Evil Jeff, Randy Blue’s Creative Director, Talks Straight Guy Freakouts and His YouTube Alter Ego, Jiz

Back in the 70s and 80s, the director used to be a highly exalted figure in gay porn. Auteurs like Joe Gage, William Higgins, and Kristen Bjorn created styles distinctive enough to become brands for a certain type of porn. Read more »


New Randy Blue Model Dominic Santos Sucks Himself Off, Cums In His Own Mouth

Uh, whoa.
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Some Ideas For Reviving the Hanky Code

It’s a little antiquated for today’s youth, the Hanky Code, but once upon a time before the internet it did the job of helping horny gay men trolling bars and public bathrooms to find that fisting top they so desired.
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The 10 Most Eyeroll-Inducing Things Conner Habib Has Tweeted In the Last Month

Oh, Conner Habib. I’ve enjoyed seeing you have sex on camera over the years — particularly when it involves Connor Maguire and a tree. And we’ve all enjoyed your public disputes with academia, Grindr-use advice, and thoughtful essays on porn and culture, etc. But must you tweet your every brain fart?
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When Will COLT Let Us See Seth Fornea Do Some Fucking??

Yes, Seth Fornea is definitely the hottest find COLT Studio Group has scored in eons, but do we have to wait months to see him actually have sex with someone? Is he actually going to have to sex with anyone? Must they drag this out?
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How Tall Do They Look?: Bel Ami’s Jim Kerouac Plows Claude Sorel

First of all, did anyone know Jim Kerouac played the piano?

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Why Are Lip Rings Such a Thing In Montreal?

I’m just noticing that at least three of the Canadian/French-Canadian models at Men of Montreal have lip piercings, and some others have other facial/tongue piercings too. Don’t they know that shit gets infected?
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A Few Words on the Wonder That Is Jimmy Durano’s Cock

Jimmy Durano is, I think we can all agree, stupidly hot. He has one of the best bodies in gay porn, with abs so ripped you could get your tongue caught between them, and then, then my friends, there’s his cock.
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The Top 10 Most Clicked Porn Stars of the Week Are…

The ranking is shifting! Christian Wilde has lost his perennial spot at #1 and moves to #3! OMG you guys!!
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New York City’s Last Porn Projectionist on His Retirement, and the Bad Old Days of Times Square

Saturday, April 5th — The day is almost over at New York’s Anthology Film Archives, and projectionist Jose Ramos is thinking about his upcoming retirement. Read more »


11 Reasons Why Newly Single Colby Melvin Needs to Just Do Porn Already

Underwear models are kind of like escorts who won’t fuck: They’re basically hookers already, they’re just being sticks in the mud about going all the way. Underwear model Colby Melvin, who is adorable/hot/phenomenally sexy, has already got a calendar under his belt, but I for one am ready to just see him whip out his cock and stroke it, at least once, for Sean Cody or Randy Blue. Read more »


And Now, Sean Zevran Looking Incredible on the Set of Falcon Edge

Over the weekend, some behind-the-scenes photos came out from the most recent shoot for Falcon’s new, um, edgier line, called Falcon Edge. The first thing they shot was called Ready to Fuck, and it looked pretty much like a regular Falcon movie without all the sun and sets and oil and stuff.
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The 25 Most Amazing Ass-Eating GIFs You’ll See All Week

Not every gay guy likes eating ass. Just like not every straight guy likes eating pussy. But most tops will tell you that the male asshole is a beautiful, pulsing flower just waiting to be rimmed, sucked, and tongue-fucked.
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Solo of the Week: Dean at Sean Cody

Just. Fucking. Look at this guy.
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A Tale of Two Threeways: CockyBoys vs. Randy Blue

It’s a big weekend for threeways, and there are two hot new ones arriving fresh and steamy on the webs for you today. First we have the promised matchup of Duncan Black, Tommy Defendi, and Darius Ferdynand at CockyBoys. Then Justin Owen and Chris Rockway are paired up with Max Michaels in a wrestling-themed scene for Randy Blue. Read more »


