Limited Edition Set of Designer Coke Spoons to Be Unveiled in SF

Ken Courtney made his name back in 2002 selling t-shirts that said “I Fucked Paris Hilton” and “I Fucked Chloe Sevigny.”

The idea for the spoons stemmed from a gold-dipped McDonald’s coffee stirrer Courtney made a couple years back as part of his “Indulgences” series — ironic items during a more heady time which Courtney thought “a rich hedge fund guy would want to buy” which also included a $5,000 pair of gold-dipped Nike high-tops.

“I was on eBay and found this McDonald’s coffee stirrer from the seventies, and apparently the story was that it was eventually banned because everyone was doing coke on it,” he said. [Source]

Designs for the limited edition set of coke spoons, titled “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not” were submitted by Nice Collective, Terence Koh, Various Projects, Daniel Jackson and Courtney himself, and the set is being sold in a custom box designed by Playground (note: one of the spoons is actually a minature shovel). A launch party for the spoons happens tonight Thursday May 7 in San Francisco at Harputs Market (1527 Fillmore, 6-9PM — afterparty at Triple Crown, 1760 Market, 10PM).

The full set of “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not” is currently on display at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art as part of a show called “Objects of Desire” and two of Courtney’s custom designed coke spoons from 2005, in gold and bronze, were purchased by the museum for part of their permanent collection (including the McDonald’s stirrer).

Please, if anyone would like to lend us some cash, we have a, um, friend who would really love this set of spoons for his birthday.


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