Adam Baran Talks Incest Porn With Legendary Director Joe Gage

It’s impossible to overstate the impact Joe Gage has had on the world we fags live in. His iconic Working Man porn trilogy (Kansas City Trucking Company, El Paso Wrecking Corp, and L.A. Tool & Die) depicted blue collar men Read more »


Big-Dicked Sean At Sean Cody Is Already Back to Bareback Joey

He’s back in record time for a bareback romp with Joey. Hung, flat assed, douchey, haggard — the new Sean at Sean Cody (who just debuted on Monday) has been called a lot of things… but at least we cannot call him the one that got away. Read more »


Tyson Beckford Says His Cock Is 10 Inches ‘On A Good Day’ and the Internet Bends Over

He may have thrown shade on Keith “Manaconda” Carlos for his “pouch pics” but that didn’t stop Mr. Brag-a-docio from telling The Gossip Table he’s “on a good day … 10 inches strong,” And he wasn’t talking about his biceps. Read more »


Now Please Watch This Batshit Trailer for the S.F. LGBT Film Festival

Here in San Francisco we play host to the oldest continually running LGBT film festival in the world, founded in 1977, and we’re kind of proud of it. And this year, to help promote the fest — which is called Frameline — they made this crazy insane trailer featuring local drag queens Peaches Christ as Dorothy and Heklina as the Wicked Witch.
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Sean Duran Ends Porn Hiatus To Get Fucked By Rocco Steele; Also, His Pet Fox Is Getting Bigger

Remember how Sean Duran said something about taking a “hiatus” from porn, what was that, one month ago? Well, it’s already over, folks.
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See ‘Seed Money: The Chuck Holmes Story’ This Sunday at The Castro Theatre in San Francisco

Directed by The Sword’s own co-founder Michael Stabile, Seed Money: The Chuck Holmes Story is near and dear to our hearts. As part of the Frameline LGBT Film Festival, you can see it for yourself this Sunday, June 21, if you happen to be in San Francisco. Read more »


Tommy Defendi Launches GoFundMe Campaign For His DJ Career

What’s this? Newly retired porn star Tommy Defendi is hoping you will give him money so he can stop doing porn and become a DJ.
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Et Tu Scotty? Scotty Marx Lets Dominic Santos Bareback Him at Randy Blue

Dominic Santos with Austin Wilde was hot. Scotty Marx with Jordan Levine was not. And now, Scotty Marx has done his first bareback scene, with Dominic Santos, and it doesn’t work out that well. Read more »


Zeb Atlas Gives Interview to ‘Long-Time Good Friend’ David Forest, Says His Greatest Asset Is His Brain

Oh boy. Sometime madam and longtime porn star hanger-on David Forest pops up with an “exclusive” interview with Zeb Atlas on his blog, saying that he is Zeb’s “long-time Manager/agent/good friend.”
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paddy-dick Finally Gets Paddy O’Brian To Suck a Dick

Next month, when revives their goofy but oddly high-budget Gay of Thrones series, it will feature longtime blowjob-averse, gay-for-pay porn star Paddy O’Brian blowing somebody for the first time on camera. But we don’t yet know who.
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New AHF-Sponsored AIDS-Scare Campaign Predictably Terrible

Some ads have been popping up in the San Francisco subway system, particularly at Castro Station, that attempt to reinvigorate the public’s fear of HIV while also trying to imitate a Lifetime movie, and ignore the existence of PrEP.
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Jessy Ares Gets Pissy with Xavi Duran in the Latest from Stag Homme

Just in time to break up the sea of vanilla porn we’ve been drowning in lately, we got word that Stag Homme is back to producing some content with edge. Today, they released Jessy Ares and Xavi Duran, and things get pissy fast. Read more »


Once Again: Does Anyone Care About Blowjob-Only Scenes?