Watch Trenton Ducati and Max Cameron’s Hot Flip-Fuck In Episode 1 of NakedSword’s ‘Addict’

It’s time for the first teaser, and full scene, of NakedSword’s latest original feature, Addict. The film revolves around different forms of sexual addiction, the first: “Addicted to Power.” Read more »


Landon Conrad and Bryce Evans Flip-Flop; Also, Vance Crawford Hates Canoes

Dominic Ford forced the boys into a canoe race for this week’s episode of So You Think You Can Fuck Season 4, and Vance Crawford was pissed. Bryce Evans, however: Very good at canoeing.
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Update: HIV-Positive Models to Get Banned From Porn?

As we’ve been discussing the last few months, the battle has been heating up in California between virulently pro-condom activists and the porn industry at large. Yesterday, that battle came to the floor of a California state assembly committee.
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I Stopped Smoking Meth So Adam Herst Would Like Me

Former Sword editor Paul B. returns this week with a four-part series of posts on addiction to celebrate the premiere of NakedSword’s new original feature Addict. Read more »


Gay Teacher Says Sean Cody to Blame for Ruining That Kid Noel’s Life

An anonymous gay high school teacher sent an open letter out to several porn companies and gay site Queerty chastising everyone for not putting more blame on Sean Cody in the wake of that 18-year-old model Noel getting suspended and then un-suspended from high school for doing porn. Read more »


Please Enjoy These GIFs of Porn Stars and Models Getting Pleasured, Fondled By Cartoons

The internet offers endless gifts (and GIFs), and this is one of them.
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Kink.com Threatens to Move to Nevada Amid Stricter California Health Rules

Some planning documents submitted to the city of San Francisco this week revealed that Kink.com CEO Peter Acworth is threatening to move the production arm of his porn company out of the city for good.
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Update: The New Definitive List of Gay Porn Stars’ Sexuality (Gay, Straight, Bi, or ‘Sexual’)

It’s been almost two years since The Sword has officially addressed the all-important question of who’s gay and who’s straight (and who’s somewhere in between or just doesn’t want to *define* their love of cock) in the gay porn world. And two years in the porn world is basically two centuries in most other industries. Whole careers have come and gone, people have died, been arrested, and retired. Read more »


Mike Dozer Is Out Of Jail, Bail Reduced, Appears In Court Today

Accused statutory rapist Mike Dozer, who either was duped into a Jack’d hookup with a 14-year-old boy in Pennsylvania last year or knowingly had sex with the underage kid, was released from jail last week on reduced bail, and is due to appear in court today for a pre-trial conference. In total, he sat in jail on what was $1,000,000 bail, for three and a half months. Read more »


13 Pictures of Hunter Gage’s Plump Uncut Cock

GayHoopla debuted another hot new young one this week, and his name is Hunter Gage — not to be confused, of course, with circumcised big-dicked twink Hunter Page.
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Naked Selfie King Duncan Black Jerks Off In Airplane Lav, and the Rest of His Recent Amazing Naked Selfies

As we’ve talked about several times before, bottom extraordinaire Duncan Black is on a quest to become THE #NakedSelfieKing of all of Twitter. Please observe his latest masterworks.
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Rafael Alencar on Leaving Porn, Fucking Famous Clients, and Breaking His Dick

“Hi, I’m Rafael. Nice to meet you!” he says, as he shakes my hand and then presses it playfully against his enormous uncut cock, which is jutting out of his open pants. “Um, nice to meet you too,” I stammer, trying to appear cool as I start to pre-cum. Read more »


Trial Memberships at Major Sites Falcon, Raging Stallion, Colt, Next Door Studios Reduced to $3

Heads up, if you want to watch hairy twink Seamus O’Reilly get his hole plowed by Landon Conrad in Size Matters, or if you’ve been wanting to see Christian Cayden get bareback fucked in the woods in Fuck Dynasty at Next Door, this is your week. Read more »

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