Will You Actually Watch Paddy O’Brian Bottom For Topher DiMaggio?


Today’s the big day, but at this point, does anyone really care?

If you thought The Sword’s endless promotion of Christian Wilde bottoming for the first time was too much, you must be thrilled with Men.com’s ceaseless teasing of Paddy O’Brian’s first time bottoming for Topher DiMaggio.

After 78 million blog posts, 14,000 trailers, 832 blurry screen shots, and one orange FUPA, Paddy O’Brian’s bottoming debut is finally here. Will you even watch it? Cast your vote below.

Here’s one more trailer and a few more pics, because why the hell not.

[Men.com: Paddy O'Brian Bottoms For Topher DiMaggio]


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43 Responses to “Will You Actually Watch Paddy O’Brian Bottom For Topher DiMaggio?”

  1. George says:

    If Paddy topped Topher I’d watch it in heart beat, but I will certainly not watch Topher topping Paddy as Topher is damn boring and wooden as top and its way past time that Topher should bottom

  2. Eliptic says:

    Yes If they put the male on top I might watch it.

  3. Nathan G. says:

    The expression on Paddy’s face (the exact same in all the pics) leads me to believe he did not enjoy it one bit–Which means, we the audience won’t either….

    • carey579 says:

      What a great theory!

      Please if the audience didn’t enjoy Paddy’s scenes, he wouldn’t be one of the most sought after pornstar in the industry, one of the most searched and with a vast amount of fans!

  4. Chad says:

    It’ll be on the free sites in about an hour after it’s out.

  5. blow_me says:

    I voted for Topher DiMaggio fucking anything. Why do people feel the need for a top to switch to a bottom? That’s worse than asking a bottom to be the top in my opinion. Sure it’s something different but to those fans who like their porn stars to be exclusive tops on film, it does nothing for us. Maybe Topher will bottom for the right $$$ price and choice of co-star but don’t hold your breath. I think this looks like a great video for both Topher & Paddy’s fans.

  6. Abc says:

    I did and it was boring as hell. And the plot is bad too… Plus, Paddy talks too much and his accent is annoying you even before they start fucking.

    • Absurdist says:

      What is it with G4P and needing to talk too much during scenes? Sheesh. Makes me want to stuff a sock in a dude’s mouth so I don’t have to turn the sound down. It’s especially bad at Corbin Fisher, but I’ll reserve judgement on this until I see it.

  7. Jdooley912 says:

    Trenton D, should of tore up that ass. That would be the only way I’d pay to watch it!!!

  8. Luke says:

    Topfer is prime bottom material. You need a top like Spencer Reed type to plow his ass. Or can you imagine a hung guy like Leo Giamani? So you get way too much posing by both of them and the scene looks borking. Paddy will pose and act like he is in such pain and Topfer will pose and act like this is really something. When you have thise kind of posing, there is not hot sex.

  9. loves_anthony says:

    m’well, who cares? anyways…

  10. carey579 says:

    Why is The Sword so blatantly biased?

    Shouldn’t you let your readers decide for themselves than force your preferences down their throats?

    • sxg says:

      This is a porn blog not the Associate Press. Blogs in general are always biased in nature, but there are few times where Zach manages not to take a side. Regardless if this actually influences your decision on your feelings towards the scene, then there’s something fucked up about you if you clearly let the opinions of one man change yours so easily. Sometimes Zach can be a vicious cunt for no reason, but this isn’t one of them.

      • carey579 says:

        Now I actually understand whats going on!

        The Sword is run by the same people that own Naked Sword. That’s why all the bitchiness towards other sites and other models no matter how hot they are. Thats why so much drama posted here from Cocky Boys. Thats why ranking Christian Wilde so high even though he’s a scrawny tattooed hippy :)

      • Voluminous Pubes says:

        For SXG to call someone else a vicious cunt (after telling another person how fucked up they are, of course) is just pure poetry in that pot/kettle kind of way. What kind of person uses that word even?

  11. brock80 says:

    yeah yeah…whatever…most clicked scene in one day on men.com!And you’ve just proved to be a bitter cunt once again!

