Dana Bryan a.k.a. Latino Fan Club Founder Brian Brennan Talks About Barrio Boys, And Turning Hustlers Into Models

It’s 7:30 PM, Friday night, in SoHo, and I’m at the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay Art for the opening night of “Boys of El Barrio”, the first ever retrospective of the work of Dana Bryan, who under the nom de porn Brian Brennan created the celebrated porn brand Latino Fan Club. Read more »


Cody Cummings Returns To Not Having Anal Sex On Camera

Guess what everybody!? Cody Cummings was totally kidding when he retired from gay porn and claimed he shot his very last gay scene last year. He showed up to do a solo back in May, and now it looks like CodyCummings.com might be back in action, bad blowjobs and all.
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Connor Maguire Can’t Help But Fuck Phillipe Gaudin In Ep. 2 of ‘Dirty Rascals’; PLUS Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Fun

Episode 1 introduced us to the Dirty Rascals, Tommy Defendi and Connor Maguire, and in Episode 2, the butler of the late Countess Fellini delivers them to the chateau where they meet all of her beautiful Czech “nephews.”
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Boomer Banks Makes Pirate-Play Cameo In New Web Series ‘Dog Park’

Boomer Banks gets to play himself, and a bottom, in a funny new gay web series called Dog Park.
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Austin Wilde and Johnny Hazzard Shill for New Pelvic Exercise Thing Dubbed ‘CrossFit For Your Cock’

There’s a new product on the market for sexually active men that promises to make your cock harder, make you last longer, and make you shoot your loads further. It’s called Private Gym.
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Danny Learns You Can’t Go Home Again (to the Club) In the Penultimate Episode Of ‘Go-Go Boy Interrupted’

Get ready. There’s only one more episode left, after this one, of our favorite new web series Go-Go Boy Interrupted.
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Did Hot House/Falcon Know That Men.com Had Already Shot a Scene With Derek Atlas and Ricky Decker?

Welp, when Raging Hot Falcon unveiled their newest exclusive model, Derek Atlas, back in September, I’m wondering if he told them that he’d just shot a scene with Ricky Decker for Men.com. Because they went ahead and paired him with Ricky for his first shoot, in Hot House’s Saddle Up, as we just saw last month.
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Watch Manuel DeBoxer Get Spit-Roasted by Two Masked Black Men In New Maskurbate Scene

Sexy French-Canadian porn stud Manuel DeBoxer is back again, after ending his porn retirement earlier this year, in a weird new scene for Maskurbate.
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How Far He Has Fallen: Sean Cody’s Jess Appears On Military Porn Site All American Heroes

Wondering what happened to Sean Cody’s Jess after he made that one comeback scene with Tanner back in March? Well, I was too. And here he is doing a lame jerkoff scene for All American Heroes as “ROTC Tony.” And he needs a haircut.
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Talking With John Gutierrez, Artist and Creator of Deranged Underground Gay Porn Spoof ‘Ruff Haus’

Perusing my local indie comic shop a few weeks ago, I came across a strange comic called Ruff Haus which caught my eye. Its cover featured a strange cartoon cowboy holding a water ski handle and a martini and amusingly lurid headlines like, “Horny Hungarian Honchos,” “Body Dysmorphia on Vacation!”, and “Privileged Youth Driven to Gay Death!” Read more »


In ‘His Daughter’s Boyfriend,’ Nick Capra Steals Connor Maguire From His Daughter, Fucks Him

Following up her amazing (to some peoples’ minds) 2013 narrative gem His Son’s Boyfriend, director Nica Noelle is back with His Daughter’s Boyfriend. Because: obviously.
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Vintage Porn Break: Check Out the Cock and Balls on This Bijou Model Springer

The Banana Blog just called my attention to this stud, who did some jerking off for Bijou‘s cameras back in the late 80s and early 90s.
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Which Is Hottest?: Greg Jameson and Ashton Dale at Randy Blue, Oliver and Duncan, or Tanner and Dusty at Sean Cody?

It’s time for another round of Which Is Hottest?
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Shawn Wolfe Returns In ‘Filthy Fucks,’ Fucks Mike de Marko on a Box

It’s been months since we’ve seen or heard from little bearded wonder Shawn Wolfe, but now the vers Raging Stallion stud is back in a new scene, playing top for a change.
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Cazwell’s ‘Hot Homo’ Video Features Porn Stars Levi Michaels, Tayte Hanson, and James Franco Heads

Gay NY rapper Cazwell, whose 2013 single “No Selfie Control” is still stuck in my head, just put out a video for his latest, “Hot Homo,” featuring Chicago-based gay bear rapper Big Dipper, as well as CockyBoys models Levi Michaels and Tayte Hanson as backup dancers. Read more »


Exclusive: Michael Lucas Responds to Chad Hunt, Disses Ben Andrews

Earlier this week, The Sword published an interview that Adam Baran did with porn star Chad Hunt. Now, the man who arguably made him famous, Michael Lucas, has some things to say about it. Read more »


Listen To the Sounds of a Twink Getting Plowed By a Dick That’s Bigger Than Any He’s Ever Taken

Sometimes, young budding porn models sign up for things they aren’t quite ready for. I’m not going to say that newcomer Tyler Sky didn’t like getting fucked by Levi Madison’s huge cock, but from the sounds he makes, and the looks it forces onto his face, I can safely say he was not prepared for a reaming this hard.
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AIDS Healthcare Foundation Pays People to Protest Outside Oakland and L.A. Offices of Cal/OSHA

Here’s some more porn-world Inside Baseball for you regarding the fight over condoms: Reviled L.A.-based organization the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) paid a bunch of people $25 each today to protest outside the Oakland headquarters of Cal/OSHA calling for condoms in porn.
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Boomer Banks Will Bottom On Camera For the First Time, For Your Black Friday Masturbation Pleasure

Noted elephant-cocked Latino top Boomer Banks will be bottoming for the Raging Stallion cameras for the very first time this month, and he’ll be doing it for the very hot and versatile Sean Zevran.
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Behold, Scene 1 of Dirty Rascals, Featuring Tommy Defendi and Dato Foland

The day has come. Take it all in. It’s the release of NakedSword’s big fall release, Dirty Rascals. And if you’re tired of me plugging this, well, tough.
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How Ridiculously Hot Is Dato Foland In This Suit?

