “unwind on lucky guy.” By unwind, they mean unload. By lucky guy, they mean a tweaking twink beyond his expiration date. The scene, as they’re calling it at Male Reality, is Gaykakke.
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Deviant Otter Has Now Taken Both Tommy Defendi’s and Boomer Banks’ Dicks

Deviant Otter Devin has now shot scenes for his site with both Tommy Defendi and Boomer Banks, proving he can lure legit porn stars into his otter clutches/ass.
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"How about 'Not even friends, let alone boyfriends, but we've fucked a couple times and it was OK.'"

Theo Ford and Logan Moore Have Basically Zero Chemistry So Far On ‘So You Think You Can Fuck’

I’ve been curious, now that we know that Theo Ford and Logan Moore’s engagement was a total sham for the purposes of making So You Think You Can Fuck Season 5 an all-couples season, whether they’d even be convincing as a couple with the cameras rolling. And the answer is: Nope!
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Dylan Knight Pounds Colton Grey in ‘Cruising for Sex’

Last week Hot House trotted out their 100th movie, Cruising for Sex, and the studio debut of Boomer Banks. Scene 2 dropped today and who drops in with it but blue-eyed Colton Grey. Read more »


Check Out Jimmy Clay’s Latest Amazing Cumshot

The biggest explosion last July was not the Independence Day fireworks, but the blast from Mr. Cumshot himself, Jimmy Clay at RandyBlue. While it was a shiny silver dildo that helped him reacquaint himself with his prostate after a two year absence, in a new scene, titled Jordan Levine Gives Jimmy Clay the Hate Fuck of His Life, Jordan gives Jimmy a hand, and it’s the real deal.
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COLT Poaching Models From Bel Ami Now; Florian Nemec Becomes Jamie Blyton

It looks like COLT flew to Europe to shoot a solo with Bel Ami’s Florian Nemec, and they’ve re-christened him Jamie Blyton?
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bear-weekend-colby-jaxton’s Bear Weekend Series Ends With Six-Man Orgy That Only Has Two Bears

On Friday you’re going to get treated to the finale of’s Bear Weekend series, which should have really just been called Jaxton Wheeler Is Too Hairy For Regular Porn Now So We Made a Bear Series.
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Logan McCree Is Doing Porn Again, But That Visconti Triplets Scene Is Way Old

You know how Logan McCree, perhaps because he’s single, resurfaced on Twitter a couple months ago and subsequently got a little defensive with Sword commenters who wanted to question some things he said about “losing his gay membership”?
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Who Would You Rather?: Newcomer Noah Jones or Sean Cody’s Holden

It’s another difficult decision day, gents.
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Porn’s Jaba-the-Hut, Fabian Thylmann, Could Go Away Longer Than Jarec Wentworth For Tax Evasion

Sooner or later, they all get caught. Sometimes, you can’t run. Just ask Jarec Wentworth. Sometimes, you can’t hide, ask Donald Burns. And if your name is Fabian Thylmann, you can’t do either. Who, you ask? The properties this Jaba-the-Hut of Porn once controlled have likely caused you to spill your sperm once or twice.
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In New Scene From Bang Me Sugar Daddy, The Daddy Gets Banged By the Twink?

If ‘Bang Me Sugar Daddy’ was a book made of stories from Hookie winners and their favorite clients, count me in. But based on ‘This Cop Knows How To Use His Authority,’ the latest from the dot-com iteration of ‘Bang Me Sugar Daddy,’ not today thanks: I’ll sit this one out.
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Watch Levi Madison’s 9-Inch Dick Split Cody Avalon In Two In Ep. 3 of ‘Vegas Hustle’

Like at any fun party, you might not get to go home with your first choice at Hustlaball. But Cody Avalon makes the best of things and finds a monster cock to fuck him on a pool table anyway.
Read more »

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