This Is Who Next Door Studios Is Auditioning Now?

The latest pair of newcomers from Next Door is kinda sorta not that hot!!
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Colton Grey Gets Pounded By Yet Another Daddy, Adam Russo, In Finale Of ‘His Son’s Best Friend’

It’s time for the big, cum-filled finale of Icon Male’s His Son’s Best Friend, in which Adam Russo plays a caring father who’s just looking out for his son’s best buddy. And his son’s best buddy’s hole.
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Boyfriends Alex Torres and Andres Moreno Snowball Kiss on Tax Day at RandyBlue

If you were making your first solo and your boyfriend happened to be porn star Andres Moreno, of course you would bring him for oral support. So of course, that’s what Alex Torres did. Rather than the boyfriend trying to get in on the action, Alex wanted to get into the boyfriend. The title says it all: ‘Boyfriends Alex Torres and Andres Moreno bareback for the Randy Blue cameras.’
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Let’s All Count the Reasons Why Jimmy Fanz Is a Star

The trepidation of Tax Day is really only eclipsed by the one thing: the consternation after nominees for the Hookies or the Grabby’s are unveiled – and there’s no 1-800 number to talk you down from the cliff. If there was an award for Best Character Chameleon, it would have go to Jimmy Fanz who removes some April 15 gloom today along with Chris Harder in’s ‘Home Wrecker 3.’
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GayHoopla Introduces Petit Vegan Named Brett, Makes Him Jerk Off On a Mountain

There’s a new little guy debuting this week on GayHoopla, and his name is Brett Cady.
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Sean Cody Just Imported a Czech Guy Named Mindo

Mindo literally just arrived from the Czech Republic and 48 hours later he’s filming a solo at Sean Cody that dropped today.
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The Evolution Of Jaxton Wheeler From Beefcake to Jesus Daddy Muscle Bear

It’s time to talk about Jaxton Wheeler’s new daddy bear look, complete with straight-out-of-the-70s shaggy haircut and Jesus beard.
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Angel Rock Is Getting Back In Shape, Says We Haven’t Seen Much Of Him Because He Was Fat

Angel Rock is looking pretty huge, you guys. Like, his arms I mean.
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gabrielpaul-f Thinks The Ivy League Is In England

Men of UK lured Paul Walker to the gay side of things shortly after its fall 2012 debut. Since then he’s played a Lord, a Knight, and with best mate Paddy O’Brian, even a first-time bottom. While we have yet to see him suck a dick, we do get to see him in some natty hosiery — and into hunky Gabriel Cross today in Ivy League Part 1.
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They Let Perry Top Again In Hot New Flip-Fuck With Jayden at Sean Cody

Smooth, happy-go-lucky Perry over at Sean Cody has proven he can be versatile, but mostly he’s been relegated to bottom duty since his debut back in November.
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Rocco Steele Is Launching His Own Porn Site, Except Is Already Taken?

Horse-hung daddy Rocco Steele, who’s barely a year into his porn career, has catapulted to instant fame, mostly by virtue of that deep and sexy voice and that hole-destroyer of a cock.
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New Corbin Fisher Guy Chris Clearly Also Named Chris In Real Life

Chris is brand new at Corbin Fisher today and in case you are not good with names, not to worry: He has it tattooed on his chest, complete with a name tag.
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Adam Ramzi Would Bottom For Hillary

Someone was going around Dolores Park in San Francisco yesterday, as Hillary Clinton was kicking off her second bid for the presidency, carrying around a cardboard cutout of Hillary and handing out these tank tops that said “I’d Bottom For Hillary Clinton.” Guess who got one!
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Jaxton Wheeler (And His Huge Beard) Pounds Johnny V in ‘Bang On’

Directors Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond have assembled some of “hottest, raunchiest guys on the planet” for Bang On over at the Raging Hot Falcon. The dirty, diverse cast includes Adrian Hart, Nick Capra, and even Billy Santoro will perform a trick that makes all of Rocco Steele’s cock disappear. The first scene dropped today with Jaxton Wheeler opening Johnny V, but is it really as raunchy as they say?
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Check Out Vegas Hustle Party Pics and Enter to Win A Debaucherous Weekend For Two In Las Vegas

Today, in conjunction with this week’s release of Vegas Hustle on NakedSword, I’ve got news of a contest that’s simple to enter, and may get you a free trip for two to the next HustlaBall Vegas (next January).
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Max Schutler Returns To Porn To Join Rocco Steele’s Bareback Orgy

