Look At All The Olympic Rowers’ Penises

Olympics Day 8 - Rowing

The U.S. men’s rowing team proudly showing off their boners, or at least their semis, during a medal ceremony yesterday. Awful pun alert: Are those oars in their pants, oar are they just happy to have won bronze medals?

The most prominent bulge belongs to Henrik Rummel, second from the left. More angles, more penis bulges, and a video:

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10 Responses to “Look At All The Olympic Rowers’ Penises”

  1. phallus says:

    And who says the Chinese just fuck to have kids.

  2. Max says:

    Maybe he just had a backroom session…i’m sure with Grindr crashing since the Olympians arrived in London it’s been a fuck fest :-)

  3. Max says:

    Oh and i hope he’s a grower..cause it that’s at it’s potential>>>>>:-(((

  4. Marty says:

    That is what I like true VPL! Thumbs up for the dicks thumbs WAY down for the faces… YIKES!! They are very ugly

  5. scott says:

    Ha! I went to school with the guy on the far right in that first picture. I love that I’m finding out that he won an olympic medal on The Sword!

  6. Greg Jewell says:

    Wow! Now that I know what is really sitting between those legs, straddling that board makes me want to watch more and a lot closer! On their bulges alone they deserve the Bronze if not maybe the Silver! Go Americans!

  7. BIGMACK says:

    Ralph Lauren did all the costumes. mmmmm

  8. Loki says:

    Is there some advantage conferred by wearing a leotard when rowing? I get why gymnasts wear them, but rowing, really?

  9. ronnie says:

    At least he’s got nothing to worry about, sizewise.. :D

  10. jack says:

    It sure looks like the penis god was very good to Henrik.

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