Rites of Ass-age: Adam Ramzi Talks About When Porn Shoots Go Wrong

Ahoy mates. Is your summer fairing well? I sure hope so. I hope all your endeavors are as smooth sailing as I tend to make porno-making sound, in some of my recent posts. Read more »


Praise the Lord Marcus Mojo Is Going To Make More Porn?!!

And he has chest hair!!! ZOMGGGGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!
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Now Daniel Is Back To Fuck Ollie at Sean Cody, And It’s Explosive

Scruffy bearded, super sexy Daniel, who reappeared after an 18-month hiatus on Sean Cody last month to fuck the always game Forrest, is back this week fucking the similarly game (and hairless) Ollie.
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Leo Alexander Sticks All 10 (11?) Inches Into Max Cameron and He Makes This Face

We may never know the exact truth about Leo Alexander’s dick size, but the thing is obviously huge, and long. And cum whore Max Cameron takes all of it like a pro.
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HIV Law Advocates Decry Michael Johnson’s 30-Year Sentence As ‘Barbaric’

A 30-year sentence was delivered yesterday for infecting one partner and exposing four others to HIV, and it officially makes Michael “Mandingo” Johnson an HIV criminal. Read more »


Colton Casey to Austin Wilde: “I Almost Thought I Was Going to Pass Out When You Put Your Dick In My Ass”

What happens when Austin Wilde grabs a cam for some POV – while he’s barebacking Blake Lupo – and Colton Casey busts a nut? GuysInSweatPants does it again like nothing you have ever seen before. Read more »


Colby Keller and Adam Ramzi Featured In Arty Erotic Photo Shoots For ‘Summer Diary Project’

You may have seen some of Colby Keller‘s modeling work for the gay online photo mag called Summer Diary Project, which goes back a while now. But Colby and now Adam Ramzi are featured in a couple of newly published shoots that are as sexy as they are summery.
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Do You Prefer Dirk Caber as a Creepy and Aggressive Pervy Stepdad, or As a Sweet and Gentle Pervy Stepdad?

Since and Icon Male are basically fighting over Gay Porn’s Hottest Incestuous Stepdad, Dirk Caber, casting him over and over again in these family-themed scenes with “taboo” daddy-son pairings, it’s important to compare the different tone of what each of these studios is doing.
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Cody Cummings Wants To Revive Legit Modeling Career, Is “Mostly Looking for Payed Projects”

I would have more respect for Cody Cummings if, since he obviously needs the fucking money, he would just suck it up like every other in-shape, under-employed, attractive straight guy who ever did gay porn, and finally stick his cock in another dude! But, since he won’t, maybe on moral or religious grounds, and since he’s pissed his fame away being the most stubborn and homophobic gay-for-pay star on the planet — even Zeb Atlas gave in and plowed some holes, for god’s sake — I’m just going to continue to make fun of him even though it’s too easy, and the guy obviously has a shitty enough life as it is.
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Ace Stone Loses Jesus and Finds Mark Long’s Dick Up His Ass at Next Door World

The whole ‘Mormon boy comes to deliver you from sin and you deliver your dick in his ass’ trope is so old, there are cave drawings about it. They are trotting it out again at Next Door World in Tempting Faith with Mark Long and Ace Stone, and faith is restored: It actually kind of works this time. Read more »


Who Did Jason Maddox Fuck Better: Ricky Decker or Bennett Anthony?

What was Falcon’s welcome gift to Jason Maddox for his first scene with the studio? He got to tap Ricky Decker’s hairy, hot ass in the second scene from ‘Tahoe – Keep Me Warm’. And, at the same time, we get a new Jason Maddox scene at, Part 9 (!) of their almost-incest-themed Not Brothers Yet, with Bennett Anthony. Read more »


Oh No!: Landon Conrad Says He’s (Maybe) Retiring

Xbiz just did an extra-long profile of gay porn great Landon Conrad, who’s been in the industry now since 2009. And in it, in addition to gushing praise for him, his dick, and his acting abilities, Landon hints that he’s considering retiring, though he won’t go quite that far because, he says, “You never know what life is going to hand you, and I don’t want to go back on my word.”
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Bear Week Wouldn’t Be Complete Without Jaxton Wheeler

Despite the music video, the ComicCon proposal, and even the furry fucking Spaniards, I felt something was missing some from our report on ‘Bear Week’ Friday. Today I realized what who it was: Jaxton Wheeler. He’s back with newbie Marcelo today at The Guy Site. Read more »


Grindr, The Musical

“I know about party-n-play/ but I never knew what love was/ until you were one foot away!”
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Is Fraternity X the Only Studio That Will Hire Tom Faulk Now?

