Mormon Missionary Calendar Converts Men of the Cloth into Men of the Cum Rag

We already fell in love with all the 2008 boys, and with the 2009 “Men on a Mission” outing, calendar creator Chad Hardy once again displays his Jake Cruise-like talent for convincing nice straight boys to do things they shouldn’t. A former Mormon himself, Hardy’s antics got him ex-communicated from the church and cost him his degree from the Mormon-owned Brigham Young University.

The LA Times reports that despite furor and lawsuits from the church, Hardy is moving full-force ahead. He begins shooting on his 2010 calendar next month, and he’s also working on a “Mormon muffins” calendar featuring hot Mormon moms.

Though he struggled with the judgmental disciplinary hearings that stripped him of his church membership and college degree, Hardy says that he has no regrets:

The individual expressions of those involved have reshaped perceptions, removed walls, and shown…acceptance and tolerance around the world. I’m not afraid. Excommunication made me famous.

His models are fearless, too. All of them remain in good standing with the church, but Brandon Romain (pictured above) admits that with all the hoopla, “I kind of don’t want to go back to Provo.”


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5 Responses to “Mormon Missionary Calendar Converts Men of the Cloth into Men of the Cum Rag”

  1. Legend says:

    God bless hypocrisy.

  2. Cass says:

    God bless hunky white men.

  3. Gavin says:

    “All of them remain in good standing with the church”

    False. That’s only true if the LDS Church simply hasn’t found out that some of those models are now openly, promiscuously gay men who don’t patronize the church anymore.

    For example, Eric, a.k.a. “Mr. June” from 2009 is an ex-Mormon, proud and openly gay man. He’s an international male model who goes clubbing, drinking and philandering with the hottest guys. He works out at my gym in Salt Lake City and is completely liberated.

    Check out his Myspace if you don’t believe me:

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