Mitt Romney’s Arizona Campaign Co-Chair Quits Amid Gay Mexican Lover Scandal


Excellent on so many levels. A closeted, conservative Arizona Sheriff named Paul Babeu was allegedly trying to have his ex-lover, a Mexican national named “Jose,” deported for not keeping their affair a secret. And not only was Sheriff Babeu (that’s his Adam4Adam profile to your left) the co-chair of Romney’s campaign in Arizona, he was also a fierce (ha ha) opponent of illegal immigration. He quit the Romney campaign today after admitting to the affair (but denying the deportation allegations). This won’t hurt Romney (he’s going to be the nominee), but any time a hypocrite like Babeu is humiliated publicly is a great day! [Phoenix New Times]

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18 Responses to “Mitt Romney’s Arizona Campaign Co-Chair Quits Amid Gay Mexican Lover Scandal”

  1. DD says:

    I can’t really take any pleasure in this man’s humiliation because he’s gay and can’t live his life out loud. But I can take pleasure in the hypocrisy.

    • sxg says:

      Why does anyone have to live their life “out loud”??? Just be who you are, you don’t need to be anything other than yourself to be gay.

      Honestly he deserves to be smeared like this. If you’re going to be part of the republican party that’s fine that’s what your political beliefs are. But to be closeted and sleep around with an illegal immigrant pretty much throws all your political beliefs out the window. He could have been a gay republican

      • Belize says:

        “…but any time a hypocrite like Babeu is humiliated publicly is a great day!”

        Bravo. Perhaps that explains as to why I always come here for blog entries that bash other blogs for being much better than the Sword. I want to have a great day. Your career as an analyst may not be over yet, Zach. I’m, like, so proud of you.

      • DD says:

        I mean more just “out”. Not out loud as in flaming, if one considers that a bad thing. If he didn’t feel the need to hide who he was, as a lot of gay men do, then this would have never have happened. So for that reason I feel bad for him, but as a pop culture junkie, the plot of this story is just delicious.

        • Rocco says:

          He wasn’t in the closet!

          He was voted Sheriff of the Year by the NSA! The guy he was dating wasn’t illegal!

          The allegation is – as Sheriiff Babeu threatened Jose’ (who is here legally on a visa), could easily “get into trouble”…meaning he could trump-up a charge against him or his family which could get their visa revoked/not-renewed – in other words – deported!

          It’s an huge abuse of power!

          The rest is being sensationalized!

          Republicans fall harder in these scandals because of – REPROACH!
          Their speaches, campaigns, party platforms, laws…are about legislating morality!
          Their hypocrisy being exposed after admonishing others morality is what brings about reproach – mainly from conservative voters,but comics and the media are happy to rub salt in the wound!

          Newt Gingrich got a voter bump after the CNN debate with Jon King asking about his open marraige request while going after Clinton. I actually agreed with Newt on that one – it was a stupid question for a debate. His problem with conservative voters is – his current wife is also his mistress of six years – that just isn’t ging to fly with conservatives!

          First Lady = First Mistress

  2. mike says:

    This is pretty delicious.

    I do wonder what the worse offense is in GOP-Theology;
    A) he’s gay?
    B) he was involved with a Mexican?

    People who are either elected to or appointed to a public position should know better… -hell for that matter ANY public persona should know better! And for F’s sake -if you’re gonna take a picture of yourself in your underwear and post it to your profile -don’t show your face (or any identifying tattoos)!

    • Rocco says:

      Believe me it’s the mexican part!
      They’ll take a white quasi-racist fag over anything brown!

      The sad part is he has courted the “White Nationlist” niche, when he did several interviews with white supremacist in 2010 – he said he didn’t know(through a spokesperson), but they produced phone records before and after the interview to refute his claims! The interviews brought the attention to him and Fox News latched-on. He’s a bit of a diva – over exagerating numbers to the point that most myors have renounced his overly grandiose statements.

      This also has implications for the openly gay democratic physician(St. Rep. Heinz), that is running for Gabby Giffords spot – while nothing illegal or nefarious – he did vote against his democrat counterparts in the state legislature – for a special funding of a Babeu project.

      All of that being said – white, black, gay, straight, bi, hispanic, asian, whatever…posting revealing sex ads of yourself while running for public office is S-T-U-P-I-D. Especially if your running as a “conservative” – it’s not liberals he’s appealing to – it’s right-wingers. He’s is either extremely naive or really didn’t want to win!

      Hubris pride usually preceeds a downfall.

  3. Legend says:

    For the record, I personally can’t stand people who live their life “out loud” but I condemn anyone who lives it in the closet.

  4. k says:

    But lordy he’s gorgeous! Can i just say that on one level i feel for him but that on another – really…racist and gay is an idiotic conundrum to find yourself in.

    ‘Bout as bad as Republican and gay.i

  5. JC says:

    This is as close to horrible as gay scandals get! It’s also a bit funny too, especially since Latin lovers seem to be popular with famous/powerful white guys, particularly Brazilian for some reason: Anderson Cooper, Marc Jacobs — and MJ prez Robert Duffy — Glenn Greenwald, Reichen Lehkmuhl, Lance Bass. A Latin boytoy is nice until he refuses to sign your closet-y non-disclosure agreement!

  6. okietopstud says:

    I smell a porn parody…lets cast it.
    Sheriff Babeu: I’ll pick either Brock Russell or Mitch Vaughn
    Alleged Illegal Immigrant: Nicco Sky(HOT!)….Donny Wright..Jimmy Coxx(Clay)
    Mitt Romney:Rusty Stevens..a little grey touch up on the temples(hot!)
    Sheriff Arpaio: Jake Cruise as a cameo..but hey he’s a lot better lookin’ than the real deal.
    AZ St. Sen. Heinz: either Dylan Roberts or Rod Daily
    Heinz’ boyfriend: John Magnum or Marcus Mojo
    K…lets start filming. lol

    • sxg says:

      although it’s a porn parody and details are of no importance, I think a Latino that is less “Americanized” would be far better, like David Dirdam! That man has a gorgeous body and a hot dick!

  7. T-Bird says:

    Hey I saw the Sheriff on tv and all I have to say is…. He was fucking gorgeous! I’d shoot the sheriff too…right in the eye with my load. Makes you wanna goto Arizona and get arrested in his town. He looked like a slimmed down younger Max Diesel (remember him ?)

  8. mike says:

    i have naked pix of this guy. you can clearly tell it’s him by the tatts…and the fact that it came from his yahoo acct. paulbabeu at yahoodotcom.

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