He’s back.

I thought he was dead, but he is alive. Mick Lovell has been reborn. I have been reborn.

What is the purpose of holding a hose over his already 100% perfectly clean and pristine body? It can never get dirty. It never needs washing.

Mick Lovell is back.
I am back.

I have a purpose. Life has meaning.

Mick Lovell is the meaning of life.
Mick Lovell is back.

Granted, it’s documentary footage that could have been (and likely was) shot over a year ago in Australia, but still, Mick Lovell is back.

A new update to Bel Ami (with more Mick Lovell coming this month and next year, I hear).

[Bel Ami: Mick Lovell BTS]


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12 Responses to “Mick.”

  1. kayo says:

    he’s really pretty but somehow his videos don’t do it for me, strangely enough.

  2. Jason says:

    The Bel Ami update with Mick and Kris is probably just their scene that’s on that American Lovers dvd, no? Hope not; definitely wanna see more of them together, but since that dvd scene hasn’t been released before, I’m thinking it’s that one.

    • Dutch Courage says:

      I think it is the scene with Kris Evans that was shot in South Africa late last year or early this year. There were publicity pictures of them sitting on horses (could also be seen here on The Sword). As Kris Evans never fucks bareback it is not, in BelAmi’s terminology, condom free.

  3. linda says:

    I can’t figure out what it is, but he NEEDS something…maybe longer hair? A tattoo? A scar?
    I don’t know…SOMETHING.
    God, when I’m cooking and run into this problem, a little Adobo usually does it. But gay porn is just SO complicated…*sigh*

  4. James says:

    You see? Last night on Twitter you were ready to give up Mick for Christian Wilde. And what did I warn you? Don’t doubt. LOL!!!

  5. Awwwwwwwwwwwww says:

    …….Mick’s wonky eye in that supercloseup you have on your page makes him all the more adorkable.

  6. Spongey says:

    You need help! LOL!

  7. mister reality says:

    OBV, he’s quite nice. But somehow, it’s like going to someone’s house and they’ve got it styled r-i-g-h-t…. and all you want to do is see the skidmarked undies in the hamper to see the real side of them. Mick whatshisname is the same. Mess up the fucking hair. Spot him in the grocery store in Uggs. Let him get seen driving a Chevy Celebrity. Record him farting. He’s just too ‘idealpornactor’ to be interesting.

    • Filip, Sweden says:

      I don´t agree with you at all. I think Mick is fantastic. I don´t regard him as styled or too perfect. You write “mess up his hair” – His hair IS already often tousled and hanging down over his eyes (which I don´t like.)

  8. aslogan says:

    Seeing a Mick Lovell article without the Wall of Mick Lovell is like a day without orange juice.

  9. Filip, Sweden says:

    The Australia docu no 6 on the BelAmi website is fabulous!! Mick is looking great (as always). The picture above is Woow! I agree completely with Zach that it saved the week, maybe the month? ;-) to watch this. I regard Mick as BelAmis top model. He is a fantastic bottom, a very good kisser and very good at sucking. He is also one of the BA models that can deep throat even very large dicks – quite impressive for a fairly new model.

    What impresses me the most is that he seems to be “a real natural” in bed (in front of camera). Many models are stiff/nervous/have problems with pain when bottoming. You get the impression that Mick is really into it when he does a sex scene.

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