New Male Physique Site Caters To Fans Of Big Muscles, Penises


Just in time for the time of the day when you like to masturbate (all day long), here is a new gay porn membership site from a photographer whose job I would like.

It’s from Ron Lloyd (his work regularly appeared in Men magazine, and he’s credited with discovering Zeb Atlas) and it’s called, and while it launched back in February, I just discovered it yesterday. Each model has photo galleries and solo jerk off videos, and some of them do hardcore scenes.

The most important thing to note though is that this site introduces us to the hottest person on the planet (who also has the worst porn name on the planet), Braun Drek:

Other galleries/videos feature Brock Magnum, Jordan Sin, and Von Legend, whose names might not mean much to you unless you were a Men magazine subscriber. Having once edited that magazine and written cheesy copy about these unknown bodybuilders (“Von likes to relax by flexing his rock hard biceps in the nude, and he likes it when you watch”), it’s great to see them pop up again, and not just in new photos, but also in videos, actually speaking! (And jacking off and fucking.)

Click here for full galleries and HD videos.

[Legend Men]


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17 Responses to “New Male Physique Site Caters To Fans Of Big Muscles, Penises”

  1. R says:

    Braun Drek appears to have the same weird ears that I possess. Unfortunately for me, that is where the similarities end. :o(

    • sxg says:

      They have an elf-like look. I find it hot to be honest :) especially since he doesn’t look like an elf from folklore. Is anybody having problems accessing the site? it seems to be down.

  2. EdWoody says:

    I believe the original MEN magazine was the first porn I ever stole.

  3. Isn't It Obvious? says:

    Brock Magnum looks nice, got a Paul Wagner vibe to him. I think Von Legend is the hottest (honestly, who comes up with these bloody porn names?)

  4. T-Bird says:

    The 2 top pix of Drek look really good, he is a hot guy. And I was thinking the same thing as the above comment when I saw the Brock Magnum pix, especially where he is on the fence for a second I thought….Paul Wagner wtf.

  5. Tom Breston says:

    I would let Von Legend do absolutey anything he wants to me.

  6. Ron Lloyd says:

    FYI… If you are looking at Braun Drek’s ears… you are looking at the wrong part of him. He is one of the hottest men I’ve had the opportunity to work with. His haircut is to blame not his ears.

  7. toni says:

    Drek on german means trash and dirt, and on several slavic languages it means – SHIT!…

  8. pink_ds says:

    What is this website again? Because I want it inside me.

  9. robin says:

    Braun Drek is a very hot dude. He is handsome, cute and his body is breathtaking. He has the innocent face of a boy and the body of a real man, awesome!

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