We met last week, and it was the best night of my entire life.

It’s been seven days, and I haven’t heard from you. (I’m sure you’re busy; I have been, too. Really.)

Oh, there you are!! What are you doing on the side of a mountain?

Mick? Thank goodness. I’ve been looking everywhere for you.

We need to talk.

Hello? I’m speaking to you. Wait, where are you going? WAIT.

Wait…oh my God! Wait!!


Don’t do it!!!! MICK!!



Fly away, my angel.

Fly away…

I guess it’s true what they say…

If you really love something, you have to set it free. Goodbye, sweet Mick.

[Bel Ami: Mick Lovell Up In The Sky]


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7 Responses to “Mick?”

  1. Ken Kaniff says:

    And Mick/Princess Diana was no more.

  2. Dutch Courage says:

    I heard that Mick is not going to renew his contract with BelAmi. Anyone know if this is true or just silly gossip? Did he tell you something about this at the Cybersocket Awards, Zach?

    • Filip, Sweden says:

      Hello Zach, I have the same question as “Dutch Courage”! BelAmi informed in october (if I remember right) that Micks contract would expire 2012-12-31. But after that BelAmi has been silent about the issue. Mick has not mentioned anything on Twitter about his contract expiring. Lastly-Thanks Zach for reporting so much on Mick.

  3. TWEWY says:

    These things always make me giggle.
    Much needed since Fringe is ending tonight =[

  4. ceem says:

    Fly lesbian seagull…

  5. dan says:

    hahahaha. nice one zach!!

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