Oh, Zack Randall

Ever since winning his second title as Freshmen of the Year last summer, things haven’t been going very well for Zack Randall. In the past year, the troubled Diary Of A Piss Whore star has seen his eyebrow-challenged boyfriend leave him to become a swinger “somewhere in the jungles of Asia,” was rumored to be dealing with severe financial hardships, and went from filming big studio productions to limp dick peep shows in his bedroom. Where did it all go wrong?

Maybe it was too much fame, too fast? Maybe he’s still healing from that failed relationship? Or, maybe this is the life that Zack Randall had envisioned for himself all along? If so, that’s cool!

His latest video (NSFW) and description, uploaded last night:

I show my beard, try to get a close-up of my eyes, and then pull down my pants to show off my flaccid uncut cock! Nothing more, nothing less ;-) If you don’t like me with a beard, then don’t watch the video and leave a nasty comment! This is for beard lovers who like a little bit of fur on the face ;-)

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  1. Glad to see some things in the world are constant…like Zach’s distain for people with the same name as him ;-) lol jk

  2. Neil says:

    Wow, the earth’s poles must have reversed or something. The normally adorable and juicy hot toddy Zack is a little sad in this video, and his body looks like Tilda Swinton’s in the movie ‘The Beach.’

    And yet, for this first time in my life, I am not repulsed by Derek Rivero. His myspace page is kinda neat. He looks hot and present and playful and not like the inside joke that he was when doing porn. And I like that he wants to swing, and that he’s on an island, and that he’s smiling and eating and finally away from Zack.

  3. Mason Wyler says:

    Sounds almost like my life… except for the failed relationship and winning any sort of title.

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