Tom Faulk has pretty much fucked his way through most of the dudes at And if you love weed and greasy hair as much as Tom does, you can now watch him joining in the bareback gangbang parade, again, at Fraternity X. Read more »


Behold: Nude Pearl From ‘Rupaul’s Drag Race’ With Decent-Sized Dick, Unkempt Bush

You knew Pearl probably wasn’t much for manscaping, right?
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‘Gay Of Thrones’ Threeway With King Johnny Rapid Is Incredibly Hot, Then Johnny Dies

The second episode of the second “season” of’s Gay of Thrones is out, and it’s a very sexy, slow and deliberate threeway with Johnny Rapid as the king calling all the shots, and big-dicked servants Darius Ferdynand and Gabriel Cross doing his bidding.
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Sean Cody’s Brandon Breaks In New Guy Nathan, And It’s Maybe Kind Of Hot

Once again, with barely four days in between, Sean Cody has debuted a newcomer, Nathan, and already put him to work bottoming. And he gets lucky (?) and gets to bottom for the always sexy but not usually passionate Brandon.
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Dale Cooper Returns From Hiatus, Gets Fucked By Tim Kruger at Tim Tales

Bearded “hipster porn star” Dale Cooper kind of disappeared after doing a scene last fall for with Johnny Hazzard, but now he’s back.
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Introducing the Slappable, Fuckable, Twerking Butt Sex Toy

This week in sex toy innovation, PornHub brings us a self-twerking ass that will not only dance while you fuck it, it will massage your cock.
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Woof! As Bear Week Kicks Off In Provincetown, Let’s Watch Some Spanish Bears Fuck

The annual furry frolic known as “Bear Week” kicks off tomorrow in Provincetown. Ahead of that there has already been a marriage proposal, a new dance anthem – and plenty of bears having sex! Read more »


Sean Zevran Plows Dario Beck’s Hairy Ass in ‘Clusterfuck 2′

Dario Beck is a hot, hot man, head to toe, complete with a round, tight ass that is definitely #FurryAssFriday worthy. Sean Zevran is all over and up in it in this third scene from ‘Clusterfuck 2,’ His dick says ‘TGIF’ while Dario’s hole “Fuck me.” Read more »


Exclusive: The First Teaser For ‘The Biggest Catch,’ NakedSword’s Big Summer Sex Comedy

Whoever snags the richest, hottest daddy wins! It’s kind of like the Jarec Wentworth story, only these sugar daddies aren’t old and gross!
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Amateur Flexer and Jerkoff Artist Michael Hoffman Apologizes To Fans Who Already Paid For His Videos, Makes One Last Free Video

Deep-voiced, tattooed bodybuilder Michael Hoffman, who parlayed some Instagram narcissism into a minor porn career over the last year, inked a deal recently with JuicyBoys — the new bareback offshoot of — to buy all the jerkoff videos he’d made. And it looks like he’ll be making more, at last. Read more »


Austin Keyes Fucks Eli Lewis on Peter Fever

It took the jury longer to say “guilty” in the Jarec Wentworth trial: 5’7” Eli Lewis has his verdict within seconds of what it was like to be fucked by 6’4” Austin Keyes: He “annihilated my ass.” Read more »


Jarec Wentworth Found Guilty On All Six Counts, Faces Up to Nine Years In Prison

Well, shit. Say goodbye to porn star Jarec Wentworth, because he was just found guilty today in federal court on six separate counts including extortion and attempted extortion.
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Gay-for-Pay Star Malachi Marx Gleefully Happy To Be Back Fucking Dudes at Randy Blue

I’m not sure if Scotty ditched the bad haircut, the extra weight, and the condoms just to welcome Malachi Marx back into Randy Blue fold – but if he did, this new scene just might have been worth it. Read more »


Is the Jarec Wentworth Trial Going to Be All About Rich vs. Poor?

