Michael Lucas: ‘The Farts Were Fake’

 Michael chalks his business resiliance up to his stern, Communist Russian upbringing.  “There was no sharing of information” in Russia, so we’re totally psyched that Michael let us in on his movie magic secret:

I remember getting e-mails saying, “The [farts are] artificial.” Well, what the fuck are you thinking? Do you want me to give the cast rice and beans? It doesn’t work that way. It’s all illusion! … [Farts!] is sweet. There’s a lot of urination and a lot of water squirting out of the ass into the mouth. Nick Capra drinking right out of the asshole of Jason Crew.

Just don’t ask Michael himself to engage in fart play. He’s a “class ass,” and he won’t do it. He won’t let you fuck him, either, lest his asshole end up like “ground beef — like it was eaten by a zombie.” He’d also appreciate it if you’d please not talk to him during the act. “The best thing is, don’t talk to the person. After you talk, sometimes it goes down.” 

That’s what SHE said. Read the full interview here.


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4 Responses to “Michael Lucas: ‘The Farts Were Fake’”

  1. Marc K says:

    Who farted into the microphone for the noises? Michael Lucas?

  2. Kevin says:

    He gives people what they want. He’s a great entertainer. I love this guy… keep it coming. It makes It makes me feel empowered as a gay man to have someone in my community have such a strong voice.

  3. Now if only he spoke English.

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