The “Breeding Party” series over at Lucas Entertainment just got a new guest, and it’s long-gone Argentinian porn stud Max Schutler.
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The Ten Nicest Erect Cocks Posted On Reddit In Protest of NSA Surveillance

In case you missed it, John Oliver scored a major coup last week when he flew to Moscow to have a sit-down interview face to face with Edward Snowden for his show Last Week Tonight on HBO. The NSA whistleblower talked freely with him about the various ways he felt the NSA had overstepped, and Oliver asked him an all-important question: Can the NSA see my dick?
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Watch Tommy Defendi Cum All Over Kayden Smith at ExtraBigDicks

Few stars can bounce from studio to studio and still be “Big” man on campus wherever they go. But few stars are as really big — as in not measuring from their kidneys big — as Tommy Defendi. Read more »


Nick Sterling Takes Dorian Ferro’s Falcon Cherry in Krossfire’s Scene Three

Sebastian Kross had a formidable task joining Falcon’s A-team and putting it all on the line and with his name in the title of Krossfire. The heat of the first scene with Colton Grey and the second with Sean Zervan meant there were some big, colorful shoes to fill for the follow up. Enter Nick Sterling who enters Dorian Ferro today in Krossfire’s Scene Three.
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Two Years In and Will Braun Still Can’t Really Eat Ass

Will Braun, who’s got his fifth scene as a exclusive out this week, still doesn’t look like a very convincing ass muncher, two years into this gay porn career of his. Read more »


Big-Dicked Twink Hunter Page Returns To Porn After Brief Hiatus

Hunter Page was hinting in the last month or two that he was going to get back to shooting, and now we have his first scene back for 2015, with John Foster, for Gay Room/Man Royale.
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Joey Moriarty Gives Newbie His First Uncut Dick in a Beach Bareback Fuck at GuysInSweatPants

Not sure if Joey Moriarty needed to give a rest after his flip-fuck with Johnny Rapid in Bad Boy Boot Camp, but he has been decidedly low-profile in 2015 until today. He returns to the small monitor with new guy Nico Duvall to put some skin in his Nico’s game, and they mean that literally in ‘Nico’s First Foreskin‘ for GuysinSweatPants.
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Ryan Rose Feeds His Heavy Load Back To a Hungry Colt Rivers in ‘Gutter Punks’

Ryan Rose has risen to the very top (or at least tied for number 39 in The Sword’s Popularity Index) since his salad days as ‘Pierce’ at Sean Cody. Tied, cuffed, gagged and submissive in the Wicked Game finale, he more than credibly showed there’s more to this pretty boy than wholesale vanilla. He’s back in top top form today with Colt Rivers in the latest scene from Hot House’s Gutter Punks, and Colt’s hole may never be the same.
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Exclusive: Talking With Filmmaker (and Sword Co-Founder) Michael Stabile About His New Porn Documentary ‘Seed Money: The Chuck Holmes Story’

Way back in 2009 when I and Mike Stabile both left The Sword, then in its third year, to pursue other things, Mike went off to begin work on a passion project he’d been talking about for many months. That project, a documentary covering the life and times of Falcon Studios founder Chuck Holmes, is now about to have its world premiere on Friday at the Boston LGBT Film Festival, and The Sword got Mike to tell us about the film.
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Check Out the Premiere of ‘Vegas Hustle,’ Starring Brent Corrigan, Brandon Moore, Chris Harder, and Seth Santoro

Vegas baby. The land where even saints put their halos away for the weekend. Shot on location in Vegas during HustlaBall weekend in January, NakedSword Originals’ latest feature, Vegas Hustle, pulls in stars Brent Corrigan, Seth Santoro, Chris Harder, bottom extraordinaire Brandon Moore, FX Rios, Levi Madison, Cody Avalon, and newcomer Texas Holcum for some crazy sexy Las Vegas fun.
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Too Much Face Jewelry Doesn’t Stop Andy Taylor From Fucking Tyler Hill’s Lights Out for Helix

Coco Chanel one said you should always remove one thing before you leave the house. That goes double for facial jewelry, but apparently no one told Andy Taylor. While his facial/nose/ear silver and bling trifecta might set off a metal detector, it sure didn’t off put Tyler Hill in Helix Studios’s latest scene.
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Kris Evans and Rhys Jagger Leave Alf Out of Part 2 of Their Fourgy

