Male Fashion Model Was Once A Nude Webcam Model


Male model Kevin Baker is represented by NOUS Models, the same agency that reps Tyson Beckford and Joel West. But before Kevin was modeling underwear and sweaters, he was jerking off and shooting loads on a webcam.

Kevin’s live jerk off shows (where he used the name “Jacob Johnson”) were streaming throughout 2009, and the rumor (according to my source) is that NOUS Models was well aware of his masturbatory past when they signed him. [UPDATE: NOUS tells The Sword that they had NO knowledge of Kevin's past work.] As Kevin, he’s posed for Steven Klein, Tony Duran, and Greg Vaughan. As Jacob, he stroked his cock on Flirt For Free in videos like “Spreading my asshole apart!!!” and “IN THE SHOWER DON’T MISS THIS!” Great work, both then and now!

 From January, 2011:


From July, 2009:

 UPDATE: Kevin Baker’s twin, Joel Baker, also performed jerk off cam shows.


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30 Responses to “Male Fashion Model Was Once A Nude Webcam Model”

  1. Franken says:

    And I’m sure the gay blogs will be right there trying to do as much damage as humanly possible to this young man’s budding career (with more than a hint of malice).

    • nonilicious says:

      This model made a decision to do what he has to do and must be fully aware that anything you put on the
      web is going to come out. So stop blaming gay people and if there is damage to his career he did that to himself
      and the dog-eat-dog modeling industry.
      That or you’re just another bigot…

      • fagalicious says:

        So why must someone’s entire life be affected by something as harmless as jacking off on a webcam? He’s a model, not the Pope. It probably wouldn’t even be a problem for his agency unless his name started getting mentions on every gay blog on the web. How is that “his fault?” The media in all its forms always gets a pass on the degradation of things like reason, civility, privacy etc. and that should stop.

  2. pat says:

    nice….at least he shoots nice loads.

  3. nikko says:

    Hopefully not, Franken. That’s shameful, and I would totally turn against gay people for that.

  4. MIke says:

    Well, it will not keep him out of the modeling world but it probably will keep out of major campaigns like Prada or Gucci. I find his hair in that ad more offensive than any jack off work. I’d also (in keeping with the spirit of a previous post) not suggest a rap career.

    Male models will never be in the same universe as the females anyway, money wise. I guess it’s like porn! Gisele Bundchen my favorite and the #1 Supermodel for years running made (according to Forbes) 65 million dollars last year and over 100 million the year before. In one year!

    • Estelle says:

      I agree with Mike. The top male model makes about $500k a year. Not bad but of what what Gisele or Bar Refaeli make. The era of supermodels pretty much died years ago. Now celebrities are the ones that land magazine covers and cosmetics contracts. Male models are pretty low on the food chain in fashion shoots. The clothes, photographer, female model (if there is one) and the hair and makeup people are what is considered important.

      Franken and Nikko it’s not like Zach is posting private photos or videos of this guy. He made a public account on flirt for free for people to watch him, look how many video there are of him. He wanted to be watched and like the attention. If it does hurt his modeling career don’t blame the bloggers that posted his public webcam shows blame him for not being smart enough to figure out that doing this kind of thing might bite him in the ass. Throwing out the gay blog comment is ridiculous. When other celebrity oriented gossip blogs posted nude photos or video clips of female or male celebs, you don’t read about “those vicious hetreos trying to ruin someone”. Gossip is gossip is gossip.

  5. mr man says:

    Could be worse.. he could try a rap career. Or sit at home in his 40’s whinging how no studio wants him. Give the guy a break…

  6. Seaguy says:

    I would be more apt to buying underwear he models now that I have seen his goods I can see how well the underwear he is modeling fit and know that the bulge is real or not.

    He’s hot so I hardly see this doing much damage to his career. If he’s got brains to go with the looks he will be fine.

  7. Seaguy says:

    He is the best thing to come out of Spokane in a while. I wish I had met him when he was in Seattle… LOL

  8. Alias74 says:

    I’d say he’s well on his way considering he bagged the “Anatomy of a Murder” shoot by Steven Meisel (that’s the black and white image with the mohawk). And it is SOOOO sad that there is the disparity in fees between male and female supermodels….

  9. Res says:

    Models are opportunist, so I’m not surprised. I’m sure he’s getting fucked regularly for jobs also.

