Not Again! More Jeremy Jordan Drug Use On Cam4

Last time, it was (most likely) crystal meth. This time, it looks like the former Falcon porn star is smoking pot while jerking off for fans. Great.

Marijuana probably isn’t a big deal to many of you (I could care less), but still, any illegal drug use–even perceived illegal drug use–is against Cam4′s Terms & Conditions, as seen here. My inquiries to Cam4, now over a week old, have gone unanswered. Does anyone even work there? Hello?

Here’s Jeremy Jordan hitting the bong and rubbing one out on Cam4 the other night. It’s unlcear what’s going on in the middle pic in the bottom row.





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9 Responses to “Not Again! More Jeremy Jordan Drug Use On Cam4”

  1. Jimmy says:

    Just saw something similar on the CAM4 site tonight. The guy was called TinTin and was at a hotel in Pensacola. What was even sadder, his Pathetic Friends??? were lining up guys for sex. He’d already been with 12 guys to fruition. His lips were all swollen and he was tweaking so badly. I, and some others, made statements and were banned by his moderator. WTH is wrong? Do these guys not have a conscience? I guess CAM4 doesn’t care because when I clicked ABUSE nothing happened. The kid even stated he was at a hotel doing TINA.

  2. you twat says:

    what a knob you are complaining about a man who puts marijuana in his mouth when straight commentators think gay porn starts who put cock in there mouths deserve to die – you sound about as idiotic as them

    Jesus- talk about the kettle calling the POT black !

    if it wasn’t for illicit drugs the gay anal porn industry wouldn’t exist you plonker – think about that as you jerk yourself off next time you watch a gay anal bashing porno video

    you self centred little oink !

    You ripping peoples personal videos from CAM4 is more telling than what people do on their videos – you creep !

  3. Zebe says:

    err.. bottom middle pic, scissors in right hand, weed pinched in between fingers, cutting it up fine for the bong… and I am not a smoker.

    I enjoy most of your articles Zach, but not this one. Allow this man the freedom to make poor choices in his life without harsh judgement.

    As for reporting the vid because your politicaly correct sensibilities have been upset? That is just being short sighted. Strict internet censorship will be with us sooner than we think and when that happens there are a lot of people who will be running to the umpire to complain about many of our cherished perfectly legal fetishes.

    Anyway, no hard feelings

  4. Czer says:

    You all seem to be shocked that there is gambling in this casino.

  5. so sad says:

    Jeremy has prior surviving a history of physical and emotional abuse. I truly feel bad for the kid, and I hope one day that he can have the courage to face his personal demons instead of using drugs to avoid them.

  6. ScarletPimpernel says:

    I’m confused by some of the responses to this story: some of you seem to have missed the point of this post. Someone referred to it as a “harsh judgement” (even though the author clearly says the issue is not illicit drug use but the fact that CAM4 does not seem to be enforcing it’s own terms and conditions)–no, it’s actually a fair and balanced news story.

    Why is this “news?” some of you are asking:
    well, 1) It concerns a well known porn-world-personality (I certainly remember him)–for a blog devoted to reporting news about the gay porn industry, that makes Jeremy Jordan fair game.
    and 2) the fact that this is the SECOND instance that this performer has drugs during his webcast–it’s a follow up story to the original “news flash” from just a couple days ago.
    and 3) this isn’t an invasion of privacy: It ceases to be someone’s personal life when he chose to broadcast it during his webcam live show.

    And when Zach says that cam4 has not replied to his inquiries that DOES NOT mean that because his “politically correct sensibilities hav[ing] been upset” he has demanded that CAM4 take action. No. It just means he wanted to get CAM4′s side of the story: he requested that they comment on the situation and they have ignored that request.

    It’s a sad state of affairs when investigative journalism is understood to be a zealot’s call for censorship. It is also an excellent example of irony.

    • Dan says:

      Cam4 does have moderators who will monitor live broadcasts if the broadcaster receives excessive “abuse” reports. If the moderator catches the broadcaster engaging in the prohibited activity, that broadcaster is banned from the site.
      However, Cam4 only bans the user name and email address used to create the account. So the banned person can easily reappear on the site with a different user name if they have multiple email addresses.

  7. Me says:

    Leave the kid alone.

  8. JayTolliver says:

    This website is not authorized to reproduce screenshots from Cam4. In fact, nobody is… It’s against their terms and conditions. Aside from that, who cares if the guy is doing drugs? Is that really shocking to anyone? For every illegal drug there is a legal version of it… Get a life and maybe this wouldn’t be such a concern for you people.

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