Owner Fabian Thylmann Arrested For Tax Evasion; Could He Become The Real-Life Johnny Rapid?

fabian exclusive performer and The Sword’s most searched-for gay porn star of 2012 Johnny Rapid has built a career around being a prison bitch who is repeatedly violated with nightsticks, and penises. Last week, owner Fabian Thylmann was arrested in Belgium on charges that his conglomerate ( parent company Manwin) has been evading taxes in Germany. As Fabian Thylmann sits in a Brussels jail cell awaiting extradition to Germany, could he become a real-life Johnny Rapid?

So far, Thylmann’s arrest has not had an effect on any of his sites’ performances or day-to-day operations ( was shooting today in the UK with Dean Monroe). Of course, if he’s convicted and Manwin is in fact found guilty of tax evasion, that could all change very quickly.


Fabian Thylmann, managing partner of international adult conglomerate Manwin, has been taken into custody by Belgian officials on an arrest warrent issued by a German court on suspicion of tax evasion. Contrary to some news reports, AVN has learned that Thylmann was arrested late last week, reportedly at the Belgian airport.

According to German daily Die Welt (The World), police raided Manwin’s Hamburg offices last Tuesday as part of an ongoing probe precipitated in part by the newspaper’s own investigation into the company. The several dozen officers who conducted the raid seized a number of computers and documents. The same day, officers in Belgium searched Thylmann’s own residence there.

Die Welt published a series of articles on Manwin in its Sunday edition during September that among other things examined irregularities in the company’s structure, which in turn likely contributed to the government’s suspicion of tax evasion.

The warrant for Thylmann’s arrest was issued by the District Court of Cologne, Germany. A spokeman for the prosecutor said that Thylmann’s projected extradition to Cologne is open-ended at this point, and could not disclose whether there are other suspects in the investigation. is just one small piece of Thylmann’s empire, Manwin, which is predominantly known for its dominance (some have called it a monopoly) in the straight porn and tube site world. With sites including Xtube, Brazzers, Reality Kings, Digital Playground, Playboy, and more, a potential Manwin shutdown would have unimaginable consequences on thousands of employees, performers, affiliates, and consumers. So make no mistake, Fabian Thylmann’s arrest on tax evasion charges is a dramatic turning point that could forever change the entire porn industry. Bearing all of that in mind and taking into account the seriousness of this situation, here are some pictures of Fabian’s face Photoshopped on to Johnny Rapid getting violated in prison.

[ Johnny Rapid, Jimmy Johnson, and Jack King]



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12 Responses to “ Owner Fabian Thylmann Arrested For Tax Evasion; Could He Become The Real-Life Johnny Rapid?”

  1. Karl Rove's Mama's Dead Vag says:

    OMG! How on Earth will Rocco Reed pay for his beautifully mechanically-manipulated Sunkist skin? This is sad, sad, sad news. I’ll be reminiscing during my ‘The Accused’ Movie Trivia Night & Multi-Player Pinball Tournament & Lowenbrau Beer Bust at Midnight.

  2. gnormie says:

    Is it true he tried to bribe Derrick Burts?

  3. SkittleFits says:

    He better get his hole ready to be probed as the prison bitch.

  4. Marco says:

    I so dislike that site..with there fast food type porn..!

    • gnormie says:

      I like them. They don’t waste my time with solos or oral only scenes. The models are often attractive. Plus I like the ones where the bottom gets humiliated and/or raped…I like a verbal top.

  5. sxg says:

    Damn I better go and purchase a membership and get all the scenes I want. They do have some good scenes on there.

  6. Drew says:

    The face cut outs lol!!!!!

  7. Karl Rove's Mama's Dead Vag says:

    What about those poor hymen who “direct” Men? What about their children? WHO……will feed those children? How will this affect the unemployment rate? WHY do I even fucking care? OH MIGHTY ISIS!

  8. TruthTooter says:

    Someone needs to preserve Johnny Rapids scenes in the Smithsonian. Those are classics just like all the old Cobra Videos, except nobody died.

  9. Dutch Courage says:

    Is he allowed to have visitors? If I take my car I can console him in about an hour and a half!

  10. robirob says:

    Wouldn’t most porn studios be relieved that one of their biggest competitors (tube sites) is on his way out?

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