I was just asking the other week if oral-only scenes still get you off and the results were decidedly mixed. Will we get a consensus today with this just-blowies update from Tahoe – Cozy Up, with Sebastian Kross and Brandon Moore? Read more »


British Porn Couple JP Dubois and Sam Barclay Break Up After Five Years

No sooner were we watching JP Dubois and Sam Barclay in a big Euro fourgy together last week, but they just announced on Twitter that they’re splitting up.
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A Double Penentration With Triple Satisfaction Today from Kristen Bjorn

Kristen Bjorn brings us three exotic looking men with equally exotic names: Letterio Amadeo, Raul Korso, and Toffic. Today we get the fourth scene from Bare to the Bone, which is complete with a pretty hot double penetration. Read more »


In ‘You’re Killing Me,’ Jeffery Self Plays Himself, and Dates a Hot Gay Serial Killer

As gay film festivals kick into high gear across the country, we’ve got a trailer and clip from a new gay indie, a horror-comedy written by popular web homo Jeffery Self and Jim Hansen (director of the Chloe Sevigny series), who also directs.
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This Is Just a Clip of Austin Wilde and Dominic Santos Helicoptering Their Huge Cocks Around, Side By Side

Hopefully you didn’t miss the very hot fuck that Austin Wilde had with Randy Blue self-suck expert Dominic Santos a couple weeks back. But here’s a little behind-the-scenes moment Austin just posted.
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This New Sean at Sean Cody Is H-U-N-G!

They might be running low on names at Sean Cody but take a look at this guy: At least for today, they are not running out of Caucasian hotties. Read more »


Hot or Not?: Randy Blue Trots Out Two New Bareback Models, Has Them Fuck

Today we’ve got a new bareback scene from Randy Blue featuring newcomers Lukas Valentine and Markus Kent, because it’s all about the K’s I guess.
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freaky-threeway Magically Turns Old Man Into Adam Bryant, And He Fucks Brenner Bolton, Seth Santoro, and Luke Adams

In’s new Freaky Friday series, hot “straight” dude Adam Bryant switches bodies with this pervy old gay guy on a pier, and pervy old gay guy, with his hot new body, goes about fucking his hot neighbors Seth Santoro and Brenner Bolton.
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Sebastian Kross Gives Weird Interview, Says He Cums Really Fast, Has No Friends

Rising Falcon star Sebastian Kross just made a club appearance in Akron, Ohio, for the big 28th anniversary BASH at Interbelt Nite Club last Saturday. The club flew him out there and Sebastian danced on stage, posed for photos, and gave an interview with this guy named Adam Marc, who spends the full six minutes of the interview obviously wanting to reach out and grab Sebastian’s cock.
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Alessio Romero Has the ‘Upper Hand’ and Drake Jaden’s Hole in the Latest from Titan Men

More known for his ink and his kink, Drake Jaden’s best assets are actually behind him. In the second scene from Titan Men’s Upper Hand, Alessio Romero gives those golden globes the fucking they deserve. Read more »


Cavalier Cock: Lebron James Accidentally Flashes His Penis on Live TV

Holy wardrobe malfunction, Batman! Getting ready to take the court for Game 4 of the NBA Finals last night, as LeBron James was adjusting his uniform, 18.5 million people got a flash of his junk if they looked quick. In case you didn’t … we slowed it down for you. Read more »


Free Speech Coalition Issues Statement About ‘Outing’ Porn Models, and Privacy

Though we haven’t dealt too much with porn models being “outed” with their real names or information on The Sword, we do it see it sometimes in the comments, with commenters trying to share private information about a performer for some reason or other. These comments are always deleted.
Read more »


Steve Grand Admits His Abs Are Sometimes Photoshopped

Sexy Steve Grand, who recently submitted to being slathered in lube by Davey Wavey in order to help promote his new album of two-year-old songs, made an appearance on Johnny McGovern’s web show Hey Qween! this week.
Read more »


Sean Cody’s Brandon Just Fucked Sean Cody’s Brendan

Just in case you were worried that the introduction of Brendan spelled doom for Brandon… Sean Cody has just put the two together.
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Sean Zevran and Armond Rizzo Play Doctor for Hot House in ‘Hard Medicine’

Along with their redesign unveiled last week, Hot House is positioning themselves as “the best all-male ass action in the world.” With Armond Rizzo on all fours with his ass up in the air for “Dr.” Sean Zevran in Hard Medicine today, they are making good on their word. Read more »


Rites of Ass-age: Adam Ramzi On How Porn Performers ‘Brand’ Themselves

When I first got started in the biz, there was one aspect of it that I hadn’t quite planned on ever having to consider. We call this, quite simply, BRANDING. Obviously I’d heard of “branding” oneself before, but I had never really thought of it in the context of the adult entertainment industry. Read more »


