New York Times to Be Gay-Owned?

Fortune is reporting on an overture Geffen made to acquire a 19% stake in the Grey Lady (which Gawker sometimes calls The Pink Lady because of its sizeable gay mafia) which was unsuccessful.

Geffen’s interest in the paper likely remains, and even though the current ownership — the Ochs-Sulzbergers — claim to have no interest in selling, the company is a public one and has taken a pretty huge revenue hit in the last year, coupled with possibly having to sell off much of its new Times Square headquarters, which was completed only two years ago.

Google is said to have looked seriously into buying the paper, and Fortune also points to one Carlos Slim, a Mexican telecom mogul who already owns a significant part of the papers assets and debt, as being the most likely first candidate in line for control, and they also suggest that more billionaires are likely to come out of the woodwork should the Times Co. continue to falter.

Given all The Times‘ theatre, architecture, gay marrieds, Craigslist and nouveau Christopher Street shopping coverage, we’re not sure it could get any fucking gayer. But hey, David, it’s worth a try!


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  1. telli says:

    Yes, it can. David was one of Barrett Long’s “clients”.

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