Limp-Dicked Rocco Reed Bottoming With A Limp Dick Again


Straight gay porn star Robot Reed recently got his first erection while performing in a gay porn scene thanks to his flip-fuck with John Magnum, but that was just a fluke. Today, he’s back to Mr. Softie.

As you can see in the below trailer with Topher DiMaggio, isn’t even trying to make Robot get hard anymore. Now, they just have him lying on his side so you can’t even see his flaccid penis. Say what you will about Topher DiMaggio’s eyebrows, but if you can’t get a boner when someone as hot as him is fucking you, it’s time for you and your cheap spray tan to pack it in and call it quits.

Awful awful awful. Anyone excited by all these Robot Reed bottoming scenes needs to be reminded that the reason most gay-for-payers end up becoming full time bottoms is because they aren’t able to ever get their cocks hard enough to be tops. So, Robot is getting paid to lie there and do nothing while his tops end up doing all the work (tops who are probably getting paid a lot less, too). At least Cody Cummings makes an effort to fake his performances.

Rocco Reed is the most cynical stunt foisted on the gay porn industry I’ve seen in years (and I’ve seen a lot of stunts), and yet people are still eating it up. “Rocco Reed” is consistently among the top search terms on this blog every single day, so if that’s what brought you here, click here to buy a membership! Then, watch Rocco Reed lie on his orange belly with a soft dick. (Or, don’t watch him at all and instead enjoy the site’s actual good performances from Johnny Rapid, Tommy Defendi, Andrew Stark, etc.)


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27 Responses to “Limp-Dicked Rocco Reed Bottoming With A Limp Dick Again”

  1. Luke says:

    The plucked eyebrows on “Topher” are more disappointing than any limp dick!

  2. He's a Top Damnit says:

    For the love of Yahweh please stop making Rocco Reed Bottom MEN. It’s pretty manifest at this point that he’s a top, I have yet to see him hard as a bottom and he is MUCH more watchable when he’s topping. Not everyone is fit for bottoming and not every porn star needs to be a top and a bottom.

    A waste of a good top.

  3. Nhuixnhuix says:

    Well, someone certainly has a bee in his bonnet about this. LOL

    More than the limp cock, I think the telling part of Rocco’s body language. When he is being fucked doggy style, he has that telltale pissed-off-cat-like round-back position that indicates how uncomfortable he is – and that LOOKS terribly unnatural.
    Similarly when he is being fucked missionary, he does not open his legs. He has the telltale “straightened leg pushback” position that anybody who has ever fucked someone else knows is terribly annoying and another sign of someone not comfortable at all.

    It is not hard to understand why signed on to this and uses it to the hilt – as you said it works for them.

    Still not understanding why Rocco Reed who was in HEAVY demand in the straight porn world is gaining from his jump to gay porn. Two or three scenes a month, however better paid, won’t bring him more money than his steady and heavy work for straight studios. And it will be over in a year or two when the novelty wears off whereas his straight career could have lasted decades. To this this day, this is the biggest mystery for me. If Rocco Reed is so bad at gay sex, then why in hell did he crossover?

    • Nhuixnhuix says:

      Not that I blame you for the bee in the bonnet but being so angry about Rocco Reed bottoming with a limp dick and qualifying Tommy Defendi’s performances as “good” when he is, too, limp two times out of three when *topping* seems a bit … biased.

      • dissi says:

        I was thinking almost the same thing (except replacing Defendi with Benjamin Godfre). but I totally agree with Zach about Rocco Reed. there are a lot of performers out there that I don’t find attractive, but I can understand why others do. with Reed…. I just don’t get it. six months ago I was as excited as everybody else, but now… he isn’t even convincing by g4p standards…

    • TonyHarding says:

      Have you checked in with your average straight male pornstar? Do you even know how much money they make? Did you know that even though gay porn scenes are paying nowhere near what they used to pay its still a hell of a lot more money than the straight sites? Straight guys come over to gay porn because (generally) they aren’t that bright and they see doing gay porn as a way to feed their ego (men are such narcissist) get attention and make some easy cash. “whereas his straight career could have lasted decades.” DUDE.. you are clueless. Whose porn career (besides Ron Jeremy) lasts for decades? Im almost positive that Rocco Reed isn’t looking for longevity in this industry. Im sure his goal is to get in, make your money and get out. Put my dick where? ok. Put your dick in my what? Duh… sure. Collect my money, go to the gym and spray tan. END OF DAY.

