Oh, Remember The Black Spark?


It’s been almost a year, but of course you do. Put away your misgivings about the shady past with the multiple identities and the nutty manager and the failed world tour and just enjoy this new Black Spark clip for the excellent display of ass eating.

It’s short, but that’s Josh/Kevin/Spark being rimmed by another boy who looks strangely similar to  Josh/Kevin/Spark. Is there a twin brother thing they’re going to introduce? Fine.

The clip is intended to get you excited about an upcoming project and also to recruit models (there’s even a phone number provided if you want to talk to them), so…send them a photo? I’ve dismissed them in the past and still sort of am now, but I can’t count them out completely. They’re still trying, and persistence means…something. (And yes, the clip above could have been filmed years ago, but it’s still a reminder of their potential.)

 [ Black Spark]

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22 Responses to “Oh, Remember The Black Spark?”

  1. Hugh says:

    Is it me? Or is this totally boring? Black Spark promised so mach. And delivered so little.

  2. Loki says:

    Nuh-uh. Not falling for this again.

    Josh/Kevin/Spark was exposed for the gay-for-pay sleazeball that he is on that atrocious site Corbin Fisher. And flatbillin’ in a flannel shirt? Isn’t there some new hipster trend they can exploit? (It also lends credence to the theory that this was shot over a year ago.)

  3. Estelle says:

    I guess he was released from his Corbin Fisher contract. Judging from his lack of content there, I’m thinking his time there was over long before his contract ended.

    • Loki says:

      Contracts?! So you mean they don’t just press a couple hundies in your hand minutes after the scene is over? LOL! Leastways, that’s how I imagined it played out for the “whores of the week” (i.e., anyone who isn’t a lifer like Connor, Dawson, and Travis).

  4. Michael says:

    I don’t think he was a gay-for-pay sleazeball at all. I think Corbin Fisher is the sleazeball. He hired Josh, then only had him fuck a woman and did nothing else with him. I’m willing to take a “wait and see” attitude with this return (if it even goes any where) because I thought his clips as Black Spark were fucking hot.

    • Loki says:

      So you’re saying Josh/Kevin/Spark wanted/was willing to do a “guy-guy scene” (they don’t call it “gay sex” at CF) and Corbin Fisher turned him down?? That’s not bloody likely seeing as how they STRUGGLE MIGHTILY to get the straight guys to come back and do more. No, I’d be willing to bet that Josh/Kevin/Spark poked at the gash to prove his heterosexuality (at that point, his cover had been well and truly blown and everyone in his hometown knew about him doing gay porn) and was like, “See, I’m straight! Now, feck auf, fags!” The Black Spark (the media group/collective thing) is simply using this year-old(?) footage to solicit new models. A bit of a sneaky bait-and-switch if you ask me, since it’s highly unlikely you’ll be fucking around with the guys in the video.

      • Estelle says:

        I don’t know if it was the case with him, but in the past CF has stopped using models when they find out they are currently or have worked for another company, but will hold them hostage from working for other companies until their contract is up. I’m actually surprised they kept Chandler on after he turned up on the Big Daddy/Haze Him sites. Then again maybe they didn’t.

      • Michael says:

        @Loki I made a comment and you seem over invested in something that is really not that important to me. If they start producing new “Black Spark” videos with Josh in them…I will be happy. If not…I probably won’t notice. And, I won’t know either way if Zach doesn’t write about it.

  5. yoyo69 says:

    i was waiting for the guy to fart in his fucking face

  6. BIGMACK says:

    The Black Spark is arrogant! I know we chatted on F/B. He is a genius at filming the previous scenes were all art.The music was stolen and didn’t pay for copywrite. SOOO WHAT, IT WAS SO GOOD I BOUGHT THE CD’S.
    Why would major studios not support and let this guy have the freedom to revolutionise porn. NDS,NS.and all the others have become boring. no nipple play or real love making… No special lighting,camera angles or real stories. They have Models that should be and are working at Micky D’s flipping hamburges. Not showing their pimpled asses on low budget porn. BSparks camera shots and lighting and stories are fascinating and entertaining and art.
    Shame on the small minded industry that is shutting him out!

  7. etre says:

    another gay-for-pay boooooorrrriiiinnnngggggg

  8. Aeiou says:

    I really dont care if he gay for pay or not. I’m never going to meet him. He’s attractive and would enjoy watching him fuck.

    • Loki says:

      This is old footage. This Josh/Kevin/Spark bozo broke off from the Black Spark collective some time ago. You won’t be watching him fuck anything… unless he happens to try straight porn and you’re into that sort of thing.

  9. mark says:

    Always loved the spark … mystery, intrigue, hotness … total turn on … welcome back!

  10. Von Wolff says:

    I don’t think he’s straight all , I mean he was getting barebacked by a guy multiple times before ever being a CF model. But I’ve always loved his videos and I’m liking this “Do what you love, Fuck the rest .” philosophy

    • teeMDV says:

      Exactly what does barebacking have to do with being gay? What straight man do you know that wears condoms? That boy is clearly straight. Otherwise I have zero respect for a gay man that gets paid to have sex with a woman on film. Have some dignity

  11. Tommy Wells says:

    this is why i’m leaving the porn world. goodbye!

  12. peter says:

    i was really excited when kevin showed up on corbin so he could be paired with josh with who he seems to have a lot in common (and even more in common with SC’s jamie). seeing him j.o. w/dru was even more promising then nothing?! the inside scoop is that he promised to do more but got cold feet probably because by that time everybody knew who he was.

    him & jamie will show up on mortal kombat and they’ll do it for real.

    they both could have been going to london this summer. oh, well.

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