For the Dirty Rascals shoot, Dato Foland got put in this pinstriped Dolce & Gabbana suit. And the heavens wept.
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Jake Bass Shooting For Men.com In Spain, Sort Of Explains His Departure From CockyBoys

Welp, Jake Bass has finally opened up a little about his decision to leave CockyBoys. And it has something to do with hating photographer RJ Sebastian, and/or a falling out with Max Ryder, and/or just sounding over it in general.
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Exclusive: Tommy Defendi Talks About Shooting ‘Dirty Rascals,’ and His Favorite Bel Ami Boys

Wednesday, November 5 is the big day for the debut of NakedSword’s big co-production with Bel Ami, Dirty Rascals. It’s a sex comedy based loosely on the Michael Caine/Steve Martin movie Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, only the con men here are American porn stars Tommy Defendi and Connor Maguire. Read more »


Colby Keller’s Beard Is Officially Too Goddamn Long

Maybe The Sword has been too hard on Colby and his shagginess. Perhaps for many of you it’s part of his allure. But you know what? I don’t care. That homeless person’s beard needed a trim before he shot this scene.
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Go-Go Boy Interrupted, Ep. 5: When To Admit You Have Three DUIs

We return once again to the web series in which aging WeHo go-go boy Danny is trying to find a new career. Read more »


Legendary Porn Star Chad Hunt: ‘There’s No Such Thing As A Gay Porn Star Anymore’

In 2001, only a year into his gay porn career, Chad Hunt sat down for a quickie interview with New York fag rag HX. Asked about long-term goals, Hunt replied, “I’d like to milk this porn thing while I am still considered good eye candy. Read more »

That'd be Aleks fucking Shawn Wolfe in Hung Americans 2.

Here Are the Top Ten Most Watched Porn Stars Of October

We bring you once again some analysis from the Sword’s Department of Statistical Clicking, utilizing data gleaned from NakedSword users to see who has been clicked on, and therefore jerked off to, most in the last month.
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Fucking On Boxes Vol. 822: Johnny V Says Abraham Al Malek’s Cock ‘Is So Fuckin Sweet’

In today’s episode of Fucking on Boxes, we have the latest scene from Raging Stallion’s Filthy Fucks, in which Johnny V bottoms for Abraham Al Malek, on top of a box.
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Fraternity X Makes Gang Rape Porn Using Katy Perry Head Taped Over Guy’s Face… Wait, What?

This actually was not for Halloween. It was just for fun.
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Rites of Ass-age: A Night In the Life of Adam Ramzi

Today, porn star Adam Ramzi becomes the newest columnist on The Sword. Read more »


Helix Makes Twink Horror Porn With Jessie Montgomery and Newcomer Corbin Webber

Let it stop. Please let the Halloween porn stop.
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Looking Back On the Two Hottest Scenes From Frat House Cream

It’s been a year since NakedSword released their Scream-inspired, Halloween sex romp, Frat House Cream, which ultimately went on to win Grabby Awards for the studio as well as director mr. Pam, and stars Hunter Page and Shawn Wolfe.
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Hot French Twink Gets Almost Naked On Airplane, Then Detained By FBI

Hot 23-year-old social media wunderkind Jerome Jarre decided to get “silly” on board an American Airlines flight from Mexico to Miami.
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OK This New Halloween Scene From Randy Blue Is Really Fucking Scary

… and hot.
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Hot or Not?: Bel Ami Newcomer Marc Ruffalo

Not to be confused with American actor Mark Ruffalo, who recently played gay in the HBO film of The Normal Heart, Bel Ami model Marc Ruffalo is a young and fit Czech athlete who’s done a couple of scenes for the company since he debut in August.
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Doug Acre’s Big Dick Comes Out To Play At Extra Big Dicks, And He Fucks Hunter Vance While Wearing a Scary Mask

It’s another piece of Halloween porn from Pride Studios, this time from Extra Big Dicks. It features Hunter Vance as a Halloween partygoer who goes to the bathroom to check his face. Read more »


Now Watch Ryan Rose Pound Brian Bonds In An Outdoor Washtub

We already saw the oral scene in which Ryan Rose was perched on that fence and Brian Bonds gagged (a lot) on Ryan’s cock. Now it’s time for their fuck scene in Hot House’s Saddle Up.
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NakedSword’s ‘Dirty Rascals’ Premieres Next Week; Watch Some Behind-the-Scenes Footage Now

It’s almost time for one of the biggest — if not the biggest — porn releases of the fall: the NakedSword/Bel Ami co-production, Dirty Rascals.
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Paddy O’Brian Wears Yellow Contacts, Plays Vampire/Wolf Who Fucks Colby Keller In New Halloween Scene

Yep, more Halloween porn.
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Go-Go Boy Interrupted, Ep. 4: Danny Exits Gracefully From Another One-Night Stand

In this week’s episode of Jimmy Fowlie’s funny web series, we get to his ass crack.
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Who Would You Rather?: New Helix Model Corbin Webber, or New Sean Cody Model Gary

I’ve got a pair of fresh faces for your masturbation consideration this week.
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