The second part of that four-man Bel Ami orgy that started last week with the surprise addition of an Alf doll is live, and in it Kris Evans, Rhys Jagger, Jean-Daniel, and Julien Hussey all hop in the shower together, presumably after just having the four-way in Part 1. Then they have sex again.
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Duncan Black Covers Himself in Cum When Getting Fucked by Zack Farmer in How Did You Know Part 1

I’ll admit it: I fell hard for Duncan Black after seeing him get fucked in the stable by Tommy Defendi and Darius Ferynand in Rock Candy Films’ The Horseman. And I was excited to see him back today for a new scene on CockVirgins. I also must admit I was dubious if the guy who took home the Best Bottom prize at this year’s Hookies could pretend to be at virgin at anything.
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Here’s The Other Scene Brent Everett Shot For In Turks & Caicos

You know how the nation’s most-popular porn star Brent Everett struck that deal to do two “co-productions” with while he was last in Turks & Caicos? The first scene with Luke Adams was pretty hot — at least 50% of you thought so in our poll — and they just dropped the second one.
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Watch Aleks Buldocek, Tony Orion, and Jasun Mark Lip Sync To Adam Lambert

Well this is cute.
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‘Mickelo Evans Tops Emilio Calabria’ Is One Top Short at Men of Montreal

Bringing an authentic “Taste of Italy” to Men of Montreal is Emilio Calibria who has packs plenty of beef and ink on his 5’8” frame. In his quest to bottom for every guy on the site, today he gets his chance with 6’1” Mediterranean and very handsome Mickelo Evans in a reverse David and Goliath scene that seems to be one top short.
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[Updated] Here Is Theo Ford’s Actual Boyfriend, Now Fiance, Underwear Model Shawn Stoltz

So, remember how it looked like Brent Corrigan had some kind of affair with Theo Ford after they shot a scene together for Falcon, and then Brent and Theo denied it all, said they were just great friends, and Theo was romantically linked to Logan Moore, who in turn denied that they were boyfriends? Well, Theo has now posted about his engagement to his actual boyfriend, Shawn Stoltz.
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Adam Russo and Trent Ferris Have Some Actual Daddy-Son’s-Best-Friend Chemistry in ‘His Son’s Best Friend’

I started looking at the pictures of Trent Ferris and Adam Russo in Icon Male’s‘His Sons Best Friend Scene 3 and they were stunning. Adam looks handsome. Trent looks delicious. And together, they look not creepy, not staged, but just the right amount of wrong to make it work. There’s something happening here and I want to see where this goes.
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[Updated] Bianca Del Rio And A Midget Featured In New Men.Com Scene With Colby Keller and Connor Maguire

A new scene out on, bizarrely, features Rupaul’s Drag Race winner Bianca Del Rio as two characters, in drag, one of whom appears to get her dick sucked by Colby.
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Jake Davis Gets Reamed By Jarod Spear’s Huge Cock at GayHoopla and It’s Ridiculously Hot

Even amongst the boner-inducing roster at GayHoopla, the stunning Jarod Spear has stood out from the beginning (when he was named Brad), and not just because of his massive, zucchini-thick cock either. He is one of the few guys over to get a reprieve after shaving his pubes but yes, his abs and cum gutters even make that work. He is back today in a new scene, with a new haircut, but more importantly, with Jake Davis as a playmate.
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Interview: Bareback Model Jayson Park Will Only Ever Do Bareback Porn

Prolific Hot Desert Knights model Jayson Park recently gave a brief interview in which he talks about his seven years in the porn industry (so far), his passionate love for condom-free sex, and being proud of “pioneers” of bareback porn, like those he works with at HDK.
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Lee Tyler’s Thick, Uncut Beauty Is Even Hotter 4 Years On at HardBritLads

After almost three and half years away, Brodie returned to Sean Cody last week. With a little less hair above and below the equator and a bit more around the middle, fans were glad to have him back. His more manly body now is actually a lot like where Lee Tyler was almost as long ago at HardBritLads. Dateline today: Lee also made his return with less hair but, with more of everything. Read more »


Jarec Wentworth Sends Lengthy Email From Prison Telling His Side Of Extortion Tale

It seems kind of crazy that before he even goes on trial, Jarec Wentworth a.k.a. Teofil Brank would reach out to a porn blog and tell his entire side of the story, potentially further incriminating himself. But that appears to be what has happened. Read more »


Alf Doll Costars In Bel Ami Fourgy

Did they even have Alf in the Czech Republic?
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