Here’s a Hot Euro-Fourgy With Real-Life Boyfriends Sam Barclay and JP Dubois

Today the road is Cazzo Club, and the scenery includes Tony Milano, Sam Barclay, Misha Dante and JP Dubois. Sometimes the scenery from the road less traveled is a treat for the eyes and their fourgy today is looking pretty hot. Read more »


Rocco Steele To Destroy Several Prominent Euro Models’ Holes For, Including JP Dubois’

Horse-hung Grabby winner for Hottest Cock, Rocco Steele, just made his debut in the series Eat, Prey, Fuck, fucking Josh Milk.
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Breaking: Dalton Briggs and Allen King Fucking Is Incredibly Hot

Pretty much anything Allen King does is hot, but this new scene from CockyBoys that pairs him with their new exclusive Dalton Briggs (who first appeared with Helix last year) is kind of ridiculous.
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Oldest Documentary Ever Made About Homosexuality Rediscovered At Library Of Congress

A 1961 documentary called The Rejected, produced by San Francisco PBS affiliate KQED and funded by New York PBS station WNET, was thought by LGBT scholars to be lost to history. That is until an archivist went on a six-year hunt, only to find the only known copy under his nose at the Library of Congress.
Read more »


Gino Mosca Makes Jesse Tobey Quiver in Latest Fuck From BelAmi

Leave it to BelAmi to enlist Gino Mosca and Jesse Tobey to turn that most tired, throw-away premise, the massage, into a sensual, bare odyssey of tempting, tender flesh. Read more »


Iranian-Norwegian Artist Tooji’s ‘Father Project’ Angers Church Over Simulated Sex With a Priest

The Bishop of Oslo is fuming today about a video featuring simulated gay sex with a priest filmed in a church. The singer is Tooji. The title is “The Father Project” and the song, the artist and his message are brilliant. Read more »


Leo Sweetwood’s Nine Funniest Vines

Porn star Leo Sweetwood has been trying for several months to brand himself on Twitter as “The Funniest Gay in Porn,” to varying degrees of success.
Read more »


‘Sad Studs’: A Parody Song PSA About Gays Giving Blood

Remember how, after three decades of HIV, the FDA decided to finally lift the ban on gay blood donations late last year? Except, in a cruel twist, they maintained that they’d only take blood from admitted homos if they hadn’t had any homo sex in the last year.
Read more »


Ten Gay Porn Stars And Their Ten Gay Body Types

Mackenzie Pearson penned an article titled “Why Girls Love the Dad Bod” in March, and suddenly every man without a six pack got a little bump in self-esteem. Our friends over at Queerty filled in the blanks with nine other body types but here at The Sword, we are bringing them to you naked. Read more »


Regarding the Gay Simul-Fuck, and The Last Time It Was Done (Before Sean Cody’s Noel and Curtis)

I watched the hot flip-fuck with Sean Cody’s Curtis and returning former high school student Noel last week and it got me off quick enough that I actually didn’t make it to the most important part: they fuck each other simultaneously. Yes, dicks in asses, with Noel upside down like in a pile-drive, Curtis turned around, cock bent down. It’s insane.
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Connor Maguire is Owen Michaels’ Best Friend’s Husband, So Of Course They Fuck

As we saw last week, no matter what the scene, Connor Maguire sure tries hard to hard make them work. He’s back today in ‘My Best Friend’s Husband Part 5’ for on a less traveled road here at The Sword, Owen Michaels. Did he have better luck this time? Read more »


And Now We Finally Get to Watch Sebastian Kross Top Johnny V In ‘Tahoe – Keep Me Warm’

It was WAY back in February that we got teased with a behind-the-scenes shot and learned that little Sebastian Kross would be fucking big Johnny V on camera. Finally, finally, the scene has arrived online, which is the opening scene from the second part of this Tahoe series, titled Tahoe – Keep Me Warm.
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Sebastian Hook Knocks Over Lamp While Getting Plowed In Hot New Flip Fuck With Jake Davis

Production values at GayHoopla remain pretty amateur, even if they’ve gotten better. But here we have a moment in a new scene that they didn’t bother to/didn’t want to edit out where Jake Davis is fucking Sebastian Hook, and Sebastian just knocks over a nearby lamp and says, ‘Oh shit,’ but they keep fucking.
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