      • Nhuixnhuix says:

        I am skeptical that by making two or three scenes a month he is making more money than he was doing in straight porn. Yeah they are better paid but he was working A LOT.

        And yesh actually look at the list of porn actors working regularly and they have been working for a looooong time.
        Even someone like the (overhyped) James Deen feels like he is a newbie and yet he started his career in 2014 – a decade already. Manuel Ferrara looks young but he started porn in 1997 (in France). I could go on.
        You would be surprised by how long straight male actors can work for.

      • Archer says:

        I thoroughly enjoyed reading your comment, and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

    • JJ says:

      has it ever occurred to you that he may be satisfied from doing straight porn? in just a few years,he did HUNDREDS of scenes.

      in the interview he gave to,he said that he wanted to experience the gay side of the industry.

      i think he’s planning on leaving porn and work in the fitness industry.he’s into crossfit a lot.he’s also engaged to a woman.

  4. dissi says:

    Awwwwwwww shit! :D

  5. half porco says:

    AS long as his ass is open, I’m good

  6. mister reality says:

    Porn = Boners. We’re all here to see boners goin’ in holes. Hard. Simple. If you’re soft at work in porn, just go home and work on your resume. You’re not qualified for the position. Period. If we wanted to see limp dicks we’d pull our accountant’s dicks out when they’re looking at an audit.

  7. the looker says:

    what?what are you mad about,that was a very hot scene.i join just to see rocco reed.
    rocco cum while getting fuck,i think you are just mad because rocco is gay for pay

  8. LAChris says:

    Give the guy a break — he was in the hospital for crying out loud.

  9. Eddie says:

    Cosy bedroom and a ultra-modern medical equipment and telephone.

  10. KevinOhyap says:

    Oh my god shut the fuckk up about this. I believe there was an issue with him being limp the first few times and people tried to make a deal about it and hes limp again and this site wants to make a deal over it again. Just for the attention. Its clear he does not enjoy bottoming. Lots of people do not. He is clearly doing it for the money and people are watching. So why is this a deal again and why is it back on here. Oh ya “Ughh his preformense arenttt gudd enufff” his scenes generate a lot of money for him and the company limp or not. Majority rules.

  11. James says:

    wow you are really obsessed with Rocco Reed. Leave the guy alone. He is sexy limp or not!!!!

  12. Bonita Springs says:

    I don’t know, there are a lot of guys who just go limp when getting plugged… certainly not the first limp bottom I’ve seen!

  13. michb says:

    Limp dick or not – I’d prefer him over g4p trash like Paddy O’Brian anytime. While I agree that his scene with John Magnum was his best so far (and not because of his maintaining an erection)I can only say that his being limp when getting fucked doesn’t distract me. He has not the limitations of really awful and stupid straight guys like Paddy, so I will continue watching his scenes despite Zach’s crusade against him.

  14. foreign shores says:

    You’re giving him more publicity than anyone. If you think he’s shit, stop talking about him, then none of us would even notice him. Personally, i think he’s sexy. The slight masochist in me likes the idea that he’s doing it but not enjoying it much. haha

  15. Marty says:

    Its the norm in porn now

  16. david says:

    I dislike gay4pay glorification but to me Rocco Reed is the worst. He is pretty average looking but gets glorified because he is straight and more importantly used to perform in straight porn.

    I hear so often now guys say: I only watch straight porn because the guys are so masculine. Gross. He’s disgusting and looks like he just walked out of the trailer park.

  17. cosmos35 says:

    What on earth are you talking about, he is Hot Hot Hot………sexy as fuck! I would so love to fuck him. The top is just average and with plucked eyebrows to boot…Yuck!!

  18. LucasJ says:

    I saw this scene. It was a hot scene. Rocco was not hard throughout, but then most bottoms in porn are not consistently hard. They stop tape, fluff up, and start up again. The scene was hot because he got fucked hard and deep. Topher manhandled him, pounded him; stuck his dick in as far as he could get away with–you could see Topher looking into his eyes to see how far he could go. And when he came-with the dick up his ass–he came hard. The scene with John Magnum was horrible. When he got fucked by Magnum – Magnum was soft. THAT…was a terrible scene. I LOVE to see Rocco Reed get fucked; I never watched his “top” scenes and I don’t need to be reminded of why gay 4 payers bottom. If they have a nice ass and the top is doing his job, that’s fine with me. And if they’re hard, that’s a bonus.

  19. VRear says:

    Dude, simple. Gay men LOVE that he is straight. Twisted queens.

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