  10. Ryan says:

    Woah! This kid grew up right under my nose! I wasn’t expecting him to say he was from Spokane! Crazy! Wish I would’ve known…. Damn….

  11. Model Fan says:

    I find it really disturbing that you would post all of these videos of this kid. Sometimes people do things when they are in dire straights for money. This kid obviously made some mistakes. Now that he is becoming a successful model evil queens want to tear him down. I think it’s so wrong to put this on your blog. You are basically trying to ruin his modeling career. You have terrible Kharma coming your way.

  12. WeHo Ho Ho says:

    Model Fan – in response to your posting about Karma. You have NO idea! KARMA is what this whole discovery is about for these twins. They are both liars and users of anyone they come in contact with. They lie about their past TO YOUR FACE and try to come off as porr, struggling “models” – all the while they are fucking and sucking all of town and making fools out of people who trusted them and tried to help.

    KARMA is a good thing and I’m sure the TWINS had found that out for sure.

  13. Cam says:

    Frankly it would be a surprise to me if a model didn’t have some work like this in their past. The agencies should just be happy if their models weren’t also working as prostitutes. New Models don’t make a lot of money, and many people going into that business are used to trading in on their looks, nude work, porn and prostitution are VERY common in the industry. This guys vids just got publicised. It is probably to his benefit because nobody ever knows a male models name unless something like this happens to them.

  14. Spike says:

    Shut the hell up Franken… “And I’m sure the gay blogs will be right there trying to do as much damage as humanly possible”
    Gay Blogs will just report about it as any blog reports things. Its the bigger community that then will judge and say its disgraceful and cannot use this model.

    And NIKKO says : “Hopefully not, Franken. That’s shameful, and I would totally turn against gay people for that”
    Fuck off Nikko! Why don’t turn against yourself.

  15. Tommy Shepherd says:

    Really. WHO CARES!!! Anyone posting anything judgemental to this site is a hypocricte – what are you doing looking at gay sex sites anyway. Leave him alone. It all smacks of jealousy.

  16. SteveDenver says:

    Unfortunately, nowadays it is impossible to put the cat back in the bag once it’s out. Beautiful guy!

  17. KevPhoto says:

    I’m still trying to figure out what the big deal is. The models that have no problem with nudity get the underwear and swimwear campaigns because they are the easiest to deal with and the popularity from that leads to other things. If he’s got a brain in his head, this will work in his favor.

  18. Horse says:

    I dont see the difference between careers?

  19. Allen K says:


  20. Nick Pascale says:

    Listen, in today’s world with such a poor economy many young guys who want to enter, acting or modeling are easily co-opted into nude photography – even actresses like Jane Russell had to go the “nude” route. So KEVIN is in that respect not unique! He was exploited, but the person who found his “sorted past” porn exploited him more. We all forget these men and women are human beings first and foremost! they are sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, nephews and nieces and grandchildren. They have families good or bad ones!
    Try to remember this!
    Love & Peace,

  21. AW says:

    I see no reason why this handsome young man should be judged because he appeared on a nude webcam show.


    I have a male gay friend, about 50 yrs old, wealthy beyond belief, he continuously flies a list of well known international male models, caucasian, latino, Asian, to meet him all over the world. They all fly business class, and they are rewarded very very well.

    Most, not all, are expected to provide gay sex. Some provide nude erect / jerk off modeling shows in his homes, condos or hotel, sometimes just for their ‘patron’, sometimes for invited guests. And more. They are always informed in advance what he wants before they board the aircraft.

    Also, I know a New York very wealthy gal, early 40′s, not interested in marriage, who spends 2 months in NY then 2 months in Bali Indonesia where she has a string of young Balinese surfie boys. She has a scout who searches for new boys who are just about to turn 18. She likes them very young, she is only attracted to young Asian men. She openly admits to being a nymphomaniac often having 3 or 4 X 18 year old boys every day. She rewards very well with cash, property and more.

    Are any of these they doing anything criminal? No. Are they doing anything wrong? No.

    And the reality is that there would be at least hundreds of thousands of people world wide involved in something like this.

    Lets’ face it, we all have kinks and fantasies, mostly harmless, but many of us wouldn’t want our friends to know.

  22. Me says:

    Who cares he’s incredibly hot, it would be a waste for everyone to not see him naked

  23. nudegayguy says:

    Cute!!!! I’d blow him and swallow all the sweet ample cum.

  24. hey says:

    is there no sound at the end, or is it just my computer?

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