Speaking of Sean Cody… It seems clear from the texts that were released as part of the federal indictment against porn star Jarec Wentworth, a.k.a. Teofil Brank, that he is likely guilty of trying to cajole, shall we say, more than a few dollars from wealthy gay businessman Donald Burns. But will the jurors’ sympathy be swayed by the idea that Jarec was just a poor but very attractive young man trying to make a buck, and Burns was a rich john who turned petty over a $2000 referral fee?
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After Like 10 Years Apiece At Sean Cody, Curtis and Pete Finally Fuck Each Other

So, the new formula over at Sean Cody, now that Mindgeek owns them and they’re recruiting fewer new models, seems to be to lure fan favorites back from “retirement” and pair with them guys they’ve never fucked. Enter Curtis, who’s been back for a few months now but shot his first scene in 2008, and sexy blond stud Pete who’s also shot three recent scenes, and who shot his first scene back in 2009.
Read more »


Which Is Hotter?: Bryce Evans Flip-Fucking With Jake Andrews, or Bryce Evans Getting Fucked By Michael Lucas?

Bryce Evans recently joined the Lucas Entertainment bareback stable, and today we get new trailers for two of his scenes — one where he tops the ridiculously hot Jake Andrews, and one in which he gets plowed by Mr. Lucas himself.
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Blake Mitchell Talks To Davey Wavey While Getting Auto-Blown, Then Has 3-Way With His Boyfriend and Some French Twink

Casey Tanner is one lucky twink: his real-life boyfriend, the delightfully bespectacled Blake Mitchell looks adorable getting a mechanical blowjob from that Autoblow2 thing while getting interviewed that he almost makes Davey Wavey watchable. Read more »


A Flip That Doesn’t Flop: Dirk Caber and Nicoli Cole Tear It Up in’s ‘Runaway Part 2′

We got a clear look at it yesterday: age is not kind to everyone. Then there’s Dirk Caber. Read more »


Jarec Wentworth Extortion Trial Begins, Jury Selection Complete, Fellow Porn Models To Testify

The trial of disgraced porn star Jarec Wentworth, who was nabbed by the feds in March and subsequently pleaded not guilty to charges of extortion, began Tuesday, July 7, following jury selection that happened this morning in a Los Angeles federal court.
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John Legend Copies Bieber, Shows Off His Ass Too

Yeah, so, personally I’m not sure why anyone needs to see John Legend’s ass, but rather than be upstaged by a twink, the mature African-American singer has revealed his own ass on Instagram.
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Who Would You Rather?: 2006 Jesse Santana, 2007 Jesse Santana, 2008 Jesse Santanta, 2010 Jesse Santana, 2011 Jesse Santana, 2013 Jesse Santana, or 2015 Jesse Santana

Jesse Santana’s previously announced comeback to porn begins this week with a scene in Icon Male’s Schoolboy Fantasies 2, with 29-year-old Jesse bottoming for 21-year-old JD Phoenix.
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For the First Time This Year, Jimmy Durano Brings His Impossible Hotness to in ‘Not Brother’s Yet Part 8′

Jimmy Durano’s ridiculously cut body is only eclipsed by one thing, the beauty that is his cock. Jorge Fusco might be the luckiest man in Pornlandia today: he gets it all to himself in’s Not Brother’s Yet Part 8. Read more »


Did Bieber’s Butt Really Break the Internet? Let’s Compare With Some Other Celebrity Ass Shots

Even with 11,983 likes per minute, Justin Bieber’s butt didn’t really ‘break the internet’ — at least not like Kim Kardashian’s ass did! But he’s not the first man to try. So let’s compare some assets … Read more »


Randy Blue Director Evil Jeff (and Voice of ‘Jiz’) Finally Shows His Face

This week’s episode of Johnny McGovern‘s big gay web series ‘Hey Qween’ is a special one for porn fans, and fans of Jiz and the Mammograms.
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The Ten Hottest, Most-Clicked Porn Stars Of the Last Month Are…

I’m just back from a meeting with the Sword’s Department of Statistical Clicking, and we have an update on relative porn star popularity for the month of June 2015.
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I Would Like to Marry Hot Vlogger Joe Santagato, Please

Hot, popular, straight-talking, straight YouTuberist Joe Santagato (145,000 subscribers) put up a very funny vlog about how he reacted to the gay marriage decision.
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Raging Stallion Shot a Scene With Two Black Guys!

Between them, Adrian Hart and King B are serving up almost 18 inches of dueling dicks today in the fourth scene from Raging Stallion’s ‘Bang On’, and they invent a new way to eat ass at the same time. Read more »

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