    • sxg says:

      Well of course it’s gonna be clicked on so much. I’m not big fan of neither of those two but I would still watch the trailer to indulge my curiosity. And I voted to wait and find it on a tube site so I won’t have to fork over my own money for it.

  12. Pedro Pablo says:

    In the last picture Paddy has a look of “wtf is up my bum?”

  13. DD says:

    I watched the scene and thought it was hot!

    Paddy was in it to win it, whether that’s because he bottoms in his private life or because he wanted to make a good scene. Either way I am a fan now where I wasn’t before, though I’ve always appreciated his body. It’s the best top to bottom turn I’ve seen by a porn star lately. Maybe ever.

    Even Topher turned in a performance that was better than the norm for him. Was it a great performance? No but it’s the best one I’ve seen from him. Admittedly I am not too fond of tops who moan more than their bottoms so I haven’t watched a lot of his scenes but for the most part he kept up with Paddy. But again, this is Paddy’s show. I don’t know if he actually liked the sex or they paid him enough money to fake it like he did, but I bought the illusion.

    My subscription ends in two weeks with Men and though I’m not renewing, this scene makes up for a pretty lack luster year. And I’m suddenly wondering if the increase in quality was because it was shot in the UK? Anyway, a scene I thought worth waiting for, especially if you’ve been waiting for Paddy to finally bottom.

  14. Louis says:

    It’s gonna be disappointing-FACT. Paddy is either not really gay or strictly only a top, who would want to see half hard cocks and mechanical moans? I’m curious, but I’ll wait till a tube site has it to indulge my curiosity.

  15. Kookie says:

    just watched it. loved it….Love Paddy. Topher, not so much. Can’t wait for the Paddy gang bang.

    • daniel says:

      i love it too
      wish paddy can suck cock and have more position and even gang bang

      i think the reason they choice topher might because his dick not to big and he usually not fuck too rough

      will i think next top to bottom could be topher will be great and fuck by paddy

      and i hope paddy can fuck by other btm who was btm for paddy like jay robert that will be fun

  16. zardoz says:

    If nothing else, I’m happy that Paddy is committed to his job. How many Gay-for-pay porn stars out there exclusively top? I’d bet it’s most of them, they don’t even want to touch another man but Paddy willingly bottomed because he knew people wanted to see it. How about we appreciate that, just for a moment.

  17. daddycentaur says:

    Watching the trailer was enough.

  18. Absurdist says:

    I dunno. Having seen him go at himself with dildos back in the day, I’m just curious enough to see how he feels about bio-cock.

  19. Absurdist says:


    So Paddy doesn’t shave his chest, he doesn’t shave his ass, but he does shave his pits?

  20. HUJLLI says:

    Hell nah not interested in Paddy or Rocco Reed not sure why others are there are tons of more gorgeous looking dudes that are gay and feel good about it

  21. Jo says:

    I must admit. Paddy is a great bottom

  22. Rockway says:

    I watch the scene, it was better than i expected. He’s straight but he was all in for it not like many straight guys who bottom.

  23. Luke says:

    Now if he took a big gooey facial cum shot… then maybe I would watch

  24. Ryan says:

    Paddy makes an excellent bottom. He’s built, kinda stocky yet petit and short so he naturally fits the description of what you’d want in a cute power bottom but I thought the pairing wasn’t really.. convincing. Topher’s plowing technique isn’t very sexy, looks pretty boring, and it just looks like he’s having it with a pussy. Gay 4 pay is really a ridiculous industry that plays with most gay guys ultimate fantasy of hooking up with the hot straight jock. Nonetheless since this is all entertainment, I would have liked to see someone like Adam Killan perform in this scene. Excellent top, passionate, extremely salacious– please do a revision.

    • Seriously? says:

      I’ve never been able to sit through an Adam Killian scene in my life and when you hear him talk in rl/video omg what a punk dummy. He’s got two brain cells and one is in a wheelchair and the other one is pushing.

  25. Brandon i says:

    I love paddy and i have been searching for this for soo long know and would suck someone’s dick to watch it….. I love him ^_^

  26. Nana says:

    Paddy is such a chav. Love it!

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